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                  Wise Lord & Ferguson
                            advice to advantage
                             Chartered Accountants                                                                           SUMMER 2004
MEETING GROWTH                                                                                                               1st Floor
OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                                160 Collins Street
One of our clients, Tasmanian Meat                                         A HACCP system requires an assessment             Hobart 7000
                                                                           of food hazards, the establishment of
Wholesalers, has had a very busy year of                                   acceptable limits, the monitoring of
expansion. As owner Doug King explains,                                    processes and the implementation, where           GPO Box 1083
                                                                           necessary, of corrective action.                  Hobart TAS 7001
“We are growing our business because
we are getting smarter about how we do                                     “Our program covers the meat from the time
                                                                           it has been slaughtered to when customers         Phone: 03 6223 6155
things.”                                                                   buy it. We track all stages and put a
                                                                           documented system in place which makes            Fax: 03 6223 8993
EXPANDED PREMISES                                                          it very unlikely anything will go wrong,” says
Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers is a Tasmanian owned and operated                                                                 E-Mail:
                                                                           Phil Jacobs.
wholesale meats distributor. They also operate two retail outlets next
door to each other at 171 and 173 Campbell Street (with the office
space at 169).                                                             The benefits of a HACCP based system
                                                                           means businesses have reduced risk of
“We are the only one in the state that has a red meat shop and a           food contamination, product recalls and           SEASONS GREETINGS
chicken shop side by side. Chicken is a very volatile meat and we’ve       related legal action.
                                                                                                                             Wise Lord & Ferguson
taken the lead to ensure that no contamination is possible.
                                                                           The product quality is enhanced on a local        would like to wish all our
“Our chicken shop is unique. It is like a fridge within a fridge so it’s   and national level, translating into increased
cool when you walk in and everything is temperature controlled,” says      consumer and customer confidence and
                                                                                                                             clients a very relaxing and
Doug.                                                                      a competitive marketing and promotional           peaceful Christmas and
                                                                           edge for products.
                                                                                                                             fun-filled festive season.
                                                                           “More and more businesses and statutory           Our office will close at
                                                                           authorities are insisting that suppliers
                                                                           be HACCP certified and accredited.
                                                                                                                             12 noon on Friday 24
                                                                           Businesses involved in the production,            December 2004 and
                                                                           packaging, distribution and retailing of food
                                                                           products need to ensure that the safety of        reopen in the New Year on
                                                                           their products has not been compromised           Tuesday 4 January 2005
                                                                           by the supply process. Now all of our
                                                                           suppliers are HACCP accredited, “ says

                                                                           WORKING WITH
                                                                           WISE LORD & FERGUSON
                                                                           “We’ve been a client of Wise Lord &
                                                                                                                             Representative of
                                                                           Ferguson for 6 years. We always receive
                                                                           professional advice and are very satisfied
                                                                                                                             Ernst & Young
Jamie King, Boning Room Manager, works on a forequarter of beef
                                                                           with the firm’s availability and responses
                                                                           to our requests from tax consolidation to
                                                                                                                             in Tasmania
EXPANDED FEDERAL GROUP CONTRACT                                            business services,” says Doug King.
They have also secured an open-ended contract with the Federal
Group, supplying their casinos and hotels across Tasmania.                 Robert Whitehouse, Partner, works with
                                                                           Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers discussing all
Phil Jacobs, Company Secretary, explains the contract, “We have            the options for future business growth. “We
been working with them over the past five years and this is an excellent
arrangement. We see it as a partnership and a relationship that will
                                                                           always keep Robert in the loop. He has
                                                                           direct input to the business decisions we’ve
continue to develop.”                                                      made and has contributed to structural
                                                                           aspects like our five-year strategic plan.        CONSULTING UPDATE
Early this year, Doug King and Ron Ratcliffe, Tasmanian Meat
Wholesalers’ Quality Manager, started a related company, Tasmanian
                                                                           “I find Robert and his level of professionalism   IN PROFILE: IAN WHEELER
                                                                           exceptional. From a credibility and advice
Quality Solutions. It was formed to develop food safety programs for
food related entities, to maintain Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers’ quality     perspective in business there is no substitute    ENTREPRENEURIAL VISION
procedures and to ensure the company’s accreditation is endorsed by        for the truth.
regular external audits.                                                                                                     AUDIT SUCCESS
                                                                           “We know that we couldn’t have experienced
“Food safety is not negotiable. The meat industry can’t afford product     such a positive year without Robert’s advice
                                                                                                                             COUNT ON US
recalls or food poisoning. Food safety can be evaluated through            and the very, very good staff we have here
implementation of an effective Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point      and their grassroots loyalty,” says Doug.
                                                                                                                             IMPORTANT DATES
(HACCP) system,” says Doug.
Too often business and organisational Consulting                                                HERE’S A SAMPLE OF SOME OF OUR
services seem elusive and difficult to define for clients.                                      CONSULTANTS’ RECENT WORK IN
                                                                                                THE EDUCATION SECTOR:
At Wise Lord & Ferguson Consulting we understand that high performance is
based on good planning, people and processes.                                                   Tony Ibbott recently worked with the Vice-
                                                                                                Chancellor and Heads of school from UTAS,
Our approach is always to start with the client – your goals, your needs, your
                                                                                                facilitating a leadership retreat. Tony’s expertise has
challenges supported by our expertise in a working partnership to improve your
                                                                                                now been taken up by other Faculties and Schools
                                                                                                in UTAS including a Rural Health Review in Medical
Our diverse skills base and breadth of industry experience means we can draw                    Sciences, the Philosophy School, Education Faculty
on a wide range of expertise, product and industry knowledge to address your                    Research and Strategic Planning for the Tasmanian
goals, needs and challenges.                                                                    Aquaculture & Fisheries Institute.

                                                                                                Joining forces, Tony Ibbott and Gil Sawford are
OUR CONSULTING SERVICES INCLUDE:                                                                working with a team from the Tasmanian Education
                                                                                                Department to design a Leadership Development
                                                                                                Program for Administrative staff.
                                   Market research &                                            Gil Sawford recently facilitated a ‘Leaders in
                                    Market strategy                                             Careers’ forum for the Commonwealth Department
                              Business & Strategic Planning                                     of Education, Science and Training (DEST).
                                   Feasibility Studies                                          He assisted the group to develop a series of
          PEOPLE                                                PROCESSES                       strategies for career pathways, professional
      Career Management                                        Governance Issues                development programs, opportunities for young
       Team & Leadership                                       Process Innovation               people and partnerships and communication with
          Development                                         Process Improvement               stakeholders.
      Change Management                                       Compliance & Audits
                                PERFORMANCE                                                     Ellie Francis-Brophy is currently working with
                              Performance Measurement
                                                                                                International Services, at UTAS, designing survey
                                      & Reporting
                                                                                                tools to assess the satisfaction levels of international
                               Risk & Asset Management                                          agents, existing and graduating students. Her
                              Business & System Reviews                                         services will directly assist the International Services
                                                                                                quality assurance process and provide new data
                                                                                                collection processes via survey and focus groups.

IN PROFILE:                                        and navigator,” explains Ian.
                                                   Ian regularly teams up with driver Stan Barnes.
                                                                                                         The subtle, often-unspoken awareness of
IAN WHEELER                                        “Stan dials in to what I’m saying and drives to
                                                   suit it. After the first day of driving we begin to
                                                                                                         surroundings, the car, and competitors all comes
                                                                                                         into play during an event. And Ian’s calm,
                                                   get into the swing of working as a strong driver-     methodical personality is well suited to the
Welcome to a new regular article in                navigator team. It’s a rush when we fall into
Wise Words - staff member profiles                                                                       challenges.
                                                   sync and can time it right,” says Ian.
of life ‘outside’ work. This profile                                                                     When he’s not competing Ian has been active in
of Ian Wheeler, Manager, highlights                The navigator has to know how much
                                                                                                         a range of officiating positions like stage safety
how the skills necessary for hot                   information to give to the driver, when to give it
                                                                                                         officer and spectator marshall at Targa events.
                                                   and when to pull back, always planning 2 or 3
pursuits aren’t that far removed
from working in business services                                                                        This year Ian also held three jobs at another
after all…                                                                                               racing event, the Subaru Sarfari – it’s one of the
                                                                                                         rounds of the Super Series, the Australian Rally
The enthusiastic way Ian ‘Wheels’ Wheeler                                                                Championship.
describes the thrill of speed oriented tarmac
rallies would inspire even absolute beginners to                                                         “I’m the Merchandise Manager which means
imagine a motor sport hobby.                                                                             before the event I organise and distribute
                                                                                                         merchandise like the polo fleeces, caps and
Ian’s interest in car racing began in 1980 when                                                          stubbies holders for all officials and sponsors.
he joined a car club. Over the years he has
competed in Targa Tasmania, the incredible                                                               “Then during the event I’m the Results Manager,
annual motoring spectacular, four times in 1996,
                                                                                                         calculating the penalties and being out on the
1997, 2000 and 2001 – with a class win in
1997.                                                                                                    field getting the results to the competitors and
                                                                                                         supporting the Series Results Manager,” says
Targa is a 2300km course and this year had a                                                             Ian
record 306 entrants (or 612 persons, counting
navigators) whizzing along closed roads with no                                                          Then his role as Finance Manager begins.
speed limits for six days.                                                                               “Being a big event it has quite a high turnover
                                                   Stan Barnes (left) & Ian Wheeler with                 and is registered for GST. I pay the bills, work
There are four competitions (Classic, Touring                                                            out the BAS, do the banking and eventually the
Classic, Historic and Modern) within Targa,        TARGA Finishers Medallion (2001)                      financial statements,” says Ian.
enabling drivers and navigators of all standards
to compete in cars of all ages.                    instructions ahead.
                                                   The navigator is also the de-facto team               All the Wheeler family get involved too. “It’s a
Ian is a navigator. He studies the ‘pace notes’    manager. Ian organises the driver and the car         great time. In larger rallies my three daughters
before the race to get a sense of the event -      to be at a certain place at a specific time.          help; giving out the results, working the computers
each corner and crescent, each spot where they                                                           and doing the photocopying. At smaller club
can increase speed or slow down a little.          Ian possesses a real talent for understanding         rallies it is very family oriented. My wife and girls
                                                   when to lead, when to follow and when to let          book competitors in and out of control points,
“There’s a huge amount of trust between driver     his natural organisational abilities rise to the      and are my real support team,” says Ian.

Tasmanian of the Year, Simon Currant, from Peppermint Bay,                                         Two years since its creation,
                                                                                                   Peppermint Bay offers a unique
recently won a regional finalist award in Ernst & Young’s 2004                                     tourism experience, with fine dining,
Entrepreneur of the Year.                                                                          bars, a providore and art gallery.

The Australian Entrepreneur of the Year program - one of 35 around the world - is about            Simon has also developed Hobart
identifying, encouraging and recognising Australian entrepreneurs.                                 Cruises, an entertaining and engaging
                                                                                                   cruise option that delivers visitors
                                                                                                   to Peppermint Bay. The cruise has
                                                                                                   interactive activities like viewing local
It is the world’s most prestigious business award. Developed by Ernst & Young, it was launched
                                                                                                   bird and fish life and underwater live
in Australia in 2001. This year Tasmania has made a real mark winning in the semi-finalist and
finalist stages in the Southern Region (Tasmania and Victoria).
                                                                                                   In a state economy like ours, winning an
Our professional affiliation with Ernst & Young, means we are actively involved in promoting the
                                                                                                   award for entrepreneurial excellence in
award program and supporting nominations from Tasmanian entrepreneurs.
                                                                                                   services strengthens our ability to keep
                                                                                                   bringing those repeat visitors back
Throughout this year, two of our Partners, Joanne Doyle and Harvey Gibson, travelled the state
                                                                                                   while increasing the number of new
assessing suitable owner-managers and companies.                                                   international and national tourists.
And with great success - our two supported nominations, Simon Currant and Robert Clifford          Thinking about balancing risk and
AO, from the Incat Group, were both semi-finalists in the Southern Region.                         entrepreneurial endeavour Simon
                                                                                                   says, “Risks take on different meanings
Robert Clifford just missed out in the ‘Retail, Consumer and Industrial Products’ category which   at different stages of your company’s
was awarded to the founders of clothing icon, Rip Curl.                                            or project’s development. It’s about
                                                                                                   making a decision on where you are
LOCAL ENTREPRENEUR MAKES THE FINAL                                                                 prepared to end up and accepting that
Simon Currant won the ‘Services’ award for his current project, Peppermint Bay and for his         position.”
past record as developer of Cradle Mountain Lodge and Strahan Village. Peppermint Bay is a
multi-faceted tourist destination in Woodbridge which showcases Tasmania’s world-class food,       Simon will now participate in the
wine and produce in a spectacular natural setting.                                                 Entrepreneur of the Year National
                                                                                                   Awards in December where the
                                                                                                   national category winners and
                                                                                                   Australia’s 2004 Entrepreneur of the
                                                                                                   Year will be awarded.

                                                                                                   The overall winner will represent
                                                                                                   Australia at the World Entrepreneur
                                                                                                   of the Year event in Monte Carlo in

                                                                                                   ADVANTAGE IN PLANNING
                                                                                                   Long-term planning and strategy make
                                                                                                   all the difference.

                                                                                                   Whether aiming to expand or refocus
                                                                                                   your business, we’re keen to show
                                                                                                   you how to turn our business advice to
                                                                                                   your best advantage.

                                                                                                   Call us and ask for our comprehensive
                                                                                                   range of services, designed to directly
                                                                                                   improve your business.

                                                                                                   Whether it’s business advice, financial
                                                                                                   planning, business acquisitions,
                                                                                                   leadership and management styles,
Simon Currant, Peppermint Bay, Winner of ‘Services’ Award, southern region, Ernst &                or advice on business structures, we
                                                                                                   support entrepreneurs in business no
Young’s 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year (left) with Helen Dalley, Master of Ceremonies               matter what your size or industry.

AUDIT SUCCESS                                  SALTAS
                                               We have also recently won the tender to
                                                                                              helps businesses to make effective
                                                                                              financial decisions. From supply chain
DPIWE TENDER                                   provide Audit/Accounting and Tax Services      management to risk identification, for us
                                               to SALTAS – the Salmon Entreprises of
Our Audit division is very pleased                                                            it’s about maintaining quality business
                                               Tasmanian Pty.Ltd.
to announce that we have won the                                                              performance.
Department of Primary Industries, Water        Established in 1985, SALTAS is a non-
and Environment internal audit tender for      profit organisation, with the Tasmanian        “We are very pleased to have won the
the next three years.                          Government owning 25% and the                  tender enabling us to provide advice
                                               Tasmanian salmon growers holding the
We have undertaken significant work with       balance.                                       to the aquaculture industry, which in
DPIWE over the last three years and value                                                     a competitive world Atlantic salmon
the opportunity to build on our existing       Harvey Gibson, Partner, says "Our corporate    market, have recognised their unique
relationship with the Government               advice and identification of business risk     quality advantages.”
Our connection with Count Wealth Accountants™ has                                    Being part of this national network means we
                                                                                     have negotiating muscle to access leading
continued to strengthen. Recently our team of qualified                              financial and insurance products at competitive
Authorised Representatives of Count has increased to six                             prices.
–with still more staff to qualify in the near future.
                                                                                     As financial planning advisers, registered tax
The new Count Authorised Representatives are Dean Johnson, Manager, Tracy            agents and professional accountants, we are
Easther, Business Services Advisor and Rodney Purves, Business Services Advisor.     best placed to identify and pass on opportunities
Our three new representatives add to the existing Partner team of Douglas Thomson,   to our clients. We use our comprehensive
Peter Beven, and Stuart Clutterbuck.                                                 understanding of all aspects of our clients’
                                                                                     business affairs to our clients’ advantage.
Count Wealth Accountants™ is a group of over 500 CPA and Chartered Accounting
firms throughout Australia with over 1000 financial planning accountants and over    OUR SERVICE ADVANTAGES
400,000 clients with wealth ranging from $1,000 to many millions.                    The key service advantages we offer as Count
                                                                                     Authorised Representatives are:
                                                                                      • Financial advice & planning
                                                                                        (savings plans & wealth creation)
                                                                                      • Investment reviews
                                                                                        (structuring portfolios & placement of
                                                                                      • Risk & personal insurance
                                                                                        (income protection, life cover, trauma
                                                                                      • Superannuation advice on retirement and
                                                                                        maximising Centrelink benefits
                                                                                      • Estate planning

                                                                                     NEW FAST FINANCE SERVICES
                                                                                     We can arrange business finance for:
                                                                                      • Asset Purchases
                                                                                        (cars, vans & trucks, commercial trailers,
                                                                                        earthmoving, medical and manufacturing
                                                                                      • Chattel Mortgage
                                                                                      • Leasing (Operating and Novated Leases)
The latest additions to our team of Authorised Representatives of Count are           • Loans for new business investments
Dean Johnson, Manager, Tracy Easther, Business Service Advisor and Rodney               (expansion, acquisition, working capital)
Purves, Business Services Advisor.
                                                                                      • Restructuring your existing borrowings

  November 2004
  Before the end of year holiday season, review your private       Hooray, holidays are nearly here! This is a good time to look at
  health insurance needs. This is particularly important if your   your contents, car and boat insurance to check that they meet
  taxable income for this financial year is likely to be greater
                                                                   your needs and most importantly ensure that you are covered.
  than $50,000 if you are single, and $100,000 if a family, to
  ensure you avoid the Medicare Surcharge (being a further 1%
  of taxable income).                                              If your employer pays you an end of year bonus, you may want
                                                                   to elect in advance how you want to receive it. Is it tax effective
  21 November: Final day for monthly reporters to lodge
                                                                   to salary sacrifice into superannuation?
  Business Activity Statements (BAS) reporting and payment of
  GST and PAYG Withholding for the previous month
  30 November: Final day for lodgment of 2003/2004 APRA            21 December: Final day for monthly reporters to lodge
  returns by Retirement Savings Account providers                  Business Activity Statements (BAS) for reporting and payment
                                                                   of GST and PAYG Withholding for the previous month
  December 2004                                                    31 December: Final date for superannuation funds to send out
  If you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping, why
  not give your older children the capacity to create their own    member statements and report for the financial year ended
  wealth by starting up a savings plan for them.                   June 30 2004

                          1st Floor 160 Collins Street Hobart 7000
                          GPO Box 1083 Hobart TAS 7001
Wise Lord & Ferguson      Phone: 03 6223 6155 Fax: 03 6223 8993                                  Chartered
   advice to advantage    E-Mail: Internet:                     Accountants

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