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					 EcoRecycle Victoria’s
Waste Wise Style Guide
Introduction                                                    The Waste Wise Logo Family
                                                                Waste Wise generic
                                                                The generic Waste Wise logo that includes the tag line ‘WASTE WISE IS A
Waste Wise is a statewide program of EcoRecycle Victoria
                                                                PROGRAM OF ECORECYCLE VICTORIA’ can be used by those
that is designed to assist and encourage all sections of the
                                                                administering the program. This includes EcoRecycle Victoria, Regional Waste
community to reduce waste.
                                                                Management Groups, Education Groups, Councils and Council Contractors
The Waste Wise logo provides a common branding to unite         who receive funding and other support from EcoRecycle Victoria.
all of the initiatives undertaken by various groups, at all
levels of the program across Victoria.                          Waste Wise Community Program
                                                                Proud To Be Waste Wise can be used by small business, community groups
The symbols represent and recognise a mutual undertaking
                                                                and organisations who have met the program criteria and received ratification
by local government, business, industry, educators and the
                                                                from the Regional Waste Management Group, in accordance with the agreed
community in their efforts to build the capacity to combat
                                                                criteria, or EcoRecycle. The use of the logo is granted for two years and
                                                                subject to review.
The memorable identity communicates to the public, and
stakeholders, that they are part of a well structured and       Waste Wise Events Program
organised program to reduce waste, reuse and recycle            The Waste Wise Events logo can be used only on publicity materials in
materials. It also links the origins of the program to          relation to the certified event as approved by EcoRecycle Victoria in
EcoRecycle Victoria.                                            accordance with agreed criteria. (Note: Proud To Be Waste Wise is not
                                                                applicable to this program.)
To maximise the benefits of the identity, we need to ensure
that it is implemented uniformly across the state in areas      Waste Wise Schools Program
such as advertising, promotions, posters, signs, print          The Waste Wise Schools logo may only be used by schools that have
material and general communications.                            implemented or completed the specific school’s program and have received
However, the logos cannot be used in advertising or             ratification from EcoRecycle Victoria or its representative. (Note:Proud To Be
promotion to endorse particular products.                       Waste Wise is not applicable to this program.)
The logo is trademark protected by EcoRecycle Victoria.         Waste Wise Business Program
It includes the symbol and tag line ‘WASTE WISE IS A            The Waste Wise Business logo can be used by major businesses that have
PROGRAM OF ECORECYCLE VICTORIA’.                                met the criteria and received ratification from EcoRecycle Victoria. The
The logos cannot be added to, or adapted in anyway              business may also use Proud to be Waste Wise logo. The logos may not be
except as outlined in this guide. The specifications and        printed on a product. The use of the logos is granted for two years and
directives in this guide must be adhered to at all times.       subject to review.
The recommendations offer flexibility in application while      Waste Wise Government Program
maintaining the integrity of the image.                         The Waste Wise Government logo can be used by government departments
To assist your printer, colour references have been included    that have met the criteria and received ratification from EcoRecycle Victoria.
with high quality electronic versions for print reproduction.   (Note: Proud To Be Waste Wise is not applicable to this program.)

If you have any doubts about the application of the logo, please call EcoRecycle Victoria on (03) 9639 3322.

Introduction                       (cont)

On the completion of a program, a certificate will be
awarded by EcoRecycle Victoria, or the responsible
Regional Waste Management Group to mark the

Certificate overprinting
Provision has been made to insert the following details:                                                    For use by Business
• name of organisation
• validity period
• Regional Waste Management Group logo

About the design of the logo
The logo clearly identifies the need for a unified
approach to minimise waste through reuse, recycling
and reduction. The sphere calls upon traditional
imagery to represent the world and the need for a
sustainable approach to waste management.

Legal identification
To support the integrity of EcoRecycle’s Waste Wise
Program, the logo has been trademark registered to            The certificate above is for Regional Waste
provide legal protection to those involved. Without        Management Groups. The amended versions below
                                                              and to the right are for use by EcoRecycle.
trademark registration, our legal position may be
compromised and provide no recourse if the logo is
abused by a third party.

                                                                             Printer specifications

Two principal colours have been selected for use
in all Waste Wise logos.
They are PMS Reflex Blue and PMS 340 (green).

In the case of mono reproduction all elements
must appear in black or one of the nominated
colours above.
                                                                             PMS Reflex Blue     PMS 340
                                                                             CMYK Breakdown      CMYK Breakdown
When reversing in mono all elements are white.                               C: 100              C: 100
                                                                             Y: 72               Y: 0
                                                                             M: 0                M: 69
                                                                             K: 6                K: 15

Correct uses of colour

      2 Colour logo                                Black       PMS Reflex Blue                        PMS 340

Incorrect uses of colour

Incorrect uses of the identity

      Tag line missing                                                Missing title   Size of logo too small
                                                                                         to read tag line
                                 Do not replace EcoRecycle text
                                     with EcoRecycle logo

The font utilised for the credit line
VICTORIA” is Arial or Helvetica Roman.                                                      Waste Wise is a program
                                                                                                of EcoRecycle
The credit line always appears as upper case in the
illustrated proportions.

                                                      to width of arrow edges
                                                                                                Lower case not to be used

Clear space                                                                         If you have any doubts about the
                                                                                               application of the logo,
                                                                                 please call the Public Relations Unit,
Clear space should                                                              EcoRecycle Victoria on (03) 9639 3322.
always be provided
around the logo.

                                                                                                                  Level 2, 478 Albert Street
                                                                                                                 East Melbourne, VIC, 3002
                                                                                                                  Telephone: 03 9639 3322
                                                                                                                   Facsimile: 03 9639 3077
                                                                                                      Email: mailbox@ecorecycle.vic.gov.au
                                                                                   Recycling Infoline FreeCall 1800 35 32 33 (Victoria Only)

Application                                                                                                   A4

                                                                                               Logo                Logo
The examples on this page have been developed to              Logo        Logo          Logo

assist in the use of the logo on new or existing materials.
These layouts may be suitable for Regional Waste                                                  Strapline
                                                              Logo                      Logo
Management Group letterhead or promotional material.

The Strapline
                                                              Logo                      Logo

The strapline can be used to add impact at the top or
bottom of page. The strapline should always appear as
PMS 340 green in two colour reproduction or black,            Logo                      Logo
PMS 340 green or reflex blue in mono reproduction.
In the case of multiple logos it is requested that                                                                 Logo
logos are placed in line horizontally or vertically as        Logo                      Logo

                      DL                                             A5

                                                                                     Logo                           Logo

                                                                                     Logo                           Logo

                             Logo   Logo   Logo                                      Logo                           Logo

Electronic Logos
Please Note: The Waste Wise logos displayed are for reference only and cannot be downloaded via this web site. They are available to organisations
that have completed the Program through EcoRecycle Victoria, Regional Waste Management Groups and other authorised agencies.


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