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Nomination Template for President


									           Nomination Template for President

Name:                                 Iain Greenway
Member association:                   RICS
Country:                              United Kingdom
Contact address:                      26 Ballycrochan Avenue
                                      Bangor BT19 7LA

Email address:              
Age:                                  44
Degrees and                           MA (Engineering) – University of Cambridge
educational background:               MSc (Land Survey) – University College London
                                      MBA – Cranfield University

                                      Professional qualifications:
                                      Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
                                      Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering
                                      Surveyors (FCInstCES)
                                      Fellow of the Irish Institution of Surveyors (FIS)
                                      Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM)

Employment history                    Operations Director and Chief Survey Officer, Land &
- current position                    Property Services (2008-)
- previous
                                      Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
                                      Operations Director, Ordnance Survey Ireland (2000-
                                      Her Majesty’s Treasury (UK Finance Ministry) (1999-
                                      Various technical, business and managerial roles,
                                      including international consultancy, Ordnance Survey of
                                      Great Britain (1987-1999)

Positions of trust                    Director, Survey Review Ltd (publisher of learned
- current                             journal) (1996-)
- previous                            Treasurer of United Kingdom Agency Chief Executives
                                      Association (2006-)
                                      External Examiner, Dublin Institute of Technology
                                      Church warden (2003-2005) and treasurer (1994-1999)

Positions in FIG                      Vice President (2009-)
- current                             Chair, Standards Network (2002-2009) and Standards
                                      Task Force (1998-2002)
Election of President 2011-2014                                                              1/5

FIG General Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010
           Nomination Template for President

-   previous                          Chair, Task Force on Institutional and Organisational
                                      Development (2006-)
                                      Director, FIG Foundation (2000-)
                                      Secretary, Commission 5 (1994-1998)
                                      Vice chair, commission 1 (1998-2009)
                                      Member, Task Force on Governance (2004-2006)

Other activities in FIG               RICS delegate to commission 5 (1994-1998)
                                      RICS delegate to commission 1 (1998-2008)
                                      Head of RICS delegation to FIG (1999-2006)
                                      Editor of Business Matters for Surveyors (publication
                                      Editor of FIG Guide to Standardisation (publication 27)
                                      Lead FIG expert to ISO/TC 211 (Geographic
                                      information/ Geomatics) (1997-)

Field      of         surveying Land surveying/ geomatics
Nominees statement
Why I want to be the                  I have been actively involved in FIG for 16 years, and in
President of FIG                      that time have taken on a very wide range of key roles
                                      in Commissions, Task Forces, the Foundation and the
                                      Council. This has given me a broad and deep
                                      understanding of the aims and objectives of FIG. In my
                                      ‘day job’, I have worked in senior positions in national
                                      mapping agencies for a number of years, and have
                                      worked overseas. I believe that I have shown since
                                      1994 that I am able to further the Federation’s aims and
                                      activities   significantly  through    my    knowledge,
                                      experience and commitment.

                                      I believe that I am therefore well equipped to lead the
                                      ongoing development of FIG as the world’s foremost
                                      body of surveyors. If elected, I commit to use all of my
                                      knowledge and experience gained in and beyond FIG to
                                      date, along with my ongoing proven commitment, for
                                      furthering the work of the Federation.

What I can offer to FIG in            FIG has tremendous strengths, particularly in its ability
support of its aims and               to work with institutions such as the World Bank and the
objectives                            UN. It is crucial that we continue to deliver on our
                                      commitments and meet their expectations.
                                      If elected President, I would build on the immense
                                      progress made by recent Bureaux and Councils in
                                      making FIG’s voice relevant and respected in key

Election of President 2011-2014                                                               2/5

FIG General Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010
           Nomination Template for President

                                      international organizations.

                                      I would also work to strengthen FIG’s connection to
                                      individual surveyors in the developed and developing
                                      worlds. We need to sharpen our communication of the
                                      work and major successes of FIG, and how they are
                                      relevant to our individual members. This requires joined
                                      up planning and communication of the work of the FIG
                                      Council, Commissions, Task Forces and Foundation. It
                                      requires clear understanding of how the various work
                                      within FIG fits together to make the whole more than the
                                      sum of the parts. Work over recent years has given FIG
                                      a solid financial footing, and a strong and positive
                                      external profile, as well as a coherent structure and
                                      administration. We have many talented and committed
                                      individuals in our member organizations. By connecting
                                      all of this still better, we can deliver more from and for
                                      our member associations, affiliate members, corporate
                                      members and academic members – and their members.
                                      FIG will then continue to lead, shape and deliver for its
                                      members and for the sustainable development of our

                                      My track record in FIG includes many achievements,
                                      • During recent years, I have significantly raised the
                                          profile of FIG in standardization activity, with FIG
                                          now highly regarded in the ISO community.
                                      • I have a strong background in management and
                                          leadership, including strategic development of
                                          organisations (my career has included consultancy
                                          work in Africa and Eastern Europe), and bring a
                                          knowledge of the needs of national mapping and
                                          cadastral agencies and what they can contribute to
                                          FIG and the international community; I have used
                                          this, for instance, in helping to plan the Director
                                          General Forums at recent Working Weeks.
                                      • In my current role as chair of the Task Force on
                                          Institutional and Organisational Development, I am
                                          furthering FIG’s work in support of its developing
                                          relationship with the World Bank and in supporting
                                          the achievement of the United Nations’ Millennium
                                          Development Goals.
                                      • As Vice President, I have worked with the FIG Office
                                          and Council colleagues to overhaul the financial
                                          management of the Federation to make it fit for
Election of President 2011-2014                                                              3/5

FIG General Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010
           Nomination Template for President

                                          purpose; this has shown my willingness to work hard
                                          to understand what is needed, and my capacity to
                                          bring forward workable and acceptable solutions to
                                      •   As head of delegation from a member association to
                                          the Federation for eight years, I have gained an
                                          extensive understanding of what member
                                          associations look to FIG to deliver.

                                      I have a strong track record, in my employment and
                                      within FIG, of seeing the big picture, creating a focused,
                                      challenging and realistic plan and then ensuring that the
                                      plan is successfully delivered. I promise that, if elected,
                                      I would continue to do all of this as President. In this
                                      way, I believe that I would be able to further the work of
                                      the Federation, to the benefit of its members and its
                                      broad range of stakeholders.

My key skills                         Strategic thinking and leadership
                                      Commitment and delivery
                                      Ability to work with a wide range of people across
                                      cultures, including in distance working

Any    other             general I have the commitment of my employers to support me
comments                         as President of FIG

Name        of     member             RICS
Name and title of contact             Max Crofts, President
Contact address                       12 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD
Email address               
Nominator’s statement
Why the association wants             Iain Greenway has played an active role in FIG, with the
to nominate Nominee                   support of RICS, for 16 years, successfully taking on a
                                      wide range of leadership roles. He has built a strong
                                      understanding within RICS of the capabilities of FIG
                                      and of the benefits that the Federation can bring to
                                      RICS, and played a key role in building a strong
                                      relationship between the Institution and the Federation.

                                      Iain has worked internationally and, through this and his

Election of President 2011-2014                                                               4/5

FIG General Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010
           Nomination Template for President

                                      senior roles in three national mapping agencies, has a
                                      broad understanding of the needs of surveyors around
                                      the world. His current work leading the FIG Task Force
                                      on Institutional and Organisational Development is
                                      something that RICS sees as very important, linking as
                                      it does to the UN Millennium Development Goals and
                                      the work that FIG is doing with the World Bank.

                                      We believe that Iain can assist significantly in the further
                                      development of FIG, something which RICS is
                                      committed to support. It is for these reasons that RICS
                                      wishes to nominate Iain Greenway as President of FIG.

Support the association               RICS may be able to offer assistance to Iain on a
can offer the Nominee                 number of levels. RICS has an extensive network of
(financial and other)                 international offices which might be able to provide local
                                      support for his work as President of FIG.

Any other comments                    RICS is committed to its continued involvement with
                                      FIG and supports a number of delegates and
                                      commission chairs. RICS last had an FIG President in
                                      1994-98 Prof Peter Dale FRICS and very much views
                                      Iain’s presidential nomination as a continuation of our
                                      long relationship with FIG and its goals.

I hereby certify the above is true and correct
Date                            26/11/09



                                      Max Crofts RICS President 2009-10

Election of President 2011-2014                                                                5/5

FIG General Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010

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