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									Request for qualification:
Tourism PPP opportunity at [name of project site, name of protected area]

[name and logo of institution]

The [name of institution] requests bidders to submit their qualifications for

the commercial use of [name of project site]
at [name of protected area]
through a public private partnership (PPP) agreement.

This request for qualification (RFQ) for tender number [details of tender] is issued by [name of
institution] in accordance with the guidelines for public private partnerships (PPP) contained in National
Treasury's PPP Toolkit for Tourism, and in compliance with Treasury Regulation 16 issued in terms of the
Public Finance Management Act, 1999.


                                  PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6

1. Important general notes

2. The purpose of the RFQ

3. The PPP opportunity

4. Pre-qualification requirements

5. What must be included in the bid and how to submit it

6. The date and place for submitting bids

7. How the bids will be evaluated

8. Bid timetable

                                PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6
1.    Important general notes

1.1   This RFQ overrides all other [name of institution] communications to bidders about this PPP

1.2   No verbal discussion with any staff or advisor of [name of institution] can change, add to or
      clarify any of the terms and conditions contained in this RFQ. Bidders should only rely on written
      changes, additions or clarifications from duly authorised staff of [name of institution], circulated
      to each bidder. Email communications from [name of institution] to bidders will count as written

1.3   All enquiries and requests for further information in respect of the RFQ must be in writing, and
      directed to [project officer’s facsimile number and e-mail address]. A response to the enquiry
      may be circulated to other interested bidders. Any notices sent from [name of institution] to
      interested bidders shall be considered to have been delivered to an interested bidder if sent by e-
      mail, facsimile or by ordinary mail.

1.4   Bidders are responsible for all costs related to their bid. [Name of institution] will not
      compensate bidders for any costs, regardless of the outcome of the bid.

1.5   [Name of institution] may change the timetable in paragraph 8. It may also make other changes
      to the RFQ, or add to it, or provide clarification, at any time. [Name of institution] may cancel
      the bid at any time without prior notice.

1.6   [Name of institution] will not be responsible for any costs or damages whatsoever if it makes
      any changes to the bid, cancels the bid, or disqualifies any bidder. [Name of institution] will not
      be responsible for any costs or damages whatsoever if it exercises any other rights as described in
      this RFQ or available to it under the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

1.7   Pre-qualified bidders will be required, upon submission of their final bids under the RFP, to re-
      affirm that the shareholding reflected in their RFQ bid submissions has not materially changed.
      Any pre-qualified bidder that submits a final bid in terms of the RFP, that does not materially
      comply with this requirement, may be disqualified from the procurement process. Any change in
      shareholding that could affect the manner in which an interested bidder pre-qualified for this PPP
      opportunity, should be communicated to [name of institution].

1.8   Shareholders in one consortium submitting a bid in response to this RFQ may not be shareholders
      in any other consortium submitting a bid for the same PPP opportunity.

                              PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6
1.9       If an interested bidder is selected as a pre-qualified bidder, the pre-qualified bidder will be
          required to pay a bid bond of [amount] to [name of institution] within 30 days of the pre-
          qualification announcement. The bid bond must be in the form of a certified cheque, irrevocable
          letter of credit or bank/draft guarantee issued by a reputable bank acceptable to [name of

1.10      The bid is governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa and this RFQ.

2.        The purpose of the RFQ
2.1       The purpose of issuing the RFQ is to enable [name of institution] to pre-qualify interested
          bidders, by assessing whether they fulfil [name of institution] requirements as set out below.

2.2       The RFQ and subsequent procurement processes will be conducted in a transparent and open
          manner in order to ensure that [name of institution] meets its value-for-money objectives in the
          PPP. The pre-qualification process will identify a shortlist of pre-qualified bidders, which will be
          asked, in a subsequent Request for Proposals (RFP) to submit detailed functional, broad-based
          black economic empowerment (BEE) and PPP fee proposals.

2.3       The objectives of the RFQ include ensuring that the interested bidders which successfully pre-
          qualify for the PPP opportunity:

             have the financial strength to develop and manage the business

             are compliant with the tourism industry’s BEE targets

             and have an established track record in the tourism industry.

3.        The PPP opportunity
3.1       The [name of institution] has, as part of its commercialisation strategy, identified the tourism
          PPP opportunity at [project site].

3.2       A site visit for all interested bidders will be held at [place] on [date] at [time] at no cost to

3.3       For further site due diligence, bidders may also book their own site visits through [hame of
          relevant person] between the [date] and the [date].

3.4       [Details of the project site, the PPP opportunity, and preparation completed to date by the

Note to the institution [The information here should come from the pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
Give the bidder as much information as possible.]

                                  PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6
3.5         The [name of institution] has identified the following value for money objectives for the PPP,
            and interested bidders are advised to take these into account in preparing their bids.

Note to the institution [Insert detail about the value-for-money objectives for the PPP]

3.6         [Delete if not applicable [name of institution] specifically requires interested bidders to confirm
            their willingness to enter into a shareholding agreement with a community trust partner.]

4.          Pre-qualification requirements

Note to the institution: [The institution must set the pre-qualification requirements it deems appropriate for
the PPP. These requirements will depend on the market interest, the relative size and complexity of the PPP
and the institution’s value-for-money objectives. The following categories are considered to be core and
should form the basis of any large cap RFQ. However, the institution has discretion about the specific detail

4.1         Preliminary information

            An interested bidder must form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company for the purposes of
            entering into a PPP agreement. Each submission must therefore set out, in detail, the company
            structure which will be adopted. The shareholders should be clearly identified, and their roles and
            responsibilities listed. The submission should list the equity, ownership and directorships held by
            shareholders. Where any parties are not shareholders, but will be integrally involved in the
            operation of the SPV, such parties should also be listed.

4.2         Financial capacity

             4.2.1   The anticipated capital investment required in the project requires that interested bidders
                     demonstrate financial strength.

             4.2.2   The asset value of the interested bidder must be at least  [value]. As the preferred
                     bidder must be an SPV, it must demonstrate financial strength with reference to the asset
                     value of its shareholders in proportion to their shareholding. The interested bidder must
                     also demonstrate, to [name of institution’s] satisfaction, that its shareholders are
                     solvent. Audited financial statements, along with a letter confirming that the asset value
                     exceeds the stipulated amount and that the shareholders are solvent, must be provided to
                     support any assertions made.

             4.2.3   Interested bidders must demonstrate their ability to raise debt and equity and to provide

             4.2.4   Interested bidders must provide information on the ownership of the entities of which the
                     interested bidders are comprised, together with organograms reflecting this.

                                    PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6
4.3          Tourism experience

              4.3.1   Interested bidders must have appropriate experience and expertise in the tourism sector.
                      Interested bidders must provide examples of similar businesses they have undertaken, and
                      demonstrate track records in one of the following ways:

      Note to the institution [the type and duration of experience required should be described here, based on
      the findings of the feasibility study. For example, the interested bidder could be required to have operated
      a 20-30 bed eco-tourism facility for at least three years/ a conventional hotel of 100-200 beds for at least
      five years.]

4.4          BEE

              4.4.1   BEE will play a decisive role in the PPP, and interested bidders should be aware that a
                      failure to demonstrate a serious commitment to BEE will be cause for disqualification. In
                      assessing whether an interested bidder’s SPV is eligible for pre-qualification, [name of
                      institution] shall evaluate each shareholder company’s current BEE status according to
                      the Tourism BEE Charter and Scorecard, 2005. Each member company of the proposed
                      SPV is required to present its current BEE status according to the scoring mechanism
                      outlined in the charter. To pre-qualify for the PPP opportunity, at least half the members
                      of the proposed SPV must be ‘Good BEE Contributors’ as defined by the charter. The
                      Tourism BEE Charter and Scorecard, 2005 can be downloaded from
                      Each company in the SPV must complete the scorecard, reflecting its current status.
                      Acceptable verification of such scoring must be submitted by the bidder, in the form of a
                      certificate (or similar document) from an accredited BEE ratings agency. [list where to
                      find such agencies]

              4.4.2   If the interested bidder’s proposed SPV fails to achieve this minimum target, the
                      evaluation committee shall be entitled in its sole and absolute discretion to determine that
                      an interested bidder has failed to pre-qualify.

5.           What must be included in the bid and how to submit it
5.1          Interested bidders are required to structure their submissions following the format listed in section
             4: ‘Pre-qualification requirements’.

5.2          Interested bidders must provide contact details including a contact person, physical address, postal
             address, facsimile number, contact telephone number and e-mail address.

6.           The date and place for submitting bids
6.1          Bids must be submitted to [place] for the attention of the [name] between the hours of [time]
             and [time] on or before the [bid date].

                                     PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6
7.    How the bids will be evaluated
7.1   The evaluation of bids will be based on the information requested in this RFQ. This evaluation
      shall be conducted by an evaluation committee, appointed by the  [institution’s accounting
      officer/accounting authority], which will determine whether the interested bidders meet the
      requirements set out in this RFQ.

7.2   Only interested bidders which successfully pre-qualify will be invited to take part in the RFP

7.3   All interested bidders will be advised in writing, of the outcome of the evaluation.

8.    Bid timetable
        Event or process                                        Date
        RFQ advertisement                                        [date]
        Site visit                                               [date]
        Bid date                                                 [date]
        Bid evaluation                                           from [date]  to [date]
        Announcement of pre-qualified bidders                    [date]
        Issuing of RFP documents to pre-qualified bidders        [date]

                              PPP Toolkit for Tourism | Module 3: Template 6

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