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									County Contract No.

Board of Supervisors
                                               TRINITY COUNTY
                                                 Board Item Request Form
Contact                                            Phone                         Reqested Agenda Location
Gary Nakamura                                                                    Presentations AM

Requested Board Action:
Representatives of the University of California Cooperative Extension to address the Board on matters of interest

Fiscal Impact:

 Motion:____        Second____         Roll Call: Ayes:___________        Nays:__________       Tabled To:____________


              University of California Cooperative Extension - Trinity
                Trinity County Fairgrounds, 6000 Hwy. 3       Young Family Ranch, 260 Oregon St.
                P.O. Box 490, Hayfork, CA 96041                P.O. Box 1468, Weaverville, CA 96093
                (530) 628-5495 Fax: (530) 628-1945            (530) 623-3746
                             Office hours Monday through Thursday, 8:00AM to 4:30PM
                                            Visitors are always welcome!

                    The following is a summary of our programs:
Trinity County 4-H Youth Development Program
    4-H engages youth in productive, fun, and educational activities during
     critical years in their lives.
    4-H teaches youth to be active participants in their communities through
     service projects.
    Youth have opportunities for regional, state and national recognition, service
     and honors.
    Open to all youth ages 5-19 in Trinity County.
    Administered by a University-provided ½ time 4-H Program Representative.
    Current enrollment: 90 youth members, 40 adult volunteer leaders.
    6 active community clubs serve youth throughout Trinity County.
    160 + projects areas for youth to select and pursue.
    County 4-H youth may participate in 12 county wide events, and 4-H
     Summer Camp each year.
    Youth learn leadership and citizenship skills through club project work.
Agriculture and Natural Resources
This program works with citizens of Trinity County interested in agriculture, natural
resources and forestry.
    Provides education and information transfer from University resources (i.e.
     Fruit Tree Pruning Demonstration, Integrated Pest Mgmt kiosk), promotes
     economic development, implements research projects, and obtains grants.
    Forestry projects include a Fire Safe Homes workshop, Road Risk
     Assessment & Mgmt workshop, promoting biomass utilization (report on use
     of Custom Sawn Lumber and firewood processor grant application), Forest
     Stewardship Lecture Series, and “Blue Dot” campaign to assist VFDs.
    Agritourism & Economic Development projects include the Heritage Orchard
     Project, website (, commercial certified kitchen grant
     applications and Preserve America grant.
    Provides assistance to ranchers on pasture fertility and water quality issues.
    Technical assistance is provided to residents with questions about livestock,
     forestry, agriculture, horticulture, noxious weeds, etc
Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Program
UCCE has provided funding and leadership to Trinity Kids Coalition for Activity
and Nutrition (Trinity Kids CAN). This multi-organization coalition mission is
“improving the health of children and their families through the education and
promotion of good nutrition and physical activity.”
The Goal of our Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program (FSNEP) is to serve
low-income people with quality nutrition education geared toward promoting
healthy lifestyles and greater self-sufficiency.
We offer workshops nutrition, budgeting and food safety. In addition we train
agency employees to present Learn at Home lessons to their low-income clients.
   The Adult FSNEP position has been vacant, but is now staffed.
   Typically, over 500 residents per year attend workshops, about 1/3 attend 4
     or more classes
   Workshops are held at 14 agencies throughout the County
We train teachers, pre-K through 12th grade to implement food, nutrition, physical
activity and gardening units with students. Curricula and activities are aligned with
the California State Standards in science, math, reading, environmental studies,
nutrition, and health.
   During the last school year 58 teachers were trained to deliver nutrition
    education, physical activity and/or gardening curricula in the classroom.
   1266 students were taught nutrition education
   18 of Trinity County’s schools participated
   Schools participated in the Nutrition Olympics and TV Turnoff Week.
    Douglas City also participates in Treats for Trade.
   Highlights: Burnt Ranch placed 1st in the Governors Challenge winning
    $1000 and are currently in the running to get an extra $6000! Douglas City
    has been featured twice on National Public Radio!
Other Activities included:
    Relocation of FSNEP & ANR offices to Young Family Ranch in Weaverville,
     which facilitates nutrition classes, gardening demonstrations and workshops.
    Public service booth at Trinity County Fair
  University of California, Trinity County and U.S. Department of Agriculture cooperating.
                                         April 2010
    Table of Contents                   TRINITY COUNTY 4H ART EXTRAVAGANZA
                                           Saturday, April 17, 2010 at the Fairgrounds
Textile Day Awards…….... ..2                 The 2009-2010 Trinity County 4H All Stars have created this
County Information………..4                     new county event as their All Star Project. Entries for judging
                                             were due April 1, you may also bring items for ‘display only’
Announcements……………5                          at the event if you didn’t get them entered in time. First and
Record Book Corner………6                       second place winners in each age group in the 11 categories
Life Skills Circle…………..6
                                             will be awarded rosettes, and put on display at the Trinity
                               County Library during the month of May. There will be a
Art Extravaganza Info……..7     fun art project taught by a professional artist on the day of
Upcoming Events…….…8-11        the event. The event begins at 10:00 am, don’t forget your
State Updates……………...12
                               potluck food, and place setting. Please call the All Stars, or
                               the 4H Office for further information.
Calendar of Events……….13

                                  TEXTILE DAY/SKATING PARTY/CRAFTS DAY
Thank you Trinity River 4H, and Southern Trinity 4H, for co-hosting all of these events. Members
had a great time doing crafts & science projects, skating, and sharing in the potluck. The items en-
tered in Textile Day were fantastic. Thank you to our Textile Day judges: Robyn Johnston, Paula
Massett, and Jennifer Redding; and to our All Stars: GeorgeAnn DeAntoni, and Aren
Lane for leading the science projects, and helping with the awards ceremony. Please
look inside the Cloverleaf for pictures, and the Textile Day awards announcement.

                                   TRINITY COUNTY PRESENTATION DAY
         Thank you Southern Trinity 4H club for hosting the event again this year. Members who
         received a silver or gold medal at County Presentation Day are eligible to take their presen-
         tation to Sectional Presentation Day in Susanville on April 17th. The entry forms for sec-
         tional presentation day are due to OUR 4H Office by Monday morning, April 5th at the very lat-
est. Look for pictures and awards for county presentation day in the May issue of the Cloverleaf.
 2010 Tri-County Large Animal Workshop 2010 SET Expo ~ The 2010 Science, Engineer-
April 24, 2010, 12 Noon-5PM, Redwood Acres               ing and Technology (SET) Expo will be held at
Fairgrounds, Eureka, CA. If you are currently            the Redwood Acres Fairgrounds in Eureka, CA
a livestock exhibitor or hope to be one in the fu-       on April 24 from 12:30PM to 4:30PM. All 4-H
ture, please plan on attending the Tri-County            members and their families are invited to attend
Large Animal Workshop to learn more about                this free and exciting event. Activities will in-
selecting, housing, feeding, grooming and show-          clude interactive booths, displays, geo-caching,
ing each animal species in both large and small          live demonstrations and a texting competition.
animal round robin. Please pre-register at no fee        For more information, please contact Humboldt
by April 15th, or there will be a late registration      County UCCCE 4-H program at 707-445-7351,
fee of $5/person after that. For more informa-           or visit their websites at http://cehumboldt.
tion, contact Morgan Johnson, chairperson, at   or
707-826-0511 or      
Best In Show: Cheyanne Noland, Trinity River 4-H, show shirt and pants

Reserve Best in Show: Shae Johnston, Trinity River 4-H, backpack

Primary Participation Ribbon: Ashley Carr, Zenia 4-H, red scarf

Blue Ribbon: Kenny Johnson, Hayfork Timberjacks, batik
             Krystin Dionno, Grass Valley Creek, pillow
             Krystin Dionno, Grass Valley Creek, knitted scarf
             Krystin Dionno, Grass Valley Creek, book bag
             Kelsey Willburn, Southern Trinity, sewn apron
             Krystin Dionno, Grass Valley Creek, soft baby toy
             Krystin Dionno, Grass Valley Creek, purse
             Cheyanne Noland, Trinity River 4-H, pink vest
             Cheyanne Noland, Trinity River 4-H, sewn green bag
             Libbi Ann Hartl, Zenia 4-H, pink & green camo scarf
             Cheyanne Noland, Trinity River 4-H, rainbow hat
             Cheyanne Noland, Trinity River 4-H, black hat
             Rachel D’Ambra, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
             Jessica McLean, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
             Stella Jarnaghan, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Shelby Sherman, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Jacob Noland, Trinity River 4-H, knitted hat
             Jacob Noland, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
             Jacob Noland, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Kodi Millsap, Southern Trinity, tied fleece blanket
             Kodi Millsap, Southern Trinity, adult shirt
             Kodi Millsap, Southern Trinity, girls dress x 2
             Kodi Millsap, Southern Trinity, pillow
             Mackenzie Felt, Southern Trinity, tied fleece scarf
             Laurel Dummer, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
             Tess Johnston, Trinity River 4-H, pajama shorts
             Tess Johnston, Trinity River 4-H, backpack
             Tess Johnston, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Shae Johnston, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Mariah Jarnaghan, Trinity River 4-H, vest
             Mariah Jarnaghan, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
             Kendal Dummer, Trinity River 4-H, Jeans purse

Red Ribbon: Ty Hartl, Zenia, patchwork pillow
            Kaitlynn Young, Southern Trinity, scarecrow
            Jessica McLean, Trinity River 4-H, pink and black vest
            Stella Jarnaghan, Trinity River 4-H, backpack
            Christa Krenz, Grass Valley Creek, beanie
            Mary Sherman, Trinity River 4-H, drawstring bag
            Michael Prindiville, Grass Valley Creek, sewn fleece blanket

White Ribbon: Nicholas Prindiville, Grass Valley Creek, apron

                                        County Information
                       Trinity County 4H Events are GOING GREEN! The 4H Council made the decision
                       to ‘go green’ at major county events. We will no longer be purchasing disposable
                       (environmentally unfriendly) paper plates, dishes, cups, and plastic silver ware, that we
                       end up having to haul to the landfill after each event. We are asking everyone to help
                       us with this commitment by bringing their own plates, cups or mugs, & utensils to county
                       events. That way we will all be contributing, and saving money at the same time. We
                       will still provide paper napkins. I know this will take some adjustment, thank you in
                       advance for helping us with this! This began with Textile Day/ Crafts Day/Skating party
                       on March 6th.

THANK YOU GRASS VALLEY CREEK 4H for the recent donation of $260 to the 4H Council operating ex-
penses for the 2009-2010 year. This club does a lot of local fundraising to support worthy causes, and the
council appreciates your efforts.

All Star Applications for the 2010/2011 year are due May 1, 2010. Being an All Star is the highest 4H honor
at the county level. Older 4H youth who qualify should think about applying to be an All Star for next year.
Qualifications to apply to be an All Star are listed on the application – it is available on our 4H county website.

Animal Ethics Training is required EACH YEAR for 4H members selling market animals.
Every 4H member who is planning to sell a market animal as a 4H member at the 2010 Junior Livestock
Auction at the Trinity County Fair must fulfill the requirements listed on the ‘Market Animal Livestock
Agreement’. One of these requirements is to have ethics training on the care and treatment of market
animals. Please check with your project leader if you are unsure about having had this training. There
is a training video, and other materials each club leader has that can be used as part of this training.

Reminder to 4H Leaders: Any 4H leader who has not yet been fingerprinted, not sent in enrollment forms, or
has not had an orientation with Audra cannot hold project meetings until these requirements have been met.
Please call the 4H Office if you have any questions regarding this.

Attention: Club Leaders
The following clubs have not turned in their required documents to maintain their legal status for the 2009-2010
4H year. These were due on December 1, 2009. Please submit them to the 4H office ASAP. Thank you!
                                Zenia 4H- Planning Guide (Goals), Budget
                 Weaverville Mighty Fine Swine & Company - Planning Guide (Goals), Budget

                   Market Animal Ownership Dates – Weight Requirements for
                           the 2010 Trinity County Fair (at weigh-in):
    BEEF                                                  RABBIT
     Ownership Date: April 23, 2010                        Litter Date: June 16, 2010
     Minimum Weight: 1100 pounds at weigh-in               Ownership Date: July 23, 2010
     Maximum Sale Weight: 1350 pounds                      Minimum Weight: 3 pounds each at weigh-in
                                                                     Maximum Weight: 5 pounds each
    SHEEP                                                 3

     Ownership Date: June 23, 2010
                                                           Hatch Date: June 30, 2010
     Minimum Weight: 110 pounds at weigh-in
                                                           Ownership Date: July 23, 2010
     Maximum Sale Weight: 145 pounds
                                                           Maximum Sale Weight per pen – 21 pounds
    SWINE                                                     TURKEY
     Ownership Date: June 23, 2010                             Hatch Date: April 7, 2010
     Minimum Weight: 210 pounds at weigh-in                    Ownership Date: July 23, 2010
     Maximum Sale Weight: 265 pounds                           Minimum Weight – 14 pounds at weigh-in
                                                               Maximum Sale Weight – 40 pounds                4
                    DER n on                           Grass V
              REMIs who pla nimal
                                                       On Feb alley Creek
                                                      annual ary 20th our c Happening
                   e            a                                                                 s
              emb selling an rn in
                                                              4-H Qu             lub hos
                                                                       iz Bowl            te
                                                                               and Jud d the
       All m and             s t tu                              O ve
                                                          particip r 25 people at ging Jamboree
            in g        st mu signed
      show r in Augu                                 teams a      a te d              te n d e      .
                            nd                               nd indiv in six categorie d and
       at Fai       pleted a estock                 these e           id
                                                            vents a uals. Fun wa
                                                                                           s as
             r com nimal Liv 1, 2010                ~ Kryst         nd the p            s had a
        thei                                                in Dion          otl                t
                                                                     no, Rep uck following.
                 et A       May
                   me nt by ffice!
           A gree he 4-H O
                 to t

                              Happy April Birthdays!!!
                         Kenny Johnson ~ Hayfork Timberjacks
           Riley Cody, Snuggie McQuade, Hannah Eaches~ Grass Valley Creek
                                 Clayton Carr ~ Zenia
                             Shae Johnston ~ Trinity River
                         Bradley Brinkley ~ Mighty Fine Swine

               Trinity County 4-H Clubs, Leaders, and meeting information:
 Hayfork Timberjacks: Kathy Johnson: 628-4221; 2nd Sunday, 5:00PM, Hayfork Youth Center
 Grass Valley Creek: Deanna DeAntoni: 623-4224; Cecile Cody: 778-0415; 2nd Sunday,
                               6:00PM,    Lewiston Recreation Hall
 Trinity River 4-H: Rhonda Noland: 629-1160; 1st Sunday, 4:00PM
 Southern Trinity: Ronie Millsap: 707-574-6472; Last Wednesday, Southern Trinity High School,

 Zenia: Yolanda Henrikson: 707-923-9634; 1st Monday, 4:30PM, Old Zenia Grange
 Mighty Fine Swine: Wallace Brinkley: 623-3881; 2nd Wednesday, 5:30PM Trinity High School
                       Ag. room

Congratulations to Luke Noland of the Trinity River 4-H for correctly spotting the
location of the Hidden Clover in the February issue of the Cloverleaf newsletter!
Can YOU find its location in this issue? Look everywhere except on the front or
back pages, and if you find it, call the 4-H Office at 628-5495 and tell us where you
found it!                                                                       5
                                             Record Book Corner
  Keep up on your PDR, and your project reports, we are half way through this 4H year! Check out the following items, you may
  be able to enter them into your PDR.
  Activity/Event/Award                                                       Category on PDR
  List your Projects                                                                  #1 - 4-H Project
  Exhibited items at Textile Day                                                      #2 – Project Skill Activities
  Practiced showmanship at a project meeting                                          #2 – Project Skill Activities
  Attended a 4H Council meeting                                                       #3 - 4-H Event attended
  Attended Textile Day                                                                #3 - 4-H Event attended
  Attended Crafts Day & Skating Party                                                 #3 - 4-H Event attended
  Attended County Presentation Day                                                    #3 - 4-H Event attended
  Committee member for planning Presentation Day                                      #4 – Leadership
  Committee chairperson for planning Presentation Day                                 #4 - Leadership
  Junior or Teen Leader (count once for each project)                                 #4 – Leadership
  Participated in a community service event                                           #5 – Community Service
  Led the American Flag salute at a club meeting or county event                      #5 – Citizenship
  Article submitted to Cloverleaf or local newspaper about club activities            #6 – Communication Skills
  Led the 4-H pledge at a club meeting or county event                                #6 – Communication Skills
  Led the science activities at Crafts Day                                            #6 – Communication Skills
                                                                                              OR #4 - Leadership
  Master of Ceremonies at Presentation Day                                            #6 – Communication Skills
                                                                                              OR #4 - Leadership
  Blue ribbon at Textile Day                                                          #7 – Honors & Recognition
  Blue ribbon Presentation Day                                                        #7 – Honors & Recognition
  Best of Show at Textile Day                                                         #7 – Honors & Recognition
  Reserve Best of Show at Textile Day                                                 #7 – Honors & Recognition
  School or community sports team, private lessons,                                   #8 – Lifestyle Activities
          organization membership, afterschool job

                LIFE SKILLS CIRCLE
The featured Life Skill for this month is:
Taking an Active Role with Adults – Are you as a 4H
member highly involved in your club’s program plan-
ning and implementation? When you are, the club is
your club, not just a club you belong to that is run by
adult leaders. Ways that you can become more in-
volved are: being a club officer, join the planning com-
mittees to set goals for your club, or being a junior or
teen leader for a project. Ask your club leader what
you can do to have more of a say in the running of
your club.

                                                     NEW CURRICULUM!!
                          4-H Guide: Digital Photography ~ 4-H Guide: Dog Training and Tricks
                                   Clemson University 2009 Avian Bowl Study Manual
                       These are all great additions to our curriculum library, and we’are very excited
                        to have them on hand for your reading pleasure. Please feel free to come by
                               the 4-H Office and have a look...better yet, CHECK THEM OUT!!        6
♦   Sign-ups are still being taken for the 2010 California Focus Program. Come participate in hands-on pro-
    grams that bring history, government and policy issues to life and help you get involved in your own commu-
    nity. The conference runs from June 25-29, 2010.

    A 4-H shooting sports workshop for the archery discipline will be held in Red Bluff, CA on Saturday, April

♦   10, 2010 from 9 am - 5 pm and Sunday, April 11, 2010 from 9 am - 1:00 pm. Participants must attend both
    days of the training to receive certification. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be certi-
    fied as archery volunteers and can instruct archery club projects and camp programs. Cost for the course will
    be $35 and includes morning refreshments, Saturday lunch and class materials. Dry camping is available at
    the range. To register, please access the "Training Request Forms" at
    shootingsports/index.asp or contact your county 4-H office. For more information, contact Leland George at
    530-527-4200 or e-mail: Please send registration forms and fees to Leland George,
    21075 Hwy 36 West, Red Bluff, CA 96080. Make checks payable to "Tehama County 4-H Council". Pre-
    registration is due April 2nd.

♦   The 2010 State 4-H Field Day is planned for May 29, 2010. The event will include a variety of interests in-
    cluding presentation day, state fashion revue, a plant science contest and interview contest amongst many
    others. If you are interested in exhibiting at this annual event, click here
    fieldday/SFD-App-Form2010.pdf for an application. Applications are due by April 2, 2010.

♦   State Fashion Revue wants to see "What's in YOUR Closet" on May 29, 2010. Delegates selected at County
    Fashion Revues may register from March 1 - May 12. The committee is also hosting activities during State
    Field Day for other youth, adults and families who are not State Fashion Revue delegates. Hats Off For Kind-
    ness - everyone is invited to make a soft cancer cap, model and donate it. County Corner - counties are en-
    couraged to bring a sewing/fashion/textiles display to share. Judging classes - test your knowledge of sewing,
    fashion and textiles. A Make it - take it workshop will be in Olson Hall. And the newest addition is First Year
    Showcase - an interactive workshop planned just for first-year sewers who are not State Fashion Revue dele-
    gates. You are invited to model your Fashion Revue outfits in a relaxed non-competitive setting; all categories
    welcome. For more information, please check out th! e website at

    Do you enjoy the art of photography or capturing moments on film? The 2010 CA 4-H State Field Day on May 29th has
    added two new contests, the California 4-H Photography Contest and the California 4-H Film Festival to the event oppor-
    tunities available. Online registration for the Photography contest is due by May 7th as well as the video submissions for
    the Film Festival. Films created need to address the topic, "What does 4-H mean to you?". Photo entries can be dropped
    off on the 29th. Please click here for photo contest rules and entry information and here for Film Festival rules and infor-

    The State Leadership Conference 2010 "Operation 4-H" is now online at
    slc/. Financial assistance will be allotted on an "as needed and available" basis and is not transferable. Appli-
    cations are due May 15th. Delegates may request up to $330 of financial aid. Please direct questions to
    Quang "Hogan" Tong at 530-752-5644 or email at

♦   The 2010 Statewide 4-H Higher Education Scholarships are available for application and due to the State
    4-H Office postmarked by April 30, 2010. To view the full list and description requirements of the scholarships
    available, visit:

    The Golden Clover Awards recognize outstanding achievement of 4-H members, volunteers, 4-H program staff, and
    groups within the 4-H YDP. Applications are due postmarked by May 31, 2010. The 2010 applications are now available
    on the state website at: Please nominate a worthy candidate that you
    believe is deserving of this great honor. Please direct questions to Quang "Hogan" Tong at 530-752-5644 or email at

    The EPA has announced the 4th Annual Rachel Carson Contest and is seeking entries for creative projects in the ar-
♦   eas of poetry, photography, essays and dance. Entries need to be from a team of two or more. Entry deadline is June
    16, 2010. For more information, visit:
                                4-H Calendar of Events
    DATE                             EVENT                          TIME                    LOCATION
                                                                              Trinity County Office of Education OR
4/1/2010          Art Extravaganza entry forms due                 4:30PM     4-H Office, Hayfork
4/4/2010          EasterSunday
4/12/2010         4-H Office closed
4/17/2010         4-H Art Extravaganza                             10:00AM Fairgrounds, Hayfork
4/17/2010         Sectional Presentation Day                                 Susanville, Lassen County
4/24/2010         Large & Small Animal Workshop/SET Expo.          12 to 5PM Redwood Acres fairgrounds, Eureka
                  Signed Market Animal Livestock Agreements
5/3/2010          due                                          4:30PM         4-H Office, Hayfork
5/3/2010          All-Star Applications Due                    4:30PM         4-H Office, Hayfork
                  State 4-H Field Day/Presentation Day/Fashion
5/29/2010         Revue                                                       UC Davis
5/31/2010         Memorial Day holiday…4-H Office closed
6/2/2010          Trinity County 4-H Council Meeting           6:00PM         Trinity County Office of Education, Wvvl.
6/2/2010          Incentives & Recognition Committee meeting       council mtg. Trinity County Office of Education, Wvvl.
7/5/2010          4th of July holiday observed…4-H Office closed
7/29/10-8/1/10    State Leadership Conference                                 UC Davis
8/27/10-8/29/10   Trinity County Fair                                         Fairgrounds, Hayfork
8/31/2010         End of Trinity County 4-H Year
8/31/2010         Club Year-End Reports due                        4:30PM     4-H Office, Hayfork
9/6/2010          Labor Day holiday…4-H Office closed
10/3/10-10/9/10   National 4-H Week
10/6/2010         Trinity County 4-H Council Meeting               6:00PM     Trinity County Office of Education, Wvvl.
10/7/2010         County Record Books due                          4:30PM     4-H Office, Hayfork
10/11/2010        Columbus Day holiday…4-H Office closed
10/23/2010        Club Officer Training                            10:00AM    Fairgrounds Dining Hall, Hayfork
10/24/2010        Record Book Judging                              9:00AM     Trinity County Office of Education, Wvvl.
11/13/2010        Achievement Day/Healthy Favorite Foods Day       9:30AM     Fairgrounds Dining Hall, Hayfork
12/1/2010         Trinity County 4-H Council Meeting               6:00PM     4-H Office, Hayfork

                                                  Happy Easter,
                                                                  University of California
                                                                  Cooperative Extension
       The Cloverleaf newsletter is published monthly for the Trinity County 4-H Youth Development Program. UCCE exists in Trinity
                County as a partnership of The University of California, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Trinity County.

                       Articles and photographs for the Cloverleaf are due in to the UCCE Office by the 20th of each month.
                      The Cloverleaf is also available online at the Trinity County 4-H website:

           OFFICE LOCATION:                                                                                                          TELEPHONE NUMBER:
                                                             Email address:
        Trinity County Fairgrounds                                                                                                        (530) 628-5495
                                                           Website address:
       6000 Highway 3, Hayfork, CA                                                                                                  Fax number: (530) 628-1945

                     Audra Lane                                                                                  Pamela Coffey
             4-H Program Representative                                                                   UCCE/4-H Administrative Clerk II

                                                                      Visit the California State 4-H
                                                                      website at:

The University of California prohibits discrimination or harassment of any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy (including
childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth), physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital
status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services (as defined by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994: service in
the uniformed services includes membership, application for membership, performance of service, application for service, or obligation for service in the uniformed services) in
any of its programs or activities. University policy also prohibits reprisal or retaliation against any person in any of its programs or activities for making a complaint of discrimi-
nation or sexual harassment or for using or participating in the investigation or resolution process of any such complaint. University policy is intended to be consistent with the
provisions of applicable State and Federal laws. Inquiries regarding the University’s nondiscrimination policies may be directed to the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
Director, University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 1111 Franklin Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94607, (510) 987-0096.

     University of California
     Cooperative Extension
     Trinity County 4-H Office
     P.O. Box 490
     Hayfork, CA 96041

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