The State by P-TaylorFrancis


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									The State
Editor: Richard English
Editor: Charles Townshend
Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction Richard English and Charles Townsend 1. David
Eastwood, The State We Were In: Parliament, Centraliztion and English State Formation 2. D.George
Boyce, Wales and the British State: The Outer Form of Subjugation 3. Mary E. Daly, The State in
Independent Ireland 4. Richard English, The State and Northern Ireland 5. Christopher Harvie, Federal and
Confederal Ideas in Scottish and Political Culture 6. Elizabeth Meehan, Member states and the European
Union 7. Charles Townsend, State and Public Security 8. Steve Bruce, The State and Pro-State
Terrorism 9. Bernard Crick, The British State: Sovereignty and Identities 10. Ernest Geller, Nations,
States and Religions.

Drawing on current debates on secessions within the United Kingdom, this book analyses the British
State today and looks at its place in the future. Featuring original contributions from a variety of
disciplines, this study tackles the problem of defining and studying the state and looks at the role the
nation-state has played as the basic political unit in Europe and throughout the world.

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