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Global Studies, Asia

Author: Yasmeen Mohiuddin

Edition: 1
Age Group: 7 - 17

Pakistan occupies a position of geopolitical and strategic importance for the United States. This book
explains why, and reveals the reality of this little-studied country. Although Pakistan became a country
only in 1947, its people and culture have a rich history. It is a Muslim state, a nuclear power, and a
politically troubled land.Pakistan stretches from the heights of the Hindu Kush to the lowlands of the
Indus delta. Its people and culture are as varied as its landscape. This scholarly yet accessible work
treats the full range of modern Pakistan. Its thorough examination of the countryís problemsóalong with 
its strengthsómakes this an ideal resource for high school or college course work, and an indispensable 
addition to library collections.

Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates and general readers.

"Any high school or college-level library serious about world study references should have Pakistan: A
Global Studies Handbook in their collection. ... It provides the specifics missing from more general
regional titles and thus is an essential pick for any comprehensive reference library."

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