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Waste Wise program

    Why Waste Wise?
    Waste Wise is a visible and practical way to create a healthier and cleaner environment.
    By minimising waste at hotels, exhibition and conference locations and other permanent
    venues, or marquees at permanent venues, caterers may be able to:
    • Run a more efficient and profitable business by reducing the ‘hidden’ cost of disposal
      through over ordering and inappropriate procedures
    • Meet commitments to health and safety regulations
    • Improve the working environment for management and staff
    • Make a worthwhile contribution to protecting the environment and recycling valuable resources
    With Waste Wise, your business can take a step-by-step approach to reducing waste.
    Waste Wise provides you with the opportunity to learn how others have reduced costs,
    enhanced their reputation and contributed towards a healthier environment.

    What is Waste Wise?
    Waste Wise is a Victorian government initiative providing flexible programs, resources and
    support for continuous improvement in waste reduction and management.
    It provides a step-by-step approach to identifying waste and making improvements.
    Being Waste Wise enables organisations to link to a wide network to be updated and
    informed on the latest waste reduction approaches.
    Waste Wise enables organisations to take environmental leadership, enhancing their image
    amongst staff, clients and the community.

    What is the Waste Wise Program?
    Caterers committed to waste reduction are encouraged to become Waste Wise certified.
    Certification acknowledges the performance of your business in implementing waste
    reduction programs. It is also a great way to demonstrate the standard of your
    achievements to customers and stakeholders.
    Certified businesses are eligible to use the Waste Wise logo on correspondence and
    advertising. Certified businesses are also invited to be involved in Sustainability Victoria
    events and forums.
    Certification is free and lasts for two years.

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Waste Wise Steps
Waste Wise involves five steps:
Step 1 Making a commitment
Step 2 Preparing a Waste Reduction Action Plan
Step 3 Implementation
Step 4 Reporting outcomes
Step 5 Continual improvement
The ’How to' tips, ‘Taking Action’ plans and other resources in this Waste Wise Catering
Toolkit will help you to identify your waste streams and ways in which to reduce your waste,
and will form the basis of your accreditation. Once you have completed steps 1 & 2 your
business is eligible to be Waste Wise Certified. You then have 2 years to complete all the
How to get started
Contact Sustainability Victoria on 1800 35 32 33. Skilled people are ready to provide advice
and information on how to become Waste Wise Certified. Or go to the website:

What is a Waste Wise event?
A Waste Wise event is a public event that has efficient recycling and waste reduction
systems in place, including:
• Avoiding waste and litter where possible
• Using reusable packaging in preference to disposable
• Controlling packaging so that waste diversion from landfill is maximised
• Giving preference to recyclable and recycled content packaging
• Explaining the benefits of sustainable waste management to patrons
Sustainability Victoria's Waste Wise Program provides tools and advice to event organisers
on how to create effective recycling and waste management systems at public events in
five simple steps. The program's three star certification element is based on the concept of
continuous improvement, so events can build on their own success.

What does a Waste Wise Event mean for a caterer?
Caterers are increasingly being requested by event organisers to reduce and recycle at
events. Some of these waste reduction activities will include:
• Using non-disposable cutlery and crockery wherever possible.
• Asking the Venue Manager to identify any disposables to be used in relation to food,
  such as serviettes, single serve items, sugar etc., and discussing options with your local
  Regional Waste Management Group.
• Identifying ‘back of house’ sorting/collection systems for:
  –   Bottles, cans, cartons
  –   Organics
  –   Rubbish
  –   Paper and cardboard
  –   Corks (optional)
  –   Food oil

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            • Establishing recycling systems for kitchens, bars, conference rooms and marquees (not
              required in accommodation spaces).
            • Establishing recycling stations for patrons where appropriate (assumes staff do all table
            • Briefing all waiting/catering and cleaning staff verbally and in writing on the correct use of
              waste minimisation recycling systems. Staff and suppliers should be informed of the
              importance of minimising waste, such as minimising packaging of food and quantity of
            • Having food delivered to the venue in recyclable or reusable containers wherever
              practicable, such as cardboard boxes, recyclable plastic, cans.
            • Avoiding polystyrene and waxed cardboard wherever possible, as these are non-
              recyclable items.
            • Nominating staff to monitor collection systems and complete a checklist of volumes and
            • Displaying Waste Wise Event signage to create public awareness of responsible waste

            How can I access the Waste Wise Event Toolkit?
            You can download the Waste Wise Event Toolkit from the Sustainability Victoria website
   and type Waste Wise Events in the search field.

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