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                         IN JAKARTA INVITES APPLICATIONS
                           FOR THE FOLLOWING VACANCY

                                  PROGRAMME COORDINATOR

The ASEAN Secretariat invites applications for Programme Coordinator under the ASEAN Secretariat
– The Nippon Foundation Projects.


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Secretariat is the nerve centre of ASEAN, a
regional inter-governmental organization founded in 1967, to promote peace and stability, sustained
economic growth, shared prosperity and social progress. It comprises the ten countries of Southeast
Asia. The ASEAN Member States and ASEC are guided by the ASEAN Charter to promote a people-
oriented ASEAN in which all sectors of society are encouraged to participate in, and benefit from, the
process of ASEAN integration and community building.

On 27 June 2008 the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) received USD 5 million from The Nippon
Foundation (TNF) of Japan to implement people-oriented projects in ASEAN. The Memorandum of
Agreement (MOA) between ASEC and TNF outlines that funds will be used for projects that promote
the well-being of the peoples of ASEAN. Among the possible areas of cooperation: maritime civilian
safety; leprosy and human dignity; human resource networking and development for ASEAN
integration; promotion of traditional and alternative medicine for primary healthcare; and promoting
equal opportunities and capacity building for the disabled. The ASEAN Secretariat and Nippon
Foundation will jointly identify, develop and implement the projects. These projects will be conceived
and implemented jointly, with financing by TNF, and ASEC contributing in kind.

The MOA also obliges ASEC and TNF to jointly designate suitable personnel to identify, develop,
implement and supervise appropriate projects under the MOA. For this purpose, ASEC shall solicit
support from governmental, non-government and independent institutions; TNF will draw upon the
personnel of its affiliated sister institutions, including the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the Tokyo
Foundation, and others.

ASEC and TNF are currently looking for qualified candidates to fill the position of Program
Coordinator to administer the projects under the ASEAN Secretariat – The Nippon Foundation MOA.

Broad Statement of Functions

As part of the ASEC-TNF Team and reporting to the ASEC Project Director, the ASEC Program
Coordinator will perform the following activities:
1.    Prepare consolidated Annual Work Plans and budgets, and regular performance reports under
      the guidelines of the ASEC-TNF MOA and for approval by the ASEC-TNF Steering Committee;
2.    Assist the ASEC-TNF Project Director of the Steering Committee in monitoring, reviewing, and
      identifying new programs and activities under the ASEC-TNF MOU. These will include, but not
      be limited to:
      i.   raising issues and recommending options to address implementation challenges;
     ii.   ensuring no overlaps between ASEAN objectives (outlined in the Roadmap for the ASEAN
           Community) and those outlined in the ASEC-TNF MOA;

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       iii.   ensuring that the methodology of delivering assistance to grantees are sound, sustainable
              and impactful;
       iv. undertaking project visits, as necessary, to understand local conditions;
3.      Work closely with the Project Director to align the priorities and activities of projects under the
        ASEC-TNF MOA with the priorities and developments in ASEAN and the ASEAN Secretariat,
        and to ensure effective and timely implementation;
4.      Support the Project Director in authorising the commitment of expenditures in line with the
        scope of approved projects and work plans;
5.      Maintain a consolidated record of all ‘approved’ programs and project initiatives funded under
        the ASEC-TNF MOA;
6.      Maintain a consolidated record of the overall progress of all projects under the ASEC-TNF
        MOA. This will include supporting the maintenance of a central database of all funded
7.      Prepare Terms of Reference for and mobilise short-term consultancy inputs that are required to
        support overall ASEC-TNF; program planning and monitoring work (as necessary);
8.      Promote and support donor coordination initiatives, including non-duplication of projects with
        other programs of ASEC;
9.      Provide administrative support to the Steering Committee;
10.     Produce and disseminate appropriate materials on ASEAN and the ASEC-TNF projects; and
        promote the program’s visibility, including through the establishment and maintenance of an
        ASEC-TNF webpage;
11.     Support team work, effective information flow and problem-solving with the support of ASEC in
        manage the implementation of ASEC-TNF funded initiatives.


•     Consolidated ASEC-TNF annual plans and budgets;
•     Consolidated ASEC-TNF six-monthly review reports;
•     ASEC-TNF informational materials;
•     Other relevant documentation on the projects.

Working Relationships

•     Representatives of the The Nippon Foundation (TNF)
•     Focal Points for programme activities in ASEAN Member States.

•     ASEC Project Director
•     ASEC-TNF Program Management Team members;
•     Relevant ASEC officers in related sectors;
•     ASEC Support Services, e.g. Personnel and Training Units.


•     A Masters degree or equivalent in an appropriate discipline

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•   At least 3 years of professional experience with proven track record and exposure in government,
    private sector and/or international organisations. Experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of
    program development, coordination and management issues, particularly in the context of
    international/regional organisations such as ASEC.
•   Proven track record in developing, coordinating and managing complex development programs
    as well as in undertaking impact assessment.
•   Proven experience of leading a team in a development project or program context.

Competency Profile

Technical and Managerial skills
•      Proven high-level analytical skills;
•      Knowledge of concepts and issues relating to ASEAN and the ASEAN institutional framework;
•      Demonstrated program and project management skills, including in formulation/design,
       appraisal, management and reporting on project and program activities;
•      Demonstrated HRM, financial and contract management skills;
•      Excellent writing and communication skills (in English);
•      Proven high-level consultation, facilitation and negotiation skills;
•      Proven strategic planning and personnel management skills;
•      High-level computing skills, including use of Microsoft Office applications, and ability to
       produce clear and concise reports.

Personal Attributes
•      Integrity: Strongly possess and perform the capability to maintain and promote social, ethical
       and organisational norms and values in conducting internal and external secretarial activities
•      Decisiveness: Possess and perform the capability to make timely decisions, render judgement
       and take action when appropriate
•      Creative and innovative: Possess the capability to generate creative solutions to work
       situations; try different ways to deal with organisational problem and opportunities
•      Diplomacy: Proven skills in negotiating and leading dialogue.
•      Teamwork: Ability to work with others and as part of a team


The appointee would initially be contracted for 3 years, subject to annual renewal and an initial 6
month probation period. An attractive remuneration package will be negotiated commensurate with
experience and qualifications.

How to Apply

Send your application highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position together
with a detailed CV, including a recent passport-sized photograph and certified true copies of
educational certificates obtained, and completed Employment Application Form, which can be
downloaded at, to the HRD, Admin, Protocol & Conference Services
Division, ASEAN Secretariat, 70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta 12110. You can also email
your application to:

Please indicate on the subject heading: Application for Programme Coordinator ASEC-TNF.

Application papers should reach the ASEAN Secretariat by 9 February 2010.

The Selection Committee’s decision is final and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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