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									                                         long they were racing each other       So then it was time to get on
                                         forwards and backwards.                and have Mel help you with
                                                                                your position on the horse, from
                                         I recently enjoyed staying with        walking, to what to do with your
                                         Sharryn & John at their property       body when turning, to riding on
                                         ‘Full Circle’ at Picton, NSW, where    a circle at the canter. I have to
                                         they hosted Mel Fleming for five       say I have high respect for Mel’s
                                         Days. Mel taught ‘Riding with          dedication and patience.
                                         Sychronicity’ and boy was it great.
Hi everyone,
                                         In the mornings were beginners         Mel never stopped, she was
                                         and intermediates, and the             up early giving private lessons,
Well we have been having some
                                         afternoons were advanced.              then onto the group lessons, she
beautiful days here…just perfect
                                                                                then helped people with Balance
horse riding days. My daughter           The course was full with lots of       Saddle fittings, then taught in
Breanna has been joining me out          lovely people and horses. Mel          the afternoons and then as if that
on the trail, as has Danny. One          worked with everybody to develop       wasn’t enough…she offered some
Sunday afternoon we rode to what         their body awareness and balance       of our horses help with some feet/
we refer to as the ‘baldy hill’ at the   with exercises off the horses on       leg poulticing, and this was done
back of our property; it has great       balls and mats. These included         after dark.
views. While up there we enjoyed         mobility exercises and core
doing some point to point and            strengthening exercises that we        Bre and I would like to say a huge
simple lead changes. It was such a       can now continue to develop at         thankyou to Sharryn and John for
great place to do it, it felt awesome    home.                                  their hospitality, and thankyou to
to be on top of this mountain and                                               Mel for a fabulous five days.
having this flat spot all to ourselves   This is invaluable as you suddenly
to ride. Bre and Danny…always the        discover that perhaps you are a        I hope you enjoy this month’s
racers (they race go-karts) couldn’t     little stiff to the right and mmm go   newsletter.
help themselves, and before              figure, so is your horse.
                                                                                Cheers   Lee

    AUGUST COMPETITION                                                      Winner receives a
     WE all LOVE HORSES.                                                     Communication
     WRITE IN AND TELL US                                                               Stick
     why YOU LOVE THEM                                                                valued
               Email to                                         at $35
        Please write in subject line ‘August Competition”
This months competition winner is                        Coast ‘N’ Country
               Nicki Horvath                         Natural Horsemanship Club
                                                                 “Together naturally’
                Slow Dance
Ever followed your horse’s emotional flight?
Looked in his eyes and really seen the light?

You better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is precious.
The music, the past.

Do you run through each dance on the fly?
When you ask “How are you?”
                                                    Lee and Mate enjoying a day out at Doreen
Do you really hear the reply?                                      and Len’s.

You better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.
Time is everything.
The music will last.

Ever lost touch, let a good relationship die.
Cause you never had time to slow and say,

You better slow down.
Don’t dance so fast.                              Doreen enjoyed helping this horse to make a
Rapport is precious.                                           lot of changes.
The music will last.

Society dictates the Grand illusion.
Harmony is lost from so much confusion.
When you go so fast to get some-where.
You miss all the fun of getting there.

Life is not a race.
Do take it slower.
Hear the music.
Before the song is over.

                                                      Anna & Gypsy, great view from up here!

                                                The above photos were taken at our recent club playday.
                                                To find out more about our club please go to our website-

                                                            Or send an email to Lee at-

                                                    Our members are from the Newcastle,
                                                    Hunter Valley and Central Coast region.
What would somebody who
works as a Stockman
possibly get from 4 days at
a cow working clinic?
By Noel O’Keefe                          Impression No 3- The Punters- yes,
                                         you need a good crew for a clinic to
Impression No.1 – The venue              move along, so put together a horse
‘Banyandah’ Howlong, 400 acres           wrangler x 2, Cointreau drinking
nestled by the Murray, complete with     pharmacist, property developer,
Red Gums, lagoons, flood plains and      environmental manager, interstate
5 star accommodation for both man        housewife, (complete with husband
and beast. Add in a dinner menu that     and 3 year old), grazier, vet practise
includes salmon steaks etc and you       manager, driven horsewoman,
get the picture. And when your host      stockman and a business manager,
Jane Reid is also riding in the clinic   all of whom were absolutely on the
you get a sense of the passion for       programme.
equine learning that the place oozes
of effortlessly.

Impression No.2- Steve Byrne
the tutor/instructor/coach when
you combine an easy going,
man of few words, with an
eagle eye for timing, and horse
sense to burn, you’ve got the

The other half of the picture
is a course that combines dry
work/cow work in just the right
proportions and in a way that
you can feel both you and your
horse “get it”.
                                         Thankfully there was little whinging
Steve has the knack of the right         about sore anatomical features from
advice at just the right time, and       too much riding, of which there was
probably too much patience to be         plenty.
I felt a bit ashamed with my
2nd hand gear, and unpolished/
unrugged nag, but everyone
melded beautifully given the task
in front of us.

Impression No 4- How you feel
the day after (this one is a kicker),
when you feel that you’ve had
a glimpse of what you and your
horse really can do together,
you’re on your way.

                                        PS- My 4 days were done on
                                        my mule ‘Easy’ that I use for
                                        work, and every day the work
                                        is better because of these 4

And when you see/remember
these glimpses from the people
with whom you were riding (all 9
of them) it really enriches the four
days no end.

For me it’s about informing the
bit of me that “don’t know what
I don’t know” so…when you get
the chance to do a Steve Byrne
clinic, do yourself and your horse
a big favour – just go!

    For more information on Steve’s clinics go to:
          Or call Lee at Natural Equipment on 02 4996 5500
         Fax: 02 4996 5513 • email:
           Nambucca Natural Horsemanship Club
              Open Day
Over 300 people gathered to enjoy the Nambucca Natural
Horsemanship Club’s (NNHC) Open Day on Sunday July 20, at the
Macksville Showground. The Open Day was held, as an
invitation for the public to view Natural Horsemanship and to
encourage any people who may be interested. The day kicked off
with a mock tournament and some short displays which showcased
the different ways we interact with our horses, while keeping it fun.
A wide range of members performed, aged from 8 years to over 60
years, with all sorts of horses from miniatures and Arabs to
                                                                           Karen Townend with Pepper
Warmbloods and Quarterhorses.
                                                                                    on tarp.
The tournament was staged in two rings, people worked their horses
on the ground, from 12’, 22’ and at liberty, demonstrating how to build
the communication and respect between horse and handler. After the
ground work, riders used hackamores, bridles and some were completely
bridle-less, as they performed a set of challenges relying on the
established respect and response from the horses, to get through the

A few short demonstrations followed, including liberty and bridles-less
riding segments and then some more ground work, this time on a 45’
rope. There was a 2 horse display and then the demo finished with an
entertaining ‘Extreme Float Loading’ exhibition, performed by 2
members, their floats and some imagination.
                                                                             Claudia West with Cinders
A free sausage sizzle after the demonstration was well received by the              on pedestal.
public and the merchandise stall, information and library table proved
very popular. Some members gave a short talk about the club and
Natural Horsemanship methods, which filled the hall to capacity, causing
many to spill outside.

The NNHC’s aim was not to dazzle people with party tricks or expertise
but more to present Natural Horsemanship as an alternative approach
to handling and riding horses. We were astounded at the number of
people who attended the day and showed genuine interest in Natural
Horsemanship. Our membership and interest in the club has since
increased and all who participated in the day experienced a real buzz
and sense of achievement.

Our next club Wednesday is August 5th and our next club Sunday is
August 17. Both days will be held at the Macksville Showground and
all are welcome to attend.

             For more information visit our website
                                                                                 Ed Gray on
                                                                              Gingilly and Genie.
            or contact Karen Townend Ph 65693 144,
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South Tacoma NSW 2259               Email:
                           ABN: 95 482 025 873
                 Riding with Synchronicity

I have recently taken on the role of              Having a saddle that is comfortable and
‘Test Ride Facilitator’ for BALANCE               allows a horse to lift his back and engage his
                                                  hindquarters is imperative to a happy, healthy
saddles in Australia. This means
                                                  equine. It is so important that in the past I
that you can now try the range of                 have frequently advised students not to ride
BALANCE saddles and test ride                     in my courses but rather to put their money
them, so you and your horse can                   towards a better saddle, because in some
assess and choose which is the ideal              cases no amount of instruction would have
                                                  enabled them to resolve the problems they
one for you both.
                                                  were having or achieve what they wanted to
                                                  achieve. I knew that if they had a better saddle
You may already suspect that your current
                                                  most of their problems would be resolved
saddle is not supporting your horse’s needs
                                                  straight away.
and need to find an alternative saddle, or
you may just want to reassure yourself that
                                                  This did not necessarily mean purchasing a
your current saddle is the best option, by
                                                  BALANCE saddle because while that may be
offering your horse a comparison. Either
                                                  the most ideal option it is not always possible.
way I am now available to introduce you to
                                                  By understanding the correct principles of
the principles of the BALANCE approach to
                                                  saddle fitting people are able to sometimes
saddling and make it possible for you and
                                                  improve their existing saddle through a better
your horse to investigate the way it all works.
                                                  padding system or they may be able to
I have been using BALANCE saddles for about
                                                  purchase an alternative saddle in a lower price
6 years now and still have not come across
                                                  range. While these alternative saddles do not
a better saddle for horses and riders. They
                                                  tend to have all of the horse friendly features
continue to impress me every time I ride in
                                                  found in BALANCE saddle they can be an
them and observe horses moving in them.
                                                  improvement from the existing situations.
BALANCE saddle assessment sessions are                  (billets), each on separate webs, to give
essentially not about selling you a saddle but          a good distribution of pressure along the
helping you to improve the saddle situation for         length of the tree. This arrangement also
your horse in what ever way it can be done,             helps to accommodate different girthing
and in fact the BALANCE organisation provide            positions needed by certain horses.
a Distant Consultation service from their UK          • The panels create a generous bearing
base which includes help for people who can’t           surface and a springy, well cushioned feel
afford to buy a saddle from them.                       for the horse.
                                                      • ALL BALANCE saddles have a generous
The BALANCE saddles, of which there are                 gullet (channel) to protect the horse and
numerous models, are the Rolls Royce of                 allow for natural, healthy movement.
saddles and the founders of the BALANCE               • ALL BALANCE saddles have adjustable/
organisation have led the way in improving              removable knee blocks.
saddle design around the world and helping
people look beyond traditional saddle fitting         The BALANCE Saddling System consists of
ideas which are often detrimental to the              specially designed saddles and pads which,
well being of horses. In general the design           when used together in the way advocated by
of saddles across the globe is improving              BALANCE, form a comfortable ‘flexible’ and
so if we can keep educating people in how             innocent interface between the horse and his
horses need saddles to be fitted we can keep          rider. The aim being that the saddle keeps
improving things for horses more and more.            out of the way of the interaction between the
                                                      horse and rider as much as possible, whilst
Following is some information about the               still providing comfort and support in the
BALANCE saddles taken from the balance                form of good weight distribution and clear
website                  kinaesthetic reference points.

All BALANCE saddles are designed to be                          The BALANCE Saddling System
‘horse shaped’ using extensive feedback                         alone provides a comfortable saddle
from real experts in horse comfort,                             that is easy for the rider to adapt to
namely horses. These saddles are not                           the changing needs of an individual
just another human being’s idea of what                        horse or for the needs of a number of
is appropriate for the horse! BALANCE                          different horses, if required. However,
know from experience that their Saddles                        horses and riders get the most from
and Saddling System help the ridden horse.                    the BALANCE Saddling System
They also appreciate that, unless the rider likes          when it is seen as just a small part of a
the saddle, it is unlikely that their horse will be   supportive environment where they can live,
allowed to have one! For this                         learn and grow together. In other words….part
reason, much time and effort has gone into            of a more holistic model of horse care.
producing a full range of saddles suitable for
all levels of rider and all disciplines.              In this kind of environment the horse’s carer
                                                      looks at all the influences on the horse from
Certain features run throughout the full              feed, hoof care, stable management, pasture
range of BALANCE saddles:                             management, dental care, saddling and of
• BALANCE Saddles are built on a variety of           course, the riding itself. The aim being to
  specially designed trees.                           create a dynamic, supportive and stimulating
• They are relatively flat in the seat to avoid       ‘playground’ for horse and human to explore
  fixing the rider.                                   their relationship.
• They have 3 widely spaced girth straps
   When the founders of the BALANCE organisation started studying the impact that
   saddles have on the horse they soon realised that along with the impact that riding
   itself can have, the effect of a saddle that interferes with the natural range of equine
   movement has alarmingly far reaching consequences. An increasing number of
   Veterinarians, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc. etc. are becoming
   aware of how often they get called in to identify and treat damage that is related,
   directly or indirectly, to the saddle. Some common problems that can be linked to
   direct, or indirect, saddle interference are:
  •    Lack of engagement           •   Locking Stifle joints          •  General Hoof Imbalance
  •   Inability to collect          •   Horse above bit                •  Dragging Toes
  •   Cold Back Syndrome            •   Hock lameness                  •  Kissing Spines
  •   Bolting                       •   Tension                        •  Tripping
  •   Lumps in saddle area          •   Corns                          •  Colic
  •   Rearing                       •   Bad Behaviour                  •  Stumbling
  •   Rubs in saddle area           •   Collapsed Heels                •  Tying Up/Azoturia
  •   Bucking                       •   Resistance                     •  Reluctance to go or jump
  •   White Hair in Saddle area     •   Toeing In                         down hill
  •   Short strides                 •   Unsettled in Mouth             • Sway back
  •   Horse on Forehand             •   Toeing Out                     • ‘Carelessness over fences’
  •   Croup High Posture            •   Interference                   • Hanging on one side of
  •   Stiffness, Lack of Bend       •   Respiratory Problems              the bit
   This list could be longer but hopefully this will give you an idea of how important this issue is.
   When you appreciate the saddle related restriction and discomfort that many horses have to
   endure for years, it is amazing that they allow humans to climb on their backs at all, let alone
   perform. BALANCE would like every ridden horse to have the opportunity to experience what
   it feels like to have a human partner on his back whilst free of discomfort and restriction.

The BALANCE Saddling System has a growing           For more information about BALANCE saddles
reputation for changing horses with poor,           in Australia or to book a group saddle fitting
or uninspiring movement into horses with            demonstration or
generous, and even spectacular, movement.           private saddle
However, the reality is that the saddles cannot,    fitting session
in themselves, change any horses’ movement.         contact :
This simple and logical approach simply             Mel Fleming
removes the blocks and obstacles from the           Connecting
horse and allows, with the support of the rider,    with Horses
his natural talents to come to the fore. More       and Riding with
than anything else, the BALANCE saddles             Synchronicity
highlight how bad most other saddles are  
when it comes to servicing the horse’s needs.

                         For all enquiries and bookings contact Mel Fleming
                                      02 6760 5519 or Int: +61 2 6760 5519
                                   or go to website:
     The Ultimate
                               COURSES 2008
               • Connecting with Horses and Riding with Synchronicity
         • Universal Energetic Bodywork with Mel Fleming & Tony Robinson

                   MOONBI, near Tamworth, NSW - August 2nd
            Open Format Workshop There is no set format but I will coach
               individuals or groups with what ever you need help with

                    MOONBI, near Tamworth, NSW - August 3rd
           Saddle Fitting Seminar and Test ride day for BALANCE Saddles
                     Contact Mel Fleming:

                       ORANgE/DUBBO, NSW - August 9th
                Balance Saddle Fitting Sessions and private lessons
                    contact Mel Fleming:

                           FORBES, NSW - August 10th
                Balance Saddle Fitting Sessions and private lessons
                   contact Julie Meek:

                 MOONBI, near Tamworth, NSW - August 16th-18th
                Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity
           3 days of group workshops with private lessons, Intermediate level

                      ADELAIDE, S.A. - August 30th- Sept 1st
                Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity
                        Group workshops and Private lessons

          Michelle Wheaton (08) 8339-2759

                      CABARITTA, NSW - September 10th-14th
                  Ultimate Horsemanship Experience 5 day course

                       MANSFIELD, VIC - October 11th-15th
                  Ultimate Horsemanship Experience 5 day course

                ‘BANyANDAH’ HOWLONg, NSW - October 19th-25th
                  Ultimate Horsemanship Experience 7 day course

               MOONBI, via TAMWORTH, NSW- November 5th -16th
                Ultimate Horsemanship Experience 10 day course

                     MACkSVILLE, NSW - November 29th -30th
           Group workshops and Private lessons and Balance Saddle Fitting
           contact Glenda Pate: (02) 6569-5137

             BAIRNSDALE, EAST gIppSLAND, VIC - December 6th-10th
                 Ultimate Horsemanship Experience 5 day course

          For all enquiries and bookings contact Mel Fleming
                   02 6760 5519 or Int: +61 2 6760 5519
              or go to website:
                                                             For Sale.
                                                             We have an absolutely gor-
                                                             geous quarter horse filly for
                                                             sale. Her name is Cocoa and
                                                             she is 2 years old, three in De-
                                                             cember. She is a purebred
                                                             quarter horse and has a really
                                                             lovely nature. She is pretty,
                                                             sensitive, athletic, sensible, very
                                                             intelligent, learns really quickly,
                                                             bonds strongly, is strong and
                                                             healthy, and best of all, HAS NO
                                                             BAGGAGE. She has had the
                                                             opportunity to grow up in a herd and is a very well adjusted
                                                             young lady.

                                                             Cocoa is 'unstarted' but has been handled to the point of
                                                             catching, leading, tieing up, feet trimmed - the basics, and is
                                                             ready to go on with. She is a truly beautiful horse and would
                                                             suit someone looking for a horse to move onto as they go up
                                                             their levels or further their horsemanship. Maybe get her
                                                             started by a natural professional and then she would be
                                                             suited to almost anything. She is a very cowy bred quarter
                                                             horse so she would suit cutting or campdrafting down the
                                                             track if that is what you are interested in. She is sound and
                                                             athletic with a lovely chest and legs, good feet, nice rein and
                                                             a pretty head, and would be physically capable of going right
                                                             through the levels. She should mature 14.2 - 15hh and is a
                                                             stocky, strong build, yet athletic. We are asking $3,000 for
                                                             her, but are open to offers to the right home.
                                                             Please call Gen on 02 6492 7350, or email
                                                    for more info

                     For Sale
      Wintec Wide Saddle

   Saddle comes fully mounted with saddle blanket.
    It has the 3 gullet sizes and is the Cair system.
The size is a 16" which would suit a small adult or child.
 Saddle has only been ridden in several times as new.
                     Price $680.00.

            Anna (Central Coast, NSW)
                  Mob: 0405 656 687
                 For Lease to Approved Home
It is with so much regret that I am offering my much loved Rylee on to find a new partner.

Rylee is a chestnut TB gelding, around 15.2hh and rising 18 this year. He is a stocky, QH
type build and is relatively low maintenance for a TB, having spent several Canberra
winters unrugged. He is in excellent condition and still very sound. He has been barefoot
and completely sound on all surfaces this way for six years.

It is hard to put into words what this horse and I have done together, but I'll try.

I have had him for nine years, I started PNH Level 1 with him and continued through the levels, almost completing Level 3 before
he injured himself. When he recovered, I started my family and so we have done minimal riding since. He has been ridden by
others in this time who have enjoyed him immensely.

Rylee is not a beginners horse, although, having said that, anyone with a commitment to NH will succeed with him. I was a very
ordinary and nervous rider when I began my journey with him and through dedication to a program built a very strong partnership
with him. He does not need a super experienced rider, just someone with a bit of basic savvy.

He has been to many clinics and we have gone on many several day treks together, literally hundreds of hours in the saddle. I
can provide a detailed list to anyone interested.

Photos are available to view at

Of course he is offered as I have very little time for horses now that I have a young family of my own.
Due to the heartbreaking nature of this, Rylee is offered for lease to begin with, so that I can be sure that everyone will be happy
with the arrangement. There will be an option to buy, should everything be working out.
            Please email or phone 02 6292 9740 if you would like to talk more about Rylee.
                                                      We are located in Canberra.

                                      For Sale
                  Paint Mare, 14.3hh, 13yrs old.
 Tuppy has done a lot of groundwork and we are looking for a good
 knowledgeable home. Suitable for a child or an adult that perhaps is just
 wanting to get back into riding again. Goes best on a loose rein, walks,
 trots and canters and is ridden mainly in a natural rope hackamore. Tuppy
 is a lovely quiet mare. Has attended a course with Steve Byrne.

     Thoroughbred Mare, 15.3hh, 6 years old.
 Star is a lovely quiet mare, who has done the 7 games and has been ridden
 bareback. Has only done a little under saddle, but went well when she has
 been ridden.
 I am really looking for a natural home for these two lovely mares. Please
 email or phone if you would like more photos.

                      Phone Jan 02 4357 2296 (evenings best)

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