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									Rescued in a Wedding Dress
International Grooms

Author: Cara Colter

Charity worker Molly Michaels can't resist trying on a donated wedding dress. It's her dream to be a bride
draped in satin and silk—but not for the zipper to get stuck moments before meeting her new boss!Self-
made entrepreneur Houston Whitford can't ignore a damsel in distress or a wedding dress! As long as
she knows he's here for business, to make dollars and dimes—and not for romance...
Author Bio
Cara Colter
Cara Colter was born in Calgary, Alberta, but now lives on a small acreage in British Columbia. She
shares her life with eight horses, a cat and her hero, Rob. They have three grown children and a
grandchild.A journalism graduate, Cara has been making her living with words for her entire adult life.
Before finding her home at Silhouette, she wrote educational materials, newspaper stories, magazine
articles and even sermons!"I am living proof that dreams come true," Cara says. "I am an ordinary person
leading an extraordinary life."To learn more about Cara's extraordinary life, and to meet some of the
characters she shares it with, visit her at

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