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Madagascar Re-planting of unique forest_ habitat of wild silkworms


									Re-planting of unique forest, habitat of wild silkworms
Location: Arivonimamo, Mianarivo region, Madagascar

These sparse trees are remnants of the original forests of Tapia in Madagascar, a pity
because Tapia forest is truly unique; it does not exist in any other country. Local
families who rely on the forest (harvesting Tapia fruits, medicinal plants, mushrooms,
and making silk from the wild silkworms in the forest), are becoming poorer, with
average annual revenue of USD $ 350.

A local group of unpaid Malagasy (DEFI) have a project to re-plant Tapia trees and
re-generate the forest. They have a good track record: in 2006-7 they created seedling
nurseries in 4 village sites and planted 8,000 seedling trees. They have no donors.
Without help in funding, there will be no tree-planting this year.

             Tapia plants                          Degraded Tapia forest

With just £ 200 DEFI can produce and plant 1500 seedlings of Tapia
Budget required:
1500 seedlings of Tapia trees:               £60
Planting 2 hectares of 1500 seedling Tapia: £140
                                      Total £200

The Dodwell Trust collaborates free of charge.
British Charity 1030334.

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