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									Duncanville Champion
                                                                                       November 2001

                OTHER NEWS                                     The 12 Days of Christmas
  Duncanville 9-11 Relief Fund                                 Duncanville Holiday Parade
       Golf Tournament                                           Friday, November 30 the City of Duncanville will hold the annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting
   The Duncanville Police Department, the
Duncanville Fire Department and the City
                                                               Ceremony. The parade begins at 7 p.m. and will follow
of Duncanville are combining efforts to                        the traditional Duncanville parade route. It will begin on
raise money for the relief fund to aid the                     Freeman Street at Reed Middle School, travel to Wheat-
families of those police officers and fire                     land Road head west to Main Street and then north on
fighters that gave their lives in the effort to                Main Street back to Freeman.
save those trapped in the World Trade
Center towers.                                                   This year’s parade theme should add holiday spirit to
Tournament Details                                             the evening festivities. It’s an easy one to implement
Who:      You and three other golfers                          and groups can really create visual floats. Man and
What: Duncanville NYC 9-11 Relief                              woman of the Year, Terry Webb and Dorothy Wolverton,
          Fund Golf Tournament
When: November 12th, 2001
                                                               will lead the parade and Santa will fly in from North Pole
          8:00 AM Shotgun Start                                and ride at the end of the parade on one of our very own
          Driving range open prior                             Duncanville Fire Department engines.                            This year children will have an opportunity to
          to start.                                              The Tree Lighting Ceremony will begin right after the         have their picture taken with Santa and two of his
Where: Lancaster’s Country View                                parade ends. The ceremony will be held at Duncanville           live reindeer.
          240 W. Beltline Road
          Lancaster, Texas 75146                               City Hall where pictures with Santa and two of his
          (972) 227-0995                                       reindeer will be taken for only $3 per person. The ceremony will include the count down of lighting city
Why:      To raise money for the New                           hall by Mayor Glenn Repp including a special new addition that has added over 25,000 lights.
          York fire fighters and police                          You’ll have to join us at city hall immediately following the parade to witness this spectacular light
   We expect to have several door prizes
                                                               display. The Ceremony will also include musical entertainment, carolers, and coffee and hot chocolate
available to go along with the Hole In                         served by the Duncanville chapter of AARP.
One Contest Prize of a 2002 Toyota                               Applications for the parade are currently being accepted. An application can be found in this months
Camry from Metroplex Toyota. If you have                       Champion on page 5.
any questions or would like to donate a                          For more information on the Tree Lighting Ceremony call 972-780-5074 and for more information on
door prize, please call us at 972-780-
5043.                                                          the parade call 972-780-5086.

                                                               Volunteers Recognized at Board Banquet

                                                                 On Wednesday, October 17th, board and commission members were recognized at the City’s fifth
   Permit No. 10

                                                               annual board and commission appreciation banquet. The event, hosted by the Duncanville City Council,

                                                               was held at the D.L. Hopkins, Jr. Senior Center and featured a multi-media presentation highlighting this
                                                               year’s board accomplishments produced by Community Information Administrator Keith Bilbrey.
                                                                 City Secretary Jeanne Fralicks indicated that the “event was initiated in 1997 by the City Council in an
                                             Postal Customer

                                                               effort to recognize the many volunteers that they appoint who serve countless hours for the betterment
                                                               of their community.” “The banquet provides a wonderful opportunity to thank these individuals for their
                                                               service and celebrate their many accomplishments,” she added.
                                                                 Those honored from the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission include Julia Jobe, James Hubener,
                                                               Kevin Dunn, Thomas Stain, Tommie Rains, Gilbert Harding, and Edwin Bateman. Past members
                                                               honored were Russ Kent and David Green.
                                                                 Current members of the Board of Adjustment are Greg Knauer, Bill Blevins, Robert Beverly, John
                                                               Wesley, C. Byron Behrens, David Wentsch, Jeff Burton, Peter Clendenon, and Deborah Harris. Past
                                                               members recognized include Kirk Hemphill and Don Freeman.
                                                                 Sign Control Board members include Howard Fields, Lisa Schmitz, C. Curt Jackson, Raymond Rowe,
                                                               Ronald Robinson, Caryl Jourdan, and Bob Lydia. Past members honored were Eric Strauss, Tara Miles,
                  Duncanville, Texas 75138

                                                               Roy Ralls, and Jennifer Rachaner.

                                                                 Members of the Park and Recreation Advisory Board include Pat Roberson, Travis Towns, Dan Davis,
                                                               Elizabeth H. Cooper, Jaime Ayala, John Megill, and Dick Gartin. Past member Russell Brons was also
                  P.O. Box 380280

                                                                 The Library Advisory Board consists of Tammi Ratcliff, Charlie Mae Smith, Jerry Vaca, Kathryn Thomp-

                                                                                                                                     Continued on page 6. See Boards

City of Duncanville
     City Information                          Duncanville Community and Economic
           Index                               Development Corporation Earns Recognition Award
                                                  The Texas Economic Development Council awarded the merit of recognition award for outstanding
   Duncanville City Offices                    achievement in community economic development to the Duncanville Community and Economic Devel-
         GENERAL GOVERNMENT                    opment Corporation last month. This recognition was awarded based on the efforts of the Corporation to
City Manager’s Office   972-780-5017           recruit and assist with construction of the Dr Pepper StarCenter facility located at 1700 S. Main Street in
City Secretary          972-780-5004
Community Information   972-780-5043           Duncanville.
Duncanville JobLine     972-780-5006              Keri Samford, Duncanville Economic Development Executive
After Hours Calls       972-780-4959           Director, is proud of the 4B Board’s accomplishments over the
       ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT                    past few years. “The 4B Board should be proud of all the projects
Development Director   972-780-5090            completed by the Duncanville Community and Economic Devel-
Marketing Director     972-780-5086            opment Corporation,” stated Samford. “Not just for the completion
           POLICE DEPARTMENT                   of the StarCenter project but the other numerous projects com-
Chief of Police          972-780-5038          pleted under their guidance.”
Community Relations      972-780-5027            Samford expressed the proactive attitude taken by the 4B Board
Criminal Investigations  972-780-5037
Animal Control            972-780-5025
                                               in attracting the Southwest Sports Group and partnering with them
Police Records           972-780-5024          to construct such an outstanding facility in Duncanville. The only facility of its kind in southwest Dallas
             FIRE DEPARTMENT
Fire Chief                 972-780-4920
                                                  The Dr Pepper StarCenter project competed against other projects from communities with a population
Assistant Fire Chief       972-780-4921        between 15,000 and 40,000 and has some stringent criteria for recipient qualifications. The award is
                                               judged on the following criteria: project innovation, transferability, community commitment and leverage,
Director                  972-780-5005
                                               measured objectives and secondary benefits.
Municipal Court           972-780-5055           Innovation refers to the program or projects ability to demonstrate innovative approaches to institutional,
Water Billing             972-780-5010         financial, technical or legal aspects of economic development. The project also had to demonstrate
                                               transferability or the ability to show potential use by other economic development agencies or practitio-
Director               972-780-5076            ners for similar problems or solutions.
Library                972-780-5050               The community commitment and leverage criteria aspect refers to the projects ability to make it pos-
Community Center       972-780-5070
                                               sible for others to achieve a greater impact by joining public/private participation or by intergovernmental
Senior Center          972-780-5073
Armstrong Pool         972-780-5083            or state/local involvement to leverage resources.
Event Rain-Out         972-949-2229               Measured objectives refers to the projects ability to achieve specific goals or objects such as number of
                                               jobs created, retained or improved, additional monetary investment in the community, etc. Lastly, the
Director                 972-780-5015          secondary benefits criterion refers to the project producing ancillary benefits to other activities in the area.
Building Inspections     972-780-5040
Garage Sale Permits
Health Officer
                                               Be Ready for Old Man Winter
                                                 A major winter storm can be lethal. Preparing for cold weather conditions and responding to them
        COMMUNITY INFORMATION                  effectively can reduce the dangers caused by winter storms.
Radio                         1250 AM          BEFORE
Television            Cable Channel 26           Be familiar with winter storm warning messages.
                                                 Make sure you have sufficient heating fuel; regular fuel sources may be
      SPECIAL INTEREST NUMBERS                 cut off.
          License Plate Renewal
Dallas County Govt. Center  214-653-7811       Winterize your home.
          Community Assistance                     · Insulate walls and attic.
Duncanville Outreach        972-296-4986           · Caulk and weather-strip
          Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Offices             972-780-4990                doors and windows.                           Duncanville Digest
                                                   · Install storm windows
                                                        or cover windows with
 Mayor & City Council Phone Numbers
Mayor Glenn Repp            972-298-0213                plastic from the inside.              Mayor’s Open Line Friday
District 1 - David Green    972-780-0348       Have safe emergency heat-            Did you know that you have an opportunity to meet with Duncanville Mayor
District 2 - Judy Richards  972-298-4574                                          Glenn Repp on the first Friday of each month?
District 3 - Marilyn Massey 972-296-5993       ing equipment available.
District 4 - Grady Smithey  972-298-2775           · Fireplace with ample           Mayor Repp makes himself available on the first Friday of each month to the
District 5 - Jim Pyeatt     972-296-0132                                          citizens to discuss your concerns and ideas about the direction the city is
                                                        supply of wood
                                                   · Small, well-vented,            You can meet with Mayor Repp on the first Friday at Duncanville City Hall in
                 Duncanville                            wood, coal, or camp       the council chambers starting at 8:00 AM. He will be available until 11:00 AM.
              CHAMPION                                  stove with fuel
       is a monthly joint publication of the
                                                                                    So come by and meet with Mayor Repp on Friday, November 2, 2001 from
          Duncanville Chamber of Com-              · Portable space heaters       8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
         merce, Duncanville Independent
          School District and the City of
                                                        or kerosene heaters                           Water Tip of the Month
         Duncanville. For information, call        · Install and check
        the City’s Community Information                                         Using a layer of mulch around plants reduces evaporation and promotes plant
                     Office at
                                                        smoke detectors.         growth. Water retaining basins also allow water to be concentrated around the
             972-780-5043 or e-mail at           Contact your local emer-        plants. For further water saving tips, please call the Duncanville Public Works
                                               gency management office or        Water/Wastewater Division at 972-780-4900.
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November 2001 - Page 2
                                                                                                 Duncanville ISD
Budget Planning for Upcoming School Year Underway
  With a third of the new school year completed, Duncanville ISD officials have begun budget planning for the 2002/03 school year. Currently the
district’s general operating budget is $59,936,563 and reflects a tax rate of $1.67 per $100 assessed home value. This tax rate is one cent lower
than last year’s rate.
  Preparation of the budget for the upcoming school year begins in the fall of the current year. The budget process begins with an evaluation of
programs and the resources/funds allocated. The budget for the upcoming school year will be based upon priority planning. “We simply must
allocate our resources for our priorities,” said Superintendent Jerry Cook. “Increased teacher salaries and the allocation of funds to improve
student learning are our bottom lines. All other allocations come after these two priorities.”
   Refining the budget process is Dr. Cook’s goal as he begins his program and spending evaluations. “I intend to dedicate my attention to this
budget process - - no stone will be left unturned regarding the evaluation of our spending,” said Cook. “In order to maintain a edge in attracting
and retaining the best quality teachers, we must fund a competitive salary package and that takes careful financial management. At the same
time, every effort must be given to holding the line on taxes.”
   In a period where most districts are facing fiscal uncertainty, Duncanville ISD has increased their reserve funds approximately $2,288,000 since
August 2000. The financial success of Duncanville ISD is attributed to careful planning and frugal management of funds. In fact, the district’s
financial state has resulted in a lower than expected tax impact for the 1998 bond campaign due to solid management of funds.
  A budget calendar will be assembled in the coming weeks with the final adoption of the 2002/03 budget occurring in August 2002.

Teacher Recruiting Efforts
   Teacher recruiting efforts are priorities among Texas school districts and Duncanville ISD led the pack in the 2001/02 recruiting season. Due to
aggressive measures regarding teacher salary increases and bonus pay for critical need areas, Duncanville ISD began the school year fully
staffed with 160 new teachers on board. Of the newly hired teaching professionals, 121 were experienced teachers and 39 were new to the
profession. These numbers reflect the lowest number of teachers hired without prior experience in the last decade.
   The Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees chose to be aggressive in setting the beginning teacher salary early in the recruiting season last spring.
In addition, the salary scale and unique teacher benefits, such as personal laptop computers and classroom technology, were utilized as recruit-
ing tools. The district offered both signing bonuses and yearly stipends for critical needs areas such as secondary mathematics, bilingual teach-
ers, Special Education, upper level sciences, computer science, and foreign language. Bonuses and stipends ranged from $1,000 up to a
combined total of $10,000 depending on the area identified as critical need.
   The recruiting campaign consisted of a Duncanville ISD Job Fair in April 2001 including nationwide recruiting efforts at colleges and universities.
The aggressive measures taken by the Board of Trustees were advertised in the local newspapers, the Dallas Morning News, and area radio
stations. The payoffs of such efforts were hiring quality teachers early in the season and getting the “cream of the crop.”
   The new recruiting season has begun and once again Duncanville ISD is stepping forward to select the best candidates. Director of Human
Resources Jim Williams has begun recruiting trips to colleges and universities in conjunction with teacher job fairs and career planning events.
New tools have been developed to give qualified candidates information about Duncanville ISD. These tools consist of a new marketing/interac-
tive CD ROM, updated brochures regarding technology and academic statistics, as well as personal testimonials from current district profession-
als who accompany Mr. Williams to recruiting events.
   Quality teaching candidates have the opportunity to shop around more than ever and Duncanville ISD is committed to offering a competitive
salary, generous benefits, and a professional atmosphere for educators. Interested teaching professionals may apply online through the district’s
web site at or contact the Duncanville ISD Human Resources Department at 972/708-2000.

Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
   Homes jam-packed with glittering gifts. Stores, malls, and downtown streets teeming with unsuspecting shoppers. People rushing around,
stressed out and careless, looking for last-minute gifts, trying to get everything done. It’s enough to make a crook giddy with holiday joy.
   This holiday season, don’t let the spirit of giving lull you into giving burglars, muggers, and pickpockets a better chance to do their dirty work.
Crooks love the holiday as much as everyone else, but chiefly because it’s an opportune time for crime.
   Here are some tips on how to celebrate safely this holiday season:
If You’re Travelling
         Get an automatic timer for your lights.
         Ask a neighbor to watch your home, shovel snow, and park in the driveway from time to time.
         Don’t forget to have mail and newspaper delivery stopped. If it piles up, it’s a sure sign you’re gone.
If You’re Out for the Evening
         Turn on lights and a radio or TV so it looks like someone’s home.
         Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows when you leave, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
         Don’t display gifts where they can be seen from outside.
If You’re Shopping
         Stay alert and be aware of what’s going on around you.
         Park in a well-lighted space, and be sure to lock the car, close the windows, and hide shopping bags
         and gifts in the trunk.
         Avoid carrying large amounts of cash; pay with a check or credit card whenever possible.
         Deter pickpockets and purse-snatchers. Don’t overburden yourself with packages. Be extra careful with
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                                                                                                                      Page 3 - November 2001
City of Duncanville
Winter Is Coming...Be Ready
Continued from page two
American Red Cross chapter for more information on winter storms.
Keep pipes from freezing.
    · Wrap pipes in insulation or layers of old newspapers.
    · Cover the newspapers with plastic to keep out moisture.
    · Let faucets drip a little to avoid freezing.
    · Know how to shut off water valves.
Have disaster supplies on hand, in case the power goes out.
    · Flashlight and extra batteries
    · Portable, battery-operated radio and extra batteries.
    · First aid kit
    · One-week supply of food (include items that do not require refrigeration or cooking in
        case the power is shut off)
    · Nonelectric can opener
    · One-week supply of essential prescription medications.
    · Extra blankets and sleeping bags
    · Fire extinguisher (A-B-C type)
Develop an emergency communication plan.
In case family members are separated from one another during a winter storm (a real
possibility during the day when adults are at work and children are at school), have a plan for
getting back together.
Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.” After a disaster, it’s
often easier to call long distance. Make sure everyone knows the name, address, and phone
number of the contact person.
Make sure that all family members know how to respond after a severe winter storm.
Teach children how and when to call 9-1-1, police, or fire department, and which radio
station to tune to for emergency information.
Kerosene Heaters
Check with your local fire department on the legality of using kerosene heaters in your
community. Use only the correct fuel for your unit and follow the manufacturer’s instruc-
tions. Refuel outdoors only, and only when cool. Keep your kerosene heater at least 3 feet away from furniture and other flammable objects.

Author Rose-Mary Rumbley honored by Duncanville Library
  The 5th Annual Author Appreciation Gala, will honor humorist and author, Rose-Mary Rumbley on
Friday, November 2nd, 2001 at 6:30 PM, at the Gym of the Library/Community Center. Advance sale
tickets for the dinner, sponsored by the Friends of the Duncanville Public Library, are available for $15.
Proceeds will benefit the Duncanville Library.
   Dr. Rumbley has authored three books of humorous stories of her native city, A Century of Class,
The Unauthorized History of Dallas, and Dallas, Too. A fourth book, What, No Chili?, is a children’s
book about Texas festivals. She has written two plays, Queen Molly, the story of Mollie Bailey of circus
fame, and Trail of Honor, a story of Sam Houston. She also writes weekly columns for two local Dallas
publications. Her busy speaking schedule takes her to over 400 clubs and organizations throughout
                              Texas each year, sometimes presenting as many as three programs in
                              one day.
                                 Saul Garza, FOX 4 Reporter, will be the Master of Ceremonies for the
                              Appreciation event. I’m a native Texan, born and raised in the Rio Grande
                              Valley. Saul attended school at the University of North Texas in Denton.
                              Immediately upon graduating, he landed his first job in news as a reporter/
                              weekend anchor at KRGV in the Valley of Texas. For five years he covered
                              it all: tropical storms, droughts, crime, South Texas politics, federal cor-
                              ruption trials, and Spring Break at South Padre Island. He then made the
                              move across the country to WDJT, Channel 58 in Milwaukee, where he
                              was the station’s Bilingual Reporter. He also anchored daily Spanish
                              newsbreaks for the Univision affiliate. While there he won a first place award for Best Spot News by the Wisconsin
                              Associated Press. He joined FOX 4 News in May of 1999.
                                 Advance Sale tickets are available at the Library for $15.
                                 For more information about the Friends of the Duncanville Public Library, or the Appreciation Dinner, or to reserve
                              a full table, call Jerry Hill at 972-296-0111.

 November 2001 - Page 4
                                                                    Duncanville Champion
                                                                                                    Holiday Safety Tips
                           City of Duncanville                                                      Continued from page 3

                           Christmas Parade &                                                                purses and wallets. Carry a
                                                                                                             purse close to your body, not

                           Tree Lighting 2001                                                                dangling by the straps. Put a
                                                                                                             wallet in an inside coat or front
                                                                                                             pants pocket.
                                                                                                             Shopping with kids? Teach them
                                                                                                             to go to a store clerk or security
                    Friday, November 30, 2001                                                                guard if you get separated.
                         Parade 7:00 PM                                                             Take a Holiday Inventory
                                                                                                       The holidays are a good time to
           Tree Lighting & Pictures with Santa 7:40 PM                                              update - or create - your home inven-
                                                                                                    tory. Take photos or make videos of
        Please join us for the Duncanville 2001 Christmas Parade on Friday, November 30.            items, and list descriptions and serial
                                                                                                    numbers. If your home is burglarized,
This year’s parade theme is “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Be Creative! Create a
                                                                                                    having a detailed inventory can help
float representing one of the 12 days of Christmas like a partridge in a pear tree or 5 golden      identify stolen items and make insur-
rings. And remember...the parade is at night, so use spot lights and Christmas lights on your       ance claims easier to file. Make sure
floats. Please NO Santa’s walking or riding on your float.                                          things like TVs, VCRs, stereo equip-
        There is not a parade entry fee. The parade will begin promptly at 7 PM. Line up will       ment, cameras, camcorders, sports
begin at 6 PM on Freeman street in front of Hardin Intermediate. Participants must be present       equipment, jewelry, silver, computers,
by 6:30 PM to be included in the float judging. Awards will be presented for “Best Use of           home office equipment, and power tools
Lights”, “Santa’s Choice”, “Best Representation of Parade Theme”, “Grand Marshals’s                 are on the list.
Choice”, and “Best Overall”.                                                                           Remember to check it twice!
        The parade route begins on Freeman at Reed Middle School and follows Wheatland              A Stranger at the Door
Road to Main Street and back over to Freeman. Your group/organization will be contacted at             Criminals sometimes pose as couri-
                                                                                                    ers delivering gifts. And it’s not uncom-
the number you provide below, on Monday, November 26 with your groups lineup number.
                                                                                                    mon for people to try to take advantage
                          PARADE ENTRY FORM                                                         of others generosity during the holidays
                                                                                                    by going door-to-door for charitable
                                                                                                    donations when there’s no charity
Name of Entry: ____________________________________________________________________                 involved. Ask for identification, and find
                                                                                                    out how the funds will be used. If you
Address: _________________________________________________________________________                  aren’t satisfied, don’t give. Help a
                                                                                                    charitable organization you know and
Contact Person: ________________________________________ Phone: ____________________                like instead.
                                                                                                       Last but not least, don’t let holiday
Number of People Marching:______________                                                            stress get the best of your holiday spirit.
                                                                                                    Crime Prevention starts at home. Start
Description of Entry (Float size, Music of any kind, Bicycles, Horses, etc.): ___________________   a neighborhood tradition. Look in on
                                                                                                    your neighbors this holiday season.
                                                                                                    Make time to get together with family
_________________________________________________________________________________                   and friends. And think about reaching
Parade entries may be:                      Entries due by Tuesday, November 20, 2001.              out in the spirit of the season and
Faxed to 972-780-6486                                                                               helping someone who’s less fortunate
                                                           Questions? Call 972-780-5086.
Delivered to 203 E. Wheatland Rd.                                                                   or lonely.
                                                                                                       Do your part to make the holidays a
Mailed to P.O. Box 380280, Duncanville, TX 75138
                                                                                                    safe and happy time for everybody -
Attention: Tammy Kuykendall                                                                         except criminals.
  Presented by the City of Duncanville and the Duncanville Parks & Recreation Department              Have a Safe and
                                                                                                       Happy Holiday
                                                                                                    From the Duncanville Police
                                                                                                       and Fire Departments

                                                                                                            Page 5 - November 2001
Duncanville Champion
    NOVEMBER                                Safer Home and Hearth: Home Heating
                                            Facts & Figures*
 2 • Mayor’s Open Line Friday. 8 -11            • In 1998, there were 49,200 heating equipment-related home fires reported to U.S. fire departments,
 a.m. Council Chambers at City Hall.            resulting in 388 deaths, 1,445 injuries and $515 million in property
 203 E. Wheatland. • Author Apprecia-           damage.
 tion Dinner featuring Rose-Mary                • Two of every three home heating fires in the U.S. in 1998, and
 Rumbley hosted by Friends of the Dun-          three of every four related deaths, were attributed to space
 canville Public Library. Advance tickets
                                                heating equipment.
                                                • All types of common space heating equipment are involved in
 required. Call (972) 296-0111 for reser-
                                                home fires: portable electric heaters, portable kerosene heaters,
 vations.                                       wood stoves, fireplaces with inserts and room gas heaters.
 6 • Election Day. Polls open 7 a.m. - 7        • Common causes of space heating home fires are: lack of
 p.m. BE SURE TO VOTE! • Duncan-                regular cleaning, leading to creosote build-up, in wood-burning
 ville City Council Meeting. 7 p.m. at          devices and associated chimneys and connectors; failing to give
 City Hall. 203 E. Wheatland.                   space heaters space, by installing or placing them too close to
                                                combustibles; basic flaws in the construction or design of wood
 8-10 & 15-17 • Duncanville Commu-
                                                burning heating equipment; and fueling errors involving liquid- or
 nity Theatre presents “The Cover of
                                                gas-fueled heating equipment.
 Life”. 8 p.m. Call (972) 780-5707 for      (*From NFPA’s U.S. Home Heating Fire Patterns and Trends)
 reservations.                              Safety Tips:
 10 • Veterans’ Day Ceremony.                   • Space heaters need space. Portable space heaters need a three-foot (one meter) clearance from
 2 p.m. at 201 James Collins Blvd.              anything that can burn and should always be turned off when leaving the room or going to sleep.
 12 • Duncanville ISD School Board              • When buying a new unit, make sure it carries the mark of an independent testing lab. Be sure that a
                                                qualified technician installs the unit or checks that the unit has been installed properly.
 Meeting. 7 p.m. at DISD Administra-
                                                • Wood and coal stoves, fireplaces, chimneys, chimney connectors, and all other solid-fueled heating
 tion Bldg.
                                                equipment need to be inspected annually by a professional and cleaned as often as the inspections
 14 • Duncanville Chamber of Com-               indicate.
 merce Luncheon. 11:30 a.m. at Oak              • Use a sturdy fireplace screen to keep sparks from flying into the room.
 Cliff Country Club.                            • Portable kerosene heaters must be fueled only in a well-ventilated area, free of flame and other heat
 14 & 28 • Teen Court. 5 p.m. at City           sources, and only when the device has cooled completely. Use only the type of kerosene specified by
 Hall. 203 E. Wheatland.                        the manufacturer for that device, and never use gasoline instead of kerosene. Also, be sure that
 17 • Fire fighter appreciation at the          portable kerosene heaters are legal for home use in your state.
 Fire Department Administrative Offices         • When turning a heating device on or off, be careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When
 on Main Street 3:00 PM.
                                                buying heaters, look for devices with automatic
                                                shutoff features.
 19-23 • DISD Thanksgiving Break.
                                                • Be sure any gas-fueled heating device is               Duncanville Fire Fighter Appreciation Day
 20 • Duncanville City Council Meet-            installed with proper attention to ventilation, and          Saturday, November 17, 2001 at 3:00 PM
 ing. 7 p.m. at City Hall. 203 E. Wheat-        never put unvented gas space heaters in bed-                        Fire Administration Building
 land.                                          rooms or bathrooms. Also, LP (liquefied petro-                          1600 S. Main Street
 22 & 23 • Thanksgiving Holiday. All            leum) gas heaters with self-contained fuel              If you would like information on how to be a part of
 City offices closed. No residential gar-       supplies are prohibited for home use by NFPA                      this event, call 972-780-4921.
 bage collection on the 22nd.
 26 • Duncanville ISD School Board          Boards and Commissions Members Recognized
 Meeting. 7 p.m. at DISD Administra-   Continued from page 1
 tion Bldg.                            son, Shirley Basa, Mary Ellen Miles and Linda Lydia. Outgoing members include Kerry Young, Kay Moffatt,
 30 • Christmas Parade & Tree Light- and Jennifer Cole.
 ing. 7 p.m. at Armstrong Park.          Current members of the 4B Board include Kenneth Weaver, Allison Green, Jan Davis, Ray Dorton,
      Choir Holiday Concert            Marshal Wesley, Steve Madison, and Billy Matthews. Past members recognized for their service were Jim
                                       Adamson, Don Miller, Ken Bain, and John Casey.
    Thursday, December 13,
                                         Members of the Business Advisory Board recognized included Dorothy Wolverton, Deborah Long,
           2001   7 p.m.   
                                       Clarence and Carol Mason, Barbara Detmore, JoAnn Towry, DeJoyce McRoy-Morgan, Larry Russell,
   DHS Alexander Auditorium            Claudia Zakutney, Joi Maret, Anna Maria Lariz, and Anita Thorsen. Previous members Beverly Gipson and
                                       Debi Choate were also honored.
  Serving on the Civil Service Commission are Doyce Smith, Dan Eddy, and Jack Coleman.
  Additional volunteers recognized were Linda Forsythe and Asst. Police Chief Brian Heard who serve on the Tri Cities Regional Animal Shelter
Board, Veterinary Health Officers Dr. Chris Gleason and Dr. Donna Fuller, Chaplain Dave George, City Hall Volunteers Lenora Dalton and Martha
Smiley, and Historical Commission members Preston Richards, Kristi Crooks, Angel Jenkins, Todd Noyes, Judy Smithey, and Debbie Mason.
  Special recognition was given to Kirk Hemphill, Eric Strauss, Kay Moffatt, and Kerry Young for serving two or more full terms.

 November 2001 - Page 6
                                                                            Duncanville Business
Message From the                                                Recreation Center Happenings? 
                                                                   §    At the Duncanville Recreation Center’s, Sheilla’s Junior Jazzercise Class
Chamber President                                                       is a hit! Youth girl’s ages 9 to 14 are taking advantage of dancing and
   THANK YOU to the community of Duncanville for your                   exercising in each class. The new moves are exciting and the music
support and participation in the Civic Auction held in Octo-            makes you want to move. Stop by on Wednesday afternoon and check out
ber. It was a memorable evening and it couldn’t have been               our youth girls dancing and exercising for good health.
the success it was without you!! Our chairman, Steve                § Youth Walk – This month we will resume our youth walk. We’ve talked to
Martin and his dedicated team of volunteers did an out-                 the youth about rules and having a good time without breaking the rules.
standing job!!!                                                         Starting November 2nd, from 3p to 4p, our youth will be walking again on the
  Special thanks also goes out to the Health Care Commit-               walking track.
tee of the Chamber. Health Fest was extremely success-              § LADIES GRAB your HUSBANDS, or that SPECIAL FELLOW AND come on
ful because of your efforts!                                            down to the center. Met Anne Rush and kick up your heels weekly. Sign up
  Many have forgotten what it means to really market their              for Duncanville Line Dance Lessons and lets have some fun. See you
business. There is something at your fingertips that will               there!
provide you with a very effective way of marketing and that         § Tumbling classes with Jackie are still available. Bring your little ones 3yrs
is networking and becoming involved with the Duncanville                old to 10 yrs old and sign-up them up to tumble away some of that energy.
Chamber of Commerce.                                                    Tumbling with Jackie - Saturdays 9am to 10:30pm.
  If you are interested in establishing a business presence      We are serious about safety and forming good habits when it comes to the
in the community, contact the Chamber. We are an               children or any one. For the safety of our members, we are enforcing our rules &
excellent source of ideas and advice. Get to know your         violations, especially Violation #14 as stated in our September Issue of the Cham-
business “neighbors” and “do” business with them               pion. Major Violation #14. Members, who leave the center to follow incidents such
  Be committed to doing your job with excellence and           a fight or disturbance etc. that member is suspended for 1 to 3 months. It’s all
provide impeccable service to your customers.                  about being safe. The Police Department has never had a problem handling any
  The Chamber provides valuable tools for networking           kind of incidents and we’re counting on that. We ask that all members especially
through our monthly luncheons, power lunches, business         member with children pick up a copy of the center rules/violations. They are
after hours, and more.                                         common sense rules/violations to help keep you safety while you are out for fun
  Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone…..the        and games at the center.
benefits are terrific. Call the Chamber office at 972-780-
4990 today!

Business After Hours
                         Hosted by
           Remede Body & Skin Spa
              602 N. Main Street                                                         Business Owners & Operators
             November 15, 2001

                                                                 Holiday Display Contest
              5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

                                                                          Lights and decorations around the holiday season don’t just
       Monthly                                                     make a statement about your holiday spirit. They attract customers. Do
  Membership Luncheon                                              something special with the decor around your business during the
                                                                   holiday season. You’ll definitely be rewarded by your customers and
        Thursday, November 9, 2000                                 you might be rewarded by the City of Duncanville Business Advisory
           Oak Cliff Country Club                                  Board.
            11:30a.m.-1:00p.m.                                            The City of Duncanville Business Advisory Board is holding the
                                                                   second annual Holiday Display Contest. To enter, call the number
              Guest Speaker,
                                                                   below and decorate the exterior and/or window of your business by
            Dr. John Standefer                                     Friday, December 7, 2001. (Note: Duncanville Code Services asks
     Ageless Beauty Cosmetic Surgery                               us to remind you not to include advertising signage in your display)
                                                                   Judges from the Business Advisory Board will present two awards:
 May you and your families                                         Best Exterior Display and Best Window Display. The winners will
                                                                   each be presented with a certificate good for $500 in advertising in
      have a safe and                                              any venue they choose.

   Happy Thanksgiving                                                         Questions? Call 972-780-5086.

                                                                                                                   Page 7 - November 2001
 Fun In Duncanville November 2001
ROBIX FITNESS AEROBICS                        KARATE                                              DEFENSIVE DRIVING
Duncanville Community Center                  Learn serious self-defense oriented                 Got a ticket? Or just want a discount on
Aerobics Room                                 Matsamura Kenpo Shorn Ryu Karate. In-               your auto insurance.
Mon/Wed-Muscle‘n’ Motions 5:30-6:20 PM        structors for children & adults; family dis-        Class is sponsored & certified by the Na-
Mon/Wed-Kicked-Up Step ‘n’ Motion             counts available.                                   tional Safety Council.
6:30-7:30 PM                                  Duncanville Community Center Aerobics               Novemeber 14 & 15
Mon-Yoga Fitness-7:45-8:45 PM                 Room                                                (Must attend both dates)
Sat-Cardio Jammin 9:00-10:15 AM               Kids age 7+: T/TH 7:15-8:15 PM                      6PM to 9 PM
Sat-Yoga Fitness-10:30-11:30 AM               Adults: T/TH 7:15-8:30 PM                           Registration Deadline:
Senior Center                                 Central Elementary Gym                              November 12th @ 5:00 PM
Tues/Thurs-Yoga Fitness 5:45-6:45 PM          Open: Sat 9-10:00 AM                                (Must have 6 registered by deadline
Tues/Thurs-Cardio-Dance Aerobics              Cost: $25/Month-Students, $40/Month-Adults           to have class)
7:00-7:45 PM                                  Instructors: Kris Howerton @ 972-393-0782/          Duncanville Community Center
PLEASE ARRIVE 10-MINUTES EARLY                Bob Finley @ 972-298-2021.                          201 James Collins
TO REGISTER @ THE CLASS.                                                                          Cost: $25
For beginners, regular exercisers, ad-                                                            Instructor: Doug Rorie
vanced; must be at least 16                   INTERMEDIATE BALLET                                 SPANISH CLASSES
Cost: $5.00 walk-in; less w/multiple class    Designed for people who want to learn the           Teenagers and adults can learn to speak
ticket. $60 Beginners/24 classes. $24/8       basics and for those already on point. Inter-       proper Spanish in one year and have fun
classes                                       ested in a morning Adult Beginning Ballet           doing it.
Materials needed: Floor mat & towel, Yoga     class call instructor.                              Not tests, no homework, no pressure.
needs a yoga sticky mat                       Duncanville Community Center Aerobics               Beginning and Intermediate classes offered.
Instructor: Roseanna Needham-Dryden           Room                                                Call 972-296-8413 for more information.
Instructor Phone: 972-709-1906                Class Meets: Monday 4-5 PM                          Duncanville Community Center
JAZZERCISE                                    Wednesday 7:45-9:00 PM                              Cost: $30
                                              Fee: $45/month                                      Instructor: Melinda Macias
of group exercise. Work up your lungs &       Instructor: Vicki Shamburger (214) 244-8011
                                                                                                  CROP ‘TIL YOU DROP
heart, tone & strengthen your muscle,
                                                                                                  Monthly Crop ‘Til You Drop Session
sssstttttrrrrreeeeccccchhhh! And have fun     AIKI JUTSU                                          Bring photos and work on your album.
while doing it.                               Samurai defense based on leverage, not              You must pre-register and pay instructor by
Basketball Gym                                strength                                            the Wednesday before the class is to meet.
Mon & Wed 6:30-7:30 PM                        Fairmeadows Elementary Gym                          For more information call 972-298-4006.
Sat 9-10 am                                   Tues./Thurs. 7:30 –9PM                              November 9
Aerobics Room                                 Age: 10+                                            6:00 PM –12:00 AM
Tues. & Thurs. 4:15-5:15 PM                   Cost: $20/month                                     Cost: $10.00
Tues. & Thurs. 6:25-7:05 PM                   Instructor: Doug Johnson                            Hopkins Senior Center
$6 walk in, $29/month w/Bank Draft.           972-283-1094                                        Instructor: Kim Spurlock
New Students: Sign up between Nov. 1-10
for the Special Fall Pass: $55
Instructor: Sheilla (shay-la)
Instructor phone: 972-709-6441                  DUNCANVILLE LIBRARY/COMMUNITY CENTER
Web site:                 201 James Collins Blvd.
                                                Recreation Center: 972-780-5070
Kids don’t get enough exercise! Let             Come join the fun at the Recreation Center!!
Jazzercise introduce them to the world of       Facilities include: Double Gym, game room, teen room, aerobics room, fitness room and meeting
lifetime fitness. Program teaches energetic     rooms.
physical movement mixed with lots of fun        Hours: 6:30am-9pm Monday thru Friday
music.                                          9am-5pm Saturday
For kids ages 9-14                              1pm-5pm Sundays
                                                Entrance to Recreation Center requires a membership.
Wednesdays 4-4:45 PM
                                                -Individual and Family Memberships available for City of Duncanville residents or non-resident
7-week Session: $42 (Oct. 24- Dec. 12)          property tax payers. All memberships require proof of residency or property taxes.
$8.00 walk-in                                   -Guests are welcome, if they are coming with a member and live 50 miles or farther from Duncan-
Register at the Rec. Center                     ville. One Guest allowed per member. Cost: $5 per day per guest.
Instructor phone: 972-709-6441                  -Room Rentals are available for events, socials and meetings. Rentals are taken 3 months in                           advance..
                                                -Classes and open gym available at various times.
KYUDO (Japanese Archery)                        For more information, please call the Community Center.
Alexander Elementary Gym                        Duncanville Community Center Closings:
Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 Noon                  Friday, November 2, Both gyms closed to public 4PM to 9 PM
Cost: $18/Month                                 Wednesday, November 21 center closes at 5 PM for Thanksgiving holiday.
Instructor: Mark Wegmann                        Thursday November 22 and Friday November 23 closed all day for Thanksgiving holiday.

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