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					                                GARY R. PEKAREK
                   5006 Meadow Dawn Court * Katy, Texas 77494
                         (281) 798-4622 *

OBJECTIVE         To invigorate your oil company as a Geophysical Advisor, having achieved
                  an outstanding 28 year track record of exploration and producing successes.

SKILL             28 years Geoscience expertise:
SUMMARY           Making sound E&P technical decisions and recommendations, from generating
                  high-impact exploration prospects to designing optimal well plans
                      Successful ExxonMobil Gulf of Mexico explorationist experience resulting
                       in acquisition of dozens of leases, wildcat design, and 4 discoveries.
                      Generated exploration prospects and designed drilling programs for
                       clients in Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Libya, USA (Gulf of Mexico, Texas,
                       Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, Utah, California), and Yemen.
                      Evaluated producing opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico resulting in
                       identification and assessment of new targets. With a multi-disciplinary
                       team, drilled several successful appraisal and development wells.
                  Advanced Geophysical Interpretation Techniques and Analysis
                     Expertise in 3D seismic structural and stratigraphic interpretation, salt
                      tectonics, reservoir mapping, reservoir characterization, and seismic
                      acquisition & processing.
                     Expert user of latest industry applications for AVO inversion, velocities,
                      seismic attributes, facies classification, and rock physics.
                  15 years Business and Management experience:
                     Supervised and motivated teams of geoscientists and consultants.
                      Executed departmental budgeting, mentoring, and career development.
                     Effectively led many technical projects by building project plans, leading
                      weekly team meetings, and producing successful team results on time
                      and on budget.
                     Established geoscience consulting company and led company to develop
                      prospects and provide global geophysical consulting.

Geophysical Advisor, Paradigm Geophysical - Strategic Consulting, Houston, TX.
  (March 2007-March 2010)
 Detected seismic fractures in unconventional basement project and 3 US gas shale projects.
   Advised and quality-controlled seismic reprocessing, 3D velocity building, and depth
   conversion. Optimized parameters to highlight discontinuities, generate lineaments, azimuth
   histograms, and fault & fracture picks. Co-visualized well fracture results with seismic
   lineaments and fractures in 3D. Successfully detected fractures undetectable by seismic
   interpreters or competitors--critical for designing optimal horizontal wells and inducing
   hydraulic fractures.
 Led 5 offshore shallow hazard detection projects. Performed stratigraphic and seismic
   interpretation to autopropagate horizons and to autogenerate faults. Analyzed seafloor and
   other shallow hazards using seismic attributes.
                                  GARY R. PEKAREK
                    5006 Meadow Dawn Court * Katy, Texas 77494
                          (281) 798-4622 *

   Generated attribute computations, amplitude extractions, and contoured maps. Utilized AVO
   inversion, facies classification, and geobody detection & opacity visualization to identify gas
   hydrates, shallow water flow sands, channels, and shallow gas hazards. Convinced clients to
   move their drilling locations based on detection of shallow hazards. Designed casing
   program with drilling consultant.
Product Marketing Manager, GX Technology, Houston, TX (2006-2007)
 Developed technical marketing collateral on newly developed seismic processing/imaging
   algorithms such as Reverse Time Migration (RTM won the "World Oil Technology of the
   Year" award in 2006).
 Investigated seismic processing competitors, analyzed geophysical service market, and
   implemented solutions to achieve marketing goals.

President & CEO, Paragon International Consulting, Denver, CO. (2001-2005)
 Developed business plan, established geoscience consulting company, managed all
   company facets from finance to marketing to project management to managing teams of
   employees and consultants.
 Managed projects to generate high-impact exploration prospects in Texas, Oklahoma,
   Louisiana, Colorado, Utah, and California. Sold prospects to small independents.
 Managed projects to interpret 3D seismic volumes from deepwater Gulf of Mexico,
   identifying top of salt, salt flanks, base of salt, and salt welds to establish velocity models
   for seismic processing.
 Evaluated economic value of data room contents for clients in Russia and India.
 Directed evaluation of seismic data and exploration prospectivity for clients in Libya, Brazil,
   and Yemen.
 Provided business and geological assessment of offshore Angola exploration for investors.
 Managed the work program of geoscientist consulting team and administrative staff.

ExxonMobil Exploration & Producing (1981-2000)
Geophysical Product Manager, ExxonMobil R&D, Dallas, TX. (1997-2000)
 Coordinated with Landmark to define and deliver effective geoscience software solutions.
   Achieved "lightning rod" status and facilitated resolution of technical issues.
 Managed team which tested, packaged, and distributed all new Landmark releases globally.
 Developed detailed project management methodology as a global reorganization task force

Production Geophysicist, Mobil E&P, New Orleans, LA (1994-1997)
 Performed 3D seismic interpretation of three fields and delineated additional drillable
   opportunities. Integrated well data, AVO inversion, attribute analysis, and seismic reservoir
   characterization to produce reservoir maps. Recommended drilling sites, and worked with
   drilling and completions teams to assess risks and drill several successful appraisal wells and
   development wells.
 Led 3D seismic acquisition and processing project a new field. Generated velocity model,
   interpreted stratigraphy and mapped reservoirs on flank of salt dome. Effectively worked
   with a multi-specialized, multi-functional team to design and drill successful appraisal wells.
                                 GARY R. PEKAREK
                   5006 Meadow Dawn Court * Katy, Texas 77494
                         (281) 798-4622 *

Exploration Geophysicist, Mobil E&P, New Orleans, LA. (1981-1994)
 Generated prospects for Gulf of Mexico lease sales, resulting in the acquisition of dozens of
   leases, wildcat design, and 4 discoveries.
 Devoted majority of endeavors to GOM MMS lease sales--from Texas shelf and state waters
   (GA and HI) to Louisiana shelf, slope, and deepwater (VR, SMI, EI, SS, EW, and GC) to
   Mobile Bay. Collaborated with geoscientists and engineers to evaluate hydrocarbon
   potential, risk, prospect economics, and preparation of wildcat well packages.
 Performed geophysical analyses including AVO, modeling, velocity analysis, and depth
 Evaluated large regional seismic surveys with complex salt configurations, integrated wells,
   interpreted seismic stratigraphy and identified plays with significant hydrocarbon potential.
 Pioneered interpretation techniques and established Landmark interpretation workflows.
   Developed networks and working relationships with peers for purposes of information and
   ideas sharing.
 Processed Gulf of Mexico seismic data for 2 years. Tested parameters and generated
   optimally processed seismic data. Quality controlled outsourced Western Geophysical
   seismic processing. Directed activities of 2 technicians.
 Designed seismic acquisition programs for 2D and 3D surveys. Contributed to OBC and
   conventional seismic acquisition projects for 6 months.
 Clearly and convincingly communicated ideas, results, conclusions, and recommendations.
   Kept others informed individually, with groups, and with management.

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Pekarek, G; Pichard, F, " Fracture Solutions for US Gas Shales", Harts E&P, Mar 2008

Masters of Business Administration Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. 1987.
Courses in Management, Finance, Marketing, and Economics. Earned MBA while working full
time during peak GOM lease sale bustle.
B.S., Geophysical Engineering Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO. 1981.
Graduated with honors from Colorado School of Mines. Served as President of the Student
Geophysical Society and Editor of the School Newspaper. Self financed 100% of education.