Usually, only eagles dare by lindayy


Usually, only eagles dare

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                            Usually, only eagles dare
                            BRETT STUBBS                      ship hero Stuart Dew did a        thing we love in playing
                                                              runner back to the car park.      footy, to meet kids like that
                            TASMANIA'S own Hawk                 But the players all agreed      who might not get that op-
                            Mitch Thorp has never taken       the day spent with Camp           portunity, its great to give
                            a backward step on the foot-      Quality trio Claremont's          them a little bit of a buzz
                            ball field as a high-flying key   Ryon Smith, 15, Moles-            when we can."
                            forward.                          worth's Jessica Dann. 15 and       Jessica. a fervent one-eyed
                               But the Hawthorn warrior       11-year-old Bailey King of        Hawks fan, certainly got a
                            was close to a quivering mess     New Norfolk was worth the         kick out of the day.
                            as a group of Hawks and kids      trip south.                         "I thought it was really
                            from Camp Quality took on            "We get to do clinics and      awesome and I had heaps of
                            the 400m eagle hang gliding       stuff back in Melbourne but       fun and I thought it was cool
                            flight over the Huon River at     to get some kids like this        as." Jessica said.
                            Tahune near Geeveston yes-        along and to see their smiles       The Hawks are spread out
                            terday.                           on their faces, it puts it into   throughout Tasmania with
                               Thorp, 20, finally took on     perspective the kind of influ-    today's focus a light training
                            the ride after some coaxing       ence we do have on kids,"         and family day at North
                            from teammates but did so         premiership ruckman Ro-           Hobart Oval from 3pm.
                            with a white-knuckle grip on      bert Campbell said.
                            the safety bar and eyes             "We just get up every
                            clasped shut, while premier-      morning and get to do some-




                                  UP IN THE AIR: Hawk M itch Thorp takes a tight grip on the safety bar as he glides over
                                  the Huon River at Geeveston yesterday.                    Picture: NIKKI DAVIS-JONES
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