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					The Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis (CAPITA) at Washington
University in St. Louis was recently awarded a NASA REASoN cooperative agreement.
NASA aims to exploit the capabilities of the Internet for data delivery, access to
information, dynamic updating of databases, decision-making support and educational
use of data and information. To help direct and attain that vision, NASA has launched the
Research, Education, and Applications Solutions Network (REASoN) program with 40-
plus projects funded in its initial phase.

The goal of the CAPITA REASoN project is to deliver and use Earth Science Enterprise
(ESE) data and tools in support of air quality management. The scope of our project falls
within the domain of Particulate Matter (PM) air quality management and aims to
develop a federated PM information sharing network that includes data from NASA,
EPA, and US States. The goal will be realized through the use of monitoring data, novel
information technology, and interoperability standards. Washington University, in
cooperation with NASA, will partner with EPA, States and other agencies to conduct the

In contributing to a network of NASA ESE data in support of particulate air quality
management, CAPITA's project will develop access to distributed data, build Web
infrastructure, and create tools for data processing and analysis. The key technologies
used in the project include emerging web services for developing self describing and
modular data access and processing tools, and service oriented architecture for chaining
web services together to assemble customized air quality management applications. The
technology and tools required for this project will be developed within, an
infrastructure that supports collaborative atmospheric data sharing and processing web
services (

Tools developed during this project will include:
"       A catalog of distributed ESE data products and surface monitoring data relevant
to air quality management. Datasets will include remote sensing data (MODIS, SeaWiFS,
GOES, MISR, AERONET,…), satellite derived products, such as aerosol optical depth
and fire locations, particulate matter monitoring network observations, and
meteorological data.
"       A spatio-temporal data explorer for displaying, integrating, and analyzing satellite
and surface data. The explorer tool will operate through a multi-dimensional data space
consisting of spatial, temporal, parameter and other dimensions common to air quality
"       An Aerosol Watch System for delivering monitoring data from an array of real
time sensors (including surface and satellite data), facilitating the augmentation of routine
data with community-provided information resources and providing an aerosol alert
mechanism for use by the particulate matter management community.

The project's website is: