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									                                                                 Join IMRE for a rewarding career in Research!
At IMRE, we offer you the opportunity to contribute and make a difference in the field of materials science. We welcome you to be a part of our research team in one of Singapore's fastest growing Research &
Development organisations that prides itself on top quality, high impact research. The following Senior / Research and Engineer positions are currently available:

S/No       Reference Code                 Position                                                 Job Description                                                                    Job Requirements
  1      IMRE/08/AC/RE/053       Senior / Research Engineer    You will assist in the development of new optical characterization tools. You will help to A Ph.D in Physics / Materials Science.
                                                               develop working prototypes for commercialization and industry interaction. You will report * Good knowledge in optical spectroscopy is preferred.
                                                               research results in reputed international journals and assist in developing intellectual * A team player with excellent communication skills.
  2      IMRE/08/AC/RE/069       Senior Research Engineer /                                                                                            A PhD is required.
                                     Research Scientist        We seek a clean room microfabrication engineer or scientist who has experience in both * Possess excellent communication skills and a team player.
                                                               device testing and fabrication. The work encompasses design of chips for integrating
                                                               biological surfaces (i.e. soft matter materials) into MEMS engineering platforms, and
                                                               includes packaging into a user friendly platform, design of electronic layout for pA
                                                               detection levels, integrated but simple microfluidics. The successful candidate must be
                                                               able to undertake clean room fabrication tasks and routine metrology testing.
  3      IMRE/08/AC/RE/070       Senior / Research Engineer    We seek a postdoctoral candidate for undertaking AFM in liquid environments, who will A PhD with experience in using AFM in liquid environments or non-
                                                               be part of an interdisciplinary team studying lipid bio-membranes. The AFM focus is on contact AFM, with a “hands-on” attitude.
                                                               single molecule imaging of bio-molecules in water, with an emphasis on proteins
                                                               incorporated within bio-membranes. In addition, AFM spectroscopy measurements
                                                               (force curves and IV) are to be done, specifically measuring localised forces, damping
                                                               and current flow, to mechanically probe the dynamic response of the bio-membrane.

  4      IMRE/09/AC/RE/092       Senior / Research Engineer    The postdoc will take charge of setting up capabilities to monitor crack formation in laser A PhD in Engineering / Materials / Physics.
                                                               processed ceramics and analyse the criteria for crack formation.                            * Need to be skilled in optics / thermography, high speed process
                                                                                                                                                           monitoring and data processing and analysis, thermal & failure analysis
                                                                                                                                                           and modeling, ceramics.

  5      IMRE/08/MG/RE/001       Senior / Research Engineer    You will conduct research and development work on advanced smart functional                   A PhD in Materials / Applied Physics / Chemistry / Engineering.
         IMRE/08/MG/RE/089                                     materials, particularly ferroelectric and piezoelectric thin film materials, and apply them   * Strong interests in research and development on materials and/or
                                                               for actuators, sensors, and energy transducers. The job involves materials processing,        devices.
                                                               device designs through analytical and numerical simulation approaches, and/or micro           * Knowledge and research experience in ferroelectric and piezoelectric
                                                               and nano fabrications to produce micro and nano structures with ferroelectric and             materials and devices, surface acoustic wave devices, or MEMS,
                                                               piezoelectric materials. You will collaborate with other research staff and Ph.D students     including thin film preparation and chemical processing, numerical
                                                               from different disciplines, in order to develop creative processing methods or applications   simulation, and/or micro/nano fabrications.
                                                               of smart functional materials as energy generators, advanced micro sensors, or highly
                                                               miniaturized actuators.

  6      IMRE/08/MG/RE/002       Senior / Research Engineer    Selected candidate will conduct research and development work on advanced III-V/Ge/Si         A PhD in Materials Science / Physics / Chemistry / Engineering.
                                                               heterogeneous materials integration. The job involves materials growth, materials             * Knowledge & experience in materials growth using MOCVD.
                                                               characterizations and processing. The selected candidate will work together with other        * Hands on experience in materials processing techniques such as SEM,
                                                               research staff in the team to develop novel processes for heterogeneous materials             TEM, XRD, AFM and dry-etching.
                                                               integration and is expected to lead research in selective area materials growth using         * Possess excellent communication skills and a team player.
  7      IMRE/09/MG/RE/096       Senior / Research Engineer    Employ aqueous solution techniques to grow ZnO films. Fabricate and characterise              A PhD in Chemistry / Materials Science / Electrical Engineering / Solid
                                                               electrical properties of ZnO films for use as field effect transistors.                       State / Device Physics.
                                                                                                                                                             * Familiar with device fabrication, device physics and testing.
  8      IMRE/09/PF/RE/001       Senior / Research Engineer    For the design and development of metal-based UV-sensitive resists for nanoimprint            A PhD in Materials / Chemistry / relevant field.
                                                               lithography, we are looking for a dynamic individual with experience in resist                * Good know-how chemical synthesis preferably of photosensitive
                                                               development. The selected candidate will be responsible for development and imprinting        resists.
                                                               the resist with an aim to achieve sub-50 nm resolution.                                       * A track record of quality publications.
                                                                                                                                                             * A high level of self-motivation.
  9      IMRE/09/PF/RE/058       Senior / Research Engineer    For the development of an atom technology dedicated to perform experiments on a                A PhD in experimental surface science Physics .
                                                               single atom and/or a single molecule in a fully planar technology, we are looking for a       * Good know-how using LT UHV-STM.
                                                               dynamic individual with expertise in ultra high vacuum, low temperature and scanning          * A track record of quality publications.
                                                               tunneling microscope within Dr. C. Joachim group in IMRE. The selected candidate is           * A high level of self motivation.
                                                               foreseen to work on one of the IMRE LT-UHV STM. Experiments will be dedicated to
                                                               single molecule electronics [1,2,3] and mechanics [4] and to atomic scale interconnects.

 10    IMRE/09/PF/RE/105 & 106   Senior / Research Engineer    Work in the metamaterials programme; participate in the simulation, fabrication and A PhD in Physics / Electrical Engineering.
                                                               characterization of metamaterials and the application to optical/photonic devices.   * Experience in metamaterial or plasmonic research will be an
 11      IMRE/09/PF/RE/127       Senior / Research Engineer    We seek a postdoctoral candidate to work in an interdisciplinary team of biologists, A PhD in Molecular Biology / Biochemistry / Chemistry.
                                                               chemists and physicists. His/Her focus is to study membrane proteins and its * Good experimental skills and ability to perform experiments
                                                               characteristics in artificial membrane architecture.                                 independently.
                                                                                                                                                    * Previous experience in handling membrane proteins, lipid/polymer
                                                                                                                                                    vesicles is an advantage.
                                                                                                                                                    * Interest in working in an interdisciplinary field.

 12      IMRE/09/PF/RE/128       Senior / Research Engineer    Surface preparation, manufacturing of biofunctionalized surfaces, molecular biology, A PhD in Bioengineering.
                                                               such as cloning and protein expression. Establishing biofunctionalized surfaces at SiGN * Experience in molecular and cell biology experience.
                                                               Institute and performing in vitro synthesis of membrane proteins, relevant in Immunology.
                                                               Optimizing SPFS Assays and challenging the unspecific binding of antibodies.

 13       IMRE/08/SI/RE/041      Senior / Research Engineer    You will be directly involved in development of Organic Photovoltaic devices, fabrication, A PhD in Materials Science / Physics / Organic solar cells.
           IMRE/R/200908/01                                    formulation, identification, and characterization. You will be expected to make continuous * Hands-on experience with vacuum deposition methods is
                                                               improvements in device performance, such as efficiency and lifetime.                         required.
                                                                                                                                                          * Knowledge and experience in organic and inorganic
                                                                                                                                                            semiconductor materials process, Organic Photovoltaic device
                                                                                                                                                            fabrication and characterization are preferred.
                                                                                                                                                          * A team player with excellent communication skills.

                                                                                        THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                           3 Research Link Singapore 117602

                                                              * Online applications will receive priority in processing * Please quote our reference code *

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