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									Daughters of Eve
Author: Else L. Hambleton
Table of Contents

Acknowledgements List of Tables List of Figures 1. 'What for my Afflicted and Abased Family': The
Regulation of Sexual Intercourse between Unmarried Persons in Essex County, Massachusetts, 1640-
1685 2. 'By Reason of his Great and Constant Familiarity': Illegitimate Motherhood in Seventeenth
Century Massachusetts 3. Dishonouring God and Massachusetts: Sociological Aspects of Illegitimacy 4.
'To the Great Grief of our Aged Parents': Pregnant Brides in Seventeenth Century Massachusetts 5.
Playing the Rogue: Rape and Issues of Consent in Seventeenth Century Massachusetts 6. 'They are here
more Discovered and Seen': Conclusions Appendix A: Methodology Appendix B: Review of the Literature
Appendix C: The Justice System Bibliography

This study examines cases of fornication, bastardy, and paternity cases brought before the courts in
Essex County, Massachusetts between 1640 and 1692. Prosecution and conviction rates, sentencing
patterns, and socio-economic data, as well as attitudes, were analysed to determine that women who
bore illegitimate children were punished more severely than their male partners, and regarded with
contempt by the majority of women. Couples who married following out-of-wedlock sex faced less
opprobrium and were reintegrated into the community following a series of humiliating shame rituals.

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