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									                                   Ashraf El-Kinawi
 P. O. Box 630 Al-Orman,                                                      Mobile: +20(12)210-1483
 Giza – 12612, Egypt                                                              Tel: +20(2)572-2294                                                           e-mail:

A challenging senior/project management position, with multi-national/global entity operating within
the Middle East, preferably based in Egypt, thus benefiting from my knowledge, as an Industrial
Engineer (’76) with an MBA (‘92), and my skills as a licensed Project Management Professional
(PMP), in dealing with the entity’s stakeholders: Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Shareholders &
the local Community.

Industrial Engineer, with MBA from South-eastern University (SEU), USA, and a certified Project
Management Professional (PMP) from PMI, USA. Has 30+ years work experience in developing &
creating Commercial & NGO SMEs in Egypt, Gulf, Levant, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Pakistan, Iran &
India. Worked for Eastman Kodak Company (EKC), based in Dubai, for 12 years; Xerox Egypt for 4
years; and my own & family businesses. Lead consultant/PM, with expertise in functional areas such
as Technical and Customer Services, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human
Resources, Finance, Accounting, TQM, IT Services & MIS. Operated in multiple industries such as
IT, PKI & ERP Solutions, Office Equipment, Plastics, Paper & Printing, Health Care, Agri & Food
Processing, Textiles, Automotive & Public Infrastructure, NGOs & SME Support Centers. 20 years
experience in using Virtual Organizations concept in managing the development effort. Certified
Senior Examiner for Egypt’s National Award for Excellence (NAFE) – 2005."

          Position                             Entity               Location     From      To
 Senior Consultant /              IMC/FEI                          Egypt        2005      2006
  Executive Director
 Senior Examiner/Assessor         IMC-Egypt, NAFE                  Egypt        2005      2008

 National Project Director        UNDP-Egypt, Project BEST         Egypt        2003      2005

 Senior Consultant                EU Industrial Modernization      Egypt        2002      2002
                                   Center – IMC
 Managing Director                Pyramid Technology: PT Trust     Egypt        2000      2001
                                   / PT Net
 Chief Operating Officer          ARTOC Group                      Egypt        2000      2000

 Managing Director/Partner        Medical Information Systems      Egypt,       1998      2000
                                   Middle East (MISME)              Dubai,
 Managing Director/Partner        Management Information           Egypt        1997      Present

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                                   Systems – Egypt (MIS-Egypt)
 General Manager                  Computers Communications         Kuwait    1997      2000
                                   Concepts Company (4C)
 Managing Director                SODECO Group                     Egypt     1996      1997

 Business Unit Director           Eastman Kodak Company,           Dubai     1992      1995
                                   (EKC) Health Sciences
                                   Division, SEMA
 Group Marketing Manager          Kodak Near East Inc. (KNE)       Dubai     1986      1991

 Customer Services Manager        Kodak Near East Inc. (KNE)       Dubai     1983      1985

 Technical Services Manager       Xerox Egypt                      Egypt     1980      1983

 Workshop/Manufacturing           El-Kinawi Printing Factories     Egypt     1976      1979

General Management/Leadership
Consistently throughout my career, assumed result-oriented supervisory and management positions
starting with own family business. Initially acquired efficient management and effective leadership
skills through hands-on experience, credit goes to my career mentors, then augmented those
practical skills by the necessary studies, and certifications, such as MBA & PMP, and through a
variety of training courses designed to shape the required business, marketing, technical and human
related leadership skills.
      Composed & lead a team of professional to create the first ME Digital ID processing center
         that was affiliated with VeriSign, USA.

    Formed a Tiger team, in 1991, to enter Kuwait City just after Liberation to revive the EKC
     business and help our existing customers.

    Lead multiple teams, including virtual ones, to open new countries/markets/segments within
     the Africa, ME, and Indian subcontinent.

Project Management
Lead projects through its 5 basic phases of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and Closing,
using PMI defined projects’ knowledge areas namely: Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality,
Human Resources, Communications, Risk & Procurement Management techniques and its 39
processes involved. Have implemented projects mentioned below through the use of standardized
and customized tools, while implementing soft & hard systems to define, categorize and track
project progress, project portfolios, and metrics for success.
     Provided project leadership to many projects to meet changing business needs and increase
        customer satisfaction for Eastman Kodak Company. This included:
             Opening Saudi Arabia for High Speed Copiers/duplicators

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              Penetrating Iran, Iraq, Pakistan & Sudan with new EKC products using existing and
               new channel partners
              Opening a subsidiary in Turkey and provided business, marketing, pricing, technical &
               IT support

    Directed & implemented a $6M project in IT CA/Digital ID Data Center for Pyramids
     Technology Egypt & its global Partner VeriSign, including scope and budget development;
     project was completed before time, on scope, and under budget. This effort included the
     location, contracting, renovating, furnishing, equipping and managing a new HQ for the online
     services operation (PT Net & PT Trust) to accommodate 130-150 people.

    Implemented Great Plaines ERP Solution, under Y2K system changes, to mitigate risk and
     prevent business interruptions to Kuwait Airways HQ and its 30 satellite locations

    As member of PMI, actively promote industry-standard best practices, such as the PMBOK,
     and standards for excellence in project management.

SME/Business Resource Centers (BRC) Development/Association Management:
    Established 4 NGOs who are self-sustainable, poverty elevation, thru job creation, Business
     Support Centers, one each in 4 Governorates in Upper Egypt, for UNDP Egypt & Social Fund
     for Development. Centers were created in 2/3 of time, doubling the outcome, and at 60%
     of budget.

    Created a National Toll free hotline 0800-000-best to support SME initiatives in Egypt.

    Devised operating systems for many SMEs/BRCs to ensure long term sustainability.

    Conducted multiple Baseline Surveys, either on a country or a governorate level, to come up
     with market-driven competitive operating strategies.

    Designed, contracted and Launched various Public Awareness Campaign (PAC) to advocate
     SME policy development &/or EKC Image as appropriate.

    Progressive Entrepreneur who was able to create own/partner private SMEs in Egypt,
     Kuwait & Dubai such as:
          Management Information Systems Egypt (MIS-Egypt) LLC
          Medical Information Systems Middle East (MISME Group) LLC
          Executive Consultancy Services (ECS)

Finance, Accounting and Feasibility Studies:
    I have over 15 yrs experience in managing financial managers & accounting managers in all
     sizes of organizations; large, medium and small, whether profit or non-profit organizations.
     The hands-on management experience was augmented by educational (MBA) and training
     programs (Finance for non-finance managers and Finance for Marketing Managers) that
     covered Financial Management, Accounting (covered in my MBA program where I scored A+

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       in both), Investment Analysis and Feasibility Studies (using UNIDO's COMFAR III
       software and others).

    In finance, my area of responsibility included the management of P&L, balance sheets, cash
     flow, working capital, receivables and payables including DSO measurements. My
     commitment to shareholders was increasing the net worth of their organizations. In
     accounting, the typical challenge was to transfer the existing systems, usually manual, into
     the new age of automation using IT systems such as LANs, WANs and ERP for large,
     medium and small organizations, that are customized to meet their specific needs. This had
     to do with selecting the right systems, preparing the organization, people and processes, for
     the change and managing the change, all while maintaining the efficiency of performance. In
     treasury, my responsibility was to manage the external investments of the organization
     including stock market investments, treasury bills and foreign currency exchange dealings.
     All the above was accomplished by carefully selecting and supervising the right
     professionals to manage those operations.

Consultancy Skills
    Under the EU IMC Business Resource Organizational (BRO) development program, Lead the
     Institutional Development/Capacity Building reform programs to convert FEI into a real
     Institution. This hands-on experience succeeded to convert the FEI image into a main
     player with similar local and international organizations.

    Skilled problem-solver with strong analytical and consultative skills, including operations
     research, assisting customers in defining and refining business needs, managing internal and
     external customer expectations to meet customer goals, and building long-term
     relationships; track record includes consulting & guiding over 20 companies all over the
     Middle East to implement business, marketing and technical support to increase share of
     market (SOM) and profitability of their entities.

    Under EU IMP/IMP program our team worked with over 50 Egyptian Companies to help
     them measure their Export capability/readiness with the objective of penetrating targeted
     foreign markets. This was partly accomplished utilizing EU/IMC aid program to develop
     those targeted companies and through the introduction of the Internet technology to
     significantly improve Exports.

Strategic Planning
Using state-of-the art global strategic management & planning models devised by gurus such as
Porter, Drucker & Kotler, many strategic plans were developed whether to increase SOM, penetrate
new markets or simply as a contingency to face a new competitive threat. Some of the successful
ones were:
     Created the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) first Strategic Plan (2005)

    Penetrating Saudi market with a new competitive product in the Health Care Industry,
     Digital Imaging Segment, and creating the required infrastructure to support it.

    Blocking a new global competitor from entering key countries in ME.

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    Divesting a non profitable entity in Egypt

    Merging 21 companies in one group composed of 5 companies.
My personal value-addition to the process was to develop computerized models that automates the
above mentioned models.

Marketing Management
    A solid professional in both Industrial and Consumer Marketing. Credit goes to EKC in
     developing my Marketing Management Skills in a hands-on environment while allowing me to
     obtain a company-subsidized MBA from South-eastern University, USA.

    Priceless experience in making things happen, for EKC, throughout Africa, Middle-east,
     South-eastern Europe, India & Pakistan, by penetrating new & existing markets with new
     and existing products thus creating an incremental new business valued at USDLR 45M over
     5 years.

    Achieve the desired results through the proper use of the Marketing Mix elements and the
     professional utilization of various Strategic Marketing models such as Industry Analysis,
     SWOT, BCG, among others.

    Replacing multiple distribution channels for EKC to increase sales and after-sales
     effectiveness in 16 Middle-eastern countries.

Human Resources Management
    Experienced practitioner with expertise in organizational management, team building,
     recruiting, staff development, motivation, and conflict resolution. Demonstrated HR skills
     in increasing quality and quantity of recruiting for staff at Xerox Egypt, EKC, KNE, ARTOC,
     SODECO, MIS, MISME, BEST, etc… by adopting & developing corporate interview process,
     adding appropriate simulations, and engaging recruiting firms to meet resource needs.

    Highly experienced in designing, implementing Performance Appraisal Systems &
     Motivational theories and training direct supervisors on its proper use.

Total Quality Management
    A trainer and solid user of TQM principles, Balanced Scorecard and Malcolm Baldrige
     criteria. Has formed a solid network with other quality-involved parties in ISO, HACCP,
     GAP and laboratory certifications/auditing.

Management Information Systems
    Automation of Decision Support Systems, financial analysis and ERP solutions for in-house
     use and for customer use. Examples for in-house use: KNE, MIS-Egypt, MISME, 4C, BEST
     & ECS. Examples for customer use: Kuwait Airways, Sodeco, Artoc, Reach International,
     and others.

    Leader & active team member to help build the first private Certification Authority (CA) /
     Digital Certificates Processing Center in the ME region for Pyramid Technology – PT Trust /

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Technical Services Management
     Created many service centers in the area of Equipment Service and helped enhance a major
      automotive supplier after-sales service stations.
     Converted the technical support divisions from cost into profit centers in 12 ME countries,
      thus enhancing the profitability of EKC channel partners.

      PMP Project Management Professional Int’l License – March 2004 – PMI - -USA
      MBA in Marketing – GPA 4.0 – Nov. 1992 – Southeastern University – USA.
      B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – May 1976 – Ain Shams University – Egypt.
      English School Cairo (ESC) – (1958-1970) – Cairo – Egypt.

Languages & Computer Skills:
      Fluent Arabic & English – Touristic French & German
      Advanced user of computers, internet, telecommunication systems & office equipment.

Have attended, over the years, many training courses, seminars, exhibitions and conferences
covering the following subjects:
              General & Business Management.
              Sales & Marketing Management.
              Financial Management & Accounting.
              Strategic Planning.
              Total Quality Management.
              Technical & Product Training.
              Personal Computing and Programming.
              Seminars & Symposiums arranged by the mentioned below associations.
              Public, Economic & Business Forums

      Member   of Egyptian Society of Association Executives (EgSAE)
      Member   of American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)
      Member   of Egyptian Society of Quality (ESQ)
      Member   of Board of Trustees of English School Cairo (ESC)
      Member   of Egyptian International Economic Forum (EIFE)
      Member   of Bar Code Society (BCS)
      Member   of British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA)
      Member   of Canadian Egyptian Business Council (CEBC)
      Member   of the Dutch Cooperation Council (CBI)
      Member   of the French-Egyptian Cooperation Council (CAFÉ)
      Member   of the Egyptian SME Association (ESMA)

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      Member   of the German/Egyptian Cooperation Council (AHK)
      Member   of Management Consultants Association (MCA) – Egypt
      Member   of Chamber of Information Technology (CIT) – Egypt
      Member   of Egyptian Human Resources Management Association (EHRMA)
      Member   of the Project Management Institute (PMI) – MENA Chapter
      Member   of Arab Management Association (AMA)
      Member   in Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (EES)

      Born June 1953, Egyptian national
      Married with two children
      Strong social/business network in Egypt, Dubai & Kuwait
      Member of El-Gezira, Al-Shams, and Nile Water Sports clubs

    Available upon request.

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