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									Issue 5 ~ October 2006
Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns                          Sweet Dreams as Mattress Recycling
– Sustainable Communities Awards                             Comes to Town
                                                             Dreamsafe is a dynamic new company in Moorabbin
Two regional initiatives were recognized for their           which deals with mattress recycling, deep cleaning and
excellence in the recent KABV Awards. Tidy Towns –           sanitization. They have now Geelong established a
Sustainable Communities is regarded as a highly              second factory in Geelong (see photo) and mattresses
successful long-running award program that recognizes        are now being stockpiled in the Highlands Region ready
the environmental work being done in regional Victoria.      for collection. In the first collection over 70 mattresses
                                                             were collected from Transfer Station’s in Hepburn Shire.
AFGC Packaging Stewardship Forum's Proud Schools

Ballarat - Ballarat Grammar Junior School
Students at Ballarat Grammar Junior School enjoy their
Gardening Club where they mulch, plant, grow and
munch on the end result of their efforts. There is also an
Anti Pollution Squad who support the Junior School’s
commitment to Waste Wise by assisting with recycling,
tree planting, worm farming and cleaning up.
Community Government Partnership Award

Talbot - Talbot Community Information and Resource
In 2000, Talbot started a program to create a vital
community hub in the heart of the town using two             Late in 2003 Dreamsafe began recycling mattresses in
heritage buildings: the former Commercial Hotel and the      an effort to keep an estimated 250,000 mattresses out of
neighbouring drapery shop, London House. This former         landfill each year. What is recycled? Wood, foam,
“bomb site” has been transformed into a thriving civic       wadding, springs and some fabrics.
centre - the Talbot Community Information and                www.dreamsafe.com.au
Resource Centre.
The foundation for this development was a partnership,       Waste Wise Program gets a
requiring the co-operation of the Talbot community, its      Makeover!
businesses, the Shire Council as well as State and
Commonwealth governments. The Talbot Farmers
                                                             In August 2006 the Waste Wise Program was revamped
Market, The Friends of London House Community
                                                             to make it easier for organisations large and small to
Garden and Café hospitality training are just some of the
                                                             demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future
groups that are evolving as the community makes best
                                                             and, through certification, have their credentials as an
use of the Centre.
                                                             environmental leader outcomes.
Source: www.kabv.org.au
Junk Mail Issue 5 ~ October 2006

With the support from your REO, the five steps of the       (Level 1) occurs after Step 2. Level 2 certification occurs
Waste Wise program will guide you through the               after Step 4 but may be concurrent with Level 1. Both
assessment of waste streams and costs, show you how         these levels are assessed locally by the REO. Level 3 is
to develop and maintain a waste reduction action plan,      assessed by Sustainability Victoria and reflects a high
and help you to manage the change that will be an           level of ongoing commitment to the program.
essential element of successfully achieving your goals.     www.sustainability.vic.gov.au

                                                            First in Best Dressed (or do I mean
                                                            the best dressings?)
                                                            Hepburn Health Services (Clunes, Creswick, Daylesford
Five steps to Waste Wise                                    & Trentham Campuses) becomes the first organisation
    1. Commitment                                           in the Highlands Region to achieve Waste Wise re-
    2. Developing an action plan                            certification Level 2 using the new methodology.
    3. Implementing the action plan
    4. Monitoring and reporting results                     HHS have sent 24.6 tonnes of waste per year from
    5. Building on experience to achieve continual          landfill since they commenced in the Waste Wise
        improvement                                         program in 2004 a diversion rate of 19.5%. Well done,
                                                            an excellent result! Following this year’s waste audit
Commitment The application form provides an overview        (see photo) new targets have been set for 2006 – 2008.
of the applicant and their commitment to the program.           • 5% reduction in clinical waste
The information conveys the scope and potential of the          • 10% reduction in plastic bin liners
organisation to deliver outcomes and the level of support       • 10% reduction in paper use
that may be required.                                           • 20% reduction in waste to landfill
                                                                • 100% of new staff are educated about Waste
Developing a Waste Reduction Action Plan (WRAP)                      Wise as part of their induction program
A waste assessment is conducted and waste reduction             • Community/staff education is maintained via the
targets or KPIs are identified. The WRAP then details                website, newsletters, emails etc.
specific actions to be undertaken to achieve the KPIs.

Implementing the WRAP this is the key stage of the
program – and the most rewarding. As the action plan is
put into practice and behavioral change takes place
within the organisation, progress and achievements
become obvious to everyone that is involved.

Monitoring and Reporting Results assessing progress
towards KPIs helps to identify the benefits and cost
savings (if appropriate), communicating changes and
their outcomes to staff helps to maintain their interest
and involvement. For example, a 10% reduction in paper
usage will result in a 10% reduction in the purchase cost   Congratulations to the Environmental Management
of paper.                                                   Team led by Chris Jenkins who are also broadening
                                                            their scope to include a 4% reduction in energy
Building on experience to achieve continual                 consumption.
improvement occurs when an organisation has
developed best practice waste minimization strategies
                                                            For more information on how you can be involved in the
and the focus on continual improvement means that
these strategies have become standard operational           Waste Wise program contact your local Regional
                                                            Education Officer, Rosemary Angus on 5333 7770 or
Certification provides a mechanism to formally              email rosemary@issltd.com.au
recognize and publicise the waste minimization
achievements of the organisation. Initial certification

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