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									Reader of Hearts
Author: Darrin Owens

Darrin Owens calls himself a "reluctant psychic" because growing up in rural Arkansas, he only wanted
to fit in. Darrin knew and experienced things that no one around him was talking about. Then a series of
serendipities opened his eyes to the spiritual journey that would be his destiny. As the author writes in
his preface, "A psychic's true job is to bring people into the present, where the soul resides, not to
catapult them into the future with promises. It is the psychic's role to help people get in touch with divine
wisdom — to be the channel for this wisdom and not claim to be its source." In these pages, Darrin tells
his story and goes on to illuminate seven aspects of the spiritual journey. Humorous and poignant,
Reader of Hearts provides guidance for both newcomers to the spiritual realm and longtime psychic and
spiritual practitioners.

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