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clarifications, was to
help understand what is
being requested

                          Alexandria Technical College

                          ARCC Cambridge Campus
Bemidji State University

Central Lakes College

Century Colleg

Century College

Century College

Century College

Century College
Century College

Century College

Century College

Dakota County Technical College

Hibbing Community College

Hibbing Community College
Lake Superior College


Mesabi Range Community and Technical College
Metropolitan State University

Minnesota State College Southeast Tech

Minnesota State Mankato

Minnesota West Community & Technical College


MSCTC -Wadena Campus
MSU Moorhead

MSU Moorhead

Normandale Community College

North hennepen community college
North Hennepin Community College

Northland Com & Tech College - Thief River Falls

Northland Community & Technical College

Pine Technical College
Riverland CC

Rochester Community and Technical College

Saint Paul College
South Central

Southwest Minnesota State University

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud State University
Department/Office                               Contact name
For many institutions there might be multiple
entries since tutoring services are performed
across the organization

Support Services                                Mary Ackerman

Academic Support Center                         Darla McCann
Center for Learning and Academic Student Success
(CLASS)                                            Kathi Hagen

Academic Center for Enrichment                     Judy Richer

Reading and Study Skills                           Jenny Helgason

Writing Center                                     Laurel Hagge

Student Support Services/TRIO                      Wade Warner

Mathematics Department                             Jean Riddering

Student Services/Perkins                           Andrea Roberge
Peer Tutoring/Tutors Linked to Classes   Keith R. Hagen

ESOL Department                          Teresa Libby

Humanities                               Liliana Weber

Learning Center                          Kelly Murtaugh

Academic Center                          Torie Kutz

Academic Center                          Torie Kutz
Learning Center    Paula Young

Academic Affairs   Karen Hynick

Learning Center    Lindsay Lahti
Center for Academic Excellence       Sarah E. Hansen

Learning Resource Center             Steve Zmyewski

Center for Academic Success          jason westman

Library & Academic Resource Center   Pam Sukalski

Learning Center                      Lindsay Lahti

Learning Services                    Michael F. Heino
Academic Resource Office (ARO)   Diane Wolter

Supplemental Instruction         Diane Wolter

Academic Support Center          Jim Sutton

math resource center             dale bradtke
Peer Tutoring              Joe Crowe

Learning Center            Dean Dalen

Learning Services Center   Ellen Brehmer

Student Affairs            Doug Davis
Student Support Services            Mindi Federman Askelson

UCR Comprehensive Learning Center   Julie Rodakowski

Academic Support Center             Stephan Klaas
Academic Support Center Supervisor/Disability Director   Marilyn Weber

Academic and Diversity Resources                         Linda Nelson

English                                                  Carol Mohrbacher

Economics                                                David Switzer
                                 Budget detail -              Budget detail -
                                 administration/              professional
Total overall budget             coordination                 tutors

                                 This would include:
This would include: college      directors, supervisors,      These are non-
staff, operating expenses,       etc along with their         students (staff)
supplies, software               support costs. These         who would call
maintenance, contract work       are folks that               themselves
(example SMARTHINKING)           direct/supervise tutors.     "tutors".

                       140,000                       60,000                80,000

                        63,000                       45,000                      0
 10,100       0         0

250,000   52,000   198,000



324,258       0     85,000

     0        0         0

130,000   10,000   117,000
260,000   70,000        0

     0        0         0

 39,500   22,000    15,000

126,000            125,700


 81,415       0         0
215,000   65,000   99,237

423,540   90,000   93,500

   800        0        0
313,645   167,550   113,169


380,000   210,000        0

140,675        0    125,000

   800         0         0

 55,000    25,000    30,000
 11,000     4,000       0

 39,000      500

155,000   100,000   25,000

 69,690        0    69,000
223,000   55,000    25,000

157,500   27,000   125,000

130,200   42,000    65,200

 52,000   50,000        0
 94,557   22,422    71,518

244,000   75,000   100,000

 87,000   38,000        0
165,000   26,000   126,000

 88,500   46,000    40,000

125,000       0     94,000

     0        0         0
                     Budget detail -
Budget detail - peer tutors paid by
tutors paid by       federal/state
department           financial aid       Budget detail - supplies
                     Of your
Of your              tutors, how much    Examples might
professional tutors, of the budget is    include: copy costs,
how much of the      paid for by         software maintenance,
budget is paid for   federal/state       supplies, printing,
by departments       financial aid       mailing, etc.


                    peer tutors: 31912                      6,000
10,000    100

25,000   3,500


    0       0

    0       0

    0    3,000
116,000      0

  6,833      0

  6,500   2,500


 16,500   3,200
 42,237    8,100

165,000   11,700

     0      800
27,662   4,753

50,000   2,500

10,000   5,000

 5,000    800

    0     250
    0     350

10,000   7,000

    0     690
140,000   2,000

 65,500   8,000

 18,000   5,000

  3,500    100

10,000   4,000

23,000    500
        3,000    5,000

2,000       0      500

           0    17,000

           0        0
Budget detail -
vendors               Staff - full time                              Staff - part time

                      This is NOT FTE (full time equivalent).
                      does 2 part time = 1 full time? Staff would
                      be either full-time or part-time. Do not
                      include students in this count UNLESS the
Example:              students are full time graduate             Part time staff -
SMARTHINKING          assistants/tutors.                          not students


              2,000                                              1
   0        1

5,000   1   6

        1   1

        2   33

   0    2   1

   0    0   2

   0    2   0
0   2   0

0   1   1



    2   1

0   2   1
        1   8

5,600   1   8

   0    1   1
   0    4    20

        0     2

   0    5     0

6,750   0   2.51

   0    1     1

   0    1     1

10,000   1   3

         1   1
1,000   2   1

        2   3

   0    1   8

   0    0   1
  616    3   1

25,000   1   16

    0    1   0
   0    2   4

    0   1   2


   0    0   0
                                       Students - total
Staff -      Bargining units -         number of                    Students - Number
student      please list (e.g. MAPE,   visits/served                of unique students
workers      MMA, etc)                 (duplicative count)          served

How many                                                            Example: If one
students                               Example: If one              student visits 10
work in your                           student visits 10 times      times then there
operation as                           then there would be 10       would be 1 student
part time    Examples: MAPE,           visits added to this         added to this
tutors?      MMA, etc.                 column                       column

          30 MMA, AFSME                                                            240

          20 MAPE (Director)                                 4940                 1038
10 Musaff              250    250

50 ASPME               750

 2 AFSME               400

 3 AFSCME, faculty    42411   3576

 0 AFSCME             1451    104

10 AFSCME             11000

   CLA II full-time
 0 positionsAFSCME    3000      0
60 MAPE           1500    665

2 AFSCME          2050    424

13 AFCME          16000   530

  AFSCME          3892    239

25 AfSCME, MAPE   3318    270
       AFSCME-prof. tutors
21.5                            14695     0

    MMA- Director
    AFsCME- CLA's and OSD
    MSCF- Faculty specialists
165 and release projects        8136    1855

 25 MAPE                        1200    200
    MSUAASF (administration)
    AFSCME (support)
    non-teaching IFO
    (professional and faculty
 25 tutors)                     5953    1445


 50 MSUAASF, AFSCME             17509   3083

0.56 MAPE, AFSCME               2578

 12 MAPE                        1200

    Fulltime - 1/2 AFSCME and
    1/2 MAPE
  0 Parttime - AFSCME           4000     50
  Tutoring is one of the
  services offered in the
  ARO, which is staffed by
  four MSUAASF and one
  ACFSME. Tutoring has one
  graduate student
  coordinator.                   530    160
  Coordinator MSUAASF
  We have 15 - 18 student
  employees, including one
  graduate assistant and the
  rest undergraduate student
  SI Leaders.                    7000   800

45 AFSCME                        5400   2500

  full time tutor is also the
  coordinator/supervisor of
  the area. both posiitons are
  afscme. the full time
  poisiton pd is currently
  trying to be updated (again)
  to mape. Doer rejected the
0 last several tries.            2500
40 AFSCME       3168   391

8 AFSCME        2000   225

3 MAPE, AFCME   3536   203

  MMA 1
  AFSCME 3                 254

30 AFSME (CLA2s)   17000   2500

15 MAPE            5200
     MMA=Director, AFSCME-
     staff tutors
 8                           1348   735


31 IFO                       5500   2500

 0                           120     50
Could you BRIEFLY describe how you keep
track of your various counts (e.g. notebook,
spreadsheet, software application, etc)


Homegrown electronic sign in and Access data base
for tutoring.
Excel spreadsheet and paper-pencil sign in for SI
students signed in and out of tutoring room and
initialed by peer tutor


Hourly on a spreadsheet, I do a head count.

We have a program in Access that students sign in
and out of when they use the Writing Center.

Tutors enter notes into the program database
indicating amount of time with each student and
what is covered. Database required for grant.

Notebook. We had students sign in, but not out.
There was no check if students didn't sign in.
Student contact is tracked on a spreadsheet. The
numbers include workshops on topics such as study
skills and reading a textbook, group and individual
tutoring. We are just starting to put in to place a
''student tracking system''.
Intake forms

We track each student tutoring session in a
notebook (student name, time spent tutoring, what
was covered, and who worked with the student).
Each student signs in on a clipboard when they use
either of the two computer labs. They record their
time in and time out.

Attendance is taken both during our conversational
groups and computer login/logouts. The computer
helps to track the amount of hours each student
spends in the lab and the attendance sheet is used
to verify that the student is participating in
conversational groups.

Outlook; paper/pencil sign-in

Student sign-in sheets
paper and pencil sign in and out; data counted and
put into excel spreadsheet to save it.

Access data base

Work study hours, spreadsheet, survey
We use a homegrown database (currently run on
Oracle with a Microsoft Access user interface) that
communicates with ISRS (when we view a student
record, we see the address information from ISRS;
when we run reports, we see the demographic
information in aggregate).

Note Book Appointments...

Tracking software created by IT. Uses a scanner
and Filemaker. Students must bring student ID, card
is scanned in and out, automatically tracks unique
visits and sessions.

Different by campus as far as initial tracking - many
use by hand tracking to start and all transfer to either
Microsoft Access or Excel.
Accumulated statistics in Excel.

Excel spreadsheet
These numbers are for fall 2008 only--the program
was revamped at that time, with significant changes,
so previous data are irrelevant

Excel spreadsheet, plus attendance figures are
added to their student record

Students check in with their ID cards. We have a
program, Campus Track, that is linked to ISRS to
give us their schedules. We pick which class they
want to see a tutor for and which tutor they see.

Not sure what you are looking for in unique students
served...we serve any and all. We have a tick sheet
that we track the number of quesions answered
each hour. These are then summarized every week
and at the end of semester.
TutorTrac (3rd party software)
Access/Excel databases

Working on Access program. Hope to implement

We have 'Verification' Data Forms that students fill
out each time they tutor or take a test. A work study
does the data entry into an XCel spreadsheet that
we are able to call upon for service information.

I export staff members data from electronic calendar
in group wise then put info into a spread sheet.
Very, Very time consuming.

We have a software program developed on site, and
students sign-in via computer when they enter the
LC, including student ID, whether they are a native
or non-native speaker, and what area(s) they will be
getting service in.

Data is collected by hand via a data form (For lab
tutoring, abbreviated data is collected via notebook.)

Data from both the data forms and notebooks are
entered periodically into the center's database,
which is stored on an Excel spreadsheet.
Access data base used for Math Center
and general tutoring; spreadsheets used by each
study group tutor;
Smarthinking statistics electronically generated

Each tutor keeps their own records using a
spreadsheet format to track sessions.

WConline's scheduling and data tracking program

We have a weekly sign-in sheet that we keep in the
tutoring area. Tutors are to fill out logs for every
student they see. This data is not currently entered
into any spreadsheet or other software program.
                                                                     Hours of
                                                  Number of tutoring availability per
Please list subjects/courses supported            weeks              week

                                                  Do not include        For a given week
                                                  Smarthinking. Just    that you are open,
                                                  identify those        how many hours
                                                  weeks that your       are you available.
List what is offered as far as tutoring or        tutoring operation    Example: 9-5 is 8
specific course work.                             is goin.              hours.
Anatomy & Physiology
Criminal Code
Constitutional Law
Juvenile Justice
Child Development
Composition/Technical Writing
Public Speaking
Job Seeking
Intro to Computer
Solid Works
Geometric Tolerance
Blueprint reading
American Sign Language
Website Development                                                34                    36

y,English,Environmental Science,Logic,Math (all
levels),Nursing,Online course
Sociology,Spanish,Statistics,Writing (SI in all
math,reading & English developmental classes)                      46                    86
physics                                              24    28

All college courses either through professional or
peer tutors                                          36    50
Reading and Study Skills
Education                                            32    40

ENGL 80, 90, 1021, 1022, etc. All courses across
the campus.                                          16    58

English, Reading, Writing, Math (10-calculus,
statistics, economics, physics), Medical Dosages,
Biology                                              36    40
Basic Math
Introductory Algebra/Geometry
Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra
Single Variable Calculus
Differential Equations
Medical Dosages                                      32   54.5

Perkins qualified majors, Career and Technical
Programs only.                                       51    35
Accounting, Anatomy and Physiology, Art History,
Biology, Chemistry, Business Administration,
Business Management, Computer Applications,
Computer Science, Microcomputer Support
Technology, Dental Assistant' Emergency Medical
Services, Engineering, Human Services, Interior
Design, Nursing, Office Technology, Radiologic
Technology, Visual Communications
Technologies, Economics, English, ESOL, Health,
History, Horticulture, Mathematics, Philosophy,
Physics, Psychology, Reading, Sociology, Spanish      46    40

ESOL 21,21,23,31,32,33,41,42,
43,53,1033,1035 and 790 (these are ESOL
reading, writng, listening and speaking, and
pronunciation classes).                               29    44

Spanish for HelthCare Professionals 1.
French (1011,1012)
Chinese (1011,1012,2021)                              40    40
English, reading, math, accounting, computer
applications, science                                 42   116

Math, English, Chemistry, Psychology, Art,
Business,Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Coding,
Nursing, Accounting, History, Photoshop,
Illustrator, Law Enforcement. If there is a request
in any subject, we attempt to fulfill that request.   36   42.5
Fundamentals of Writing I and II
Comp I and II
Reading and Study Skills I and II
Pre-algebra-College Alg.
Pre-calculus-Calc. III
Medical Terminology
Intro. Cell Bio.
Anat and Phys I and II
Chemistry Courses
General Psych
Some Computer Careers                         40   51
BIOL2225                                      40   46
Technical programs, Math, English, Writing,
Biology, Computers, Smarthinking topics       32   8
math, statistics, science (chemistry, biology,
physics), java programming, writing in any
discipline                                        41   46
General Education Courses and Technical
courses as needed...                              40   51
study skills
most general education courses upon request       40   44

ALL                                               43
All Techncial programs
Social Sciences
Computer Technology                               32   8
Electronics, Telephone, Nursing, Cosmotology,
Child Care, Lineworker, Accounting,Plumbing,
Construction Electrician, Computers,
Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Soc.,
Psych.,Anat. & Physiology, etc.                   39   34
Art, accounting, biology, chemistry, computer
science, economics, math, psychology, music,
paralegal, sociology, histroy, poli sci--we try to
meet all individual requests                         14

biology, chemistry, math, physics                    14   48
                                                     42   47

math-any from artithmetic to calculus, diffeq,
linear algbra.
nursing students
any math related class                               52   60
academic development
computer information systems
English for Speakers of Other Languages
american sign language                                46   200

Will atempt to find a tutor for all areas taught on
campus.                                               48   47
Developmental Math
Developmental Algebra
College Algebra
College Math
Anatomy & Physiology (Intro, A&P I, A&P II)
Medical Terminology
Intro to Computer
Accounting classes
Developmental Reading
Basic English
Writing Center
Study Skills                                          32   45
Math, Composition, Biology, Nursing, CAD, Ethics,
Speech                                                14   12
Business Communications
Principals of Bookkeeping
Intro to Biology
Earth Science
Intro to Sociology
Speech 1200
Medical Terminology
Math for RN
Blue Print Reading
Medical Office Procedures
Intro to Pyschology
Human Relations
Auto Mechanics
College Prep Reading,
Freshman English
College Algebra
Developmental Math
Certified Nursing Asst.

Classes in which tutoring was provided by peer
tutors:                                              48   160

math, science, writing, computer applications, and
a few other disciplines tutored throught Drop-In
tutoring                                             44   57

Algebra (Intro,Intermediate,Trade, Accounting,
American Sign Language, Anatomy & Physiology,
Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemistry (I, II,
Organic), Computer Basics, Economics, English,
ESL, History, Interpersonal Communication,
Logic, Machine Tool Technology, Math
Fundamentals, Medical Lab Technology, Medical
Terminology, Microbiology, Microsoft Office,
Nursing Dosage, Nutrition, Physics, Psychology,
Reading, Respiratory Care Therapy, Statistics,
Study Skills, Writing(for all subjects)              41   38
developmental Reading, Writing and Math;
Pre-Calculus, College Algebra, Trigonometry,
Math Concepts, Statistics,
Anatomy, Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology,
Physiology, Chemistry,
Nutrition, Medical Administration, Accounting,
Office Technology, Web
Design, JAVA. We also provide Study Skills
trainings for classes and
                                                    36   46
Writing (grammar, papers, proofreading), Biology,
Chemistry, Environmental Science, Business,
Economics, Accounting, Statistics, History,
Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Geography,
Sociology, Spanish, ELL, Anatomical Kinesiology     30   45
any course where a written assignment is
involved. also, job application materials,
scholarship essays, grad school app materials,
etc.                                                42   75

Economics 205/206: Principles of Macro and
Principles of Macro                                 13   15
Total amount of tutoring       Facility hours (e.g.
hours provided                 school year, summer)

Would include: face to face,
online or by e-mail and total When can the student
amount of hours students find an actual tutor
work with tutors.             available?

                            School year--some in
                       1332 summer

                               school year:
                               8:00am-8:00 pm M-Th
                               8:00am - 4:00 pm Fri.
 500 school year

     school year- 7:00am 5:00 pm

  50 summer 8:00 -4:30

  40 School year

     School Year: Monday through
     Thursday- 7:45 to 7, Friday-
     7:45 to 4, Saturday- 8 to 2

     Summer: Monday through
     Thursday- 7:00 to 5:30.

     (These hours have been
     changed [expanded] since
 395 the 07-08 fiscal year.)

     School year 8am-4pm as
     long as classes are held.
1451 Summer T and W 9-2

     School Year
     M-Th 7:30 - 6:00
     F 7:30 - 2:00
     Sa 8:00 - 12:00
1760 Summer: Unknown

  70 Year-round
     8:00 - 4:30 M-F (School year)
     8:00 - 5:00 M-Th and 8:00 -
     Noon Fri (Summer)

     8:00-6:00 Mon - Thur and 8-
     12 Fri (school year)

 230 8:30-2 Mon - Thur (summer)

     School Year:
     9:00am-6:00pm M-TH
     9:00am-3:30pm F
1500 9:00am-2:00pm M-TH

4064 school year, summer limited

     School Year; 8:00 AM to 4:30
    Fall and Spring
    Mon-Thurs 7:00-6:00
    Friday 7:00-4:00
    Saturday 10:00-2:00
    Most tutors start at 8:00 or
143 Mon-Thurs 9:00-2:00

    fall, spring and summer
    session based on the
 46 academic calendar

  8 school year
     Buildings are open 8 a.m. -
     10 p.m. year round (except
     holidays); Fall/Spring 15
     week terms, Summer 14
 342 week term

2040 2500 (year)

     Our main office is open 8-
     4:30 Monday - Friday during
     the academic year and 7:30 -
     4 during summer. Tutoring
     hours are Mon - Wed 9-8,
     Thur 9-4, and Fri 9-1 during
     academic year. Varied during

     Varies by campus:
     Academic Year:
     2 campuses – 39 hours/week
     2 campuses – 45/51
     1 campus – 60/week
     4 campuses – 20 hours/week
     1 campus – 30 hours/week

1500 school year and summer

1326 academic year only
     School year 8 - 7 M-H, 8 -
     4:30 Fridays.
     Summer 8 - 4:30. Summer
     tutoring depends on budget
 530 left over from school year

     Each course has 2 - 3
     scheduled sessions/week,
 630 plus student office hours.

     Mon - Thurs 8 am - 6 pm
1974 Fri 8 am - 3 pm

     Monday thru thursday 8 am to
     8pm. friday 8 am to 4pm.
     saturday 10am to 2pm.
     regular school hours.
     summer school hours are
     usually: monday, thrusday 8
     to 4, tues and wed 9 t 7,
  60 friday 8-12.
      school year:
      m-h 8-8
      f 8-4
      sa 10 -2

      School year - 7 am to 4:30
      Summers- By request

      school year 6am - 10pm
      Monday - Thursday
      Friday 6am - 5pm

      Summer 6am - 6pm
      Monday - Thursday
      Friday 6am - 5pm


577 all 3 semesters
     See information in hours
1414 available

     8 to 8 M - TH;
     8-3 F;
     some Saturdays close to
     SUMMER: each discipline
     varies, but about 6 to 10
2000 hours per week per discipline

     Monday-Thursday: 10am-
1558 Friday: 9am-3:30pm
       46 hours/week fall and spring
       semesters; 20
       hours/week summer session;
       posted hours vary semester
       to semester


     School year, limited summer
2250 hours

4216 ?

     Usually approximately 1-4:30,
     but it varies by semester
     depending on the schedules
 195 of the volunteer students.
Do you use 'Supplemental
Instruction' (SI) or similar peer     Please identify any technology
assisted group work                   tools/services you use

Was this included in your previous
numbers? If you used SI include
these in your hours and other
information. Need to know how
many hours are face/face, open lab.

We use study groups.

                                      Lifetime Learning Library (Skills lab)
                                      Email a tutor service

                                        program is no longer available and has been
                                        passed to another dept. for the last couple of
                                        years. Data was forwarded that was kept--no
si                                      longer available since program has changed
                                        Computer programs, Jaws, Kerswell, Dragon
                                        Dictate, Writers Plus, Read Please,
                                        Smarthinking, Peach Tree,
about 20%                               Program software in Technical courses.


                                        We use a database to track our usage. We have
                                        computers that run the Microsoft Office 2007
                                        Suite. We offer keyboarding practice software,
                                        Grammar 3D software, and Internet access. We
                                        also offer wireless Internet access. Students can
                                        also use the Online Writing Center via D2L.
                                        Please note. This is a report on tutoring provided
                                        within an SSS grant-- students have to apply to be
Group study sessions Math 70 and Math   part of the program. Tutoring is one component of
1061 during Academic year open to all   the services SSS provides and SSS is not just a
Century Students                        tutoring program.

                                        Graphing Calculators

Tutors Linked to Courses reported by    We are in the process of implementing a home
another area.                           grown tool to track student usage.
Yes - We have a program called Tutors   Computers, Smarthinking, Tools available in each
Linked to Classes                       lab (Radiology, Dental, EMS, Engineering, etc...)

                                        We use grammar and pronunciation software in
                                        the computer labs for self directed student study.
                                        We have an instructor created web site ''Vitual
                                        Grammar Lab'' for students to review grammar.
                                        We have a Digital Learning Lab that the students
                                        do digital recordings on and can listen to thier
                                        voices for pronunciation practice. They can also
                                        speak in paired groups. There is keyboarding
no                                      software also, for self directed student practice.

                                        Language software, voice recorder,flash
                                        cards,power points presentations,language

no                                      SmarThinking

                                        Smartthinking; D2L; computers, printers,
Yes                                     scanners, photocopier
Have tried some SI groups and they have PassKey tutorials to prep for placement
not been used.                          test/retest; supports developmental reading, too.

Yes- piloting in Chem and PSYCH           Smartthinking
                                          Computer labs, scanners, D2L, email, printers,
No                                        Skype
                                D2L for writing tutor support in distance courses;
                                some disability related software; excel
                                spreadsheets for scheduling appointments;
                                Ti83/Ti84 and TiConnect for graphing calculator
No.                             instruction;


                                Various course specific software. Filemaker for
No                              tracking system.

yes, Peer Tutoring Group work   Smarthinking


study groups                    none
Yes, this campus has SI, those data are
not included above. Let me know if you'd
like them.

These data are for SI specifically. The
items above did not allow me to select
undergraduate student SI Leaders, paying
these students takes the vast majority of
the budget. The GA earns $5,000/year.

                                            Campus Track

                                             we have a computer in the area for sudents to use
                                             to access on line homework...owl, mathxl, d2l. etc.
                                             we have cds or video tapes that correspond to the
there has been a class or two where the books that students can borrown. we have
instructor has used this opiton.....but peer current text books and a library of older ones that
tutors are used for the class.               students can use while in the area
                                        online appointment scheduling via TutorTrac

                                        student lab PCs for general course work

some in-lab tutoring for sciences and   ''smart'' classrooms for workshops and tutor
computers                               training
                                        Various computer programs like Jaws,
                                        ReadPlease, etc

Yes. In nursing program.                CCTV set up in Learning Center.

                                        Text to Speech software 'Read Please' free
                                        download from the internet

                                        Adobe 9.0 for scanned text audio conversion

                                        Abby9 for scanning and making CD's for students
                                        who don't have laptops

Only as provided by instructors         Interpreters for the deaf

No                                      Smarthinking
                                             Study groups
                                             Synergistic Study Skills
yes                                          Kerzwell

                                             software sign-on program developed on campus;
a variation of it                            Atomic Learning;

                                             writing tutoring via email, three desktop computers

                                             *Budget Note: Please note that $25,500 is
                                             budgeted for non-FA student-worker tutors, who
                                             cannot be considered professional tutors but who
Yes - an experimental trial of SI has just   also do not work as FA work-study tutors. (This
started.                                     was not a category found in the survey.)
                                            use WebEx to host study groups remotely to
                                            students on our Faribault campus; designated
                                            computers for student
                                            check-in at all 3 of our locations; ''smart carts'' in 2
                                            of our 3
Yes, we lead structured study groups for    locations for presentations; TV/DVD players for
Science courses;                            viewing study skill
groups are led by staff tutors              presentations

Yes, we lead structured study groups for
courses; groups are led by both peer and Intelligent Tutor software; limited online tutoring
professional tutors                      through Smarthinking

                                          We have online tutoring, wiki tutoring, an Instant
Nothing organized under the SI program. Messaging system for short answers, LEO--an
We do our own thing and our own training. online writing resource.

No                                          We currently do not use anything.
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