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									The Translucent Revolution
Author: Arjuna Ardagh

There is a gentle but profound revolution in human consciousness happening throughout the world — it
has affected millions of people from all walks of life, and the numbers continue to multiply exponentially.
The breakthroughs they have experienced are startlingly similar and are marked by a new sense of well-
being, increased joy in life, diminished fear, and a natural impulse to serve and contribute to the world in a
real way. For more than a decade, Arjuna Ardagh has studied this worldwide advance in human
consciousness marked by what he calls "translucents" — individuals who have undergone a spiritual
awakening deeply enough that it has permanently transformed their relationship to themselves and to
reality, while allowing them to remain involved in ordinary life. The Translucent Revolution draws on the
author's dialogues with thousands of writers, teachers, and workshop participants around the world who
display characteristics of "translucence." He blends observation, anecdote, and research, including
commentaries from leading pioneers in the field of human consciousness.

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