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					Hawkes Bay and Gisborne Region Preferred Suppliers
Project Managers are listed alphabetically.

Arrow International
Website: www.arrowinternational.co.nz         Email: liam.nolan@arrowinternational.co.nz

Arrow has a very strong relationship with the Ministry of Education and School Boards of
Trustees, with intimate knowledge of the Ministry‟s guidelines, through having
successfully delivered over 60 secondary and tertiary education projects, under various
delivery options. Arrow have experience of 10YPP, refurbishments and new schools,
ranging in value from $5k to $65M.

The key advantages Arrow offers the Ministry and Schools are:

      An experienced Project Management company
      Extensive experience in the education sector
      Hawkes Bay presence with the ability to access additional resources from
      Robust, reliable systems and procedures developed over 25 years of Project
       Management and Construction Delivery
      Comprehensive database of quality consultants and subcontractors

Arrows‟ key strategy is that each school (or cluster of schools) will have one point of
contact from Arrow for all four services and indeed any other requirements. This allows
Arrows‟ project manager to gain knowledge of the schools assets and to develop
relationships with the schools representative. The same person that completes the
10YPP will be responsible for the project management of projects in same.

Address:                                                    Phone:
125 Queen Street East, Hastings                             Office: (06) 870 4852
PO Box 900, Hastings, 4156                                  Fax: (06) 870 4853

Name: Liam Nolan                                            Phone: (06) 870 4852
Email: liam.nolan@arrowinternational.co.nz                  Mobile: 029 200 3114

Darrington Slater Architects Ltd
Architects and Project Managers - Gisborne

Email: darrington.slater@clear.net.nz

Education Architecture and Ministry of Education Project Management.

20 years experience in the Education Property. We operate in the Eastern Bay of Plenty,
Gisborne, East Coast and Poverty Bay, with offices in Whakatane and Gisborne. A multi
disciplinary firm offering the advantage of a total range of property services.
    Primary schools
    Secondary schools
    Kaupapa Maori
    Special needs
    Teen parenting
    Admin, Laboratories, Technology, gymnasiums
    Relocatable classrooms

Project Management:
    preparation of 10 YPP and 5YA
    building conditional assessments
    property and project development
    assist BOT to prepare consultant briefs
    Building Contracts Management
    Cost management

Address:                                           Phone:
340 Palmerston Road, Gisborne                      Office: (06) 867 6743
Office Phone: 06 867 6743                          Fax: (06) 867 4768

Name: Darrington Slater                            Phone: (06) 867 6743
Email: darrington.slater@clear.net.nz              Mobile: 021 063 4515

Gary Pidd Architect Ltd
Website: www.garypiddarchitect.co.nz               Email: garypidd@airnet.net.nz

Gary Pidd Architect Ltd is a Napier based, 5 person architectural practice with 20
years experience of successfully managing educational projects in the Hawkes Bay
and Gisborne area. We are familiar with 90% of schools from Dannevirke to Hicks

We are a progressive practice that provides exciting innovative design solutions
giving schools a sense of individual identity and pride. We are also very good at
sorting out sensible timely economic solutions which meet a schools brief, budget
and timeframe ensuring the best value for money.

Our approachable working style means schools freely contact us and we are very
upfront and honest about what can realistically be achieved.

Our pricing is competitive and transparent; schools know what to expect. Where
possible we share the cost of any travel required between our school clients.

Gary Pidd Architect Ltd is based in a purpose-designed office that houses a very
experienced team who are supported by up to date technology and systems. We
employ tight procedures and processes and time saving project management
systems to ensure an effective and efficient service is provided at all times.

Overall, our extensive experience and knowledge ensures we add value to the
process of managing school property.

Address:                                                      Phone:
26 Guppy Road, Greenmeadows, Napier                           Office: (06) 844 0223
P O Box 5058, Greenmeadows, Napier                            Fax: (06) 844 0580

Name: Gary Pidd                                               Phone: (06) 844 0223
E-mail: garypidd@airnet.net.nz                                Mobile: 021 433 613

Website: www.jdta.co.nz                Office email address: jdta@jdta.co.nz

Judd Dougan Team Architecture (JDTA) offer project management and design services
for all types of building projects, with a long standing track record on projects for schools,
including preparation of 10 Year Property Plans and 5 Year Agreement project

Our service to schools is supported by hands on Board of Trustees experience by both
directors of JDTA, and a thorough familiarity with Ministry of Education procedures and

JDTA has the collective skills and resources that will provide quality architecture for a
wide range of projects. Our clients benefit from the depth of experience and expertise
available from within our practice.

We have specialist knowledge in most project areas. The variety of school projects that
have been completed attest to our broad and locally based experience.

Our projects are unique solutions to our clients‟ requirements.

Address:                                                      Phone:
194 Tennyson Street, Napier                                   Office: (06) 835 7561
PO Box 885, Napier 4140                                       Fax: (06) 835 3925

Name:     Tim Judd                                            Phone: (06) 835 7561
Email:   tim@jdta.co.nz                                       Mobile: 027 244 2230
Neil Fenwick Architects Ltd
Architects and Project Managers

Email: neil@neilfenwickarchitects.co.nz

Neil Fenwick Architects Limited is a practice that can draw on a very comprehensive
range of skills and resources that provides creative design solutions and functionality for
a wide range of education projects.

Your school will benefit from the depth of experience and expertise gained over the
many years of practice, while enjoying direct communication with a single point of
contact throughout the project.

We provide a comprehensive range of services which includes the following:

      Creative design in new and existing buildings;
      Project Management Services;
      Cost Control, Project Control and Project Observation;
      10 Year Property Plans (10 YPP);
      Project analysis and brief writing;
      Development feasibility studies;
      Building assessments and reports;
      Master planning and resource management applications;
      Integration of allied disciplines such as landscaping, interior design, traffic
       design, fire design, structural and environmental services engineering, etc.

We have a track record of delivering projects that are creative and practical, within
budget and on time.

Address:                                                     Phone:
155c Tennyson Street, Napier                                 Office: (06) 835 2416
P O Box 52, Napier                                           Fax: (06) 834 0814

Name: Neil Fenwick                                           Phone: (06) 835 2416
Email: neil@neilfenwickarchitects.co.nz                      Mobile: 027 244 2220

Nicoll Blackburne Architects
Website: www.nbarch.co.nz                             Email: architects@nbarch.co.nz

Nicoll Blackburne Architects (NBA) has been carrying out educational commissions
since the Department of Education days.

We have extensive experience in education projects in all aspects of the curriculum
throughout the Eastland area, having undertaken well over 300 school projects since
1983 with values from $20,000 up to over $5 million.
These projects included general classrooms, art suites, libraries, technology blocks,
music suites, science laboratories, administration facilities, gymnasiums and other sport
facilities. You name it we have probably done it. Through the transition period of
“Tomorrow‟s Schools” the practice became involved in a large number of „technology‟
suite projects. In 2000, a $3.8 million eight classroom technology block was completed
at Gisborne Girls High School. The design included hard and soft technology
workshops, art facilities and a large library.

NBA has developed a relocatable, adaptable classroom design based on MOE models
that has been extensively used throughout the East Coast and Wairoa areas. This
design has proved to be very popular with the schools in this area and is cost effective
and very adaptable to suit any schools teaching style.

NBA has won four NZ Institute of Architects Awards for designs within the education

Address:                                                    Phone:
44 Childers Road, Gisborne                                  Phone: (06) 867 9622
P O Box 1241, Gisborne                                      Fax: (06) 867 9422

Name: James Blackburne                                      Phone: (06) 867 9622
Email: james@nbarch.co.nz                                   Mobile: 027 481 8093

Opus International Consultants Ltd
Website address: www.opus.co.nz                     Email: richard.daniels@opus.co.nz

Opus offers schools a huge range of services across New Zealand. We are ready to
help with project and property management, architectural design and planning and
engineering services.

Address:                                                    Phone:
Opus House, 6 Ossian St, Ahuriri, Napier 4110               Phone: (06) 833 5100
Private Bag 6019, Napier 4142                               Fax: (06) 833 5120

Name: Michael Parkin, Graham Johnstone                      Phone: (06) 833 5100
Email: michael.parkin@opus.co.nz                            Mobile: 027 434 2363
       graham.johnstone@opus.co.nz                                  027 208 1041

School Support Ltd
Website: www.schoolsupport.co.nz
Email: hbproperty@schoolsupport.co.nz or pbproperty@schoolsupport.co.nz
School Support Ltd offers an integrated and comprehensive range of property services
to schools. We specialise exclusively on providing property and project management to
the education sector.

           Preparation of the 10 year property plan;
           project management for property;
           general property management advice;
           specialised professional advice. We manage the outsourcing architectural,
            engineering and expertise for major capital works projects

From our property team in Napier and our property officer in Gisborne we have a strong
representation in the region covered.

We have $4.5 million of professional indemnity insurance cover and $5 million of public
liability insurance cover.

We service many schools in the region through property services agreements. Our
market share has grown significantly as we offer a comprehensive, integrated cost-
effective property service.

A lower fee structure applies to “Property Services Agreement” clients. We have the
structure in place to service them and are currently moving to expand our East Coast
team. We are confident that our reporting, invoicing and supporting software meets and
exceed Ministry requirements.

Address:                                                     Phone:
2 Ford Road, Napier                                          Office: (06) 843 3786
PO Box 3083, Napier 4142                                     Fax: (06) 843 3782

Name: Phil Elms                                              Phone: (06) 843 0620
Email: phil.elms@schoolsupport.co.nz                         Mobile: 027 491 5167
Skype: phil.n.elms

Wilson Jack Architects Ltd
Email: info@wilsonjackarchitects.co.nz

Wilson Jack Architects have extensive experience of providing long-term professional
advice on all school property issues and delivering creative, cost-effective solutions to
the Education sector.

We offer expertise in the following areas:

      Condition assessment and the development of a 10YPP in conjunction with the
       Board of Trustees.
      General property management advice.
      Full project management service, including research, concept planning,
       developed design, engagement of and liaison with relevant sub-consultants,
       contract documentation, evaluation and recommendation of tenders, letting of a
       contract, and construction management and observation.
      Specialist professional advice – as Registered Architects we are accustomed to
       engaging the services of other specialist professionals and co-ordinating those
       services into a project.

We believe strongly in the power of good design to enhance educational environments
and the lives of those who use them, and we bring our hard-won knowledge, insight, and
attention to detail to every project.

Current and recent projects include: Classroom blocks, Admin. buildings, new and
refurbished Kindergartens, Gymnasium/Theatre, Library, Music Suite, Pool
redevelopment, and a new Art & Technology Block.

Address:                                                  Phone:
1st Floor Tourism House                                   Phone: (06) 8354 886
Civic Court, Napier                                       Fax: (06) 835 4971
PO Box 958, Napier

Names: Kyla Wilson and James Jack                         Phone: (06) 8354886
Email: kyla@wilsonjackarchitects.co.nz                    Mobile: 027 489 3415
       james@wilsonjackarchitects.co.nz                           021 456 480

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