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					                            Who are OITUK Ltd.?
OITUK LTD is a member of the J & J Negus group of companies, specialising in
providing Content Management Solutions that encompass Imaging, Electronic
Document and Records Management, Workflow, Portal-Based Business Applications
and Collaboration Facilities. Systems scale from small departmental deployments to
large enterprise-wide solutions.

The C-Cube EDM & Workflow solutions incorporate the DocFinity components
provided by OIT Inc., in USA. The C-Cube solutions are designed, installed, and
supported by experienced staff in OITUK Ltd. Key market sectors have included
Healthcare, Government (Local and Central), Retail, Telecoms, Manufacturing and
Financial Services, with many diverse business applications including:

       Supply Chain (Invoices, Purchase Orders, PODs & GRNs)
       Electronic Health Records and PAS Integration (NHS)
       Customer Service & Call-Centers
       Local Govt. Revenues & Benefits, Housing & Planning
       E-Government Initiatives & Legislative Compliance
       Human Resource Information Handling
       Electronic Forms Processing & Transacting
       Business Collaboration & Knowledge Management
       Electronic Records Management
       Web Portal Integration
       Web Content Management
       Systems Integration & Process Automation

•   OITUK has an extensive track record of providing business efficiency gains to
    public and private organisations through the use of the C-Cube product suite. Our
    approach is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers to help realize
    tangible benefits through the use of EDM & Workflow technologies.
•   OITUK have significant expertise in designing and implementing the line-of-
    business integration through existing applications.
•   All the proposed software from OITUK forms a market-mature, integrated suite with
    associated software longevity, an ongoing future development vision and high
    quality levels of support.
•   The OITUK project team works closely with clients at all stages of the project,
    including design, implementation, testing, rollout and ultimately, support. All these
    activities are under the Project Management of OITUK.

                              C-Cube Solution Awards
                                What is C-Cube?
C-Cube is the brand name for EDM & Workflow solutions provided by OITUK Ltd.
These include DocFinity which is the leading Content Management software suite from
Optical Image Technology Inc., USA, for which OITUK LTD., have exclusive licensing
rights to sell and deploy solutions in the UK and Western Europe with value-added
services and software applications.
The C-Cube solutions are based on a modular structure and open architecture, and
provide a wide spectrum of capabilities including document imaging, COLD, workflow,
document and records management and web portal delivery. The solutions handle all
document formats and provide an intuitive user interface for searching, tracking and
retrieving documents. Users may also add / modify documents, participate in workflows
and submit documents to specific output queues for printing or faxing. Tight integration
with line-of-business applications is commonplace for automated indexing and
transaction handling.

Typical Business Benefits:
    Dramatic Cost Savings                 Increased Audit and Control
    Increased Productivity                Reduced Paper Handling & Duplication
    Solid Disaster Recovery               Enhanced Process Efficiencies & Integration
    Enabled E-Business                    Increased Customer Loyalty

The diagram above highlights how C-Cube is fundamentally based on modular building
blocks that connect with central networks and servers. At the heart of the topology is the
C-Cube content capture engine, gathering diverse information sets from a variety of
sources to compile an integrated repository. C-Cube then relates this content to existing
information in other business applications to automate indexing and create cases of
documents to work flow between users for completion of business transactions.
    OITUK Ltd. Hammond Close . Nuneaton . Warwickshire . CV11 6RY . UK
           Telephone: (024) 7625 4940 . Facsimile: (024) 7638 2319
                 E-Mail: sales@oituk.com www.oituk.com