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                 Wise Lord & Ferguson
                         advice to advantage
                         Chartered Accountants                                                                 summer 2007

Painless business Practices                                                                                    1st Floor
                                                                                                               160 Collins Street
In April 2003 Peter Leach started Macquarie                           Advantages of ‘like-minded’              Hobart 7000
Osteopaths, going out on his own after five                       Peter is very clear about the value
years in other practices in Australia.                            and contribution Wise Lord & Ferguson        GPO Box 1083
                                                                  has played throughout his businesses         Hobart TAS 7001
Before that Peter worked for himself in the UK, was involved with development.
other practices and lectured at universities on osteopathy.
                                                                  “Whatever stage we’ve been at, they’ve
                                                                                                               Phone: 03 6223 6155
Peter’s very committed and active in osteopathy. Since 2006 he’s been able to assist and give us the
been the National Chair of the PR Committee of the Australian right level of service and advice. We            Fax: 03 6223 8993
Osteopathic Association and has recently become its State have peace of mind with Wise Lord &                  E-Mail: email@wlf.com.au
President.                                                        Ferguson.
                                                                                                               Internet: www.wlf.com.au
Osteopathy differs from other practices in its holistic philosophy    “It’s like having another Business
and combination of techniques, mostly soft tissue work to the         Partner. It doesn’t matter how
muscles and some gentle manipulation of the joints. It’s also about   complicated the question, we know that
all the regions of the body, not just the spine, and how all these    someone there will be able to answer
                                                                      it,” says Peter.
different areas work together mechanically and compensate for                                                  Christmas
each other.                                                                                                    Opening Hours
                                                                  The advantages of this for Peter are
                                                                  that up-to-date, accurate and reliable
Doing what you love                                               information is readily available to use      The Partners and staff at Wise
“I’ve always wanted to develop the best practice I could. In in planning and decision-making, as               Lord & Ferguson would like to
a practice you can focus on a lot of different components of well as freeing up time for him to
osteopathy.                                                                                                    wish all our clients a very Merry
                                                                  focus on the core competencies of the
                                                                  business.                                    Christmas and a happy holiday
“We recently moved from Macquarie Street to Burnett Street in
                                                                                                               season. Thank you for your
North Hobart and it’s been great. We see the new location as These are things that have not only
signalling a larger move in a new direction. Now we’re working added value to the business through             continuing support and we look
towards expanding our range of services for patients making the its early stages, but have also assisted       forward to working with you in
clinic in itself more holistic.                                   Peter to develop, grow and move              the new year. Our office will
                                                                  the business in the directions he has
Peter says diversifying the practice is about providing focused envisaged.                                     close on Friday 21 December at
services that overlap to some extent but don’t compete with each                                               noon and reopen at 8:45am on
other as well as developing up-to-date processes to measure and Working with accountants that have a
quantify patient outcomes.                                        similar philosophy and way of ‘doing         Wednesday 2 January 2008. Our
                                                                  business’ is also seen as an advantage       Audit division is reopening on
Wise Lord & Ferguson accountants got to know Peter in the early for Peter.
                                                                                                               Monday 7 January 2008
stages of his business and have since worked with him and his
wife and practice manager, Danielle, to organise their accounting In a way, the relationship Wise Lord &
systems in such a way that their day-to-day accounting and Ferguson has with Peter is similar to the
compliance is as painless as possible.                            relationships he has with his patients.
                                                                                                               PAINLESS BUSINESS

                                                                                                               GARROTT & BALL
                                                                                                               MERGING WITH US

                                                                                                               ADDITIONS TO OUR
                                                                                                               BUSINESS SERVICES

                                                                                                               ASSISTING YOU WITH
                                                                                                               LOAN ADVICE

                                                                                                               IMPORTANT DATES

 Some of the team at Macquarie Osteopaths, Anjela, Annette, Kerrie and Peter
Painless business Practices (cont.)

“Our businesses mirror each other. We both have a very strong            Stages to patient care and stages to business growth
team concept.                                                            Just as patients experience degrees of pain or immobility, there are
                                                                         stages to patient care.
“My clients don’t always need to see me. They can choose to see
our associate osteopath or for general maintenance or preventative       “In the short term, it’s about minimising clients' pain and the level
work our massage therapist.                                              of disability they are experiencing. Helping them to be comfortable
                                                                         enough to do what they need to do.
“In the same way I don’t always need the senior skills and expertise
of Dean Johnson, (a Business Services Manager at Wise Lord               Symptoms are often largely improved in the first few visits. “But
& Ferguson). We also deal with Kirsten Robertson (Graduate               the more interesting question for us is: Why do problems occur in
Accountant) who provides us with a lot of our day-to-day accounting      the first place? This is particularly important in severe or long term
support.                                                                 cases. We consider the underlying features of a patient’s problem so
                                                                         we can try to stop symptoms coming back,” says Peter.

                                                                         “In the medium term we can identify the unique set of biomechanical
                                                                         issues that underpin patients’ health problems. Our experience
                                                                         means we can see patterns forming and can predict the likelihood
                                                                         of a symptom or pain returning.

                                                                         “Then, in the long term it becomes about ways to empower the
                                                                         patient to look after themselves, manage their symptoms, learn the
                                                                         best ways to strengthen or increase their flexibility and maintain
                                                                         balance throughout all their systems,” says Peter.

                                                                         That’s when the practice can offer new integrated services. “We
                                                                         want to provide an alternative for the patients who find it tough to do
                                                                         their rehabilitation work themselves.

                                                                         “There are limitations to it that become obvious when a patient gets
                                                                         better very quickly or doesn’t finish their rehab exercises and is back
                                                                         here again in six months with the same problem.

                                                                         “In the future we want to provide rehabilitation sessions in a
                                                                         structured course-type way for patients, like a workshop,” says

                                                                         Peter and his team have energy and foresight to make their focused
                                                                         diversification a success for the business, themselves and for better
                                                                         patient outcomes across a range of services.
 Owner of Macquarie Osteopaths, Peter Leach
“This approach gives the client the most cost-effective treatment,
which is vital when you are a small business growing, and keeping
costs under control, while building on the skills of the team,” says

Benefits of focused diversification
“The practice also has a very strong background in sports. Our
other osteopath, Anjela, has many years in sports injuries starting
out as a student and graduate osteopath working with the Premier
League soccer team ‘Melbourne Knights’ and currently with North
Hobart cricket club.

“Our massage therapist, Annette, has a background in remedial
massage and sports massage.

“She’s worked with local, state and Australian Master Hockey teams
and has just returned from national championships where she was
looking after six teams.

““We are currently working with triathlon club ‘24/7’ and helping
their elite athletes using the Australian Institute of Sport screening
protocols to give athletes a really good understanding of where their
strengths and weaknesses are. We’re planning to build on what we
can provide to athletes,” says Peter.

“As well as bio-mechanical screening, evaluation and treatment we
can now offer maintenance and preventative work with massage
as well as rehabilitation exercise programs to increase strength,
flexibility and performance. These skills of course can carry over
into corporate health care and we have also done work in the recent
past on postural assessments and general ergonomic advice in the

“Despite a shortage of osteopaths in Tasmania and nationwide, our
osteopaths have sought us out from Sydney and Melbourne. We
hope to have a new osteopath join us very soon.                           New direction, new location... 73 Burnett Street, North Hobart
Garrott & ball merGinG with us
We are very pleased to inform our clients that as of 1 October 2007
Garrott & Ball merged with Wise Lord & Ferguson.
“It is a very compatible client base that has come across to our firm
from Garrott & Ball. We have processes in place to help our new
clients with their business and individual tax, business and financial
needs,” says Douglas Thomson, Partner.

Geoffrey Garrott and Martina Ball are working with us for the next
year in a consulting role to ensure that their clients have successfully
resettled with our staff. Four staff members from Garrott & Ball have
also joined our firm.

Both practices are committed to delivering a seamless transition for
clients. New clients are being informed of key stages in the process
and updated regularly.

Please feel free to contact any of the Partners at Wise Lord & Ferguson
on 6223 6155 for more details.                                                 L to R: Ivy Goh, Winsie Sin, Katy Wherrett & Vicki Hao join WLF

additions to business services division
Mathew de Gouveia is an Undergraduate Accountant taking                    assist you. WLF made the transition as easy as possible for me.
two subjects each semester and working full-time in Business
Services.                                                                  “It’s been interesting seeing the differences in the tax system over
                                                                           here. There’s a lot of new and different learning.
“Balancing study with work took a bit of getting used to. It took a
while to find my feet but now I’m enjoying work and study and I think       “I really like the wide open spaces and the amazing countryside. It
my studies are being helped by what I’m learning on the job.               is a lot more relaxing here and the smaller population means that
                                                                           it is a very safe feeling place. It has definitely been a very good
“Straight out of school, I feel like I jumped into the deep end. But the   change,” says Kate.
social environment at WLF encourages you to be involved and that
crosses over into other aspects of work,” says Mat.                        Karen Banks has been working part-time at WLF since last July.
                                                                           Karen was previously with Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees for 16
Rita Ambroz is also an Undergraduate Accountant with us, starting          years.
in mid-February this year.
                                                                           “Moving to WLF has been the best thing for me. I just expected to
“I really enjoy working in an area that is even more interesting than I    return to my old workplace after my two children but the change to
thought it was going to be! Working at WLF definitely helps with my        WLF has been wonderful.
University work. It makes it much more practical.
                                                                           “I’m enjoying getting a feel for how other people operate, meeting
“When I was at school I also worked at Woolworths doing some
                                                                           new people and learning how new places work. It’s stopped any
midnight shifts and 6am starts. So I really like the 9 to 5 aspect of
                                                                           chance of me being set in my ways. I love it here.
the job!” says Rita.

Originally from Southampton, England, Kate Barnes fell in love with        “The people have been so great. I’ve got two colleagues as mentors
an Australian and has resettled in Hobart.                                 and they have a lot of experience to draw on and the Partner in our
                                                                           team is very approachable and easy going.
In the UK Kate was working in business services in a fairly similar
sized accountancy firm to WLF.                                             “I’m working on taxation issues for Business Services clients from
                                                                           individuals, trusts, partnerships and companies. My team has a
“Any new job is stressful but it makes such a difference when people       very good knowledge of their clients and have been able to help
are friendly, happy to help and know what they are doing and how to        me quickly acquire many new skills,” says Karen.

 L to R: Rita Ambroz and Mathew de Gouveia                                  L to R: Karen Banks and Kate Barnes
assistinG you with loans advice
Our accountants and Count advisers assist clients in
determining the most suitable loan for their needs. Looking
at the various long-term solutions on offer will, in the long
run, save you time and money.
In helping you find an answer to which loan suits                                        Have you chosen a suitable repayment
you we consider a range of key questions like:                                           structure?
                                                                                         Deciding on a repayment structure will mean
What are your financial goals?                                                           making adjustments to your overall budget. We
Deciding on a loan or lease means considering                                            will discuss with you the financial effects of
how repayments will affect your current and                                              different repayment structures and loan rates,
future finances. Depending on what type of loan                                          taking into account your overall financial plan
you want, selecting the ‘best’ deal now may not                                          and goals.
be the best long-term solution. Knowing your
                                                                                         The value of advice
financial situation puts us in a good position to
                                                                                         We have access to a selection of different loans
help you make an informed decision, and to keep                                          and asset finance from a range of providers. This
your financial plan on track.                                                            means that they are not tied to one particular
                                                                                         bank or institution and are not going to push you
Are there any tax considerations?                                                        towards a particular loan. We help you choose
A tax deduction can be claimed on some loans                                             finance suitable to your situation.
and leases. Tax advice prevents you from
missing out on a deduction that you could have                                           Competitive rates
had or from choosing an unsuitable loan.                                                 Knowing your options helps in the final decision-
                                                                                         making.    You can feel confident that you
Are you aware of any hidden costs or                                                     have assessed a loan that matches your best
alternatives?                                                                            interests.
An interest rate may appear to be a good deal
up front, but what about later down the track?                                           Do you need fast approval?
Your accountant or Count adviser can go through                                          While it is not always good to rush a decision,
different loan scenarios to help you avoid the                                           if you know what you want, we can provide fast
pitfalls of these types of loans. If you want to                                         quotes, work to complete your finance application
                                                                                         and deal with lenders.
purchase business vehicles or equipment this
may be especially important.
                                                                                         Please speak with your accountant or Count
                                                                                         Adviser about the lending and asset finance
Lease structures can sometimes appear very                                               solutions they can provide for personal and
favourable upfront, but end up costing a lot more                                        business purposes. We can assist you with
in the later stage of the lease. We will help you                                        home loans, investment loans, business loans,
by providing quotes from a range of finance                                              commercial loans as well as vehicle and
providers.                                                                               equipment finance.

imPortant dates
December 2007                                                    January 2008

Insurers remind us that it’s a good time to look at home         Paying any Christmas credit card bills off as soon as possible
                                                                 can save you – as the interest rate is usually high and not tax
contents, car and boat insurance and review that you are
covered and getting best value for money.
                                                                 Follow through with your New Years' resolution to get on top of your
If you receive an end of the year bonus from your employer,      finances and set some targets for this year. We are keen to help
you may want to elect in advance how you want to receive it.     you make this happen and are ready to review your business and
                                                                 financial needs and goals with you. Talk to your accountant or one
We can help you determine if it’s more tax effective to salary   of our authorised Count Wealth financial advisors.
sacrifice it into superannuation.
                                                                 You could also use this time to review your personal insurance,
20 December: Final day for monthly reporters to lodge            checking if you have sufficient cover for Death and/or Total and
                                                                 Permanent Disability, trauma insurance and income insurance.
Business Activity Statement (BAS) for reporting and payment
of GST and PAYG Withholding for previous month                   1 January: Some Centrelink benefits are indexed in line with CPI.
                                                                 Pensioners who previously just missed out on receiving benefits
31 December: Final date for superannuation funds to send out     should contact Centrelink and re-apply as they could now be entitled
member statements and report for the financial year ended        to benefits.
June 30 2007                                                     31 January: Final day for employers to make required Superannuation
                                                                 guarantee contributions for quarter ending 31 December 2007.

                              1st Floor 160 Collins Street Hobart 7000
                              GPO Box 1083 Hobart TAS 7001
Wise Lord & Ferguson          Phone: 03 6223 6155 Fax: 03 6223 8993                             Chartered
    advice to advantage       E-Mail: email@wlf.com.au Internet: www.wlf.com.au                Accountants

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