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									                          The Cover Letter

        Building Your First Impression

                      By John Day
              Student Employment Advisor
Student & Graduate Employment Services, Mohawk College
             About Your Cover Letter
• It is the 1st chance you have to make an
  impression with the employer so do the very
  best you can.
• The ultimate goal of the cover letter and
  resume is to get you invited for an interview.
• Take the time to compose a letter specific to
  the position and the company or organization
  to which you are applying.
• Make reference to where you read, or heard
  of the position being offered.
                      Things to Include
• Where possible, address it to a specific
  person, with their position title and company
• Read the job description and use exact words
  from the ad in your letter.
• Use the same bond paper in your resume
  and letter, and use an 8 ½ x 11 envelope
                        Things to Include
• Check spelling and grammar and especially
  the correct spelling of names.
• Read the letter aloud to yourself to make sure
  it flows smoothly.
• Paper clip your cover letter to the front of your
  2 page resume, which is stapled together.
                Things NOT to Include
• Do not use terminology that isn’t you, this will
  show up in your interview.
• Do not use abbreviations in your personalized
  header or in your letter.
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Your personalized header should be the
  same for your Cover Letter, Resume and
• Make sure to include your name (in large
  type) and all the methods that a potential
  employer may contact you. (mailing address,
  phone, e-mail etc.)
• If you include your e-mail address, make sure
  that it is professional and appropriate. (avoid
  addresses like
           Writing the Cover Letter
• An example header:

            Joan Smith
          123 Chilvers Crescent
        Hamilton, Ontario L8T 4S8
             905 / 520-2404
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Including the full mailing address of the
  recruiter on your cover letter.

Contact person’s name (if given in the posting)
Contact position title
Company name
Mailing address
City, Province Postal Code
             Writing the Cover Letter
• An example mailing address:

Mr. Steve Jobs – Chief Executive Officer
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Mailstop 84-3CE
Cupertino, California 95014
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Include the company name, address, person
  addressed to and their job title.
Subject Line
• Mention the job title being offered and bold it
  to emphasize importance.
• Refer to the specific position and how you
  learned of the opening.
            Writing the Cover Letter
Example Salutation
• Dear Steve Jobs

Example Subject Line
• Re: Software Development Team Leader
            Writing the Cover Letter
Example Introduction:
  Please accept and consider my enclosed
  resume for the position of Software
  Development Team Leader as recently
  advertised in The Graduate Employment
  Office at Mohawk College on July 8, 2002. I
  will be graduating from the Software
  Engineering Diploma Program at Mohawk
  College and I am excited to begin my career.
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Highlight your strengths and abilities while
  giving examples of your skills, which should
  directly relate to the position.
• Show the employer that you meet their
  qualifications and explain what you can do for
  them, not what they can do for you.
               Writing the Cover Letter
Example Body
• As indicated in my resume, I possess experience in
  various programming languages including Unix Script
  Programming, RPG/400, RPG-III, CL Programming,
  SQL/400, HTML, Visual Basic 6.0, and Quick Basic.
  In addition, I am well versed in various software
  packages, and operating systems. As a highly
  motivated individual, I possess strong communication
  and interpersonal skills. I work well both individually
  and as part of a team and have experience leading
  development teams responsible for large projects
  within tight deadlines.
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Keep it short but polite.
• Express interest in an interview and indicate
  how the company can reach you by indicating
  your telephone number; perhaps in bold print.
• Mention a date when the employer can
  expect a follow-up to your letter, and how it
  will be made, usually a telephone call will do.
             Writing the Cover Letter
Example Closing
• The opportunity to meet with you to further
  discuss my credentials would be greatly
  appreciated. I thank you for your
  consideration and look forward to hearing
  from you in the near future, I can be reached
  at (905) 555-XXXX.
             Writing the Cover Letter
• Sign the cover letter using a pen.
• A Letter of Recommendation is excellent.
• Employers frequently ask for a transcript of
  marks. (for recent graduates only)
• Paper clip attachments behind the resume.
             Writing the Cover Letter
Broadcast Letter
• A general letter that an applicant sends out to
  a large number of companies.
• It is not specifically geared to any particular
  company or job posting, but provides an
  overview of the applicant’s skills as they
  might apply to the companies’ needs.
                          The Cover Letter

        Building Your First Impression

                      By John Day
              Student Employment Advisor
Student & Graduate Employment Services, Mohawk College

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