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Press Kit - Aastra Aastra Telecom UK Business Telephone Systems

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									                                            Press Kit

10 Key Facts about Aastra

Aastra: a fast-growing company
International presence
External growth strategy
A sound and profitable financial position

Aastra's strategy and offering
VoIP technology at the heart of Aastra Telecom's solutions
A strategy based on open standards
Applications which boost company efficiency
Vertical markets
Greater performance through partnerships

Senior biographies
10 Key Facts about Aastra:

         Headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, Aastra has an international reach
          with more than 2,000 employees around the world, a direct presence in more
          than 30 countries as well as thousands of sales partners and resellers, including
          a strong presence among carriers

         Aastra is a profitable and well managed company: Q4 2008 was Aastra’s 43rd
          consecutive positive quarter, revenues reached CAD$832.1 million by the end of
          FY 08 and the balance sheet is strong with a positive net cash balance

         With more than 50 million lines installed globally, Aastra has one of the largest
          customer bases of any global telephony provider and the loyalty of our customers
          is a testimony to our product and service quality

         Aastra has a long time track record of protecting customers’ investments

         Aastra has a broad portfolio of enterprise communications solutions to satisfy its
          every customer’s requirements. Offerings range from feature-rich call managers
          for small and medium businesses to highly scalable ones for large enterprises, to
          integrated mobility solutions, unified communications applications, and call centre
          suites, complemented by a wide array of terminals.

         Aastra is 100% dedicated to enterprise communications

         Aastra is now one of the leading players in EMEA: #3 in EMEA and #1 in the sub
          100 extension segment in 20081

         Aastra embraces open standards to offer standalone network elements or
          complete system solutions to its customers. Aastra is the only company with a
          complete portfolio of architecture: IP-PBXs, software based call managers, open
          source platforms, hosted solutions and Microsoft based architecture (i.e.
          Response Point and OCS 2007)

         Aastra continues to invest aggressively in R&D to be at the forefront of IP

         Founded in 1983, Aastra has grown both organically and through M&A. With
          major acquisitions in Europe in recent years, Aastra has been at the forefront of
          consolidation in the enterprise communications sector (Ascom PBX Division -
          September, 2003; EADS Telecom Division – March, 2005, DeTeWe - August
          2005 and in April 2008 Ericsson’s Enterprise Communications division)

    EMEA unified communications call control market 2008, Canalys
Aastra: a fast-growing company
Aastra develops and delivers innovative communications products and
applications for businesses. Aastra’s operations are truly global with more than
50 million installed lines around the world with a presence in more than 100
countries. Aastra is entirely dedicated to enterprise communications and offers
one of the most complete portfolios of unified communications solutions
individually tailored to its customers’ requirements. These range from feature-rich
call managers for small and medium businesses to highly scalable ones for large
enterprises, to integrated mobility solutions, call centers suites, complemented by
a wide array of terminals. With a strong focus on open standards, Aastra enables
enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently.

Founded in 1983 and based in Ontario - Canada, Aastra Technologies
began as an engineering company providing services to the aerospace and defence
markets. In 1992, the company started to specialise in telecommunications to develop
and market products and systems to access communication networks.

A sound and profitable financial situation

Aastra Technologies, which is quoted on the Toronto stock exchange (T: AAH), boasts a
strong financial position. At the end of Q4 2008, Aastra announced its 43rd consecutive
quarter of profitability. The company's revenue for the year ended 31st December 2008
amounts to CAD $832.1.

International presence

Aastra Technologies has more than 2,000 employees around the world.

Aastra has a direct presence in more than 30 countries and has thousands of sales
partners and resellers around the world, including a strong presence in local carriers, like
Orange Business Services, Telefonica, Swisscom, Belgacom, Telecom Italia and
Portugal Telecom. Aastra’s local presence and strong partnership network ensure that
the company has a close relationship with its large customer base benefiting from a high
degree of direct touch.

Aastra also has several R&D centres of excellence in North America and Europe.

External growth strategy

From 1996 to 1999, Aastra experienced strong organic growth. In recent years, it has
accelerated expansion through external growth by acquisitions. After acquiring several
North American based businesses, including Nortel’s analogue division and MBS
Centrex business (in 1999 and 2001, respectively), and Global ADSI solutions Inc in
2000, Aastra has aggressively reinforced its presence in Europe through the following

       - In September 2003, Aastra acquired Ascom's PBX division

       - In March 2005, Aastra acquired EADS Telecom's Enterprise Telephony
       business (including the North American Intecom Division)

       - In August 2005, Aastra acquired DeTeWe's Telecommunication Systems

       - In April 2008, Aastra acquired Ericsson’s Enterprise Communications division.

By basing its development strategy on external growth, Aastra has increased its
presence aggressively in European markets by acquiring companies with
complementary geographical footprints and channel partners.

These acquisitions have also rapidly expanded Aastra’s product portfolio and
development capability through new R&D centres in Europe:

       - the Ascom PBX acquisition complemented Aastra’s existing terminals offering
       and provided a strong presence in the SME enterprise telephony market

       - EADS enterprise telephony solutions increased Aastra’s portfolio to address the
       medium and large enterprise markets as well as IP telephony

       - DeTeWe was one of the founding partners of DECT technology and brought
       expertise in wireless products

       - Ericsson’s Enterprise Communication division has given Aastra a stronger
       footprint in EMEA and in the emerging markets, and has strengthened Aastra’s
       portfolio of communication solutions for medium to large enterprises as well as
       video conferencing and integrated mobility.

As a well managed company, Aastra has demonstrated expertise in implementing good
cost controls in its acquired businesses, and has executed several successful turn-
around strategies by aligning and then developing its acquired operations. By combining
complementary technological expertise, product portfolios, distribution networks and
geographic presence, Aastra has managed to position itself as a major player and has
moved to a leading position in EMEA only a few years later

Investing in innovation

With more than 500 R&D staff, Aastra invests significantly in innovation to keep its
competitive edge.

Aastra has R&D activities in North America and Europe with Centres of Excellence
focusing on:
           – Hybrid, IP and SIP-based call managers
           – Terminals
           – Contact centres
           – Hosted solutions
          –   Platform independent applications
          –   Mobility
          –   Conferencing and collaboration solutions

Industry recognitions
Frost and Sullivan, Growth Strategy Leadership Award in the European Enterprise
Communications Market (2006)
Deloitte, Technology Fast 50 – Canada (2006)
Frost and Sullivan, Growth Strategy Leadership Award in the European Enterprise
Communications Market (2008)
Aastra’s strategy and offering
Entirely dedicated to the enterprise communications market, Aastra offers
solutions tailored to enterprises of all sizes – from very smallest business to large
multinationals – as well as telecom operators, local authorities and government

Aastra has a broad product portfolio covering key segments. Most notably, Aastra has:

          - well-recognised expertise in small and medium systems. As the leader in this
          market in EMEA2, and with a long-time solid track record Aastra is best placed to
          understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses

          - a reputation for reliability and security for its VoIP technology

          - strong capability in the integration of large complex systems. Aastra’s high
          performance communications systems for large enterprise can scale up to
          150,000 users and are based on platforms that deliver reliability, scalability,
          security, a wealth of features and a smooth migration path to IP and Unified

          - a wide range of analogue, digital, IP and cordless handsets, softphones and
          CTI applications to suit individual requirements. Aastra’s popular range of SIP
          phones can be easily connected to a variety of platforms (open-source such as
          Asterisk as well as IP-centrex , such as Broadsoft). These phones offer superb
          audio quality and a flexible XML interface to adapt to and integrate with other

          - a range of mobility solutions from DECT and WiFi handsets, to Fixed Mobile
          Convergence, to advanced integrated mobility, like mobile extension and One
          Phone concepts

          - applications for unified communications

          - Aastra’s contact centre solutions can serve a wide range of applications, from
          enhancing a small helpdesk to connecting millions of customers to a dedicated
          multimedia contact centre using videoconferencing tools, collaboration and virtual

Our systems enjoy extremely high reliability,up to 99.999%. In case of fault, the system’s
reporting, remote diagnostics and system programming reduce costly engineer call outs
and simplify system changes and system programming. Finally, our terminals and
systems are compliant with the WEEE and RoHS directives.

Industry recognitions

      -   What to Buy for Business (UK), 2007, 2008 and 2009 Telephone Systems
          Awards for the Aastra Intelligate .

    EMEA unified communications call control market 2008, Canalys
-   Internet Telephony Magazine Product of the Year Award, Clearspan (2007)
-   Aastra's SIP DECT Solution received a "Best In Show" award at the 2008
    Internet Telephony Show
-   Aastra's 6757i received the first prize in the category systems and components
    (VOICE+IP Germany)
-   Best Channel Vendor 2009 ‘VoIP’ category (Business Solutions, USA)
IP telephony at the heart of Aastra's strategy

By investing strategically in R&D, Aastra provides enterprises with leading-edge
technological solutions to enable their business.

Thanks to focused R&D centres skilled in specific technologies, Aastra can now offer
highly competitive communications solutions. Aastra offers its large installed base dual
options for adopting VoIP:

       - Progressive migration to IP. This approach enables customers to switch
       to IP progressively, retaining their existing capital investment, while at the same
       time taking advantage of the benefits of voice/data convergence (open and
       upgradeable architecture, development of unified applications, simplification of
       networking and network administration).

       - "Full IP" solutions which meet an immediate need for voice integration
       in the company's IT network (e.g.: business moving into new premises, remote
       workstations or agents, complete renovation, etc.)

This approach ensures investment protection with a smooth evolution to VoIP and
Unified Communications.

A strategy based on open solutions

Aastra has strategically developed solutions which do not restrict the customer to a
closed architecture but which instead are based on open standards. Thus customers can
more easily integrate best of breed modules to build a top flight communication solution
or they are equally able to develop their own uniquely customised solution. For example:

       - Aastra was among first vendors to launch systems supporting the SIP protocol
       (Session Internet Protocol) which has become the de-facto standard for IP
       network access, converged multimedia applications and low-cost IP endpoint

       Aastra offers a comprehensive suite of SIP terminals (including SIP DECT
       and WiFi handsets).

       Aastra’s hybrid PBX range is SIP compatible, which makes it possible to
       connect standard low-cost SIP phones or advanced SIP terminals from Aastra.
       Moreover, SIP connection to VoIP operators (SIP Trunking) gives companies
       the opportunity to reduce the cost of their external calls and offers flexibility
       unavailable on traditional networks.

       Finally, Aastra also has in its portfolio SIP-based multimedia contact centres and
       SIP-based video conferencing solutions, which can be connected to any SIP
       compliant telephony system from other vendors.
Solutions to boost company efficiency

In response to the growth and complexity of data flows, to increasing employee mobility
and the need for enhanced customer relations management, Aastra creates and offers
innovative solutions for:

       - Unified Communications: provides within a single system – without any
       change to the company's existing architecture – all the functions of a traditional
       messaging system, along with multimedia communication tools. At any time, and
       from any tool (Web client, PDA, pocket PC, mobile phone etc.) users can consult
       and manage all of their voice messages, emails and faxes. This comprehensive
       and upgradeable application thus improves employee efficiency, particularly
       when they are mobile, and enhances business processes.

       - Integrated mobility with DECT, Fixed Mobile Convergence provides advanced
       mobility solutions to enable improved productivity and availability for employees
       on the move

       - Call centre solutions provide a powerful agent desktop, skills-based routing,
       integration with major CRM applications (SAP, Siebel etc), real time monitoring
       tools, management applications, and multimedia, multi-modal contact centre
       capability (handling voice, video, text, emails and faxes), all for small and large
       call centres processing a few dozen to millions of daily calls.

       - Multimedia conferencing provides network and process efficiencies using
       tools that can be scaled up to several hundred terminals with an innovative IP
       multicasting technique (thus eliminating the need of a multipoint control unit);
       and bandwidth consumption can be reduced by a factor of 2-3 compared to other
       video conferencing solutions on the market . Aastra’s colour touch-screen and
       intuitive user interface make video conferencing accessible for everyone.

Vertical markets

Aastra has a wealth of solutions for vertical market needs. Here are a few examples:

       Health care: Alarms broadcast systems for emergency calls, pre-paid accounts
       for patients, multiple patient association with a single telephone

       Higher Education: Emergency notification, student billing, distance learning

       Hospitality: Message waiting indicator for specific hotel-tailored sets,
       connectivity to hotel’s ERP, voicemail and announcement system coupled with
       the language of the guest

       Industry: DECT handsets with additional functions such as emergency call,
       acknowledgement to the exchange or the ability to locate employees
       Local government: Multi-tenant structure to host association and clubs,
       outbound call servers to warn the population in case of flood, linking of the city’s
       web site to the most appropriate contact centre agent

       Retail: Network between branch office and headquarter, including high capacity
       wireless solutions and IP networking

       Finance: Call recording solutions for trading desks, encryption, multi-media
       contact centres

       Government forces: Ruggerdised platforms for on-site deployment, ciphering,
       pre-emption mechanisms. Aastra’s high quality videoconferencing solution
       makes it ideal for telejustice, telemedicine and remote learning scenarios

Greater performance through partnerships

Aastra has strategic relations with many important industry players, including Microsoft,
IBM and HP. Recently Aastra launched its AastraLink RP based on Microsoft’s
Response Point call manager solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Finally, Aastra also has a technology partnership program to offer advanced tools
compatible with its platforms.
Aastra’s product, application and services portfolio

» Enterprise Communication Solutions
Analogue, digital and system telephones
Enterprise IP telephones
Wireless products – DECT, IP, DECT, WIFI
PBX and IP-PBX systems
Open standard Interface adapters and media gateway
Communication network platforms and applications

» Support Services
Customer service, support and training
Business consulting, network design and implementation
Maintenance services

» Applications
Contact centre solutions and applications
Unified messaging systems and advanced unified communications tools
Integrated conferencing platforms
Corporate networking solutions
System administration tools
Multimedia applications, including video conferencing

Aastra’s key customers
(insert relevant local customers)
Senior biographies

Francis Shen
Chairman and co-CEO

Francis Shen began Aastra in 1983 and initially the company was focused on R&D
projects in the defence and aerospace industries. In the early 1990s Mr. Shen
redirected Aastra to focus on developing products for the telecommunication market. By
1996, the company became a publicly traded company on a junior stock exchange. With
substantial sales and profit growth, in 1999 the company moved onto the Toronto Stock
Exchange. Between 2000 and 2002, Mr. Shen led the acquisition of 5 telecom business
units from Nortel, Lucent and Ericsson.

Francis Shen was named Ontario’s 2000 Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Technology &
Communications category by Ernst & Young Canada.

Francis Shen holds both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering
from the University of Toronto and, since 1983 has been certified as a Professional
Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Tony Shen
President and co-CEO

Tony Shen is one of the founders of Aastra Technologies Limited and a member of the
board of directors since the company's inception as a public company.

Tony became the President in 1996 and co-CEO in 2004. As a member of the senior
management team at Aastra, Tony was instrumental in growing the company organically
in the early years, participating in all the acquisition activities, and more recently
integrating these acquired businesses.

Tony graduated from the University of Toronto's Engineering Science, Physics program
in 1980.

Regional Group President

Country Manager



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