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									AHA Instructor accessories
         This big, sturdy clip holds papers
         or folders together—and features a
         handy magnet for hanging.
         33⁄8” long.
         #70-2311 | $1.79

         HEART PIN
         Red, blinking heart-shaped button
         branded with “American Heart
         Association Instructor.”
         # 70-2312 | $2.49

                                                           G. AHA SMALL NOTEBOOK
                                                           AND PEN
         Provides instructors with an easy
                                                           Spiral notebook with AHA
         way to time compression rate and
                                                           logo, pen and side pen holder.
         ventilation. Features single event
                                                           Includes lined paper and
         and split timing, two-place, fast finish
                                                           contact page for important
         memory, and an alarm. Shock- and
         water-resistant; 1/100th of a second
         accuracy. 2.25” x 2.56 with 18”-inch              # 70-2309 | $10.00
         #80-1018 | $6.00

                D. AHA CARABINER
                Multi-purpose clip, with spring-
                loaded closer, that’s great for
                holding multiple bags , equip-
                ment, extra keys, and more.
                #70-2310 | $2.29

                E. ‘PROUD TO BE AN AHA
                INSTRUCTOR’ PIN
                The perfect handout for new                H. AHA TRAVEL MUG
                instructors, meetings or trade             No spills on the way to work.
                shows. 23⁄4” x 11⁄2”                       Get this sharp, convenient
                #70-2571 | $12.50 (Pk of 25)               and reliable travel mug.
                                                           Crisp silver and red design,
                                                           with the AHA logo. Holds
                F. AHA LANYARD                             16 ounces.
                A convenient lanyard that can              #70-2308 | $12.50
                hold badges, or other IDs
                #70-2284A | $12.00 (Pk of 10)

2                                             Order online, anytime:
AHA Instructor wear
  In blue, red,
  or black;                        A. AHA INSTRUCTOR POLO SHIRTS
  featuring                        with ‘no curl’ collar
  embroidered                      Offers a soft, yet crisp, look with a
  AHA logo.                        no-curl collar that stays flat and neat,
                                   wash after wash. Made of 100% ring-
                                   spun combed cotton which holds
                                   its shape. Set-in short sleeves with
                                   flat knit cuffs. Men’s shirt features
                                   two-button neck; women’s features
                                   four-cotton closer.

                                   #   A1S-104-A02   Blue   M     $25.90
                                   #   A1S-104-A03   Blue   L     $25.90
                                   #   A1S-104-A04   Blue   XL    $25.90
                                   #   A1S-104-A05   Blue   XXL   $29.40
                                   #   A1S-107-A02   Red    M     $25.90
                                   #   A1S-107-A03   Red    L     $25.90
                                   #   A1S-107-A04   Red    XL    $25.90
                                   #   A1S-107-A05   Red    XXL   $29.40
                                   #   A1S-102-A02   Blk   M      $25.90
 A                                 #   A1S-102-A03   Blk   L      $25.90
                                   #   A1S-102-A04   Blk   XL     $25.90
                                   #   A1S-102-A05   Blk   XXL    $29.40
                                   Women’s shirts: product # A1S-2xx;
  In three colors,                 same sizes, colors, and prices as above.
                                   B. AHA INSTRUCTOR DRESS SHIRTS
  AHA logo.                        Ultra-comfortable, long-sleeved twill
                                   shirt that looks smart throughout the
                                   longest work day. Soft 100% sanded
                                   combed-cotton twill, with button
                                   down collar, front pocket and two-
                                   button adjustable tailored cuffs.

                                   #   A2L-108-A02   Khaki M      $27.90
                                   #   A2L-108-A03   Khaki L      $27.90
                                   #   A2L-108-A04   Khaki XL     $27.90
                                   #   A2L-108-A05   Khaki XXL    $31.40
                                   #   A2L-107-A02   Red    M     $27.90
                                   #   A2L-107-A03   Red    L     $27.90
                                   #   A2L-107-A04   Red    XL    $27.90
                                   #   A2L-107-A05   Red    XXL   $31.40
                                   #   A2L-102-A02   Blk   M      $27.90
                                   #   A2L-102-A03   Blk   L      $27.90
                                   #   A2L-102-A04   Blk   XL     $27.90
                                   #   A2L-102-A05   Blk   XXL    $31.40
 B                                 Women’s shirts: product # A2L-2xx;
                                   same sizes, colors, and prices as above.

Call us to order: (888) 322-8350                                           3
instructor wear                      A. VAN HEUSEN OXFORD
                                     ‘INSTRUCTOR’ SHIRT
                                     A luxurious, professional look. Two-ply
    Men’s or women’s                 pinpoint oxford style, with double-
    dress oxford                     needle seams, soft fused button-down
    shirt with                       collar, and double button cuffs. Shirts
    embroidered                      are a 60/40 cotton-poly blend.
    heart icon plus                                    Neck/Sleeve
    designation                      #   DS-101-1532   15”, 32”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1534   15”, 34”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1634   16”, 34”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1732   17”, 32”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1734   17”, 34”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1832   18”, 32”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-101-1834   18”, 34”    $29.95
                                     #   DS-201-0001   Small       $29.95
                                     #   DS-201-0002   Medium      $29.95
                                     #   DS-201-0003   Large       $29.95
                                     #   DS-201-0004   XLarge      $29.95
                                     #   DS-201-0005   XXLarge     $29.95

                                     B. ‘INSTRUCTOR’ POLO SHIRTS
                                     with ‘no curl’ collar
                                     A versatile classic, with a patented ‘no
                                     curl’ collar that keeps a crisp, profes-
    Women’s: in red or navy          sional look. Features our heart icon
    Men’s: in bone or navy           plus ‘instructor’ designation. Made of
                                     100% ring-spun pique cotton for a silky
                                     soft feel. Easy fit; slightly longer back.
                                     Highly wrinkle resistant; two-button
                                     placket. 6.8 oz; in two colors.
                                     #   PL-105-0001   Navy S      $24.95
                                     #   PL-105-0002   Navy M      $24.95
                                     #   PL-105-0003   Navy L      $24.95
                                     #   PL-105-0004   Navy XL     $24.95
                                     #   PL-108-0001   Bone S      $24.95
                                     #   PL-108-0002   Bone M      $24.95
                                     #   PL-108-0003   Bone L      $24.95
                                     #   PL-108-0004   Bone XL     $24.95
                                     #   PL-205-0001   Navy S      $24.95
                                     #   PL-205-0002   Navy M      $24.95
                                     #   PL-205-0003   Navy L      $24.95
                                     #   PL-205-0004   Navy XL     $24.95
                                     #   PL-207-0001   Red S       $24.95
                                     #   PL-207-0002   Red M       $24.95
                                     #   PL-207-0003   Red L       $24.95
                                     #   PL-207-0004   Red XL      $24.95

4                             Order online, anytime:
instructor wear
                                                                                     Unisex design;
                                                                                     with a touch of
                                                                                     spandex for
                                                                                     comfort and fit


    A                                              B. ‘INSTRUCTOR’ MOCK TURTLENECK
                                                   A great look; casual yet professional. Super soft
A. R-TEK ZIPPERED FLEECE VEST                      100% ring-spun cotton, with a touch of spandex
Get ready for cooler weather in style! This        provides comfort and fit. Featuring our embroi-
super soft vest, with water-repellent microfiber   dered heart icon plus ‘instructor’ designation.
woven top, and anti-pill fleece bottom, provides   #   MT-305-0001    S    $19.95
function and style. In red and black with zip-     #   MT-305-0002    M    $19.95
pered front and zippered pockets. Features         #   MT-305-0003    L    $19.95
our ‘hands on heart’ embroidered icon.
                                                   #   MT-305-0004    XL   $19.95
#   FL-307-0001       S    $29.95
#   FL-307-0002       M    $29.95
                                                       Call us to place your order! (888) 322-8350
#   FL-307-0003       L    $29.95
#   FL-307-0004       XL   $29.95
                                                   C. ‘CPR/PASSION’ T-SHIRT
                                                   At the gym, while running errands ... anytime is
    In three colors
                                                   a great time to promote your mission! This soft,
                                                   heavyweight cotton tee is comfortable and will
                                                   feel great time after time. Features our ‘CPR,
                                                   a passion for life’ graphic. In three colors.
                                                   #   TS-304-0001    Lt blue   S     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-304-0002    Lt blue   M     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-304-0003    Lt blue   L     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-304-0004    Lt blue   XL    $12.95
                                                   #   TS-306-0001    Orange    S     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-306-0002    Orange    M     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-306-0003    Orange    L     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-306-0004    Orange    XL    $12.95
                                                   #   TS-302-0001    Natural   S     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-302-0002    Natural   M     $12.95
    C                                              #   TS-302-0003    Natural   L     $12.95
                                                   #   TS-302-0004    Natural   XL    $12.95
Call us to order: (888) 322-8350                                                                       5
fun stuff
                           A. PLIABLE HEART KEYCHAIN
                           Tell the world that you ‘can save a
                           heart’. Our keychain is made of pli-
                           able, synthetic material; 1.85” wide;
                           1.1” thick. A fun, and practical, gift!
                           Features our ‘I Can Save a Heart’
Features heart icon
 and ‘I can save a         graphic.                                       Features nylon
       heart’              #HG-103 | $2.95                                handles for
                                                                          easy transport

                           B. SILVER HEART KEYCHAIN                       F. STADIUM BLANKET
                           Features a smooth, silver finish, with         For outings or your car, this
                           our ‘heart/hands’ icon on one side,            stadium blanket offers light-
                           and ‘I can save a heart’ on the other.         weight, cozy warmth. Features
                           Approx 1.325”. Comes with gift box.            soft red fleece inside and nylon
           ‘I can save     # HG-102 | $4.95                               handles for easy transport.
      a heart’ on back                                                    Embroidered with our ‘hands
                                                                          on heart’ graphic. 50” x 60.”
       See all our training materials at                  # HG-108 | $18.95

                           C. FOAM MOUSEPAD
                           An ergonomic mousepad, with
                           memory foam that cradles your
                           wrist in comfort. In red with our In
                           ‘CPR, a passion for life’ graphic.
      Comfortable,         #HG-110 | $9.95
    ergonomic design

                           D. CPR TRAVEL MUG
                                                                                           A sturdy bag
                           A sleek stainless steel travel mug,
                                                                                           for your
                           with drink-thru lid, is just the
                                                                                           laptop and
                           thing for busy instructors on the
                                                                                           other supplies
                           go. Foam insulated; holds 14 oz.
                           Features our ‘CPR, a passion for
                           life’ graphic.                                 G. LAPTOP SHOULDER BAG
                           #HG-104 | $7.95                                This versatile, durable bag can
                                                                          easily, and safely, hold your
                                                                          laptop as well as papers, pens,
                           E. ‘JELLY’ CELL MATE                           keys, and more. Constructed
                           PHONE HOLDER                                   of the highest grade 600 denier
                           Holds your digital devices, sun-               polyester fabric for durability—
                           glasses, or coins securely on your             and embroidered with our
                           dash —without adhesives or                     ‘hands on heart’ icon and
                           residue. In black with our ‘CPR, a             ‘Instructor’ designation. 15.75”
                           passion for life’ graphic.                     x 11.75”; expands to 6” deep.

                           #HG-109 | $5.95                                #HG-107 | $24.95
    Features our ‘CPR,
     a passion for life’

6                                                            Order online, anytime:
fitness & health
                         A. DIGITAL JUMP ROPE
                         Burn up to 180 calories in 15
                         minutes! Our jump rope features a     E. FAT LOSS MONITOR
                         digital display that shows calories   Easily measure body fat and
                         burned, how many jumps, and train-    Body Mass Index (BMI) at
                         ing time. Adjustable rope accom-      home. One mode for athletes
                         modates different heights. Features   and one for non-athletes.
                         our ‘Fit 4 Life’ logo.                Monitor your progress towards
                         #HG-112 | $8.50                       a healthier lifestyle! Comes
                                                               with diet/fitness guide.
                                                               # HBF-306C | $39.99

                         B. LARGE WATER BOTTLE
                         Perfect for the road or the gym,
                         this easy-open water bottle comes
                         in blue with our ‘Fit 4 Life’ logo.
                         #HG-116 | $5.50
                                                               F. AUTOMATIC BLOOD
                                                               PRESSURE MONITOR
                                                               Get accurate blood pressure
                                                               readings at home, with an In-
       Call us to place your order! (888) 322-8350             telliSense monitor that inflates
                                                               the cuff to the ideal level. Your
                                                               blood pressure and pulse read-
                                                               ings are displayed on a large
                                                               digital panel. 60 memory recall
                         C. FLIP-TOP WATER BOTTLE              and AC adapter included.
                         Perfect for the road or the gym,      # HEM-711AC (shown above)
                         this 20 oz. polycarbonate water        Cuff fits 9”-13” | $74.99
                         bottle features an easy-open pop-     # HEM-780
                         up drink-through lid and molded        Cuff fits 9”-17” | $79.99
                         finger grooves for an easy grip.
                         Fits most car and bike cup holders.
                         Comes in blue with our ‘Fit 4 Life’
                         #HG-117 | $5.95

                                                               G. HEART RATE MONITOR
                                                               Easy-to-program, with venti-
                         D. PEDOMETER W/BMI &                  lated watch band. Features
                         CALORIE COUNTER                       time of day, daily reminder
                         Our pedometer clips easily to         alarm, alarm option for low and
                         your belt and gives you an instant    high heart rates, and a mount
                         calorie count (or Body Mass Index).   watch receiver that can attach
                         Features our ‘Fit 4 Life’ logo.       to most treadmills and bikes.
                         #HG-113 | $8.95                       Water resistant; chest transmit-
   Track your fitness                                          ter belt. Zippered storage case.
                                                               One-year warranty.
                                                               # HR-100CN | $39.99
Call us to order: (888) 322-8350                                                             7
new items
                         A. ‘CPR INSTRUCTOR’
                         HEART CLIP/MAGNET
                         Clip your paperwork together in
                         style! This sturdy paperclip/magnet
                         can hold up to 40 sheets of paper.
                         Features our new ‘CPR Instructor’
                         graphic. 2 3⁄4” x 2 3⁄4” x 1”          C. ‘CPR INSTRUCTOR’
                         #HG-118 | $2.25                        DELUXE ORGANIZER
                                                                Organize and hold your
                                                                information securely with this
                         B. ‘CPR INSTRUCTOR’                    deluxe, padded organizer with
                         12-SLEEVE CD HOLDER                    push lock button. Comes with
                         Perfect for storing and organizing     a silver calculator, credit card/
                         all your instructor CD and DVDs.       business card slots, 8 ½ x 11
                         12 sleeves, padded PVC -zippered       notepad, pen, and room for
                         closure, and nylon handles. Features   additional documents, Leather
                         our new ‘CPR Instructor’ graphic.      feel and look; featuring our
                         #HG-119 | $3.95                        new ‘CPR Instructor’ graphic.
                                                                Approx. 9” x 12”.
                                                                # HG-120 | $10.95

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   Instructor gear,
 apparel and other
      items inside!

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                                                                      Apparel and gear
                                                                     for CPR instructors!

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