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What is a Waste Wise event


What is a Waste Wise event

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									What is a Waste Wise event?
Being Waste Wise means tackling waste by reducing, re-using and recycling. Broadly, the Waste Wise approach
covers three areas:
    o before your event
    o during your event
    o after your event

Before your event
   o Find out the types of waste expected at your event
   o Decide where you can avoid waste eg: can you eliminate unnecessary packaging?
   o Research alternative packaging options best suited to your event
   o Include your Waste Wise goals in your event marketing activities eg: a message on your website, on
       your tickets, in your event program
During your event
   o Set up effective bin systems - contact your local Regional Waste Management Group to find out how
      to hire mobile recycling bin caps
   o Engage your patrons eg: promote your system through regular announcements or posters, and
   o Monitor your system at key times during the event - unexpected challenges can happen at any event.
      By keeping an eye on your waste system, you have a better chance of achieving your Waste Wise
After your event
   o Finalise the clean up - make sure you leave the site in the same (or better) condition as before your
   o Record information on how you went eg: how much waste did your event generate? How much did
       you recycle? What worked well? What didn't?
   o Tell others how you went - create a short Waste Wise report. If your event is on-going, use the report
       to seek sponsorship or funding. It's also a great record for making improvements at your next event
   o Submit your Waste Wise report to your Regional Waste Management Group to find out how well you
       went compared to other events in your region

 The information provided is for general use only and while Lower Murray Water takes all care in the preparation of this information, we
  can give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information. We suggest readers seek confirmation from the Mildura Regional Waste
                                              Management Group above, or other sources.
                                 Additional information can be gained by contacting:
                Mildura: Andrea Clifford, Regional Education Officer, Mildura Regional Waste Management Group
                    Phone (03) 5018 8403 Fax (03) 5021 4127 or email:
             Swan Hill: Suzie Deason, Regional Education Officer, Central Murray Regional Waste Management Group
                     Phone: 0427 557 694 Fax (03) 5494 3707 or email:

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