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									Track Record of Blackthorn Medical Centre & Trust

1988-90 "Evaluation of 136 'heartsink' patients" - a two-year study by Derek Blincow MRCPsych
for SE Thames RHA - Primary Care Development Fund. Project 101/87

1992-94 A 2 year study of Blackthorn Garden by Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health: "Work,
Empowerment and Community - Opportunities for people with long term mental health
problems" An RDP study of four new work projects. Julia Nehring, Robert Hill & Lynne Poole.

1993. "Blackthorn Garden Project" - Community Care in the Context of Primary Care"
Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. Julia Nehring & Robert Hill. 1995

1999 "Growing Places for Life!" - a report of visits and interviews to 10 health and environment
projects (including Blackthorn) with recommendations to promote Healthy Living Initiatives,
which combine Agenda 21 and Health 21. Pioneer Health Centre. David Lloyd. March 1999.

2001 "A Model of Integrated Primary Care: Anthroposophic Medicine" - Jane Ritchie, National
Centre for Social Research; Jane Wilkinson, Madeleine Gantley, Gene Feder, Yvonne Carter,
Juliet Formby - Department of General Practice and Primary Care, St Bartholomew's and the
Royal London Hospital Medical Schools, Queen Mary, University of London. Blackthorn was
one of the 7 NHS practices to participate in this one-year qualitative evaluation.

2003 "Qualitative investigation of the beliefs and expectations of patients with cancer following
their management by the Blackthorn Trust Medical Centre" Geoffrey Harding PhD MILT,
Senior lecturer in Primary Care Research Centre for General Practice and Primary Care, Institute
of Community Health Sciences, Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of

2008 “ An Anthroposophic Approach to Pain Management – First year of an NHS pilot”
David McGavin, Blackthorn Medical Centre

2009 “Chronic Pain as an Instrument of Change – Anthroposophic Management of Long Term
Conditions – David McGavin Blackthorn Medical Centre, Gene Feder Professor of Primary
Care Research University of Bristol

Recognition & Awards

   •   Doctor of the Year - Mental Health and Overall Winner 1993
   •   Evian Award for Science and Medicine 1991
   •   Kent Heartbeat Award 1999
   •   LOFA Charity Award 1999
   •   NHS Beacon Training Practice 1999/2000
   •   Smith Kline Beecham/Kings Fund – Community IMPACT Award 199
   •   HRH Prince of Wales Award for Integrated Health 2001
   •    Royal College of GP / Leonard Cheshire Disability Care Award 2009
   •   Visit by Baroness Cumberlege Minister of Health
   •   Visit by Nigel Crisp Chief Executive NHS
   •   Visit by Jonathan Shaw Minister for Disabilities in Department for Work & Pensions
   •   Visit by HRH The Prince of Wales

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