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           Hi Visibility Vests & Shirts From Seton
       Reflective Safety Vest                                                                        AL PRINT
       • Complies To AS/NZS 4602.1999 And AS/NZS 1906.1                                           RM


       • Ensure Employees Can Be Seen While They Work

       • Ideal For Construction, Railway, Road And Transport Industries
       • 100% Polyester                                                                            A VA I L A B L E
       These reflective, lightweight safety vests will ensure
       that employees working in potentially dangerous                              Colours Available:
       situations can be seen at all times. 3M™ reflective tape
       is stiched on to provide enhanced visibility, and hook
       and loop fastenings allow easy donning. Available in
                                                                                     Red      Yellow      Orange
       Red, Orange or Yellow, sizes M-4XL.
       Style No. Description           Colour      Size     1-5    6-9            10 & Up    TO ORDER: Specify
                                                                                             Style No., and Quantity.
                 Day/Night Parallel    Red, Orange
                                                                                             PRICE (EX GST): Each.
       S6650     Line Safety Vest      or Yellow   M - 4XL $44.00 $39.60          $35.20     *Note: Printed vest are
                 Day/Night Cross       Red, Orange                                           regarded as custom and
       S6644     Back Safety Vest      or Yellow   M - 4XL 44.00 39.60              35.20    cannot be returned. Refer to
                                                                                             page 641 for conditions.

       High Visibility Day Vest                                               Reversible High                               Highway Visibility
       • Complies To AS/NZS4602:1999,
       • Class D For Daytime Use
                                                                              Visibility Vest                               Safety Vest
                                                             • Complies To AS/NZS 4602:1999 Class D/N
       • Available In Seven Sizes And Three                                                                                 • Protect Workers From Serious Injury
                                                             • Reversible (Side 1 Oxford Nylon, Side 2
                                                               On Pill 220g Fleece)                                         • Great For Day And Night Safety
       • Ideal For Use As Part Of Your
         OH&S Policy In The Workplace                        This versatile reversible safety vest                          • One Size Fits All
       These high visibility                                 features high visibility 3M™ reflective
       fluorescent day vests are                                                                                            This fluorescent
                                                             tape. Comfortable fleece lining easily
       made from a cool,                                                                                                    orange safety vest
                                                             converts to a stylish Navy sleeveless vest                     featuring 3MTM
       breathable and light-
       weight 100% polyester                                 when work is done. Available in either                         ScotchliteTM
       fabric so wearers feel                                Safety Orange/Navy/Tape or Safety                              retroreflective
       comfortable all day.                                  Yellow/Navy/Tape. Sizes: Small to 3XL.                         material provides
       Designed for daytime                                                                                                 excellent day and night
       use only, they are an                                                                                                time visibility. The
       ideal vest to use when                                                                                               poncho style comes
       implementing an
       OH&S policy in                                                                                                       with the adjustable
                                  AL PRINT
       your workplace.         RM                                                                                           strap system makes the vest suitable for
                                                                                                                            all sizes. The vest is also home washable


                                                                                                                            and dry cleanable. The high visibility
                                                                                                                            vest should be worn by persons working
       Colours Available:             A VA I L A B L E                                                                      in and around vehicular traffic. Does not
                                                                                                                            have pockets.
                                                            TO ORDER: Specify Style No., Size (S-3XL) and Quantity
        Red      Yellow     Orange                          PRICE (EX GST): Each
                                                                                                                            TO ORDER: Specify Style No. Z0018 and Quantity.
       TO ORDER: Specify Style No. S9301, Colour         Style No. Description                         Price
       (Yellow, Orange, Red), Size (M-5XL) and Quantity. S9949     Reversible Hi Vis. Vest Orange/Navy $66.00               PRICE (EX GST): $77.00 (1 - 4),
       PRICE (EX GST): $19.50 Each.                      S9950     Reversible Hi Vis. Vest Yellow/Navy  66.00               $69.00 (5 & Up) Per Vest.

      High Visibility Safety Wear
                                                                                                                                                            AL PRINT
      • Complies With Requirements Of AS/NZS1906.4-1997*                      • Available In Either Short Or Long Sleeve                                 RM


      • Singlet Style Also Available                                          • 100% Polyester Mesh Breathable Fabric

      • Class D For Day Use Only - AS/NZS4602-1999
                                                         The High Visibility Safety Wear Shirts are made from a fabric
                                                         whichis open weave on the outside allowing perspiration to draw            A VA I L A B L E
                                                         away and evaporate, creating a cooling effect. The fabric is also pill
                                                         resistant, has a UPF rating 50+ and resistant to fading, acids, alkalising and
                                                         perspiration. Colours are split at front and plain colour back. Also has front pocket
                                                         and pen sleeve. Matching striped collar and cuff in contrast colour for long sleeve
                                                         where the short sleeves are open style and hemmed. Available in three fluorescent
                                                         colour combinations.
                                                          Style No.   Description                       Sizes       1 - 5 6 & Up          TO ORDER: Specify Style
                                                                                                                                          No., Colour, Size and Quantity
                                                          S8899       Shirt - Short Sleeve Yellow/Navy  SML - 7XL $30.40 $27.40
                                                          S8900       Shirt - Short Sleeve Yellow/Green SML - 7XL 30.40 27.40             PRICE (EX GST): Each.
                                                          S8901       Shirt - Short Sleeve Orange/Navy SML - 7XL 30.40 27.40
                                                          S8902       Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve Yellow/Navy    SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70
                                                          S8903       Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve Yellow/Green   SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70
                                                          S8904       Shirt - 3/4 Sleeve Orange/Navy    SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70
                                                          S8905       Shirt - Long Sleeve Yellow/Navy   SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70
                                                          S8906       Shirt - Long Sleeve Yellow/Green SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70
                                                          S8907       Shirt - Long Sleeve Orange/Navy SML - 7XL 33.00 29.70               *Note: Refer to page 641 for
                                                          S8908       Singlet - Yellow/Navy             Med - 5XL 25.10 22.70             conditions. Singlets due to
                                                          S8909*      Singlet - Yellow/Green            Med - 5XL 25.10 22.70             colour ratio do not comply to
                                                          S8910*º     Singlet - Orange/Navy             Med - 5XL 25.10 22.70             AS/NZ 1906.4-1997

                                TO ORDER, USE FREE CALL ON 1 800 65 1173                                                                                      GB329

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