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Boy Scout Summer Camp 2004


									                                           Troop 325
                          South Manitou Island Trip
                                    15 - 19 July 2009
                    ****Leaving July 15th from McDonalds SW Capital, I-94 Exit 97 ****

                               LEAVE July 15th, 16:00 Hours

                                                                 Welcome to
                                                                 South Manitou
                                                                 Sleeping Bear Dunes
                                                                 National Lakeshore

The Geologic Story
South Manitou Island is part of an island chain that extends north to the Straits of Mackinac. The island consists of a
ridge of tilted layers of limestone, buried under a blanket of glacial debris. Glaciers carved out the Lake Michigan
basin. When the basin filled with water, the peaks of the ridge remained exposed as islands. During post-glacial
times, winds blowing on the high, sandy bluffs on the west side of the island moved sand inland, forming perched
dunes. The dunes are a fragile environment. Please stay on existing paths and avoid stepping on plants.

The Old Growth Cedars
Tucked away on the southwest corner of the island is a grove of virgin white cedar trees. One of the fallen trees
showed 528 growth rings, dating its existence to before Columbus.

The Island Fauna
The Island has only about eleven species of mammals, compared to about forty species on the mainland. The island
mammals include fox, beaver, coyote, chipmunk fox squirrel, snowshoe hare, deer mouse and four species of bats.
The small size and isolation of the island make it difficult to maintain a diverse mammal population.

The Lighthouse
The 100 foot (30 m) lighthouse tower, active from 1871 to 1958, marked the location of the only natural harbor
between here and Chicago. Ships took refuge here during storms and steamers stopped at the island to refuel with
wood for their boilers.

The Coast Guard Station
In 1901 the U.S. Life-Saving Service built a station on the island to assist ships in distress. The life-savers could row
out in their surfboat or use a line-throwing gun and breeches buoy to rescue stranded sailors. A wreck from this era,
the Three Brothers (1911), can be seen from shore at Sandy Point between the dock and the lighthouse. In 1915 the
U.S. Life-Saving Service became part of the U.S. Coast Guard.

After World War II, modern equipment ushered in a new era in life-saving. This was demonstrated on the cold,
stormy night of November 29, 1960 when the Liberian freighter, Fransisco Morazan ran aground on the southwest
4/28/2010 Troop 325
shore of the island. Three Coast Guard cutters and a helicopter rescued the fifteen people on board. The battered
wreck is still visible today. As a mark of the changing times, the station was permanently closed in 1958.

The Manitou Passage State Underwater Preserve
This preserve was established in 1988 to conserve the historic and archeological value of over fifty known
shipwreck sites, dating from 1835 to 1960. White mooring buoys with a blue band mark popular dive sites and are
used to moor dive boats. Do not drop anchor on or near wreck sites. For more information about the preserve,
contact a park ranger. These sites are protected by state and/or federal law.

The Farms
Farming developed slowly on the island, but by 1870 most islanders were self-sufficient farmers. Surplus crops were
sold to passing ships and mainland markets. The isolation of the island provided an ideal environment for growing
prize-winning rye, beans and peas. Today, there are no active farms on the island, but farm buildings, abandoned
machinery, the old school and cemetery are reminders of the past.

The Visitor Center
The Visitor Center is in the old island post office in the village. Exhibits tell the human and natural history of the
island. The facility is open daily from mid-May through early October.

The Ranger Station
The Ranger Station is in the former Coast Guard Station in the village. Rangers are here to help you enjoy your visit
and protect the natural resources. Report all emergencies and requests for assistance to the rangers. In an emergency
the Ranger Station can be reached from the mainland by calling (231) 334-3976.

Water is available at locations marked on the map. However, as of the spring of 2001, water is no longer available at
the Bay Campground. Campers utilizing the Bay Campground are required to carry water from the Village. Please
do not use pump areas for bathing or dishwashing.

For safety, hike with a companion and notify someone of your route and expected return time. Wear footgear that
gives good support. Terrain varies from sandy beaches to gravel and boulder-surfaced slopes. Carry drinking water.
Please stay on designated trails to avoid causing erosion and damage to plants. This is especially important in
sensitive areas such as the gull rookery, old growth cedars, dunes and steep bluffs.

CAUTION: Hiking on steep bluffs is dangerous.

Last updated: 10AUG2004
Author: Paul Purifoy

Cost: $80 per person. ($35 deposit, due May 1st. $45
remainder by Depart date).

Requirement: 1st Class Rank and above, age: 13 and older

4/28/2010 Troop 325
4/28/2010 Troop 325
                                             Equipment List
               Things to Bring: (Remember it must all fit in your Back Pack)
               You backpack can weight no more than (maximum) 35% of your body weight,
                recommended backpack weight is 30%.
               Your Food, for each camper, will weight approx. 8-10 lbs, so including this in your total
                backpack weight, remember backpack weight not to exceed 35% of your body weight!
               NO electronics, except GPS and/or Digital Cameras, make sure you protect from sand and

1.    Back Pack                                  Light Weight, size to fit your Scout 4,500 – 6,000 C.U.
2.    Sleeping Bag                               Stuff Sack Style, 40 Degree
3.    Sleeping Pad                               3/8 or ½ inch Closed Cell Foam, 7.99 8oz
4.    Tent                                       Small Light Weight, 2-Person buddy up save the weight.
5.    Ground Cloth                               No tarps, 6mil Polyethylene, ¾ inch smaller then tent
6.    Map of Island*                             Will be provided, may want to laminate
7.    Water Bottle (s)                           Two 32 Oz Wide Mouth Screw Top
8.    Medication                                 Provide detail instruction on meds for the scout leader
9.    First Aid Kit – Personal (Small)           Bandages, First Aid Cream, 2 nd skin, whistle
10.   Fanny Pack                                 To carry First aide kit, map and compass at all times
11.   Plastic Bags (4)                           Trash, Emg Rain Coat, Wet Clothing, spare
12.   bug spray, non aerosol                     Small Container or wipes
13.   sun screen                                 Small Container or wipes
14.   Hand book
15.   compass,                                   Highly recommended
16.   knife,                                     Pockety knife type- very small
17.   flashlight & batteries                     Extra batteries
18.   Mess Kit                                   Single person kit,

        4/28/2010 Troop 325
19.   cooking pot or fry pan                          An old 1 quart pot works fine
20.   Spoon                                           Plastic or Metal, only one…
21.   Back Packing Stove                              Only if you have one, Don’t go out an buy
22.   Sunglasses                                      Optional and recommended
23.   Watch                                           Highly recommended!!
24.   Toilet Paper                                    Only enough for three days, remove cardboard tube
25.   Tooth Brush with Paste in it                    Wal-Mart sells for 2.00
26.   Camp Soap                                       Small Bottle
27.   Hand Sanitizer                                  Small Bottle
28.   PERSONAL Hygiene items                          As appropriate
29.   Matches                                         Waterproof one box
30.   Clothing:                                       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
31.   ----Hiking Socks and liners (2 Pair each)       Wash the dirty pair in camp each day
32.   ----T-Shirt                                     2 Class B shirts
33.   ----Light Jacket                                Fleece recommended
34.   ---- Long underwear top and bottom              Synthetic not cotton
35.   ----Long Pants (2 Pair only)                    Zip off type, Blue Jeans are to heavy
36.   ---- Underwear (4 pair)                         Need to change daily to prevent Chafee-ing
37.   ---- Hat                                        Sun Hat Recommended – boonie hat, plus Knit hat
38.   ---- Gloves                                     Optional – leather work gloves
39.   ---- Rain Gear                                  Pants and Jacket, small compact
40.   ---- Light Weight Towel                         For Showering or Swimming
41.   ---- Extra pair of shoes                        Optional
42.   ---- Water Shoes                                Optional
43.   ----- Swim Trunks                               Optional – Should be to Cold for swimming
44.   Extra spending money $$                         For trip up and trip home
45.   FOOD                                            Scout Leader will buy and distribute,
46.   Snacks (you may bring your own)                 Scout Leader will buy and distribute or scouts may bring

        If you can’t get it in your pack back 4000 to 5000 CU in Pack you are bring too much!!!!!! You should be
        able to get everything in your back pack including your sleeping bag & Tent, & food…..

        What to wear on the day of Travel, (watch the weather)

                Pants Long, zip off preferred.
                Hiking Boots
                Hiking socks and liners, A MUST HAVE!
                Appropriate shirt, Class A (no neckerchief)
                Fleece style Jacket, vest appropriate for the current weather,, Boat trip will be cooler…

        Optional but suggested items:

                Camera & film, digital camera put in zip-loc bag
                playing cards,
                small pillow, Camp pillow only SMALL
                Small rope for clothes line.
                Optional, FRS Radio, 12 Mile Range Min. these are heavy, don’t recommend.

        Items Scout Leaders will bring:

                Water Filters – ( Clean water is on the Island but recommending we treat all drinking water, either
                 boil, tablets or filters.)
                Stove(s) backpacking --- will need 1 per 4 people, if scout has there own great!
                Fuel recommend two canisters per stove
                Bear Bags W/rope and weight
                Camp Soap
                Handi-wipes
        4/28/2010 Troop 325
       Shovel Plastic
       Weather Radio (one)


Month             High Temp        Low Temp         Rainfall         Lake Mich.
                                                                     Water temp
May               67°F             41°F             2.63 in
June              77°F             51°F             2.95 in
July              81               57               2.91 in
AVG               72°F             46°F                              75°F
Sun Rise          6:00 AM          Sun Sets         9:20PM

                                  SAFTY RULES:

1.)     We Will Follow The Leave No Trace Rules
              Plan Ahead & Prepare
              Travel and Camp on Durable Surface
              Dispose of Waste Properly
              Leave What You Find
              Minimize Camp Fire Impact
              Respect Wildlife
              Be Considerate of Other Visitors

2.)     Safety Rule of four:

              No fewer than four individuals go on any backcountry
               expedition or campout. If an accident occurs, one person stays
               with the injured, and two go for help. Additional adult leadership
               requirements must reflect an awareness of such factors as size and skill
               level of the group, anticipated environmental conditions, and overall
               degree of challenge.

              While on this trip: Scouts will always use the buddy system
               in and around the campsite. All excursions from the
               campsite will use the Safety rule of four (No exceptions).
              On All excursions on the Island, every Scout will carry at a
               minimum the following items:
                             First Aid Kit
                             Compass
                             Whistle
                             Matches
                             Toilet paper
                             Map of the island

4/28/2010 Troop 325
                             Boy Scout Meal Planner – Food purchased by the Troop
                                                                                        Dinner                                    Snack
              NOTE: will be cooking             You may bring food on your own, but     Pack a Dinner or Eat before you arrive.   Dairy Queen in Traverse City,
                                                you are completely responsible for it                                             walking distance from tent
              in groups of 8 people             (carry in and carry out), if you must                                             site.
 Wed, July 15 for Dinner, so we’ll              understand this!                        Eat a McDonalds, Arby’s, etc.
              have 5 groups (8                                                          (McDonalds on Captial Ave SW is our
                                                                                        departure point)
              people per group)
                 Breakfast                      Lunch – on the Island                   Dinner – on the Island                    Snack – on the Island
                 Jerky                          Power Bar                               Pasta with Meat Sauce                     Crackers
                 Trail Mix                      Packaged Meat (Tuna, Salmon, or         Desert
Thurs, July 16 Oatmeal                          Crackers/Tortilla's and Cookies         Coffee + Gatorade
                 Bagels + Cream Cheese + PB     Peanut butter, raisins
                 Coffee + Gatorade + Hot Choc   Gatorade
                 Breakfast – on the Island      Lunch – on the Island                   Dinner – on the Island                    Snack – on the Island
                 Jerky                          Power Bar                               Mac and Cheese                            Crackers
                 Trail Mix                      Packaged Meat (Tuna, Salmon, or         Chocolate Peanut butter Pie
  Fri, July 17 Tortillas + PB                   Crackers/Tortilla's and Cookies         Gatorade
                 Oatmeal                        Peanut butter, raisins
                 Coffee + Gatorade + Hot Choc   Gatorade
                 Breakfast – on the Island      Lunch – on the Island                   Dinner – on the Island                    Snack – on the Island
                 Bagels + PB + Jelly            Power Bar                               Omelets in a bag                          Crackers
                 Oatmeal                        Packaged Meat (Tuna, Salmon, or         Tortillas
  Sat, July 18 Trail Mix                        Crackers/Tortilla's and Cookies         Bacon
                 Jerky                          Peanut butter, raisins                  Coffee + Gatorade
                 Coffee + Gatorade + Hot Choc   Gatorade
                 Breakfast – on the Island      Lunch – on the Island                   Dinner, in Traverse City                  Snack
                 Cold Cereal + powdered milk    Power Bar                               PIZZA and Pop, Domino’s Pizza
                 Oatmeal                        Packaged Meat (Tuna, Salmon, or
 Sun, July 19 Trail Mix                         Crackers/Tortilla's and Cookies
                 Left overs                     Peanut butter, Left overs
                 Coffee + Gatorade + Hot Choc   Gatorade
          4/28/2010 Troop 325
Tentitive Schedule
Wed. July 15th
1530                  Assemble at               SW Capital Ave. I-94, Exit 97
1600                  Leave
2015                  Arrive overnight          Chris’s Grandmas house in TC (TENTS IN
                      Camp                      BACK YARDS)
                      447 N. Elmwood            Goto Diary Queen, Ice Cream – Bring your
                      Traverse City, MI         Money$$ for this
0730                  Breakfast                 Cold, prepared Breakfast
0800                  Leave for Leland
0900                  Arrive Leland             Manitou Island Transit Dock, website:
1000                  Ferry Leaves for
1130                  Arrive at Island
1130 – 1200           Intro by Ranger
1200 – 1230           Hike to Campsite
1300 – 1400           Snack & Lunch…
1400 – 1800           Free Time
1800 – 1900           Dinner – all return
                      to camp
2130- ?               Group Hike / Dunes
2200                  Campfire
0700 -0800            Breakfast
0900 -1200            Free Time
1200- 1300            Check in & Lunch
1300 – 1700           Hike 5 Mile -
1700 – 1800           Dinner – all return
                      to camp
1800 – 2100           Free Time
2100                  Campfire
0700 -0800            Breakfast
0900 -1200            Free Time
1200- 1300            Check in & Lunch
1300 – 1700           Hike 5 Mile

4/28/2010 Troop 325
1700 – 1800           Dinner – all return
                      to camp
1800 – 2100           Free Time
2100                  Sunset
2200                  Campfire
0800 – 0900           Breakfast
0900 – 1100           Free Time
11:00                 break camp, hike to       Form pack line on boat dock, prep for
                      Ranger                    16:30pm ferry depart
1200 - 1300           Lunch
1400 – 1500           Free Time
1500 – 1600           Hike to Dock
1630                  Boat Leaves               You can’t be late, don’t be left behind!
1800                  Arrive Leland
1900                  Dinner Pizza + Pop        In Traverse City, at Grandma’s
2000                  LEAVE FOR
                      BATTLE CREEK
2300                  ARRIVE BATTLE

4/28/2010 Troop 325
                              Troop 325 Permission Slip

As the parent or legal guardian of _____________________, I hereby give my
permission for him to participate in an outing with Boy Scout Troop 325.

Dates: ___15-19 July 2009_________________

Location: __South Manitou Island Trip_________________________________

I hereby give permission to the leaders of Boy Scout Troop 325 to render First Aid
should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, I also give permission to the
physician, selected by the adult leader in charge, to hospitalize, secure proper anesthesia,
order injection, or secure other medical treatment as needed.

I further agree to hold the above named Scout unit and its leaders blameless for any
accidents that might occur during this outing except for clear acts of negligence or non-
adherence to Boy Scouts of America policies and guidelines.

In case of emergency, I can be reached by phone at:

Home _____________________

CELL _____________________


If I cannot be reached, please contact
Name: __________________________________PHONE:_________________

Signed by parent or guardian: ___________________________Date: _______

By signing this, The Parents and the Scout also acknowledge the safety rules spelled out
in this trip documentation. It will also be the sole responsibility of the Parent to come
and pick-up their Scout if the Trip Safety Rules or any Scouting rules are not followed.
No refund will be given if the Scout is required to leave early.

My Scout has the following Medications or Special Needs: (Please list all Allergies or
needs the scout may have, use the back if necessary):
List Allergies and/or Meds w/directions:

4/28/2010 Troop 325
                          EMERGENCY NUMBERS

South Manitou Island Ranger Station              .                            231-334-3976
Mr. Rockwell, Scoutmaster mobile                                              269-420-6701

Important websites:
Manitou Island Transit (ferry):
South Manitou Island Weather Station Campsite:
South Manitou Island camping info:
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore info:

Directions:   Summary: 239.6 miles (3 hours, 46 minutes)

 Mile    Instruction                                     For        Toward
 0.0     Depart 2899 Capital Ave SW, Battle              87 yds
         Creek, MI 49015 on 5 Mile Rd [SW
         Capital Ave] (South)
 0.1     Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-94                     23.1 mi    I-94
         Reconstruction near Portage (WB)
         (December 8, 2006 - November 30,
 23.2    At exit 74B, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-94 Bus    2.1 mi     US-131 / Grand Rapids
 25.3    At exit 36A, road name changes to US-131        140.1
 165.4   At exit 176, keep RIGHT onto Ramp               0.4 mi     M-115 / Frankfort / Clare
 165.9   Turn LEFT (North-West) onto M-115 [M-55]        20.9 mi
 186.8   Turn RIGHT (North) onto M-37 [N 13 Rd]          7.9 mi
 194.6   Turn LEFT (North) onto M-37 [N 1st St]          12.5 mi
 207.1   Keep STRAIGHT onto US-31 [M-37]                 6.6 mi
 213.7   Turn LEFT (West) onto CR-610 [W Front St]       0.2 mi
 213.9   Turn RIGHT (North) onto N Elmwood Ave           0.3 mi
 214.3   At 447 N Elmwood Ave, Traverse City, MI         0.2 mi
         49684 [447 N Elmwood Ave, Traverse
         City, MI 49684], stay on N Elmwood Ave
 214.5   Bear LEFT (North-West) onto Bay St              0.3 mi
 214.7   Turn RIGHT (East) onto M-72 [E Traverse         15.3 mi
         Hwy], then immediately turn LEFT (North)
         onto M-22 [S West Bay Shore Dr]
 230.1   Turn LEFT (North-West) onto M-204 [W Race       0.6 mi
 230.7   Keep STRAIGHT onto M-204 [E Duck Lake Rd]       3.3   mi
 234.0   Keep STRAIGHT onto M-204 [E Philip St]          0.3   mi
 234.3   Keep STRAIGHT onto M-204 [W Philip St]          0.5   mi
 234.8   Keep STRAIGHT onto M-204 [E Duck Lake Rd]       2.6   mi
 237.3   Turn RIGHT (North) onto M-22 [N Manitou         2.2   mi
         Trail W]
 239.5   Turn LEFT (West) onto W River St                142 yds
 239.6   Arrive Leelanau-Manitou Island Ferry,
         Leland, MI                                                 SUMMARY
                                                                    Driving distance: 239.6 miles

4/28/2010 Troop 325
4/28/2010 Troop 325
4/28/2010 Troop 325

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