Commonly Confused Homophones by NLCP


									      Commonly Confused Homophones

              To                            Two                             Too
           preposition                the number 2                     “also”
            I’m going to the movies. Two of my friends are coming with me.
                My other friend wants to come too, but she is too thirsty.

            There                         Their                            They’re
           a location               belonging to them             short for “they are”
     Take a seat over there, but don’t bother that couple and their dog; they’re busy.

               Theirs                                                There’s
          belonging to them                                   short for “there is”
        That table is theirs, but there’s another one over there where you can sit.

                Your                                                 You’re
          belonging to you                               short for “you are”
                    Is that your poem? Wow, you’re a great writer!

                      Its                                           It’s
                belonging to it                                short for “it is”
      Look at that car – its bumper is falling off. It’s going to be hard to repair that!

             Are                            Our                             Hour
plural form of the verb to be      belonging to us                sixty minutes
 They are here. Are you joining them? They have been chillin’ at our house for an hour.

              In                            An                              And
           preposition                 article (a/an)              conjunction
          I walked in the door. Inside I saw an old man. He was big and scary.

             Then                                                           Than
connects two events in a sequence                               compares two things
                  I learned homophones and then impressed my teacher.
                     I think I might be better at homophones than he is.
                  Affect                                            Effect
usually used as a verb meaning “to influence”               usually used as a noun
 also “to act in a way that you do not feel”                 meaning “the result”

     Right                    Write                       Piece                 Peace

       Patience              Patients                    Weather              Whether

  The doctor needed patience to deal with              The weather is sunny; I can’t decide
  the patients who would not stop talking.              whether to wear a skirt or shorts.

                      Hear                                       Here

You can’t hear the difference between homophones, but the differences are here on this paper.

                         No                                 Know

             No, you can’t confuse your homophones. I know you know them.

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