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									Expression of Interest:
We, CATIC Beijing Company, seek expressions of interest from agents that wish to
become part of our trading network around the world.

As part of our client's strategy to roll out the range of Kiln, Grate Cooler, Pre-heater,
Vertical Mill, Ball Mill, Bucket Elevator, Bag Housing, Fan, Motor and other cement
machines. We seek to establish capable agent network comprised of those with a
proven track record in consulting, engineering, sales and strong service backup.

Please submit your expression of interest by filling out the questionnaire below and
pressing Submit.

Be assured that we respect your privacy, and any information you give us here will be
kept strictly confidential.

Agent Information:代理信息

1. Name of applicant: 用户名

2. Name of Agent (Individual/Company): 个人/公司名称

The best way to Contact (Fax, Courier, Phone, Email, Others) 请选侧联系方式

Address (List the addresses of all locations that wish to become part of the network):
Contact Phone Number: 联系
Email address:
Website address: 网页

3. How long has the business been established?

4. How soon could you become part of the CATIC agent network?
 Immediately 立刻
 Within 3 months 3 个月
 Within a year 1 年

5. If you are NOT ABLE to become part of the agent network IMMEDIATELY,
please give a brief explanation of why. 如果你不能立刻成为代理,           请注明为什么?
Competitive edge
6. Clearly, the cement plant industry is a competitive one. Consequently, it's
important that you can prove that your position has the capacity, drive and
professionalism to play a successful role in this agent network.

Please briefly describe what sets you apart from your competitors. 写一段你和其他

7. Please list the other products and brands you currently promote or service:

 Financial information
8. Do you have a credit facility in place to finance the project?
Yes No

Marketing strategy
9. It is essential that agent in the network have a dedicated marketing plan that can
easily integrate the CATIC products. Please briefly describe your current marketing
strategy 简单写出你的市场战略

Comments and Questions 建议和问题

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