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									JIM McGREW

10243 Eagle Point Circle
Biloxi, MS 39532
(228) 392-8935


                                   THE INTERVENING YEARS

Graduated Bushy Park 1959, then the University of Southern Mississippi in 1963 with a BS in
geology. Joined the Air Force in Nov 63 to avoid the draft and Vietnam; commissioned Feb 64
and graduated from navigation school at James Connelly AFB, Waco, TX, in Jan 65. Married
Carolyn Rabb (from New Orleans, LA) at James Connelly AFB one day after graduation.

Our first assignment was to Charleston, SC, to fly on C-130s. My first solo flight as a qualified
navigator was in Mar 65 to the one place I had tried to avoid—Saigon, Vietnam. We got shot up
pretty bad on approach and departure—welcome to Vietnam! I flew in and out of Vietnam for
the next 8 years on C-130s, 141s and C-5As, and spent the ninth year flying DC-3s (Goonie
Birds) at NKP, Thailand, Jan-Dec 73. I saw Jerry Hoffman, one of my many roommates at Bushy
Park, in the Officers‘ Club at Guam. He was an OSI officer, and I only saw him once.

While at Charleston, my son, Andy, was born in Mar 67, and my daughter, Julie, was born in Sep
69. Carolyn was able to finish her degree in Business the year I was in Thailand. After NKP, we
went to Mather AFB, Sacramento, CA, where I taught navigation for a short while. I was
promoted to Major and selected for Air Command & Staff College to attend the first year. We
left Sacramento 17 months later for Montgomery, AL.

After Montgomery, I was assigned to Monterey, CA, to command an Air Force Squadron at the
Defense Language Institute located at Presidio of Monterey, an Army post. I had 1200
students, almost an equal number of boys and girls, all between the ages of 18 and 21. That‘s
where my hair changed color and Carolyn and I got our Masters‘.

Following Monterey, I was assigned to Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS. I was grounded from flying 5
days after arriving due to an asthmatic condition that requires daily medication. I was at
Keesler 2 years and served as the Base Administrator and Deputy Base Commander.

My last 2 years were at HQ 15th AF, Riverside, CA, as Director of Administration. I retired 31
Dec 84 as a Lt Col with 20 years‘ Service. Since retirement, I‘ve done everything from being a
sales manager at a Chevy dealership to owning a convenience store and a picture-framing
gallery. I‘ve quit or sold everything, and now work in Receiving at the Beau Rivage, waiting for
Carolyn to decide to retire from selling TV advertising. We enjoy traveling (we have a 36-ft 5th
wheel) and our only grandchild—a 4-year old boy. We live on the water and I fish; Carolyn hates
1704 Lotus Lane
El Centro, CA 92243


                                   THE INTERVENING YEARS

Family: Wife, Deborah Bell Harrold; children, Donald Robert (Shreveport, LA), Grace Anne Loper
(Shreveport, LA), Jessica Hope Harrold (college, Fullerton, CA), and Erica Lynn Harrold (college,
Davis, CA).

Folks stationed at RAF Bentwaters; lived in Woodbridge, Felixstowe, RAF Woodbridge between
1956 and 1959.

Dad transferred to Bunker Hill AFB, Indiana, in 1959. I graduated Bunker Hill HS in 1960.

Dad then transferred to Barksdale AFB, Shreveport, LA, in 1960; I enlisted in the Air Force and
spent 4 years, 1960-64. Attended Louisiana Tech College, 1964-70.

U.S. Customs Investigations, Special Agent, from 1970-93, in New Orleans, LA; U.S. Virgin
Islands; Jacksonville, FL; SSA, HQ Customs, Washington, D.C., D.C. Field Office,
Herndon/Reston, VA; Resident Agent-in-Charge USCS Internal Affairs, Calexico. Retired in
1993 and became a manager of a local PC sales/repair store, Calexico, CA.

1993-95: Self-employed/PC Service/Repair. 1995-98: Network Administrator Contract
w/Immigrations. 1998-2000: Vocational teacher/PC repair-basic web pages, getting
teacher‘s credentials and PC tech with local school system.

Hobbies: Designing web pages, reading, target/pistol shooting, beer tasting…
9325 SW 46th Place
Gainesville FL 32608-7111
(352) 381-9022
                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

After graduating from CHS in ‗58, I returned to my home state and entered the Univ. of Arkansas
planning a pre-dental program, but college biology and chemistry convinced me to switch to history
and English as the major and minor. Having lived in England, I enjoyed English literature. It was fun
to tell the professor about the actual feeling of seeing the sun come up over London Bridge (there is
a poem the title of which I no longer remember which is about that very experience), but I did not
admit to the professor my experience was after one of our all night Senior Class parties in London.

In 1962 I graduated with a liberal arts degree, no job, an old car needing more repairs than I could
afford, and a set of military orders to report to Fort Knox for officer‘s basic course in Dec. Realizing
that I needed to feed myself until Dec and too proud as a college grad to keep flipping burgers or
using Mom for room and board, I hitchhiked to Washington, DC, bought a new $20 sports coat and
dress shirt from a street vendor, and convinced Senator Fulbright to get me a job at the Democratic
National Committee. With a subsistence check of $65 weekly, I learned about political life inside the
beltway, while living in rooming houses with people from many backgrounds. My wife, Grace, and I
met that summer in DC. She was a summer intern between her junior and senior years at Mount
Holyoke College. (She is quick to point out her duties had nothing in common with a certain intern in
the Clinton White House). I returned from my duty station in Germany for our wedding in Holyoke,
MA, immediately upon her graduation in ‗63. For a young woman who had never been overseas or
traveled often outside the Northeast, she adjusted to married life, living in a foreign country, and
motherhood. Our first child was born 10 months after we married and our second son 15 months
later. When we returned to the US with two in diapers, the Vietnam War was escalating fast. After a
tour in Vietnam in 1966, our third child and only daughter was born in GA, while I was in an MBA
program sponsored by the Army at the Univ. of Georgia.

During 24 years in the Army, we moved more than 30 times and lived in Kansas, NY, GA, PA, twice in
Europe, multiple times in VA. I had two tours in Vietnam. Since I had earned a Ph.D. along the way in
information systems, I was appointed to the tenured faculty at West Point with 19 years‘ service.
Five years later, I retired as a Colonel, and immediately joined McDonnell Douglas to begin a
business career. During that second career, my positions included VP, Professional Services,
Compaq Computer Corp., SVP, Technology Services NASD/NASDAQ Stock Market, and General
Manager, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Information Services Co. Presently, I am President of a
consulting firm, Outsourcing Advisors International. Today we have a home for sale in the Maryland
suburbs of DC, and we reside in Gainesville, FL, where we moved in August to follow our daughter,
her husband, and 3 of our 6 grandchildren. She and our son-in-law are both dentists at the Univ. of
Florida. Our other 3 grandchildren, including beautiful twin girls, live in Dallas, Texas, where our
oldest son and his wife are a surgeon and anesthesiologist at the Univ. of Texas Medical School. Our
middle child, a Financial Planner with American Express, lives with his wife in Rockville, Maryland.
Remember that the welcome mat is always out at the Jones house. Come see us in Florida. We live
on a golf course 2 hours from Disney World, almost equidistant from each coast.

3849 Linden Avenue
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
(651) 407-0233


                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Born in Galveston, Texas. Dad died in Okinawa; Mother remarried when I was 12 and happy in
school. Air Force new Dad hauls us off to Florida; tests bombs, and I live in the jungle of mosquitoes
and snakes with my bb gun. Dad goes to Korea, we move back to Texas—boring. We move two years
later to God-forsaken Wyoming, then to California, and then to Merry Ole‘ England...boat trip to
England fun…girls!

Get off boat in France…weird people greet us…have their hands out for the ―Almighty Dollar‖. We get
to England and I go to school with you guys. We have fun..I get in trouble, always! (Ren and Doss are
the real cause.) I leave and go to God-forsaken Utahhhh! Finish college degrees and marry (bad
wife); move to Minnesota as an art instructor. Get rid of wife, get new one, have sons, have a new
idea--move out and live with friends for several years, and teach...marry and stay together. Robin, my
third wife, and I have now been together 23 years.

I‘ve worked as an artist most of my life, and that's what I do now. I retired--do goofy things like fish
and play on the computer. Cook many things; barbeque a lot. See you in Mississippi.
P.O. Box 475
Kingsland, TX 78639
(915) 388-0927

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I left England on July 4th, 1958, and headed back to New York, then to Texas, where my dad was
stationed. All the while, I continued with my music. After high school I went to the University of
Texas and studied and played music. In 1961 I went to work in New York as a singer/dancer with
Joey Dee and the Peppermint Twisters. I traveled all across the nation with the group, and on one
stop, met and worked with Ray Charles & B.B.King. B.B offered me a job as an opening act (to this
day, I still work some with Ray & B.B) I was thrilled and took the job right then (with the proper
notice to the group of course).

It was on one of our many stops on the road that I met my wife, Marilyn (‗63); she was a cutie with a
heart of gold and a wonderful spirit to boot. We were married in less than 5 months (so much for the
life-long bachelor thing). I worked the road for the next 5 years, and ended up in Las Vegas in 1969. I
was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time, I guess. I worked the Hilton until 1978, then
returned to Texas. Our first child, Heather, was born in 1970 on Dec 6th…we were thrilled beyond
belief at that miracle. Our son, Jason, followed on Jan 9th, 1972. That changed our lives forever, for
the better, I must say. Today we've been married, as of this June, for 39 years. We have 3 wonderful
grandchildren now and one on the way in August; hope it will be the 16th, as that is mine and
Marilyn's birthdays (neat huh)?

As far as my career—well, I have been very blessed. I did my first Tonight Show in 1972, and that was
followed with many good breaks. Today we spend our time in Atlantic City (Taj Majhal), on cruise
ships out of Miami, and doing some corporate shows. I like to work only 20 weeks a year, as I am
VERY, VERY OLD NOW. I donate a lot of time now, as I have through the years, to charity work. I feel
as if it is a God-given talent, and I should use it for good causes. We have worked for years for the
causes of civil rights and ERA. We are very conservative with those exceptions. I suppose I always
did believe in equal rights (service brat). Marilyn started a company in 1988 organizing charity golf
tournaments with some of our celebrity friends that we made along the way. Funds raised go
towards helping children and the elderly who are either sick or in trouble with health care
issues. She has raised mountains of money over the years (told you she was special). I've had the
privilege of working for the Royal Family twice, and for 4 Presidents, but nothing comes close to the
family ties I feel with my former classmates at Central High, and at RAF Sculthorpe. Many of the
same morals and ideals that were learned during my years there are still very vivid and active in my
life today. The classes, the dances, the trips to London and to Europe, the basketball team, Coach
Cannon, my band and members of that band are still very real to me at 60 years old...And most of all,
the kindness and closeness of all the many friends there that I will never forget. I only wish that all
the teenagers of the world could have shared the experiences that we did at a time when right was
norm, and to do wrong was a black mark within our circles.

11688 McDougall
Tustin Ranch, CA 92782


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I left Bushy Park and finished high school (Jr-Sr year) in California. Graduated from Jr. College in
Santa Monica, CA.

Worked in the banking industry for 5 years. Met Joe in Fall 1965 when he started his MBA at
USC. Dated for 18 months and got married; have been married for 35 years today (Feb 11th).

We have one daughter, Allison, the light of our life, who is married with one son, age 4, who has now
taken over the #1 spot in our lives. Our son-in-law, Jay, is the son we never had. Very blessed with
our family. Was a stay-at-home Mom for 7 years, and then helped my husband start our own business
in the mag stripe industry.

My husband and I are very involved with our local Lutheran Church. Love to travel with family, spend
as much time with grandson as possible, rabid USC fans (season tickets for 37 years), read, sew,
knit, garden, lap swim, bike, walk, spend time with friends.

My career was basically wrapped around my family. I worked with Joe when he started his business,
and worked as a secretary to help put Allison through SC. I have always had many interests and
belonged to many organizations. Otherwise, I was pretty much a homemaker, which I loved, and still
do. Feel very blessed that I have been able to do that.

Joe is to retire September 2002 and we hope to travel, travel, travel.

45840 Hopactong St.
Temecula, CA 92592
(909) 676-8115


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I never attended Central High School, but I was lucky to have attended Lakenheath High in 1960-61
during its inaugural year. I was a sophomore.

In 1963 I graduated from Pacific High in San Bernardino, CA, and went right to work at AT&T in the
communications field. I married soon after and I have four wonderful children and three of the best
grandkids around.

In 1999 I kept a promise I made to myself in 1963 and earned a college degree in Business
Management at Redlands University.

Today, after a long career at Pacific Bell, I am about to slip my hand into that golden handshake and
retire. I am excited about the future and the many wonderful adventures that are in store for me. I
want to get some use out of that degree.

I enjoy family, public speaking, theater, movies, travel, and my friends. I am attending my first-ever

526 Scenic Rte
Cordele, GA 31015
(912) 276-1058

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I am married to the former Ruby Moore of Nashville, GA, have two children, two step-children, and
three grandchildren. My parents are still living and I have two sisters (one of whom will be at Biloxi).

I have been in the Albany, GA, area since 1965. I am a funeral director and embalmer, plus now own
interest in my own funeral home. I was elected Coroner of this county in 1972 and except for 4
years, served a total of 26 years. The highlight of this was the flood of 1994, in which I was the
coordinator in the recovery of approximately 400 bodies and identification of over 300 of them. Also
coordinated the recovery and identification of 10 bodies recovered in the flood of 1998. I am
considered a crime scene investigator, crime scene reconstructionist and have worked with various
agencies from local to state and Federal.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

307 Shady Oak Lane
Mandeville, LA 70471-2505


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I have been around for 58 years as February 4th. My dad was career Air Force so we had our share of
moves when I was going up. About 50% of my life has been spent in Texas in one
city or another. I graduated high school in Schertz, just outside San Antonio, and graduated college
at University of Arlington in Arlington, Texas. I spent 15 years with UPS; two as a driver, and 13 in
management. After leaving UPS, I opened a packaging and shipping business, which I had for 10
years. I sold it a year ago this past Oct. and now I‘m working part-time for Home Depot.

As for my time in jolly old England--I was there from summer of 1957 to summer of 1960. At that
time, Bushy Hall was a junior high. I graduated from 8th grade there, then attended Bushy Park for
my freshman and sophomore years. While at Bushy Hall, we lived in the small town of Radlett, which
was about a 20- min bus ride from school. The home we lived in was owned by the British
Ambassador to Napal. He was away on assignment. Our last two years
were spent in North Wimberly.

Okay, Linda is next: Most of her growing up was done outside Washington D.C., in Maryland and
Delaware. She graduated high school in Chevy Chase, MD, and graduated from the University of
Maryland. She has spent the past 30+ years as a sales person for Armstrong, Sara Lee, and most
recently--a home décor show room based in the Dallas Trade Mart. She was in England from 1961 to
1963. Her younger brother, mother and she, left a year early to come back to States, leaving her dad
and older brother in England. Both she and her older brother (John Davis) attended Bushy Park and
then Bushy Hall when they closed Bushy Park.

Now, for us together: We‘ve been married for 10 years. We met on a ski trip to Steam Boat Springs,
CO. We both belonged to the same ski club, even though she was living in Covington, LA, and I was in
San Antonio, TX. One thing led to another and I moved to LA and we got married. As I mentioned
before, I have sold the business and in the spring of last year, we sold our home. This is all in
preparation to move to Colorado. We have property just south of
Breckenridge and expect to start construction in the spring on our log home. Hope to move in before

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

31 Leslie Mews
Berlin, MD 21811
(410) 208-9242

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Looking back to 1955, my arrival in England is forever imprinted in my mind. I knew I had stepped
back in time when I arrived at a train station in the Norfolk area on a very cold and rainy night on
December 21st. I spent the next few days trying to find enough shillings to feed the heater just to
keep warm…. and so it goes from there. The next memory was arriving at my ―NEW SCHOOL‖ and my
new home (the dormitory). There were lots of good times in between and then an exciting graduation
day. With all of us scattering from one end of the world to the other, I have only been able to keep up
with a few special friends from my Bushy Park days.

After I left England, I returned to my home state of Minnesota, then to South Carolina (my parents
were stationed at Charleston AFB), where I attended business college. By chance, while in
Charleston, I met and married Robert Dundervill, an Air Force Fighter Pilot, and began the military
life all over again. We moved from South Carolina to Alabama, to Florida, then to Minnesota while
my husband was in South East Asia. Next we headed to Dayton, Ohio where my husband attended
AFIT, and then spent some time in Flight Test. The next venture was an exchange tour with the RAF
and my return to London, England for 4 years. It was wonderful to be able to share my knowledge of
the area with my husband and three children. I also had to tell them all the crazy things we did while
at Bushy Park. We arrived in the midst of the transition of money from shillings to pence so they had
a chance to learn both. Our tour included lots of travel, which they all seem to remember with great
pleasure. We returned to the States and lived in Maryland for a year and then moved to Fairfax
County, Virginia, about 15 miles from Washington, DC. This was our last tour of military duty.

In 1975, I began a career in residential real estate sales and here I am 27 years later still very much
involved in the listing and selling of real property. It has been a wonderful time for me, and allowed
me the flexibility to travel, raise a family, and enjoy many family trips.

We have two daughters, Lee Ann and Beth, one son Robert III, and 10 grandchildren. Beth is an
English teacher, Lee Ann uses her education and talents to home school 5 children, and Robert is a
Retina Surgeon. They are all within 8 hours driving time so we try to see them as much as our
schedules permit. In 1996, after 21 enjoyable years in the Washington area, we opted for a more
relaxed environment near the beach. We live in a waterfront community in Ocean City, MD and
experience some of the best sunrises, sunsets, and gorgeous moonlit nights. It‘s also very nice to
have a boat dock right outside our back door!

2106 Windmill View Rd.
El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 449-5273
                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I left "Dear Old Blighty" in June 1959 to return to the States. My Dad was stationed in Tucson,
Arizona, where I finished my senior year. I toyed with the notion of entering the University of Arizona,
but after 12 continuous years of school, my wanderlust overcame me and I joined the Navy to see the
world. For the next 4 years I flew off carriers, hunting submarines on two Western Pacific cruises
and flew airborne early warning surveillance out of Hawaii. I then had the good fortune to be
stationed back in England at RAF Station Mildenhall for 3-1/2 years in a small fleet air support unit
(sort of like McHale's Navy). There we flew beer and beans and other essential supplies to Navy units
in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

While there, two significant events happened in my life. One, I was able to fulfill a dream of mine and
raced Formula Ford and ultimately Formula Three cars for 3 years on a racing team. Second, I met
my soul mate and future wife, Barbara, and am pleased to say after 34 years, we are still going
strong. I again had to experience the same sad emotions of leaving England and some pangs of
cultural shock on arriving in the U.S. when Barbara and I came to San Diego in 1968. I remained in
the Navy until I was discharged from active duty as a Chief Petty Officer in 1973. I didn't want to
waste those 13 years I spent in the Navy, so I joined the Naval Air Reserves where I was a weekend
warrior until I retired as a Master Chief (E-9) in 1990.

I graduated from San Diego State University in 1972 with a BA and secondary teaching credential. I
taught for 7 years, mainly in alternative education, where I believe I have found my niche. I
subsequently earned my MEd, along with my administrative credential, and later was certified as a
language development specialist.

For the past 28 years I have worked with the San Diego County Juvenile Court and Community
Schools as a teacher, vice principal, and principal. I feel blessed to have a job I truly love to do and
receive so much satisfaction from it. Barbara and I have two wonderful children. Our son, Garner, a
former probation officer, now a San Diego County Deputy Sheriff, is married to Gretchen. They have a
son, Bryce, our only grandchild thus far, the apple of our eye. Our daughter, Sarah, 21, works
part-time as a school records clerk and is in college. Future undecided, she has her own apartment
and wants to live in Europe.

My interests: family, physical fitness, motor racing, music, dancing, travel, home improvement
projects, gourmet cooking, and cultivating and nurturing old and new friendships. I also like wild
vacations in Mexico…ARRIBA! LIVING LA VIDA LOCA.

15 Hilldale Ct.
Orinda, CA 94563
(925) 253-1477

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married, with two boys, ages 17 and 18

Education: BA, mathematics/economics, Eastern Washington State University
           MBA, University of California at Berkeley

1965-80 - Army Captain, IT Director, computer consultant, student.

1980-90 - President, Computer Resources Group. Joined CRG as an account manager; company
revenues were approximately 1/2 million dollars. Left as President in 1990 when revenues were
approximately $23 million.

1991-97 - Founder, CEO, President, Systems Partners. Systems Partners is a technical temporary
staffing and consulting firm. Founded in 1991 and sold in 1996, it grew from 0 to 47 million dollars.
Ranked as the 75th fastest growing private firm by INC. Magazine in 1996. In 1997, systems
Partners returned 11.1% on sales against an industry average of 5% source: (NACCB Survey). Sold it
to IMI Systems in 1997.

1998-99 - SVP, IMI Systems. As Western Regional Manager, was responsible for all offices west of
the Rocky Mountains. Implemented first plan ever for the region and left in July with run rate
approximately $88 million.

1999 - Teaching, speaking, consulting, board member, and playing golf.

1999-2001 - Founder, CEO, Springboard Advisors, Inc. Providing consulting services to software
service firms.

270 N. Northington St.
Prattville, AL 36067

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Spent 30 years in the Air Force, retired and went to work as a contract administrator in construction
for the Air Force. Now work for General Dynamics at Gunter AFB, Montgomery, Alabama, as an
analyst in Metrics and Analysis.

Wife's name is Charlotte. I've been married twice, divorced once, and raised three children. I'm the
grandfather of three boys.

I enjoy woodworking, landscaping, and keeping an old house livable.


3840 Laura Leigh Lane
Friendswood, TX 77546
(281) 482-7077

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Attended college at Providence College in Rhode Island. Started in the computer business in 1963.
Worked outside of Boston for Wolf Research and Development Company. Transferred to Houston to
work at the Johnson Space Center in 1964. Worked on the Gemini, Apollo, and Apollo Soyzes shuttle
and space station programs. I was employed by Lockheed and Control Data during the late 60's and
early 70's. I rejoined Lockheed in 1974 and retired after 27 years in 1998. I'm currently doing some
consulting and lots of travel.

I have three sons: Neil lives near Chicago and is married to Yvette. Lee lives in Mobile, Alabama, and
is married to Karen; they have two children--my grandson, Gavin, age 4, and granddaughter, Hunter,
age 18 months.

Hobbies and sports include fishing and travel. Enjoy new beers and wines.

7400 Snow Hill Drive
Spotsylvania, VA 22553-2745
(540) 582-3867

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I've been in Virginia since coming back from England in 1962. Del and I have been married since
February 1964. I was busy raising a family most of the time--a daughter and two sons-- and now I'm
enjoying the four grandchildren (two boys, two girls), who live close to us.

I stayed home with the children until they were in school, then for 11 years taught in the school
system as a teacher's assistant for the learning disabled. I quit when my husband retired 13 years

In the past few years we've been traveling as much as possible. The big highlight was going back to
England in 1998 and going to Bushy Park and Upper Heyford, where my father was stationed. We are
planning on going back to England in the fall of 2002.

I enjoy sewing, crafts, knitting, crocheting, and traveling whenever possible.

49 Evans Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32164
(386) 437-0768

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Sandra, with four children, ages 30 to 40, and seven grandchildren.

Spent 40 years in "Retail" and retired in January of 2000. Love golf and music.

Through work, we've lived in Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, and New Jersey, and have now
returned to Florida to retire. We have done some traveling abroad, visiting the Middle East and

1875 N. Shermark Ave.
Odessa, TX 79763
(915) 530-1875

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Have three daughters--Janet, Loralee, and Lisa; three grandsons--Daniel, Jonathan and Zachary, and
a granddaughter due in March, 2002. Enjoy yard work, crafts, sewing, dancing, writing poetry, and
computer games.

I married an Air Force lieutenant while still in England and my two oldest daughters were born in
England. Leaving England as civilians, we lived in Dallas, Colorado Springs, and then Canyon, Texas.
My third daughter was born in Canyon. I was a stay-at-home mom until we divorced after 11 years of

After 24 years in banking, I took an early retirement in 1999 and moved to Odessa, Texas.

I returned to England in 1990 for two weeks and enjoyed revisiting Mildenhall, Lakenheath,
Needham Market and New Market. Other than raising my daughters, working, enjoying my friends
and hobbies, I've had a mostly uneventful but happy life. My senior year at Bushy was by far the best
year of my life!

4861 S 250 E
Peru, IN 46970
(765) 473-8283

                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Five children: William Percy IV, Indiana; Angela Percy, Florida; Mark Hopper, stepson, Poland;
Melanie Hopper, Indiana; Melissa Hopper, Indiana. Two grandchildren. Hobbies include scuba
diving, coin collecting, hunting, buying and selling antiques.

I left England in July of 1959 and came to Bunker Hill AFB (now Grissom), Indiana. I graduated (late)
in 1961 after some troubling times. I played pool for two years, traveling around the country and
almost got put in jail! Decided I had better turn myself around or I was going to be in real trouble, so
I got a real job working in a factory. I lived in my car and a garage for a year because my folks left to
go to Turkey. We didn't have enough money for me to go with them. I met a local girl and married in
l966; we had two children. In 1967 I started to work for Indiana Bell Telephone. After 14 years, I was
divorced and left with custody of my children. For 2 years the three of us lived together in Bunker
Hill, then I met my present wife, Donna, and we married in 1981. She really turned me around!

While in Bunker Hill I was a volunteer town marshal, as well as serving on the Town Board. After
moving to the county, I was appointed to the Miami County sheriff's Merit Board, which I have been
on for several years.

I have since retired from Indiana Bell, now Ameritech. My wife retired from the State of Indiana in
February, 2000. We buy and sell antiques, mostly selling on EBAY on the Internet. We set up for a
couple of years prior to this at shows, but with the problems I've had with my hands, it was becoming
a problem; I have had 7 operations on my hands.

We plan to travel now; got friends all over the country and we plan to visit them all.

I truly regret leaving so many "good" friends in England. I'm truly looking forward to seeing all in
Biloxi--see ya there!!

4600 SE 35th Ave
Ocala, FL 34480
(352) 351-0264

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

My wife, Linda, and I have two children who live nearby. Our daughter and her husband have two
daughters who keep us wrapped around their little fingers. We are still hoping our son will find the
love of his life.

I've spent almost my entire working career in the electric utility business. My present job is keeping
me a lot busier than I ever envisioned it would. There has not been a lot of time for other things for
the last several years.

Computers are about the only thing I still devote time to, mainly due to business needs. As the
industry settles down, I hope to have more time to devote to family, fishing and possibly fun.

Simply put, we've been raising a family and enjoying life for the past 40+ years. After graduating
from a high school in Indiana, I joined the Service. After 4 years, I realized the military was not for
me. After my discharge and several false starts, I started working for an electric utility in Nebraska
until moving to Florida in 1980 in order to get away from the cold.

I'm excited about being able to spend time with old friends and getting reacquainted again. See you
in Biloxi!

118 Chula Vista Avenue
The Villages, FL 32159-0075
                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Joe Oberliesen, have three children by a previous marriage--Patricia, Scott and Daniel
Watson, two stepchildren--Sandra O'Brien and Eric Oberliesen, and six grandchildren: Eric, Meghan,
Jacob, Andrew, Christopher and Zachary.

Returned to the USA in 1961 and struck out on my own. I was married to Ralph Watson in 1963; we
divorced in 1985. In this time frame I lived in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts and Michigan, and
had three children, all born in Michigan. After my third child was born, I became active in Girl Scouts,
Cub Scouts, and was coordinator for the pre-school Sunday School in our church. I also became a
Eucharist minister and joined the choir. My choir activity led to my becoming a cantor (I love to sing).
Through one of my jobs, I became active in walk-a-thons for the March of Dimes and that led to
taking the traditional Labor Day Walk across the Mackinac Bridge in 1997. In 1985 I went back to
school and earned an Associate's Degree in Business. I married a second time in 1990; that ended in
1996. Well, in 1998, all Hades broke loose. I took a trip to England to see a girlfriend I had not seen
in 40 years. We went to school together in Limestone, Maine, and had kept in touch all this time.
GREAT trip! That was in June. In July, I was introduced to my (now) husband, Joe, and we were
married that December. It was a whirlwind courtship, as I was away in Louisiana for 5 weeks
(August-September) helping to take care of my mother who had terminal cancer. We bought our
home in Florida in December 1998, sold our condos in Michigan in February 1999, retired April 30,
1999, and moved to Florida May 6, 1999. We have been very active here and the best is yet to come!

Started my career in 1961 in Student Accounts at the University of Pittsburgh. After about 9 years as
an at-home mom, returned to the work force. I held a variety of positions, working full or part-time for
several types of businesses, winding up as Sales Engineer for Detroit Diesel Corporation (contract
employee). Retired in April 1999.

I love to sing. I collect and make teddy bears. I have done several memory bears for families, making
bears from a loved one's clothing--very popular. I also love counted cross-stitch and am learning how
to quilt. I am fascinated by what you can do on the computer and that will become a mini-hobby, too.
I play golf, am in a softball league and play pool once in a while. I hope to learn kayaking from a
neighbor soon and have taken a shot at snorkeling. Problem is, there are so many things I'd like to
do, I don't have enough time.

4874 So. County Trail
Charlestown, RI 02813
(401) 364-1088

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

I have two daughters, two grandchildren, and two step-grandchildren; have been widowed after
40-1/2 years.

I've bred, shown and trained dogs for 37 years. I have both Giant Schnauzers and Portuguese Water
Dogs; also enjoy sewing and quilting.

For the past 40+ years I've been moving! My husband was a chemical engineer in the packaging
industry. I have lived all over the U.S., from the San Francisco Bay area to Massachusetts,
Minnesota, Kansas City, and other places in between.

Looking over the roster, I see I have lived close to many Bushy Park students. Wish I had known.

18 Anchor Drive
Indian Beach, FL 32937

                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Returned to the USA in 1959, after attending a year of college at the Academy of Arts in England
(Ms. Kelly would be so proud). Returned to New Jersey (McGuire AFB) to continue art study at the
Museum College of Art in Philadelphia. It was there I got the chance to renew my old friendship with
Robyn (Robyn Rudat Allen, Class of '58).

Married twice; once in 1960, when Robyn was my maid of honor, (I was hers the following year).
Have three children by that marriage. Have been remarried 17 years to Hubby, Phillip (1984)--crazy
Italian from Philly. We have 7 children and 14 grandchildren between us…yikes!

I'm a realtor with Prudential Sterling Properties here in the Melbourne area and have been in this
business for over 25 years. Owned my own company at one time, have a broker's license, and I'm still

Lived many years in Atlantic City area, where I raised my children. My "Ex" was a golf pro and worked
in that business for 19 years; spent time on local city council, lots of travel etc. Moved to Florida in
1984. Both Phillip and I are in sales.

I love family, grandkids, golf, friends, beach, boating, and if I could swing it--would like to own my
own motorcycle.

Have been able to keep in touch with quite a few of our old '55-'59 classmates and enjoy life in
general…and, of course, I haven't changed a bit since 1957…riggghhhht!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Carol still has her school jacket and a suitcase full of old photographs and dorm
newspapers. Can you believe it?

608 Mountain Creek Road
Greenville, SC 29609
(864) 322-2347
                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

No, I didn‘t become a nurse! I worked in Boston for a couple of years and then followed my family to
Ft. Lauderdale in 1963. I met Bill Marcley, from Long Island, NY, and it was ―love at first sight.‖ He
proposed on our first date and I accepted on our second date---the next night! We married in April
1964, and moved to North Palm Beach, Florida. Our only child, Scott Alan Marcley, was born in

In 1969, I accepted a position with The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and within a year had
been named the first female PGA Official. It was a glamorous life, and I had the opportunity to travel
to golf tournaments all over the U.S. to register the tournament players and cater to VIP‘s such as
Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason.

In 1982, my husband accepted a position in Greenville, SC, and I went to work for a large law firm. In
Jan 95, one of the law partners decided to run for Mayor. He won the election and ―elected‖ me as
his Executive Assistant. I moved over to City Hall in Dec 95 and since then have enjoyed the
interesting job of running the Mayor‘s Office. When I‘m not writing speeches, planning receptions or
welcoming VIP‘s to the Mayor‘s Office (like our Bushy mate, Paul Wilcott, who was in Greenville last
summer on business), I stay busy with projects such as the recent Olympic Torch Relay through the
city. I am also the coordinator for the creation, site-planning and landscape design for the statues of
three famous Greenvillians, including baseball legend, ―Shoeless Joe‖ Jackson. Captain Bill Marcley
is beginning his 20th year with Greenville County Emergency Medical Services, but he is now in
administration instead of ―on the truck‖ where he would prefer to be. He was one of the first
paramedics featured on the TV show ―Rescue 911‖ when it first aired. Our son, Scott, graduated
from the University of S.C., lives the happy bachelor life here in Greenville, and enjoys his
computer-related consultant work with a large company.

I began writing a historic novel about the Civil War twenty-two years ago and the words keep coming.
My goal is to complete the book in 2002. Mr. William Law and Mr. Louis Rubin would be proud.
Anyone know a publisher???

Bill and I bought a small 13-acre farm five years ago. It‘s our refuge from busy and stressful
occupations. We have two horses, two goats, a rabbit, three cats and a dog. After a hard day at
work, there‘s nothing like feeding the critters and shoveling poop to restore our sanity! My life has
been blessed with great love, good health, good fortune, and lots of laughter. I am happier than I
have ever been, and particularly so since reuniting with my Bushy mates after forty-one years!
1671 Monte Vista Drive
Bullhead City, AZ 86442

                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Pat (the former Patricia Kuchinski) and have two children by a previous marriage--Lana
Rene Miller and Robert (Bob) Briggs, both of Huntington Beach, CA. Have an 18-year old grandson,
Joshua, who wants my show car.

Hobbies: restoring and showing cars, still trying to play the guitar (love music). Love all forms of auto
racing (NHRA drag racing, NSACR, F-1, Cart, Indy); football.

Returned from England in June of '60; in June of '61, I married Connie LaLiberty (who went to LCHS in
'59 and '60 and Lakenheath in '61). After 8-1/2 years, Connie and I were divorced.

The next 2-1/2 years I played the bachelor game, that is…until I met Pat. We married in June of '72;
these have been the most wonderful years of my life. We lived in Lakewood CA for 27 years (don't
move very much). Pat worked for Pacific Bell for 26 years; retired 9 years ago. Two years ago we
purchased a new home in Bullhead City, AZ, across the river from Laughlin, NV, where we've just

Career: lived in Torrance, CA, and became a Torrance policeman for 2 years (not my cup of tea). Left
the Police Dept and went to work for Douglas Aircraft. Went into management, was promoted to
Assistant Foreman, and left as a superintendent. After 16-1/2 years at Douglas, I felt it was time to
change, so I went to work for TRW Space Division in '81, where I stayed until retirement this year. My
final assignment was Spacecraft Scheduling Manager for Mechanical Manufacturing.

Pat and I have a motor home and love to travel. We've been all over the West and have been doing
this for the past 16 years, enjoying it very much. Pat will tell you we don't go like we used to. I have
always loved cars and auto racing. Over the years I've had several "hot rods". I took a '59 Corvette
that had been a drag racer and restored it to full street use. After I completed it, I did not like the
car--too small for me. I went through several others until one day, at a car show, I saw a Monte Carlo
like ours, and that was it! I rebuilt the car to full show quality (have been showing it now for 6 years
all over California). This is the reason we do not go camping in our motor home very much. March
through November, it is car shows almost every weekend (or could be). Our social life revolves
around a car club we belong to. It does give us a chance to get out of the house and be active. I have
at this date won more than 50 awards with the car and have had photographs in four auto
magazines. Pat makes me keep the awards in the garage with the car.

117 Fairfax Road
Goldsboro NC 27534
(919) 778-5519
                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Graduated Central High, Bushy Park, in 1961; earned a BS from the University of NC Chapel Hill in
1965, then graduated with a DDS from the University of NC School of Dentistry in 1969.

In 1964 I married Anita Sewell (Central High '58-'60). We had two daughters--Tracey, born in 1965,
and Paige, born in 1969. I was commissioned a Captain in the USAF Dental corps in 1969 and
discharged in 1971. Marriage to Anita ended in 1972.

I married Sharon Brown in 1974, and we have two sons--Steven, born in 1976, and Scott, born in

Tracey, Paige and Steven graduated from the University of NC with BS degrees. Scott will get his
MBA in June and attend dental school next year. We have four grandchildren (Tracey has two and
Paige has two). Steven is married, but no children.

I've been in the private practice of dentistry since discharge from the Air Force in 1971. Sharon and I
have resided at 117 Fairfax Rd., Goldsboro, NC since 1975.

Sorry I cannot attend the reunion, but I'm in solo practice and find it hard to get away. As soon as
Scott joins me, I am going to hang up the drill and start having some fun.

509 White Oak Lane
Crestview, FL 32539
(850) 682-8356
                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Vivian and we have six children: Vivian's three (2 boys, 1 girl) and my three (2 boys, 1 girl).

Spent 22 years with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), 3 years with Special
Operations at Hurlburt Field, FL, and 17 years as a Spanish teacher at Crestview High School.

Hobbies include fishing (fly fishing for stream trout), reading, traveling, and computering.

From 1957-61 I attended Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Earned a BS degree and an Air Force
Regular Commission. From 1961-82 I served as a Special Agent with the OSI at Mountain Home
AFB, Idaho; U.S. Army Language School, Monterey, CA, teaching Turkish. Spent 8 years in Turkey,
then Rochester, NY. Attended the University of Utah at Salt Lake City, earning an MA in Middle East
Studies and Turkish. Assigned to Eglin AFB and Hurlburt Field, FL, where I retired 31 Aug 82.

From 1983-2001 - University of West Florida - Graduate Studies
Teaching Certificate in History/Political Science and Spanish; teaching Spanish at Crestview High
School. Retired again in June 2001 and now enjoying family and grandchildren!

333 Shelley Road
Columbus, MS 39705-5377
                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

After four years in the Air Force (with two years in Vietnam) and numerous jobs in between, I'm now
completing a career with the U.S. Postal Service.

On July 15, 2001, I married Lynette, a career nurse, now Director of Nurses at Windsor Place in
Columbus. Having both been widowed previously, we are today living very happily in Columbus.

My parents live in Bay St. Louis, MS, and I have two brothers and two sisters scattered from
Mississippi to Tennessee to North Carolina. Lynette's parents are located in the Columbus area, she
has brothers and sisters scattered throughout the area, and a brother in the Navy. Lynette has a son
who recently joined the Air Force and a daughter still in Columbus.

247 SW 8th St., #214
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 978-1974

                                    THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Shan Shan Zhan, have three children, and two grandchildren.

Career: Digital equipment corporation manager for 23 years.

Hobbies include trap shooting and photography.

Served seven years on submarines, and 23 at Digital. Traveled the world.

3764 Catamarca Drive
San Diego, CA 92124-3402
(858) 279-8350

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Family includes husband, Gordon, a mathematician in the defense industry; son, Jason, a professor of
chemistry at the University of Mississippi at Oxford and wife, Kristie, a professor of
toxicology/pharmacology, also at the University of Mississippi; and daughter, Alison, a recent
biology graduate of San Diego State University.

Career: a Mom; a psychologist with child and family services and diagnostics; desktop
publisher/freelance graphic arts/computer consultation; and genealogical research for hire.

I enjoy tennis and genealogy.

Other than being busy with "the above", I went to the University of Arizona, where I earned a BA, then
a Masters at the University of Iowa. Worked for a number of years as a psychologist in various
venues in Arizona and California. Meanwhile, got married and had two kids in California. Spent
many years as a volunteer at the schools, PTAs, etc. Now I devote most volunteer time to
genealogical organizations.
2305 Bastrop Circle
Bryan, TX 77808
(979) 776-0909

                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Widowed in Dec '99, my husband was an MD in family practice here in Bryan, Texas. I have a
daughter born in 1970, a son born in 1972, and three grandchildren. My father retired from the Air
Force in 1961, and my folks live in Houston. They are both quite well.

I graduated from Texas Woman's University School of Nursing in 1964 and worked many years In my
husband's medical office, then in a geriatric center, then in pharmaceutical research.

I'm a quilter, having produced about a dozen quilts of various sizes. I like to work in the yard and to
travel and visit historic sites, as well as scenic ones. I'm interested in water color painting and doll
house miniatures. I also enjoy going to my water aerobics class.

For the past 40+ years I've been taking care of my family; my life revolved around them. My in-laws
lived nearby and we were close. My husband had a ranch for relaxation and we spent a good deal of
time there, he taking care of the cows, etc.

My life is in the process of changing rather drastically since his recent death and that of his parents.
My children are grown and have their own lives, though they live near. So, I'm finding new places to
be used by God. I'm helping in a crisis pregnancy center and with a grief support group in my church.
I'm also enjoying my grandchildren.

6154 Sudbury
Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 821-7637

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Claudia for 34 years; have two daughters, ages 31 and 29; no grandchildren yet.

Practiced law for 25 years, sold books for 9 years, and I'm currently a dog trainer.

Hobbies include reading and music. For the past 40+ years, helped to raise a couple of kids, tried to
catch up on the reading I didn't do in college, and I'm now watching gravity win.

13910 Waterville
Houston, TX 77015
(713) 453-2093

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

A direct quote from Carol: "All this paperwork is getting into my stitching time (cross-stitch)."

Recently widowed, Carol was married to John Daniel Willburn for 37 years. She has two
children---Cindy Weatherly, age 34, and Robert Daniel, age 32--and two grandsons, Christopher, 3,
and Tanner 6.

Hobbies include knitting, cross-stitching and gambling.

Married March 3, 1962, and stayed that way for 37 years. Met John in Amarillo, Texas. He was a
plumber. Moved to Houston in 1966 and helped run the plumbing business with his father. In 1975
we started our own plumbing contracting business. I had the unique pleasure of being a housewife
and raising my own kids. After the kids grew up, I ran the plumbing supply part of the business for
several years. I could rig that plumbing with the best of 'em. At one point I finished dollhouse, lights
and all that my husband made for me. We led a very nice life with the usual ups and downs everyone
experiences. I will admit, though, that our favorite entertainment was bingo, dog races, and that
darn Louisiana border. My favorite picture of John was when he'd hit $500 on a poker machine. John
was a Catholic and I became one. Looking back, I do believe it saved us these past two years.

210 Old Key West Dr.
Ft. Pierce, FL 34982
(561) 466-4617

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

My wife, Paula, died September 1998. I have one stepdaughter, two grandsons, ages 14 and 11. I
spent 30 years in the Navy as an air controller; retired in 1987 as Senior Chief Operations Specialist
(Air Control). Hobbies include doing 3D puzzles, fishing, and working around the house.

While in the Navy, I traveled all over the world, but not much in the States—had three tours in Viet
Nam and 25 years at sea. Retired from the USN, then went to work for Lucie County, Florida, Library
in the Acquisitions Department for 14 years. Retired from the library in 2001, moved into a new
house, and have been doing the ―move shuffle‖ for the last 7 months.

1 Hampshire Ave
Rochester, NH 03867-2010
(603) 332-8931

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Bob Ross for 40-1/2 years, have two children, and three grandchildren.

Career: Senior Administrative Assistant—worked for SIU, Golden Gate University and University of
New Hampshire, as well as Bitburg High School, Germany, and Victor Valley High School District,
California. Retired June 29, 2001!

Hobbies include camping, reading, studying foreign languages, and travel; I‘m just learning to golf.

For the past 40+ years I‘ve been ―getting older and wiser‖. Married the year following high school
graduation, moved with my husband as he followed his Air Force career. Lived in Bermuda, New
York, California, Germany, and New Hampshire as an Air Force wife, finally settling in New
Hampshire. Earned an AA at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), raised a son and daughter, both
graduates of UNH. Our son is now an attorney and our daughter has a Master‘s in Social Work. Three
grandchildren give us great delight, and pride as well. My husband retired June 29, 2001 from New
Hampshire Public TV as Director of Engineering and we plan to travel as much as possible over the
next few years.

200 Ivy St
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 355-4870
                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married, with two children (Ansley, age 30 and Nick, age 27), both of whom live in Denver.
Career: Lawyer. Enjoy golf, tennis, skiing, basketball, squash, racquetball; (as my wife says, ―If it has
a ball in it, I‘m interested.‖) Usable body parts are starting to be a problem.

I left the UK in Jun 61. We went to Vandenburg AFB, CA; graduated in Jun 62 from Lompoc HS. Bruce
Bayne, Jerry Boatman, Wayne Arnold and Dick Fernley—all from our class—ended up there. Wayne
got an appointment to the AF Academy before he graduated, but I lost track after that. I‘ve been to
two Lompoc HS reunions, 82 and 93, but those guys never showed.

Went to Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, 62-66, and graduated with a degree in political
science. L&C has a great exchange program and I spent 7 months back in London and other parts of
the UK in 63. I met my wife, a Canadian from Calgary, at L&C, and got married right after graduating
in Aug 1966 (one of my smarter moves). Tried a number of different graduate programs, which I
found rather boring and not likely to be useful. Took the LSAT for something else to try, surprised
myself and everyone else with the results. Enrolled at the Univ of Denver College of Law, Sep 67.
Like many in my law school class, I was drafted in early 69--Infantry OCS at Ft. Benning, Airborne
School, 82d at Ft. Bragg, NC, but missed the SEA war games by a strange set of circumstances that
makes for a good story---another time.
While at Ft. Ord in ‗69, I ran into George Birdsong in a seafood restaurant on Cannery Row in
Monterey, CA. He was in the Army, had gone to artillery OCS and was stationed down at
Hunter-Legget, a Special Ops place further south along the Coast, towards Big Sur.

I did manage to graduate from law school in 1972 and I‘ve practiced law here in Denver ever since.
Just merged my practice, as of Jan 1, 2001, with Dufford & Brown. We have two wonderful children,
one of each, who both live here in Denver. Unfortunately, my wife developed MS a number of years
ago. Today, her symptoms are so bad that she has to use an electric wheelchair and sleep in an
electric recliner. Not much fun.

My son and I did make a trip to England in Sep 2000. We had a wonderful time. I hadn‘t been back
since ‗63. Lots had changed, but the basics were the same. We hopped the tube, buses, and train,
just like yesterday. Our old house was still there, but it was vacant and looked to be vacant for some
time. All the buildings in Chalfont St. Giles Village were the same, but none of them were shops—no
greengrocer, no bakery, no butcher shop, no ironmonger, etc. The three pubs were the same. All
other buildings had been changed to real estate agents, nick-nacks, etc. A person could not go to
the village to shop for the food for afternoon tea.

295 Oak Meadow Ct.
Kennesaw, GA 30152
(770) 422-8877

                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Nancy, have two children--a daughter born in 1968 and a son born in 1970—and four

Sold my screen-printing business in 1985, tried selling insurance for 5 years, and worked for Home
Depot for 5 years; basically, retired since then.

Hobbies and sports include golf, shooting, tropical fish, and numismatics.

For the past 40+ years I‘ve been wondering what happened to many of my old friends, raising kids,
building a business, enjoying life, and watching time slip away.

6212 Juniper Drive
Vancleave, MS 39565

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

After 37+ years‘ Government Service, retired in Dec ‗99 as Chief of Stan/Eval Inspection Team for HQ
2AF (the ―Wicked Witch of the East, South, etc….‖), and have been learning what retired life is all
about. Don‘t know how I had time to work! I now putter…dabbling in oil painting, illustrating
children‘s books, gardening, reading, cross-stitching, and occasional substituting at Vancleave High
School (if I want an exercise in self-abuse).

After leaving England in 1960, my family was assigned to F. E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming,
where I graduated high school, entered Government Service, and married Bob Iverson (Air Force).
Over the next 19 years we were stationed in Germany (twice), Florida, Mississippi, and Okinawa. We
had two children—Thomas, now 37, and Anda, now 31, both born in Germany, two different tours, and
6 years apart. I continued my career with the Government as best I could, though it was a struggle,
starting anew with each PCS move.

Widowed at 38, I finished rearing the children alone here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I worked my
way up in the world of Air Force technical training at Keesler AFB, went back to school at night,
earned a Bachelor‘s in psychology and a Master‘s Degree in adult education.

Seven years later I met and married David Coles. Dave retired from the USAF in 1989 and has been
working for the Post Office ever since. In 1995 we moved up from the Coast to a place in the
country--Vancleave. We have four beautiful grandsons—Spencer, 10; Zachary, 7; Colin, 4, and Lake,
1—and one granddaughter, Madeline, age 2. We also have two terribly spoiled Schnauzers—Meg and
Molly—and a Siamese kitten, Maxie, who found her way onto our property and into our hearts.

Except for my immediate family, my reconnection with my Bushy Park ―soul-mates‖ has been the
focus of my life since the reunion in Atlanta in July 1999. Don‘t mind saying, however, that when this
reunion is over, I‘ll breathe a sigh of relief and get back on track with some personal goals, one of
which is to complete my doctorate in Adult Ed or English.

22555 10th Ave. South
Des Moines, WA 98198
(206) 824-2444

                                       THE INTERVENING YEARS

Married to Phil Johnson with a son, Brian (age 40), and grandson, Tanner Johnson (age 2).

I graduated from Bushy Park in ‗60. My dad decided to retire that same year and we all went back to
the states. I entered Kansas State U. as the only ―girl‖ in electrical engineering. That‘s where I met
Phil (a smart mechanical engineering student) in a bridge game; we got married on Feb 14, 1961. At
the end of that year, we became college dropouts and parents of our wonderful son, Brian. We eeked
out a living in the middle of Kansas, living vicariously on $1/hour jobs or unemployment checks of
$14/week. (So far, this is a very exciting life, right?)

Yes, I even hung diapers out on the line in the Kansas winter and the wind blew at 45 miles per hour
freezing the diapers horizontal to the ground. Phil and I were beginning to believe the persistent
rumors that poverty is not all it‘s cracked up to be. During the winter of ‗62, Phil was getting ready to
go to work by draining the oil out of our old ‘38 Chevy and warming it up in the oven before putting it
back in so the car would start. I was helping Phil shovel 17 ― of snow to clear the 100-ft driveway
when we decided to ―go west‖. At the end of the summer of ‘62 we tied the baby stroller on the
running board, collected $60 from relatives, and took off in a westerly direction. We were on our way
to CA to seek our fortune. We lived on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, broke down in Montana,
and spent some precious dwindling dollars getting the oil pan welded. The old guy at the garage
didn‘t charge us much. It was a random act of kindness that I haven‘t forgotten after all these years.
We decided to stop by Seattle and visit my parents (and maybe get a few more dollars so we could
continue the journey to CA) when our old Chevy got to the top of Chinook Pass. There was a
magnificent view of Mt. Rainier in the August sun. It was love at first sight. We were home. Three
days later, Phil had a job at Boeing and I got hired on at the Telephone Co. A month later, we bought
a 61-year-old falling down house. Thus began our careers as slaves to greed. Phil went to college at
night and worked days. I went to college classes in the day and worked nights. For 5 years. It was
exhausting. We both dropped out in our junior years. In 1967, I hired in at Boeing also - for a nickel
an hour more than I had been earning. Three years later, we were just beginning to make some
headway when Boeing almost went belly up in 1970 and laid off 75,000 workers – nearly their entire
workforce. The entire city of Seattle just about shut down. But we loved the Northwest and decided
to stay rather than move. The 70‘s were not good for us…at least financially. We did learn to be
resilient, resourceful, self-reliant, and strong.

We spent the early 80‘s recovering from the 70‘s. I was back at work at Boeing again as a Drafter
(Draftsman/designer) working on drawings of 747s, hydrofoil naval ships, and various sundry
weapons of destruction. In ‗86 I complained to the Boeing Drafting Standards group about their
lousy standards (the rules and procedures used to make all engineering drawings). They said ―if you
think you can do better then transfer here and write them yourself‖. For the next 14 years, I wrote
Boeing drafting standards. My only claim to fame is my 12 years of work on a National committee
developing the US National Standard for Dimensioning and Tolerancing. (My name is in very, very
small print on the standard.) But I got to travel a lot and see some more of the world as part of my
National committee work. While all this was going on, Phil worked at several other companies as an
engineering aid. He helped design huge machines to dig gold out of S. Africa and small rocket
engines for satellites at another company. But, by 1983, he was tired of being nagged by me to
finish college and get the piece of paper. So, I had both Brian and Phil attending Seattle Univ. with a
combined tuition of about $28,000 on my single source of income of $23,000 before taxes. Thanks
to my years of math and calculus, even I could figure out that ―things didn‘t add up so good‖. The
solution? I borrowed against Phil‘s life insurance. Phil and Brian re-modeled the house so we could
re-finance it and get some cash for their tuition. I spent half of the borrowed money on their tuition
and since we had absolutely everything to lose (including the house), I put the other borrowed
$30,000 in the stock market. It was 1984. Was it Karma? Good Chi? Or was it desperation? All of
it, I think. Fortune smiled and the market decided to go up. Brian graduated in ‗84 with a degree in
Economics. He now works as a manager for Alaska Airlines. Phil graduated in Mechanical
Engineering in ‗85. I graduated from numerous free financial seminars. Those were the best classes
I ever took! Some people go through life never knowing what their true goal or calling is. With
complete certainty, I have always known my true goal in life. I discovered it back in ‗62. It was my
second day on the job and I decided that doing what other people tell you to do was the pits. On that
Sept day in ‗62, my career path was set firmly on ―retiring‖ as soon as possible. Besides, work was
always interfering with my 1,862 hobbies. Painting a still life is a lot more fun than work. ANYTHING
is better than work. During the last 40 years, when anyone would ask me what career I would have
wanted, the only thing that came to mind was ―not working and getting paid for it‖. Finally, after 35
years of working and waiting for my freedom (28 years at Boeing alone), I achieved my goal on Feb 1,
2000. I retired. Sure, some may call it a puny little check each month but I call it freedom. One
month before I retired, Phil and I became grandparents for the first time. Our new grandson, Tanner,
is the joy of our life. (And luckily, they live only ½-hour away.) Phil was going to work for a couple
more years after I retired, but I think he got tired of the permanent smile on my face. He only lasted
another 2 months and retired also. Since retiring in 2000, we‘ve been spending our time doting on
our grandson, attempting to learn how to play golf, traveling, remodeling the house, and looking
forward to having time for the other 1,862 hobbies in the next 40 years. Isn‘t life Grand !!

                      Phil and Anita at Mount Rainier in Washington.     Retired and loving it !
5 Grove Street No. 3
Ayer, MA 01432
(978) 772-2042

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

1963-1966 U.S. Army 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Bad Tölz, Germany

1966-1972 Sacramento State College, B.A. Government, International Relations, specializing in
Soviet Studies and Middle Eastern Geo-politics

1972-1974 Wine Steward, Calgary, Alberta, Canada -- Bar Manager, Yellowknife, Northwest
Territories, Canada

1974-1976 Sail Bum, Florida Keys -- Sailed day sailors, yachts, Chinese junk, inter alia -- scuba diver,
deep-sea fishing, cast net for bait, etc.

1976-1978 Lost Years -- drilling rig derrick hand, exploring for uranium in New Mexico; wandering
aimlessly; bush pilot buddy flew me into the Bob Marshall wilderness in Montana, where I remained
alone for months; bartender at Walt Disney World and resorts everywhere; I forget what else...[Of all
the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind the most.]

1978-2002 Land Surveyor -- Licensed in New Hampshire, Appalachian Trail, George Washington
National Forest, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects; Texas State Highway Department land
acquisition, et al; Construction Surveyor -- mostly tunnels (guided the H3 Interstate Highway tunnels
through the Koolau Mountains on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii), bridges, hydro-electric dams,
highways, high-rise buildings, etc. in 13 states, and Construction Management Inspector

Hobbies: Photography, Oenology, Writing, Reading, Range Shooting

1004 Michelle Dr.
Gulfport, MS 39503
(228) 832-1013

                                        THE INTERVENING YEARS

I was born in Omaha Ne 15 Sept 51. Being a service brat, we moved all over the country till heading
to England in Nov 67. That is when I attended Central and graduated in June of 69.

After working odd jobs for a while, I joined the Air Force in Feb of 72. I was an Aircraft Electronics
tech working Navigation systems on C130 and 141 aircraft. May of 75 I was discharged and after
looking for a job for a while, joined the Army where I worked on Pershing missiles. Discharged once
again in 76, I became an
electrician at Ingalls for 3 years. I joined the Army National Guard as an Aircraft Electronics tech
again till I retired in Dec of 94. I worked on the road rewiring aircraft for a living till offered a job at
the Post Office in
98. I am still there.

I met my wife while stationed at Keesler in 1972 and got married in Jan of 73. We had 4 daughters
who are now all grown and gone. Three of those daughters have given us 7 grandkids so far. The
wife and I have hosted 11 foreign exchange kids over the years. Sponsored a girls softball team for 7
years, been in the Mississippi Muscle Car and Street Machine club for 11 years where the wife
serves as the book keeper and I am on the board of directors. The wife is the Office Manager at
Warfields Autobody shop.

I graduated in 81 with a Degree in Electronics. Having served 20 years in the military, the usual list
of awards and decorations set on my fireplace mantle in my flag box. Hopefully one day the future
holds more grandkids and maybe even the winning numbers to the lottery.

1112 Sithean Way
Richmond, VA 23233
(804) 360-4025


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Life since June 13th of 1960…After graduating, I attended The Ipswich Civic Art College with
Melanee Wright in Ipswich (about 20 miles from our base in East Anglia) from September of ‗60 until
we rotated to Hampton, Virginia (Langley AFB) in March of ‘61.

I then worked up until Sept ‘61 when I went to a university in Richmond that later became Virginia
Commonwealth Univ. I received a BFA in Communicating Arts in ‘65, was recruited along with 4 or 5
others to work in Detroit for a large art studio that called on advertising agencies for work. I married
after graduating in ‘65. The work in Detroit was, of course, centered on the almighty automobile.
During this period we had a couple apartments in Detroit and surrounding area. We had two
daughters, one born in ‘66 and the other in ‘70. We bought a house in the western part of the city,
which we had for two years. After being in Detroit during an auto strike, the riots in ‘68 and with a
new strike about to start in late ‘70, I decided to look elsewhere for better work and a more
reasonable climate. We took a vacation in late summer in a mini-motor home along with my portfolio.
I found a job back in Richmond at an ad agency. I had also gone through Washington, Baltimore,
Philadelphia and finally New York. Out of the two or three offers, I decided on Richmond, because I
knew people here, knew the city and liked its proximity to the mountains, sea, and

About a year after moving back to Richmond, we bought our second home and put in a fair amount of
time fixing it up. In ‗76 we separated and in ‘77, divorced. Also during this time I took up flying. It
was something I always wanted to do, so I took lessons starting in ‘71. Got my VFR ticket, joined 3
other guys in a flying club; together we owned a single-engine plane called a Mooney; it had
retractable landing gear, 200 hp engine and nice array of instruments. I then got my IFR ticket and
enjoyed both recreational and business flying. When I went back to work for others, I didn‘t get as
much time in, so I sold my share. I rented some after that and finally stopped around ‗81 or so. One
day, after I win the lottery, I‘ll fly again...

Lee and I met in the early ‘70s, as she was also in advertising. She worked at Blue Cross/Blue Shield
as an art director. Anyway, after I separated, we re-met at some advertising function and started
dating. We married in July of ‘77 and had Rebecca six years later in ‘83.

The first Richmond agency I worked for after Detroit was for 4-1/2 years. It was at this point I
decided to go into business for myself as an ―art studio‖. I called on agencies and businesses around
Richmond--entered into a partnership with another guy in ‘77, forming a small agency. We did a lot of
sporting goods advertising and did O.K.. The business started going down hill when he got into
trouble with drinking, drugs and spending ―our‖ money. I parted company with him in ‘80 and went
to work for another ad agency. Three years later I was hired by yet another agency in Richmond. This
one was much larger and they put me in charge of a new unit that did collateral advertising.
Collateral is anything like brochures, books, flyers etc. that is not media advertising. Three years
later the company bought a direct marketing company in NY and moved it to Richmond (basically,
just three people came). Anyway, they merged my group with them and it was at this point I got into
direct response advertising. That was in ‘87.

When Lee and I got married in ‘77 we lived in a high-rise apartment overlooking the James River in
Richmond for about a 18 mos. While living there we built a house in Goochland County, a bedroom
community west of Richmond. It was on 7 acres of land, all trees, and very secluded. This is where
we were living when Rebecca came into our lives, 35 miles west of downtown Richmond. Very nice!
One did not run out to the local 7-11 if you ran out of milk...

When Rebecca turned 3, we decided to look for a place closer in and also in a better school district,
as Goochland‘s schools lacked quite a bit. Annie, my second daughter, who lived with us since she
turned 13, attended grades 8, 9, 10 in Goochland. So in Sept ‘86 we found and bought our current
house in a sub-division, still west of Richmond, but not as far. The schools in this county are a whole
lot better and a whole lot closer.

I continued to work with the same direct response agency up until 7 years ago (come April) when I
decided to join Lee in the art studio that we have here in our home. Lee left Blue Cross/Blue Shield
when Rebecca started kindergarten in ‘88. We got her a computer to work on the same time my
agency bought computers for me and the rest of our creative group in ‘90. We took our 4th bedroom
and turned it into our office; took the double doors off the closet to take advantage of that space for
our file cabinets and book shelving. The space is tight, but workable. We have two G3 Power Macs,
fax, three phone lines, drawing table etc. We‘ve talked about converting our attached single car
garage into our office, but not until we could build a new separate two-car garage to handle the
mower, bikes, work space plus the cars etc. We call our company: “Oh Heck! Marketing
Communications and Design, Inc.”

Oldest daughter, Libby, just moved back to Richmond to start her career. She achieved a Master‘s in
Law Enforcement at Sacramento State, CA--was out there for about 6 years working and going to
school. We shoved our No. 2 daughter out of the nest about 3 years ago (she‘s about to turn 32 and
has yet to finish any college-level degree program). She had been working in a daycare for the over 8
year-olds and, with our pushing, is now a dental assistant.

Rebecca, our youngest, went one semester at East Carolina Univ. late last year and has now
transferred to Virginia Commonwealth Univ. She plans to get into nursing and VCU has a great
program for that, being affiliated with MCV (Medical College of VA).

Sure sorry we weren‘t able to join the rest of you this time around. Hope to catch up with everyone
one of these years.

All my best, Jim

7900 W. Layton Ave., #920
Littleton, CO 80123
(303) 933-4361

                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Graduated '61 Lakenheath HS - returned to California - married - spent 4+ years in France and
Holland - 2 daughters, Bevin (David) Wallace (37), Heather (John) Duncan (35). Both married and
living in Denver. Grandson, Sean Carlton Wallace born December 29, 2001. Have lived in Denver for
33 years - divorced - retiring in the next few months. No major plans for retirement - hoping to settle
where there's no snow by next winter!!!!

2151 Lower River Rd
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 472-8390


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

I was a dormer stationed at Sculthorpe AFB; attended Bushy Park for my sophomore year in 1957
and part of 1958, then back to the USA. Linda Hutchison and Linda K. Allen were my roomies.
Transferred to Illinois, where I attended high school, got married, and moved to Oregon. Have lived in
Oregon since 1960.

I have five children, three girls and two boys, and seven grandchildren. I spent 20 years working in a
plywood mill, but my most challenging career was raising my children.

I enjoy traveling, bingo, and spending time with friends and family. For the past 40+ years?—Getting
older, and wondering what ever happened to the great friends I met in England.

12620 Greenbriar Lake Rd.
Tyler, TX 75709
(903) 596-8808


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Graduated CHS '60

Graduated Kansas Univ. '64; Graduated Kansas Univ. Law '67

Married Sharon 7/29/67 (I think!)

USN 1967 - 1969

Legal work, title ins. co., Santa Ana, CA 1970

FBI, special agent 1971 - 1996, now retired;

Security clearance investigations, PI work, etc. 1996 - Present

Live in Tyler, TX, children (boy/girl) both grown (29/27) but not gone;
golden retriever and 20-lb. house cat.

4226 Tulane Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90808


                                     THE INTERVENING YEARS

I returned to Long Beach, CA, from ―Merry Olde‖ in 1962, married Kerry McElveen, and by 1969, we
had three children. Kerry Joanna Lively is now 38, Erica Wilcott, age 35, and Frederick Wilcott, age

Employed by Boeing, nee McDonnell Douglas, nee Douglas Aircraft Co., since 1965 as a field service
engineer for MDC. We transferred to the East Coast and spent three years in Norfolk, VA, with the
USN, nine years at Cherry Point, NC, with the USMC, and a further ten years in the Middle East with
the Kuwait Air Force, before transferring back to California in 1994.

Kerry and I were divorced in 1995 and I married Paulette Komatz in 1997. Paulette has four sons,
ages 31 to 17. We have a home in Long Beach.

114 Oliece
West Monroe, LA 71292


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

In attendance at this reunion is my oldest son, Ronnie; my daughter, Cathy, and her husband,
Danny. We are all from West Monroe, Louisiana.

I was married for 38 years to Ron Covington, whom I met and married in England where he was
stationed at the same base as my Dad. I have three children, two of whom are with me at the
reunion, eight grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild! Which makes me older than dirt.

Ron passed away 2-1/2 years ago, after serving in the AF for twenty years, and with the Sheriff's
Department for 24 years.

I have worked over the years as a bookkeeper, administrative assistant, and general clerical
worker. Eight years ago, after working as a full-charge bookkeeper for 13 years, I decided I could not
go to the same office and see the same people one more day. So I gave may notice, and started
working "temp". I love it. My job changes constantly, as do my surroundings and co-workers and I
will never ever go back to a "regular" job. As I told the three agencies I
work for, I don't want a job, I just want to work. They keep me busy.

My hobbies are reading (anything and everything...except romance novels), and writing. I am a
published writer, with several short stories and articles to my credit. I did write a book, a sort of
Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn romantic comedy, but couldn't find an editor with a sense of
humor. So after many unsuccessful tries, I gave it up and decided I'd rather read a good book than
try to write one. That was too much like work, and who needed it! I still do some writing, but nothing

I married in 1961, had three children, and spent the next 40 years getting them to grown-up stage,
and teaching my husband how to lower the toilet seat. Don't know how successful I was with either
attempt, but all must have worked out, because the kids are doing well and even enjoy their mother's
company every now and then. Ron and I were happily married for 38 years, mainly because we didn't
have anything in common. We moved around a lot, which was fine with me, until he retired in 1978
from the AF. I was faced with the most traumatic event of my entire life: how to adjust to living in a
totally civilian world. It wasn't easy for this true-blue AF brat, and to be honest, it still isn't
sometimes. But I have a lovely home, have made a few good, dear friends (even though they are
civilians), and manage to maintain a positive, happy lifestyle in spite of some setbacks. I travel as
much as I can, here and there, and just enjoy each new day. My greatest joy has come from
reconnecting with my buddies from Bushy Park.
10470 Worthington Hills Manor
Roswell, GA 30076
(770) 518-6858
                                        THE INTERVENING YEARS

Past 40+ Years: Let‘s see…I spent the year after we graduated traveling around England with an
entertainment group out of New York called ―Variety Showcase‖. It was fun for the most part and,
although it took a little longer than a year, I finally decided I didn‘t really want to be a professional
singer. We left England in Jul ‗61 and on the trip from NY to GA, my parents agreed to let me stay
with my grandparents in Albany, GA, and go to business school, which I did. With a little help from an
uncle, I got a job as a secretary and spent almost another entire year…singing. My first employer
was a member of just about everything and volunteered my voice for every telethon and social
occasion he could. Got to meet some really great people and I don‘t think I typed a single letter or
envelope during the time I worked for him.

Sometime in ‗62, looking for adventure and a little homesick, I guess, I left Albany onboard a
Greyhound bus for San Bernardino, CA, where my parents and siblings were stationed. Eventually, I
got a job with the corporation that is now Equifax. Dick Bruns, my future husband, hired me. We
were married in Las Vegas in ‗63. I‘m not really sure why—but I got to see lots of the country--San
Bernardino to Los Angeles to Oklahoma City to Atlanta to Reading, PA, to Anchorage, Alaska, and
back to Atlanta. Devon, my son, arrived during our first stay in Atlanta in ‗70, and Brooke joined us in
Anchorage in ‗73. We have actually lived in Atlanta since ‗75, a fact I find hard to believe. So long in
one place! I don‘t know what happened to my gypsy blood, but it must have thinned out while I was
being raised by my children. If I ever get to retire, I hope I will still be able to totter around enough to
travel up the East Coast to Maine and across the ocean once again to England and Scotland.

I can‘t remember not working—at least not for long—I was able to work for Equifax during the time
Dick and I were married—sometimes from home, like when our children were little. I had a go-around
with breast cancer in ‗77, and until ‗82, spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering from the
mastectomies and then reconstruction, as well as a hysterectomy. In ‗82 I went to work for a
builder/developer in Atlanta and I have been with him ever since. Our first company went down the
tubes in ‗86, along with a lot of other things, but somehow my boss kept everything together for a
small nucleus of us and our second corporation is going great guns in this booming economy (knock
on wood). In ‗98 I was diagnosed with lung cancer and was finally forced to put down my Winston‘s
for good. (For a reasonably intelligent person, I was so stupid.) I don‘t mind admitting the past 4
years have been difficult. As I have told some of you already, I have had the DMV remove ―organ
donor‖ from my driver‘s license ‗cause I don‘t have anything left to donate! I am the healthiest
looking, formerly sick, person you have ever seen and grateful to still be drawing breath. I feel very
fortunate to have seen a few ―classmates‖ over the years and you all still continue to color my life
with gladness. I hope the next reunion is not too many years hence and that we will all still be around
to share it.
2907 Kirk Lane
Bossier City, LA 71112
(318) 746-7955


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Mother of four; grandmother of five, with twins due in April (and hopefully, a few more
from youngest son, age 21, eventually).

Graduate of Louisiana Tech; English major, Political Science minor.

Accountant by profession; didn't work in younger years when raising children; have worked for the
same firm for 21 years.

Greatest passions of life have been centered around youth and their activities--scouts, sports, band,

Current greatest passions are planning and taking road trips; trying to keep up with friends and
relatives, at least on an annual basis (email and reunions really help with this one).

More personal passions are music, study and worship, entertaining, writing, and art.

Single, head of household (warning; you can't claim both as status on your tax return!) Personally
trying to pursue avenues of interest away from work so that I do not become a workaholic.

413 Magazine Circle
Gulfport, MS 39507
(228) 604-2166


                                      THE INTERVENING YEARS

Divorced, 3 kids, 6 grandkids. Lived in Georgia for 38 years, moved to Gulfport in 1999 to be near
oldest daughter who lives in Gulfport. I have a son in Huntsville, Alabama, and a daughter in Jakarta,
Indonesia. Work as a Hospital Human Resource Coordinator.

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