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as                         by virtue of                        in view of
as a consequence of        considering                         now that
as a result of             due to                              on behalf of
as long as                 due to the fact that                on the grounds that
as shown by                for                                 over
as things go               for the reason that                 owing to
because of the fact that   for the sake of                     seeing
being                      in as much as                       since
by cause of                in that                             thanks to
by reason of               in the interest of                  through

additionally               consequently                        leads to
along with                 even if                             moreover
also                       firstly, secondly, thirdly          not only
as well as                 further                             otherwise
besides                    furthermore                         plus
but also                   in addition                         these include
connective                 including                           together with

aside from                 if not                              save
barring                    nevertheless                        still
conversely                 not including                       though
disregarding               omitting                            unless
except                     on the contrary                     whereas
excluding                  on the other hand                   without
however                    passing over                        yet

and others
and so forth
and so on                  *Try to avoid this in formal writing.