Transitional Phrases

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					                   Transitional Markers
                       Common Transitions
To Mark Time           then, soon, first, second, next, recently, the following day, in a little while, meanwhile,
                       after, later, in the past, still, subsequently, concurrently, in the meantime, now,
                       simultaneously, when, earlier, previously, already, at last, at length, by that time, finally

To Mark Place or       in the distance, close by, near, far away, above, below, to the right, on
   Direction           the other side, opposite, to the west, next door

To Summarize or        in other words, to put it another way, in brief, in simpler terms, on
    Restate            the whole, in fact, in a word, to sum up, in short, in conclusion, to conclude finally,
                       therefore, in summary, that is, in all

To Relate Cause and    therefore, accordingly, hence, thus, for, so, consequently, as a result,
 Effect or Result      because of, as a consequence, for this reason, it follows that, so that

To Add, Amplify,       and, also, too, besides, as well, moreover, in addition, furthermore, in
     or List           effect, second, in the second place, again, next, again, besides, further, furthermore, equally,
                       once more, then too, yet again, yet another, moreover

To Compare             similarly, likewise, in like manner, by comparison, here again, in the
                       same way, in a similar manner, so too, as, also, equally

To Concede             whereas, on the other hand, with that in mind, still, and yet, even so,
                       in spite of, despite, at least, admittedly, after all, granted, at any rate, however, in any case,
                       it is true that, nevertheless, of course, to be sure

To Contrast            on the other hand, but, or, however, unlike, nevertheless, on the
                       contrary, conversely, in contrast, instead, in spite of that, rather than

To Indicate Purpose    to this end, for this purpose, with this aim, in order that, in order to, so that

To Express Condition   although, though, in this event, in these circumstances, under such
                       circumstances, this/that being so, provided that, in spite of, nevertheless, if, even if, unless,
                       otherwise, even though, despite

To Give Examples or    for example, for instance, in this case, in particular, to illustrate,

To Qualify             for the most part, by and large, with a few exceptions, mainly, in most
                       cases, generally, some, sometimes, typically

To Emphasize           it is true, indeed, of course, to be sure, obviously, without doubt,
                       evidently, clearly, understandably