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 ROX® Water
An Introduction
The GIBPAT difference

Here at GIBPAT, we understand the challenges
you face with sanitising and cleaning. It costs a
lot of money, and there are food safety issues,
green considerations, and the health and safety
of your staff to get right. It’s a lot to juggle.

The GIBPAT difference will not only find you
ways to increase profits through technology and
innovation, it will bring you the best options to help
you provide a healthier and safer environment.

Plus, we’ll give you honest advice, and won’t try
to sell you something you don’t need. It’s all
part of our old fashioned family service.

Let us help you with what we’re good at, so you
can get on with what you’re good at.
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  Introducing ROX® Water. The green solution that REALLY works!

  Cleaning and sanitising chemicals are not only costly, but are harsh on both your skin and the
  environment. Harsh chemicals often need rinsing after use, wasting water. Floors become super
  slippery from leftover soap residue when they get wet. Bacteria on food dramatically reduces it’s
  shelf life.

  ROX® Water will save you money by reducing your dependency on chemicals, is non
  hazardous, non toxic and won’t irritate. ROX® Water provides many opportunities to recycle and
  reduce water wastage, and there is no need to rinse. ROX® Water uses no soap, just salt, water
  and electricity. ROX® Water will improve the way your food looks and keeps by killing bacteria.

  And yes, it really does work. It isn’t a fad. It has been independently tested. It has lots of fans:

       “After microbiological trials, ROX® has arrived at Hungry Jack’s. It’s efficacy as a
      sanitiser is well proven, and when combined with it’s cost effectiveness, ease of use
      and it’s obvious environmental benefits, ROX® is the way of the future.”
      Trevor Aspinall, National Purchasing Manager, Hungry Jack’s

       “We soon realised the benefits in food safety, hygiene, environment and operating
      costs. The question will not be, ‘Why did you install an electrolysed water system?’, but
      ‘Why didn’t you install one?’. ROX® has a place in all the new kitchens we design.”
      Tim Smallwood, Managing Director, Food Consultants Australia

  ROX® Water is as good as it sounds. You’ll save money and create a healthier environment.
  And all this from a system the size of a briefcase, that can provide up to 3,600lt of sanitiser and
  cleaner per day, from just salt and water. Have a look at the attached information sheets
  (including what AgriQuality found in their testing of ROX® Water).

  Kind regards from the team at
  GIBPAT Pty Ltd

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                         quality commercial
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The ROX® Revolution
Go green. Safe, proven hospital grade, chemical free
sanitising and cleaning.
Easy, effective, huge savings. It works!
Use ROX® Water on . . .

meat, sea-   fruit &       boards,      benches,
food &       veggies       knives &     stoves &
chicken                    utensils     hands

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ROX® Water is not a fad.
“In situ tests we conducted at this Class 1 hospital site have shown ROX®
sanitising and cleaning waters to perform at least as well, if not better on
surfaces and equipment, than the traditional cleaning and sanitising
AgriQuality, Australia’s largest independent food and environmental laboratory, on their trial at the
Heidelberg Hospital Kitchen.

   Proven results don’t lie, plus you are
   guaranteed to save money.
      Make Sanitiser and Cleaner for less than 1 cent per litre.
      A single wall mounted ROX® unit (about half the size of a micro-
      wave), can provide up to 3,600lt of Sanitiser and Cleaner every
      Replace thousands of dollars of chemicals with ROX® Sanitiser and
      ROX® units only use salt, water and electricity.

 Safe                       Cleaner                     50/50 Mix                  Sanitiser
 Can go straight            Safe and effec-             Toilets, hand              Proven effec-
 down the drain.            tive cleaner and            basins & floors            tive, yet gentle
 Leaves no odor             degreaser.                  to clean and               to hands (no
 on food.                                               sanitise at the            cracking skin).
                                                        same time.

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    quality commercial
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  ROX® Water
More Information
          What Does Sanitation
          Management Involve?

Using electrolysed water production equipment (ROX Water)
  greatly changes daily sanitation management practices.

 Washing and disinfecting of cooking utensils and surfaces
    and sterilisation of foodstuffs is vastly simplified.

 Electrolysed water is highly effective against microbes, the
   main cause of food poisoning, and acts to prevent both
           primary and secondary contamination.

Paired with an accurate grasp of the routes of contamination,
    use of electrolysed water production systems offers an
efficient means of providing effective sanitation management.

   GIBPAT Pty Ltd
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The critical point in ensuring the prevention of
 food poisoning is ‘interrupting the route of
        contamination between foods’.

        Primary Contamination                      Secondary Contamination
 This comprises of contamination of              This type of contamination arises
 foods directly from the natural                 indirectly from utensils and counters
 environment, such as locations where            used in food processing, food
 foods are produced. This is broadly             handlers’ hands and fingers, and other
 considered as contamination present             points of contact.
 at the time the food is received.

Electrolysed water actively prevents

Food Poisoning                      Washing                       Disinfecting
    Food is sterilised            Contaminants are             Acidic electrolysed water
           with                   washed away with                 (sanitising water) is
acidic electrolysed water     alkaline electrolysed water      effective against nearly all
   (sanitising water).             (cleaning water).            types of food poisoning.
   Prevention of
     Primary                      Prevention of Secondary Contamination

   GIBPAT Pty Ltd
   ABN 75 010 668 649

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Cleaning in the Kitchen and
    Bathroom is Easy

   Using electrolysed water (ROX Water) makes your daily
     cleaning regime quicker, easier, cheaper and safer.

  Alkaline electrolysed water (cleaning water) is capable of
     dissolving proteins and emulsifying oils and fats.

    Used in a 50-50 mix with the acidic electrolysed water
(sanitising water), the cleaning water becomes more versatile,
  turning a time consuming 2-step cleaning and disinfecting
               process into a fast 1-step process.

The 50-50 mix also helps suppress odours caused by bacteria
 proliferation, making it ideal for all your bathroom surfaces.

   GIBPAT Pty Ltd
   ABN 75 010 668 649

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An assessment of scientific
research on the properties and
uses of Electrolyzed Water and the
ROX Water brand’
Author: Neil Chandler B. Pharm
Novic Consulting Pty Ltd
April 2007

Excerpts from: Key Findings on Research of ROX Electrolyzed Water
  •   Research shows ROX Water acidic sanitising solution to be a more effective sanitiser
      than a solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.
  •   ROX Water is also proven to be more effective than Sodium Hypochlorite solutions
      against sport forming bacteria.
  •   Combination of cleaning with the ROX Water alkaline solution and sanitising with ROX
      Water acidic sanitising solution is proven to be highly effective in removing organic
      materials and sanitising food contact surfaces, cutting boards, utensils etc.
  •   ROX Water has met or exceeded standards and has been approved for use by USA
      FDS, USNSF, USEPA and Japan Ministry of Health.
  •   Conventional treatments to fight pathogens are increasingly ineffective and new
      interventions are needed. Research concluded that ROX Water is a highly suitable
      and effective new sanitiser stating it clean, quick and widely effective.
  •   ROX Water has a rapid sanitising action.
  •   ROX Water is produced using just tap water, saline solution and electricity as the only
      inputs - tests have demonstrated it can save considerable cost when compared to
  •   ROX Water is chemical free and can be disposed of in the normal waste system - it is
      proven to be neutral for the environment, better than potentially damaging
  •   Electrolyzed water has been shown to extend shelf life of soft fruit, salad items and
  •   Electrolyzed water is effective at sanitising and cleaning surfaces, equipment and
      utensils, hand washing, meat/poultry processing, aquaculture, water treatment,
      sanitising medical and dental instruments.

       GIBPAT Pty Ltd
       ABN 75 010 668 649

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‘An assessment of scientific research on the properties and uses of Electrolyzed Water and
the ROX Water brand’

Excerpts from: Executive Summary
Electrolyzed Water (ROX Water) has many varied uses in the food preparation and handling
An acidic solution is shown to be a very effective sanitising agent under many different
An alkaline solution is shown to be a very useful cleaning agent.
As both the acidic and alkaline solutions are very dilute, their disposal in waste water systems
presents no environmental problems.
Researchers have proven ROX Water sanitising solution to be a more effective
antimicrobial agent than hypochlorite solutions.
ROX Water is shown to be suitable for sanitising food preparation surfaces, cutting boards
and equipment and spraying on cut fruit and vegetables without leaving a residual taste or
ROX Water is strongly bactericidal against common pathogenic organisms and effective
against spores that are normally resistant to sanitisers. It is fungicidal and is effective against
common food-spoilage organisms, both of bacterial and fungal nature.

Excerpts from: Commercial Applications for ROX Water
Solutions produced by ROX Water are more effective at killing or inactivating bacteria than
solutions prepared from Sodium Hypochlorite in warm water that contain several times the
available chlorine.

A.    Efficacy Against Bacteria in Suspension
      Sanitising solutions produced by ROX Water were able to inactivate cocktails
      containing five different strains each of E coli, Listeria monocytogenes and
      Bacillus cereus, all common food-borne pathogens.
      The E coli and Listeria bacteria were inactivated (an almost one billion-fold reduction in
      the ability of the bacteria to reproduce) within 10 to 30 seconds of the addition of the
      sanitiser solution. A 30-fold reduction in viability after 10 seconds.
      Reported no significant difference between the efficacy of the fresh and the aged
      sanitising solutions (24 hours).

B.    Efficacy against Fungi
      Significantly inhibited or prevented the germination of 22 different fungal species
      following treatment with Electrolyzed sanitising solution. Thin walled species were treated
      for 30 seconds and all were killed, while thicker walled species were treated for two
      minutes and all were significantly inhibited or killed.
      ROX Water quickly kills a variety of fungi.

         GIBPAT Pty Ltd
         ABN 75 010 668 649

                                                        LUGAMA                               ACCUTEMP
‘An assessment of scientific research on the properties and uses of Electrolyzed Water and
the ROX Water brand’

C.    Efficacy for Surface Sanitisation
      Noted that 30 sec and 60 sec exposure to the ROX Water acidic solution was highly
      effective in inactivating L monocytogenes in a solution and as a biofilm, with a one
      million-fold reduction in viable organisms in suspension. This was considerably higher
      than the efficacy of a control containing acidified solium hypochlorite solution with a
      similar chlorine concentration tested under the same conditions.
      In the presence of organic matter (sterile filtered chicken serum) treatment first with
      alkaline cleaning solution for 30 seconds, and then with the acidic sanitising solution for
      30 seconds, returned the bactericidal efficacy to near that of the solution without the
      organic chicken serum.
      Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus are effectively cleaned and disinfected by ROX Water
      sanitising solution.
      Rates of detection on general bacteria on the surface of 100% immediately after
      removal, 73% after washing and 0% after disinfection with ROX Water.

D.    Efficacy on Cutting Boards and Food Preparation Equipment
      The sanitising solutions produced by the ROX Water Electrolyzer were effective in
      substantially reducing Enterobacteria aerogenes and Staph. Aureus on several different
      surfaces, including glass, stainless steel, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles and china.
      Washing of the sanitised surfaces in the ROX sanitising water reduced populations of
      bacteria on the surfaces to negligible amounts.
      No viable bacteria were found in the sanitising water after treatment, while large
      quantities of the bacteria were recovered from the control water.
      Noted a one billion-fold reduction in the number of viable organisms on stainless steel
      containing five strains of Listeria after contact with Electrolyzed sanitising solutions for up
      to 5 minutes.
      None of the E coli or the Listeria were able to be detected in the sanitising solutions after
      immersion of the cutting boards.
      Rinsing the food contact surfaces with this sanitising solution could be a simple
      strategy to reduce cross contamination of food.

E.    Efficacy for Fruit and Vegetable Sanitation
      Evaluated the efficacy of ROX sanitising solutions in killing E coli, salmonella and Listeria
      monocytogenes on the surface of tomatoes. Compared the sanitising solutions with
      water containing 200ppm chlorine and with sterile distilled water as a control. In all
      cases, the ROX Water Electrolyzer sanitiser solutions were at least 1000-fold more
      effective than the water containing 200ppm available chlorine in removing the bacteria
      from the surface of the tomatoes.
      Immersed pears that had been inoculated with fruit rot spores in skin lesions in ROX
      Water and noted that incidence and disease severity were suppressed.
      Concluded that ROX Water is an effective surface sanitiser.

         GIBPAT Pty Ltd
         ABN 75 010 668 649

                                                        LUGAMA                               ACCUTEMP
‘An assessment of scientific research on the properties and uses of Electrolyzed Water and
the ROX Water brand’

F.    Efficacy for Hand Washing
      Hand washing with sanitising solution, such as that produced by the ROX Water
      Electrolyzer, was more effective than washing with liquid soap, as effective as
      washing with medicated liquid soap.
      Reported similar efficacy for the sanitising solution and povidine-iodine solution following
      procedures resulting in relatively heavy contamination and relatively light contamination.
      Effective washing could be achieved in a short period of time (10 seconds) with no
      rising of resident bacteria to the surface of the hand following washing.

G.    Efficacy for Meat and Poultry Sanitation
      Spraying Electrolyzed water sanitizing solution on poultry carcasses prior to extended
      refrigeration significantly reduced Salmonella typhimurium found on removal from
      Use of electrolyzed water sanitizing solution was very effective in reducing
      Campylobacter jejuni on poultry and at preventing cross contamination of
      processing environments.

         GIBPAT Pty Ltd
         ABN 75 010 668 649

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      quality commercial
      catering equipment

    ROX® Water
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                              LUGAMA                    ACCUTEMP
                   It’s easy going green - the
                   ROX® Revolution                                                                  ROX at Nobu
Engineering                                                                                    (Scott Hallsworth, head chef
                                                                                               at Nobu Melbourne)
                   Easy and effective, chemical free                                                “We use it for the boards
                   sanitising and cleaning.
 Stewarding                                                                                    that we cut the sashimi on -

                           evolution is a pretty dramatic concept when you think about         you can’t use anything on
                                                                                               them that would leave any
                           it. It implies big changes. So what is this green product that’s
Housekeeping               causing such a stir? Set to be the biggest change to the
                                                                                               taint. You can spray it on and
                                                                                               it’s completely safe. This is
                   hospitality industry in years, not only in practical terms but the way      totally scentless and it cleans
go                 the hospitality industry thinks about cleaning and food safety, the
                   ROX Water system has arrived. It ticks all the boxes too. It will
                                                                                               better than if you were using
  online           save you money, create a safer working environment for your staff,               “We also have started
                   increase food safety and shelf life, is better for the environment and      using it to wash salad and it’s         more effective. A big list to live up to. Lets explore further, but first   also great for cleaning grease
                                                                                               off - it takes it off very easily.
                   a little about what ROX Water is.
     Click on                                                                                  In instances too where you
 ‘What’s New’ or      The ROX Water system produces electrolysed water using tap               might have something like
   ‘Food Safety    water, salt and electricity. The units produce two solutions.               cumin or garlic etc in a
    Equipment’     Alkaline water which is a ‘super degreaser’, and Acidic water               blender, things that will leave
                   which has strong fungicidal and anti bacterial characteristics. These       a smell that’s hard to remove
                   can then be combined to create a third solution consisting of a 50-         you just use the ROX and it
                   50 mix. A unit the size of a briefcase can produce up to 3,600lt of         gets rid of it just like that. It’s
                   sanitiser and cleaner per day.                                              absolutely perfect for a
                                                                                               commercial kitchen.”
                                                                                               ROX at Heidelberg
 meat,                fruit &                  boards,                 benches,                The major example of the
 seafood &            veggies                  knives &                stoves &                system in operation is
                                                                                               Melbourne’s Heidelberg
 chicken                                       utensils                hands                   Hospital’s new central
                                                                                               processing unit’s state of the
                                                                                               art kitchen that supplies meals
                                                                                               to more than five hospitals
                                                                                               around Melbourne.
                                                                                               (eWater Systems co-owner
                                                                                               Phil Gregory)
                                                                                                   “Rox was plumbed
                                                                                               throughout right at the start of
                                                                                               construction,” said Gregory.
                                                                                               “They are now using it for
                                                                                               everything from cleaning
                                                                                               floors and coolrooms to
                                                                                               washing vegetables,” he said.
                                                                                               Excerpts and permission from April 08
                                                                                               Hospitality Magazine, with thanks.

 GIBPAT eZine                                              May 2008                                                Page 2
 GIBPAT Pty Ltd           I    Brisbane           I    Sydney           I   1300 558 668               I
                        It’s easy going green - the
                        ROX Revolution                                                     was developed in Japan more than
                                                                                           ten years ago. Over 20,000 units
 Engineering                                                                               have since been installed there and
                        Back to the big        housekeeping trolleys and saving time.      it has been endorsed by the
                        list now starting                                                  Japanese Ministry of Health. It has
  Stewarding            with why it will                                                   been used in Hong Kong for more
                        save you money.
                                                  ‘ROX Water can                           than four years and has been
Housekeeping            ROX Water can             replace 70 per cent of                   endorsed by other leading
                        replace 70 per                                                     organisations such as the US FDA,
                        cent of chemicals         chemicals used.’                         US National Sanitation Foundation
 go                     used. With no
                                                   A benefit that really sets ROX Water
                                                                                           and US Environment Protection
                        need to rinse after,                                               Agency.
   online               this also reduces
                                               apart from anything else though, is it’s
                                               ability to be used safely on food, once         This from AgriQuality,
                        water use,
                                               again with no need to rinse. It is proven   Australia’s largest independent food             something
                                               to significantly lower the presence of      and environmental laboratory, on
       Click on         becoming
                                               pathogens and bacteria such as E Coli,      their trial at the Heidelberg Hospital
   ‘What’s New’ or      increasingly costly
                                               Listeria, Salmonella and                    Kitchen last year. “In situ tests we
                        to business.
     ‘Food Safety                              Staphylococcus, with many bacteria or       conducted at this Class 1 hospital
      Equipment’         Unlike chemicals      viruses eliminated in under 5 seconds.      site have shown ROX sanitising and
                         which can be          Now that all sounds very impressive, but    cleaning waters to perform at least
                        harsh on both skin     what does that mean for you? Because        as well as, if not better on surfaces
and the environment, ROX Water is non          there is no residue or smell, ROX Water     and equipment, than the traditional
hazardous, non toxic and won’t irritate,       can be used on raw meats, chicken,          cleaning and sanitising methods. On
making for a safer working environment.        seafood, fruit and vegetables. Bacteria     one of the trials it was shown to
There are no chemicals going down the          on food dramatically reduces it’s shelf     perform considerably better.”
drain and ROX Water presents no                life, and ROX Water will improve the
                                                                                              The ROX system is being trialed
environmental problems. In the kitchen it      way your food looks and keeps. Safer
                                                                                           by a number of major players in the
can be used on boards and utensils,            food, less spoilage.
                                                                                           hospitality industry too, including
benches (the 50-50 mix is great for this),
                                                  OK, so you get all this, sounds great,   the Brisbane Convention and
stoves and hands. Slippery floors from
                                               but isn’t it just a fad? And how do you     Exhibition Centre, and is about to
soap residue will be a thing of the past
                                               know it really works? A bit of              be installed in the Melbourne
too. It can also be used for all surfaces in
                                               background information. ROX Water           Convention Centre.
the bathroom, freeing up space in
                                                                                              Bottom line: for less than 1
 Safe                   Cleaner                50/50 Mix             Sanitiser             cent per litre ROX Water units
                                                                                           will really earn their keep. For
 Can go                 Safe and ef-           Toilets, hand         Proven effec-
                                                                                           this reason alone, why wouldn’t
 straight down          fective                basins &              tive, yet gen-        you use the system?
 the drain.             cleaner and            floors to clean       tle to hands
                                                                                     for more info
 Leaves no              degreaser.             and sanitise          (no cracking
                                                                                           or call us for an info pack or a chat.
 odor on food.                                 at the same           skin).

   GIBPAT eZine                                                May 2008                                           Page 3
   GIBPAT Pty Ltd               I    Brisbane         I    Sydney          I   1300 558 668            I
   quality commercial
   catering equipment

ROX® Water
Also Available
Also available are the following pdf documents available
on the GIBPAT website:

Fact Sheets:            Economy
                        (These are in one pdf document)

General Overview Brochure: 2 page, fold to A4

Product Spec Sheets:            ROX 10
                                ROX 20
                                (These are in one pdf document)

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