UniFunds Reputation and Track Record Were Crucial in Red Lion by taoyni


									UniFund’s Reputation and Track Record Were Crucial in Red Lion School
District’s Decision to Invest in BudgetSense®.
                                                                                                  Staff            800
Red Lion School District (Red Lion, PA)                                                           Students         5,945
    “Our experience with UniFund was so good when we were FundSense® clients, we decided to       Budget           $65 Million
    stay with the company when the time came to modernize our financial management systems and    Area             140 sq. mi.
    procedures.”                                                                                  Buildings        10
                        Terry Robinson, Business Manager

                                                       Surprising Success Right from the Start
Challenge                                              For most clients, notable improvements are not immediately
Move from the very familiar FundSense                  recognized. However, that was not Red Lion’s experience.
accounting environment to the                          According to Yvonne Clutter, the district’s financial director,
unknown world of Microsoft                             “BudgetSense® was a real eye-opener.”
Windows®; justify investment in
networking technology on expectation                   Eye-Opening, Quantifiable Results
of returns from office productivity and                Notable and quantifiable improvements have been impressive,
more efficient interactions with remote                especially for a relatively new—6-month—BudgetSense
school building “clients.”                             installation. That speaks well of BudgetSense, UniFund’s
                                                       training personnel, and Red Lion’s highly motivated business
Solution                                               office personnel.
Migrate to BudgetSense and maintain                       1) Z-fold Checks: Laura Winemiller, Red Lion’s one and
liaison with UniFund’s personnel who                         only payroll administrator is delighted with the savings
previously supported Red Lion in the                         in time required to sort, hand fold and stuff payroll
FundSense accounting environment.                            checks in envelopes for distribution every two weeks.
The arrangement was very reassuring                          The tasks that once took up to one-and-a-half days in
in going from the known to the                               FundSense have now been trimmed down to about 30
unknown.                                                     minutes.

Benefits                                                  2) BudgetSense & Excel Compatibility:

Improved office productivity was                                      This feature makes it easy to export reports and
achieved almost                                                        grid layouts from BudgetSense to Excel for
immediately—beginning with the very                                    analysis and decision-making—a real time saver!
first paycheck.                                                       Comprehensive journal entries for budget
Much more productivity awaits Red                                      transfers that once took two to three days to
Lion as the 140 square mile district                                   prepare and enter are now completed in 25 to 30
connects its 10 remote school buildings                                minutes, by preparing them in Excel and
to its network.                                                        importing them into BudgetSense.
                                                                      The district’s superintendent is very pleased with
                                                                       their ability to communicate the value of fringe
                                                                       benefits to employees. Quantifying the value of
                                                                       those benefits, paid by the district, helps foster
                                                                       better relationships with faculty and staff.

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