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                               FOR PERSONAL CARE INGREDIENTS

                                  INFORMATION LEAFLET
                                New Munich Trade Fair Centre
                                        Halls A1-A2
                                        Opening Times:
                                   10:00-18:00 (17:00 on 23   April)

        Organised by:
                                    Don’t miss the event that turns
                                    ingredients into opportunities…
                                    in-cosmetics is the leading international business platform for
                                    personal care ingredients. It is the most comprehensive source of
                                    industry expertise and the unrivalled forum to formulate truly
                                    innovative products. Whether you are a scientist, a formulator, a
                                    distributor, a marketing or an R&D specialist, a manufacturer or a
                                    personal care expert, in-cosmetics is the annual event you simply
                                    cannot afford to miss.

Why visit this year’s show in Munich?
               Meet leading suppliers face-to-face. Discover the latest
ingredients and emerging technologies. Find new solutions to optimise
        your products’ performance. Discuss, compare and evaluate
         new formulations. Network with your peers. Be inspired in an
                        innovative business and scientific environment.

Pre-register at
                 by 13 April 2009 and enjoy:
                            • FREE, fast-track entry to the exhibition
                              • UP TO 15% discount on the Cosmetic Science Conference
                                (only applies to bookings made online by 28 Feb. 2009)
                                • FREE copy of the in-cosmetics Preview Magazine
                                  to plan your visit
                                 • FREE access to an “online diary” to book meetings with
                                   exhibitors and fellow visitors
                                 • FREE monthly e-newsletters from the in-cosmetics Group
                                   packed with news about the industry and our shows

                 The show in a nutshell:
                                • Over 380 local and international suppliers
                              • High-profile “Cosmetic Science Conference”
                             • Insightful “Marketing Trends Presentations”
                           • Visionary “in-focus 3d” feature
                         • Inspirational “Innovation Zone”                   TICKET NUMBER:
                     • Informative “Innovation Seminars”                         080000
                  • Enlightening “Natural Workshop”
                                 Over 380 exhibitors from over 32 countries
                                  Asia: 18% - Europe: 71% - Americas: 11%

                Meet the world’s leading suppliers*
3C Chemical Co.Ltd. - 3V Deutschland GmbH - AarhusKarlshamn AB - ACT.Co., Ltd - Active Concepts S.r.l - Active Organics - Agipal - Aiglon S.A. - Air Products & Chemicals,
Inc. - Ajinomoto OmniChem N.V. - Akema Fine Chemicals s.r.l. - Akott Ltd. - AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry Personal Care - Alchem International Ltd - Aldivia S.A. - Alzo International -
AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions Inc. - Aqualon - Aquea Scientific - Arch Personal Care Products - Arkema - Arnaud SA - Aromtech Ltd - Astron Clinica - Australian Society
of Cosmetic Chemists - Azafran Innovacion Pvt.Ltd. - Azelis Benelux NV - Azelis Deutschland Holding GmbH, Kraemer & Martin GmbH - Azelis Personal Care - B&T Srl -
Baerlocher France SAS - BASF SE - Bayer MaterialScience AG - Bayer Santé Familiale (S.A.S.) - BC Beauty and Cosmetic srl - Beijing Brilliance Biochemical Co Ltd - Beijing
Sunpu Biochem. Tech. Co., Ltd. - Bell Flavors & Fragrances GmbH - Beraca - Berg + Schmidt GmbH & Co. Kg - Beyond Beauty Paris - Biesterfeld Spezialchemie GmbH -
Bioalternatives - Biogenics - Biophil S.r.l. - BioSpectrum Inc. - BiotechMarine - BK Giulini Chemie GmbH & Co. OHG - Boai Nky Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - Bossa Nova
Technologies - Botanica GmbH - Breko GmbH - Brenntag Holding GmbH - Buckton Scott Limited - C.E. Roeper GmbH - C.H. Erbslöh KG - Campo Research Pte. Ltd. - Caregen
Co., Ltd. - Changshu League Chemical Co.Ltd - Chemical Compounds Inc - Chemical Marketing Concepts Europe - Chemidex GmbH - Chemspeed Technologies -
Chemyunion Quimica Ltd - Chesham Speciality Ingredients - Chongqing Pellets Technique & Trade Co., Ltd. - Ciba Inc - Clariant International Ltd - CLR Berlin - Codif Recherche
& Nature - Cognis GmbH - Coptis - Corum Incorporation - Cosmetic Technology - Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine - Cosmetics International - CosmeticsDesign -
Cosmetochem International Limited - Cosnaderm GmbH - Cosphatec GmbH - COSSMA - Health & Beauty Business Media GmbH - Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH -
CPN spol s.r.o. - Creations Couleurs - Cremer Care - CRM Fancor - Croda Europe - Crodarom - DAIICHI Fine Chemical Europe GmbH - Daito Kasei Kogyo Co Ltd - Delfin
Technologies Ltd - Dermscan Group - Desert Whale Joboba Company Inc - Dishman Netherlands B.V. - DKSH - Doosan Corporation - Dorana Naturae s.r.o. - Dow Chemical -
Dr. Rieks GmbH - Dr. Straetmans Chemische Produkte GmbH - DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd. - DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. Branch PENTAPHARM - Duellberg
Konzentra - Dupont - DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products - Earthoil Plantations Limited - Easthill Corporation - Eckart GmbH - Eco-Oil Argentina S.A. - Eigenmann & Veronelli
SPA - Elementis Specialties - Ellead Co Ltd - Ennagram - EOC Surfactants nv - Eppendorf Biochip Systems - ESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KG - Esperis S.p.A. - Estenity -
Eurofins ATS - European Glitters - EVIC International - Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH - Exsymol S.A.M. - FANCOR LTD.- The Fanning Corporation - Farcoderm Srl - Farcos Srl -
Finnfeeds Finland Ltd. - FLAVEX Naturextrakte GmbH - Floratech - Floressence - Frutarom Germany GmbH - Galaxy Surfactants Ltd - Gattefossé s.a.s. - Gelyma - Geotech
International BV - GFMesstechnik GmbH - GfN / Selco GmbH - Giulio Gross - Azelis Italia - Granula Ltd. - Greentech S.A. - Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co. Ltd. -
Gujarat Organics Limited - Gustav Heess GmbH - Hallam Beauty Ltd. - Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Co., Ltd. - Hansa Group AG - Happi Magazine - Hayashibara International -
Hebei Oxen Special Chemicals Co., Ltd - Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH - Honeywell International, Inc. - Household & Personal Care Today - Huangshi Meifeng Chemical Co.,
Ltd. - Huwell Chemicals S.r.l - Huzhou NBC Bio. Material Co. - Hydrior AG - Ichthyol - Gesellschaft - IFSCC - Ikeda Corporation - IMCD Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG - Impact
Colors Europe - IMPAG AG - IMPAG Chemicals Poland Sp. z.o.o. - IMPAG Import GmbH - Imperial-Oel-Import GmbH - Impex Quimica S.A. - Ina Trading Co.Ltd - Inca Oil -
Indena SPA - Indo World Trading Corporation - Induchem AG - Industrial Quimica Lasem S.A. - Infinitec Activos S.L. - Inolex - Inovia (Div. of Stan Chem International
Limited) - INSTITUT DU MONOI - International Specialty Products - Invitrogen Corporation - IRA Istituto Ricerche Applicate srl - IREL, spol. s r.o. - ISPE srl - Iwase Cosfa
Co.Ltd. - J.G.Eytzinger - Jan Dekker International - Javenech - Jingkun Chemistry Company - Jojoba Israel - JUSTE S.A.Q.F - K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH - Kahl GmbH
& Co. KG. - Kalichem Italia Srl - KCI Limited - Kobo Products Incorporated - Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co.Ltd. - Kolb Distribution Ltd - Koster Keunen Holland BV - Kraeber Gmbh
& Co - Kreglinger Europe - Kuhs GmbH - Kumar Organic Products Limited - Laboratoires Expanscience - Laboratoires Prod'Hyg - Laboratoires Sérobiologiques - Lachemi
Chemorgs (P) Ltd - Lambiotte Et Cie SA - Lanolines Stella - LANXESS Distribution GmbH - Laserson - LCW - Sensient Cosmetic Technologies - Lehmann & Voss & Co. -
Lehvoss UK Limited - Lessonia - LETICC - Lipo Chemicals Incorporated - Lipoid AG - Lipotec S.A. - Logos International - Lonza AG - Lowenstein Jos H.& Sons, Inc - Lubrizol
Advanced Materials Europe BVBA - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics - maBitec GmbH - Malladi Specialities Ltd(Formerly Lactochem Ltd ) - Matrix Chemie Ltd. - McIntyre Group
Ltd - Medolla Italia S.r.l. - Merck KGaA - Mexialoe Laboratorios S.A. De C.V. - Mibelle Biochemistry - Micro Powders, Inc - Mintel International Group - Miron Violetglass
Ltd. - Mitsubishi International GmbH - Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. - Miyoshi Europe S.A.S. - MMP Inc. - MMP Sarl - Momentive Performance Materials GmbH - MORAVOL
spol. s r.o. - Nagase - Nalco Company - NanHang Industrial Co.,Ltd - Naturalsolution Co.,Ltd. - Naturex - Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Ltd - neochem GmbH - NeoPharm
Co.,Ltd. - New Phase Technologies - Nisshin OilliO Fine Chemicals GmbH - NK Chemicals Europe Limited - Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH - Nusil Technology - Nutraceutical
Business & Technology - NZLavender Ltd - Olvea (formerly Laboratoire Soetenaey & Sictia) - Omya Peralta GmbH - Optoprim GmbH - ORF Genetics - Organic Monitor -
Orgarome - Orgasynth - Oroxcell - Parfums Cosmétiques Actualités - Paroxite Ltd - Permcos GmbH - Personal Care Magazine - Personal Care Product Council - Power
Paper - Premium Ingredients International (UK) Ltd - Presperse LLC - Pritty Pearlescent Pigments - Procter & Gamble International Operations SA - proDERM GmbH - Prodotti
Gianni S.p.A. - Provital Group - Q.P. Corporation - QACS Ltd - R.I.T.A. Corporation - R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. - Ra.M.Oil s.p.a. - Radiant Inc. - Rahn AG - Redoil Italia
SpA - Regeron, Inc. - Res Pharma S.r.l. - Rhodia Novecare - RJA Plastics GmbH - Rockwood Clay Additives GmbH - Roha Dyechem PVT Limited - Rohm and Haas Europe
Trading ApS - Rossow Cosmétiques - ROVI Cosmetics International GmbH - RUIColor - S & D Chesham GmbH - S. Black GmbH - S.Black Ltd. - Sabinsa - Sabo S.r.l (a socio
unico) - Sachtleben Pigments (Formerley Kemira) - SACI-CFPA - Safic-Alcan - Salicylates & Chemicals PVT.Ltd - SampleRite Limited - Sasol Olefins & Surfactants GmbH -
Schill & Seilacher AG - Schuelke & Mayr GmbH - Seatons - Sederma SAS - SEPPIC - Setalg - Shandong Freda Biochem Co., Ltd. - Shanghai Oli Enterprises Co. Ltd - Shanghai
Openchem Int.Co.Ltd - Shaoxing Haicheng Chemical Co.Ltd. - Sharon Laboratories Ltd - Shin-Etsu Silicones Europe BV - Shuangyou (Hong Kong) Limited - Sigmund Lindner -
Silab - Simon und Werner GmbH - Sinerga S.p.A. - Sino Lion (USA) Limited - Sisterna BV - SIT Skin Investigation & Technology Hamburg GmbH - Skin Test Institute - SkinEthic
Laboratories - SLI Chemicals GmbH - Soap Perfumery & Cosmetics Magazine - SOFW Verlag für chemische Industrie - Solabia Group - Soliance - Sonneborn Refined Products
B.V. - Sophim - Southern Cross Botanicals Pty Ltd - Southwest Research Institute - Spec-Chem Ind - SpecialChem S.A - Statfold Seed Oil Developments Limited - Stearinerie
Dubois - Stepan Europe - Stephenson Personal Care - StratiCELL SA/NV - Summit Research Labs, Inc. - Sun Chemical - Sunjin Chemical Co.Ltd. - Symrise GmbH & Co.
KG - Syntana GmbH - Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd - Technature - Tecniche Nuove Spa - TensaChem SA - Ter Hell & Co. GmbH - Textron Tecnica, S.L - TH.C. Tromm GmbH -
Thor Personal Care SAS - TOPY Industries Limited - TRI / Princeton - UBE Chemical Europe, S.A. - Unipex Innovations Inc. - Uniproma Chemical - United Cosmeceuticals -
Univar Europe - Vertellus Performance Materials Inc. - Vevy Europe SpA - Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation - Vivimed Labs Limited - Wacker Chemie AG - Wenzhou
Taizhu Group Co., Ltd. - Worlée-Chemie GmbH - Wujiang Fanrong Chemical Co. Ltd. - XenTech Co. Ltd - YDS Chemicals Comm. VA - Yipin Pigments - Yorkshire Chemical
Focus Ltd - Yunnan Evergreen Biological Corp. - Zahra Rosewater Co. - Zhejiang Chemicals Import and Export Corporation - Zhejiang Hangzhou Xinfu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. -
Zhejiang Zhongbao I/E Corp., Ltd. - ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co KG.

* Exhibitor list correct as of December 2008.
  For the latest list, visit the website

MARKETING TRENDS                                         A wealth of facts and figures, case studies,
Presentations                                            tips and advice presented by top industry
                                                         experts - all guaranteed to spark off new
                                                         marketing ideas.
         Sponsored by:

                                                                          FREE TO ATTEND

  10:30-11:30      “Natural” Personal Care - Will the Growth Continue?
                   Deirdre McNulty, Project Manager, Consumer Products Research Practice, Kline
  12:00-12:45      Planet Natural - New Actives from Around the World
                   Nica Lewis, Head Consultant, Beauty Innovation, Mintel
  13:15-14:00      Naturoganics - Insight into Press Marketing
                   Mike Ramseyer, CEO, MyMarketMonitor
  14:30-15:15      The Rise of Ethical Cosmetics: Fairtrade and Sustainability
                   Amarjit Sahota, CEO,Organic Monitor
  15:45-17:00      Case Studies - Moderated by Organic Monitor
                   • Organic Cosmeceuticals - Technology & Innovation in the Natural Sector
                   Dr. Nitasha Buldeo, Founder and CEO, Organik Apoteke
                   • The SANTAVERDE Concept - Sustainable and successful in high-end markets
                   Sabine Beer, Managing Director, SANTAVERDE
                   • Natural Functionality Designed by Ajinomoto
                   Jutta Jörg, Sales and Marketing Manager Specialty Chemicals, Ajinomoto

  10:30-11:15      In Search of Beauty - Key Strategies for Growth in Global Personal Care
                   Irina Barbalova, Industry Manager, Cosmetics & Toiletries, Euromonitor International
  11:45-12:30      It’s Time We Got Tough with the Advertising Regulators
                   Dr. Chris Gummer D.Phil (Oxon.), Director, Cider Solutions Ltd
  13:15-14:00      Beautiful Armour - Protection Against the Elements and Ourselves
                   Nica Lewis, Head Consultant, Beauty Innovation, Mintel
  14:30-15:15      Cosmeceuticals - The Marketer’s Dilemma
                   Dr. Jack Ferguson, Director, Skinnovation Ltd
  15:45-16:30      Presentation on Beauty Food
                                                                       In partnership with:
  17:00-17:45      Active Ingredients in Skin Care - Key Drivers, Constraints and Challenges in
                   European Markets
                   Yana Charushkina, Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

  10:45-11:30      The Next Beauty Hot Spot in Personal Care - Future Opportunities and Challenges
                   Izaskun Bengoechea, Senior FMCG Analyst, Euromonitor International
  12:00-12:45      Innovative and Enabling Technologies in Personal Care - Future Outlook
                   Gillian Morris, Director, Chemicals and Materials Consulting Practice, Kline
  14:00-14:45      The Future Already Started… Make-up Your Mind
                   Antoinette Van Den Berg, Founder, Future-Touch

                                                           Sessions subject to change at the organiser’s discretion
Cosmetic Science                                                    Organised by:

The 2009 Cosmetic Science Conference will be your opportunity to listen to and
interact with an exciting new line-up of industry experts. Aimed at formulators,
bench chemists and R&D specialists, the 2-day programme will focus on:
“New Technologies in Cosmetics Formulation”

22 APRIL 2009
 09:30-09:40    Chairman's Greeting and Introduction
                Professor Dr. Lothar Motitschke, International Cosmetic Consulting

 09:40-10:10    Cell and Tissue Based In-Vitro Models of the Skin to Study the Interaction with
                Nanotechnology Formulations
                Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr, Professor of Biopharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology,
                Saarland University
 10:10-10:40    Nanotechnology in Cosmetics - The Key to Better Performance?
                Dr. Joachim Storsberg, Head of the Research Unit Functional Medical Polymers,
                Fraunhofer Institute
 10:40-11:10    Dermal Penetration of Nanoparticles - What We Know and What We Don't
                Prof. Dr. Tilman Butz, Head of the LIPSION Accelarator Laboratory, University of Leipzig
 11:25-11:55    Do Nanoparticles in Sunscreens Pose a Health Risk?
                Dr. Gerhard J. Nohynek, Scientific Director, Global Safety Department, L'Oréal Research
 11:55-12:25    Follicular Penetration of Nanoparticles - Safety Aspects and Potentials
                Prof. Dr. Jürgen Lademann, Professor of Dermatology, Charité University Medicine Berlin
 12:25-12:55    Caffeine Microspheres - An Attractive Carrier to Achieve Optimum Skin Penetration
                Dr. Stéphanie Briançon, Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Lyon

 13:55-14:25    Effective Delivery Systems to Treat Dermatological Issues
                Dr. Sam Shefer, Executive Vice President, Salvona Technologies Inc
  14:25-14:55   The Latest Advances in Skin Optical Clearing
                Prof. Dr. Valery V. Tuchin, Professor Head and Director, Chair of Optics and Biomedical
                Physics Research, Educational Institute of Optics & Biophotonics, Saratov State University
 14:55-15:25    Epidermal Stem Cells - Status and Perspective
                Dr. Anja Knott, Manager Research Molecular Biology, Beiersdorf AG
 15:40-16:10    CellAqua- Stimulation of Aquaporins Powered by E(nhanced) G(lycerol) D(erivative)
                Dr. Ute Breitenbach, Manager Research Dry Skin / Skin Care, Beiersdorf AG
 16:10-16:40    Activation of mTOR/S6K1 Signalling - A New Mechanism of Action for Skin
                Whitening Agents
                Dr. Arunasiri Iddamalgoda, Research Scientist, Ichimaru Pharcos Co. Ltd
 16:40-17:10    Panel Discussion
  23 APRIL 2009
     09:30-09:40              Chairman's Greeting and Introduction

                              NOVEL TESTING METHODS
     09:40-10:10              A Novel Ex-Vivo Pig Skin Organ Culture Model for Efficacy and Safety Testing
                              Dr. Paolo Pertile, President & CEO, Cutech Srl
     10:10-10:40              New 3D Human Skin Model as an Alternative to Animal Testing
                              Prof. Zee Upton, Professor and Leader of the Tissue Repair & Regeneration Program,
                              School of Life Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
     10:40-11:10              New 3D Epidermal Models to Evaluate Products' Skin Whitening Properties
                              Dr. Michel Salmon CEO, Head of R&D and co-founder, StratiCELL SA

                              SKIN PROTECTION & ANTI-AGEING
     11:25-11:55              A New Approach to Anti-Ageing Technologies - Biology, Technology and Psychology
                              Prof. Paul Matts, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble
     11:55-12:25              Skin Barrier Responses to Moisturisers
                              Dr. Izabela Buraczewska, Development Scientist, ACO HUD NORDIC AB
     12:25-12:55              How Supplementation with Nutricosmetics Combats Premature Skin-Ageing
                              Prof. Dr. Ulrike Heinrich, Scientific Consultant, DermaTronnier, Institute for Experimental
                              Dermatology, University of Witten/Herdecke
     13:55-14:25              Modulation of Peripheral Nervous System to Improve Skin Comfort and Well-Being
                              Dr. Gilles Pauly, Strategic Marketing Manager, Laboratoires Sérobiologiques
     14:25-14:55              How Some UV Filters Could Induce Hormonal Effects - Results from Aquatic
                              Environment Tests
                              Prof. Dr. Karl Fent, Professor of Ecotoxicology, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern
     14:55-15:25              Near Infrared Radiation - A Source of Free Radicals and Skin Damage?
                              Prof. Dr. Leonhard Zastrow, Senior Vice President, Coty

                              INNOVATION IN NATURAL ACTIVES
     15:40-16:10              Novel Plant Oils With Unusual Composition and Properties
                              Dr. Hans-Peter Hanssen, Scientific Consultant, University of Hamburg
     16:10-16:40              Botanicals in Cosmetics - New Developments & Specific Limitations
                              Prof. Dr. Christoph M. Schempp, Head of the Competence Centre Skintegral®, University
                              Medical Center Freiburg
     16:40-17:10              Novel Retinol-Like Actives from Parrot Feathers - Potential Use in Cosmetic Products
                              Dr. Luigi Rigano, Scientific Director, ISPE Laboratories

Book online before 28 Feb. 2009 and save up to                                                                 15%
      PASS           EARLY BOOKING              (before 29 Feb. 2009)*       REGULAR PRICE              (after 29 Feb 2009)*

   1-day pass                                 350 €                                                 400 €

   2-day pass                                 650 €                                                 770 €

* Exclusive of tax. Lunch voucher included.                                 Sessions subject to change at the organiser’s discretion

                                  Skin in architecture.
                                  A translucent textile membrane covers the steel frame and creates magnificent
                                  light effects. It also serves as a projection screen.
                                  Zenith of Strasbourg - Photographer: Moreno Maggi / Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas

Surprising Formulas, a gallery of New Concepts and Creative Workshops…
Enter a unique feature area and prepare to be
inspired and challenged
Embracing a new, topical theme each year, in-focus is a visionary feature created by in-cosmetics
to forge a unique link between marketing and science. Harnessing some of the most innovative
suppliers’ expertise and creativity, it is a physical and conceptual forum to exchange ideas,
challenge current perceptions and stimulate product development.

in-focus 3d
Explore the inspirational
connections between skin                                         in-focus 3d
and architecture                                                 participants
Imagine a journey into the depths of the skin, inside            Revealing their new creations in
the architecture of molecular structures to discover             biomimetic textures, designing hi-tech
a pattern of new textures. In 2009, in-focus is going            2nd skin and shaping the volumes of the
3d and will take you beyond the surface of smooth                face, participants will include BASF,
skins and sensorial experiences to explore how                   Croda, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, Merck,
architectural approaches to personal care are                    Rhodia, Solabia, Soliance, Stéarinerie
shaping a new vision of beauty.                                  Dubois, Symrise and more…

                                                                 To discover more about in-focus 3d,

                                                                 Organic design produces nature-like structures.
                                                                 Stuttgart Main Station - Photographer: Holger Knauf,
                                                                 Düsseldorf / Architect: Ingenhoven Architects, Düsseldorf
  Innovation                                    Hear about the latest ingredients and formulation
                                                techniques directly from suppliers. Information,
  SEMINARS                                      knowledge and discussions giving you a competitive
                                                advantage you simply won’t get anywhere else.

                                                                                             FREE TO ATTEND
                       THEATRE 1

                         21 APRIL 2009                         22 APRIL 2009                          23 APRIL 2009
                             SKIN CARE                  SKIN CARE / SUNCARE                               SKIN CARE
   10:30-11:00       Lubrizol Advanced                      Evonik                                 Ajinomoto
                     Materials Europe                       Dr. J. Meyer                           Dr. Naoko Mikami
                                                            A Novel Silicone O/W, emulsifier,      Amino Acids and Beauty
                                                            Excellence in Stability, Flexibility   Care, From Moisturizing to
                                                            and Sensorial Properties               Anti-Wrinkle

   11:30-12:00       B&T                                    Kalichem                               Seppic
                     Alain Thibodeau                        Dr. Luigi Rigano                       Alicia Roso
                     Functional Cosmetic                    Skin-friendly Actives in               SEPINOVTM P88 - SEPINOVTM
                     Formulations for the Benefit           Sunsceens end Deodorants:              EG-P, Multifunctional
                     of the Senses                          Functional Hydroxyapatite              Thickening-stabilizing-emulsi-
                                                                                                   fying OE, Free Powder
                                                                                                   Polymers to Suit Every Need!

   12:30-13:00       Lipotec                                BASF                                   Silab
                     Dra. Cristina Carreño                  Dr. Volker Wendel                      David Boudier
                     A Novel Approach Based on              Rheology Modifier for Elegant          Innovative Approach for
                     Molecular Cosmetics to Fight           Skin Feeling and Active Enriched       Restoring the Skin’s Barrier
                     Against Ageing                         Skin Care Formulations                 Function

   13:30-14:00       Laserson                               Merck                                  DSM
                     Oliver Paquette                        Sabine Hitzel                          Christine Saecker
                     Capitalizing on French Natural         Assembling a Chronoactive with         Novel Cosmetic Solutions
                     Treasures to Create Innovative         Water Dispersible UVA Capsules         to Master Teenager and
                     Skincare Actives                       for Superior Sunscreen Solutions       Adult Acne

   14:30-15:00       ISP                                    Croda                                  Arch Personal Care
                     Isabelle Imbert                        Julian Hewitt                          James V. Gruber
                     Aconitase and Cytochrome c             New Developments in UV                 Manipulating the Light/Skin
                     Oxydase, Two Key Target                Protection                             Interface with Optically-Active
                     Molecules for a New                                                           Powders
                     Mitochondrial Anti-age Strategy

   15:30-16:00       Croda                                  Ciba
                     Debra Jones                            Uli Osterwalder
                     Novel Product Launch: A Holistic       What are the Requirements
                     Approach to Healthy Skin               for Daily UV Protection

   16:30-17:00       Arkema                                 Ciba
                     Dr Karine Loyen                        Olga Dueva-Koganov
                     Transform Your Basic Coloured          Importance of Polymers in the
                     Cosmetics into Innovative              Development of Effective
                     Genuine Skin Care Products             Water-resistant Sunscreens

   17:30-18:00       Merck                                  Naturex
                     Christian Reifschneider                Yohan Rolland
                     Multi-tasking Properties,              Skincare
                     New Ideas for Skin Balancing
                     Beyond Soft Focus and Feel

Sessions subject to change at the organiser’s discretion.
                    Innovation Seminars Media Partner

                                                                              FREE TO ATTEND
                THEATRE 2

                  21 APRIL 2009                     22 APRIL 2009                     23 APRIL 2009
                       HAIRCARE                           NEW FORMULATION TECHNOLOGIES

11:00-11:30    Rhodia                            Chemspeed Technologies            McIntyre
               Florence Bussod                   Accelerating Formulation R&D      Barrie Shelmerdine
               From Light to High Conditioning   by Automated High Output          Green Platform

12:00-12:30    Rohm and Haas                     Seppic                            Eckart
               Andrea Keenan                     Nathalie Chevrot                  Ulrich Schmidt
               Acrylate Hair Fixatives,          New Explorations in the Fight     Metallic Effect Pigments,
               The Untold Story of Hold          of Ageing Process, Timecode       Versatile Tools in Colour
               and Shine                         and Survicode                     Cosmetics

13:00-13:30    AkzoNobel Surface                 Eckart                            Bayer Material Science
               Chemistry                         Ulrich Schmidt                    The Use of Polyurethane
                                                 Borosilicate Pigments -           Dispersions in Colour
                                                 Highlights for Decorative         Cosmetic Formulations

14:00-14:30    Evonik                            McIntyre
               Dr. S. Herrwerth                  John Hibbs
               Cutting-edge Silicone Based       Mild Cleansing Products
               Conditioning Technology with
               Superior Hair Fiber Protection

15:00-15:30    ISP                               Jan Dekker International
               Tony Gough                        Christelle Graizeau
               Novel Suncare Applications        Anti-Ageing
               with a Versatile Rheology
               Modifier - Ultrathix P-100

16:00-16:30    Thor Personal Care                Rhodia
                                                 Eric Leroy - Enter the Next
                                                 Phase of Shampoo Innovation

17:00-17:30    BASF                              Air Products
               Dr. Peter Hössel                  Mussarat (Mona) Noor
               Cosmetic Efficacity in Styling    Intelimer® Polymer Technology -
               Gels Based on a New Cationic      Novel Multi-functional Polymers
               Thickener                         for Deposition, Rheology
                                                 Modification and Sensory Needs

                                                                                In association with:
Your “road map” to what’s new on the
exhibition show floor and in the industry

Identify the latest ingredients
launched by exhibitors:
• PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis based on grape
  stem cells to protect epidermal stem cells from
• SEPINOV P88 - EO-free powder polymer,
  electrolytes and oil thickener
And many more…

         Discover the most                            • Anti-ageing - a look at emerging actives and the
                                                        continuing segmentation of the anti-ageing claim
innovative beauty products                            • Naturals - some of the newest beauty
                                                        products with natural and organic actives
   Discover with Mintel beauty innovation
                                                      • Protection - beauty products that boost protection
a selection of the most innovative beauty               against natural elements and man-made factors
         products from around the world,              • Technology - how packaging and dispensing
                   focusing on 4 themes:                enhance performance of beauty products

                     Interactive display merging the practical and playful
                     Explore how fun and function are            and entertainment into everyday use.
                     enhancing performance and the user          Touch and feel the latest in design and
                     experience. Play with a mix of beauty       technology of clever dispensing, functional
                     and consumer products that bring fun        packaging and morphing textures.

          Free consultancy sessions
  Mintel consultants will be on hand to offer you personalised
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                                    Natural         &
                                               Organic Cosmetic
                                       Ingredients Workshop

                                                                   In Partnership with:

in-cosmetics has teamed up with Organic Monitor to provide two dedicated workshops
targeted at cosmetic manufacturers and ingredients suppliers and designed to provide practical
solutions to the common challenges you face when developing natural & organic products.

Natural & Organic                                  Formulating
Cosmetic Standards:                                Chemically-Clean Cosmetics:
Making The Grade                                   Challenges & Pitfalls
20 April 2009 - 13:30 to 17:30                     22 April 2009 - 11:30 to 15:30
                                                   (networking lunch included)
• What are the major standards
  for natural & organic cosmetics?                 • What is a natural & organic
                                                     cosmetic product?
• What are the precise details of the new
  harmonised European natural & organic cosmetic   • What synthetic chemicals
  standard coming into force from April 2009?        are typically absent and
                                                     what are their natural replacements?
• What ingredients / processes are permitted /
  forbidden in these major standards?              • What are the challenges, potential pitfalls
                                                     and solutions when formulating natural
• What are the formulation implications?
                                                     & organic cosmetics?

              Both workshops will be presented by Judi Beerling, who has over 30 years
              experience in cosmetics formulations and innovations. She has assisted
              numerous companies with natural & organic raw material selection and product
              formulation techniques. She is the current President of the UK Society of
              Cosmetic Scientists (SCS).

  Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standards                   300 €                     150 €

  Formulating Chemically-Clean Cosmetics                 320 €                     170 €

  Both workshops                                         500 €                     275 €

    Halls A1-A2,
    New Munich Trade Fair Centre
    Messegelände, D-81823 Munich,
    • Only 40 minutes by shuttle bus (7 €)
      from the airport
    • Less than 20 minutes from the city
      centre by underground

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                                              PCHi                      Guangzhou, China / 24 - 26 Feb 2009

                                              Saõ Paulo, Brazil / 26 - 29 Sep 2009
                                              Moscow, Russia / 29 Oct - 01 Nov 2009

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