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									Devon County Council
Job Description

Job Title                    ‘Making it Local’ Programme Manager
Location                     St Ivel House, Hemyock
Reporting to                 Development Manager
Post Number                                               Grade           G
Directorate/Section          Economy, Environment Economy & Culture
Effective date of JD         1.9.08                JE Job Number

Job Purpose including main duties and responsibilities:


The ‘Making it Local’ Programme Manager will work on behalf of the Rural Development
Programme for England (RDPE) ‘Making It Local’ Local Action Group (LAG) to bring
maximum benefit to communities across the programme area by ensuring effective
management, delivery and evaluation of the RDPE Axis 3 ‘Making it Local’ Programme.
This will be undertaken through the following duties:


   1. To establish and maintain suitable and accurate financial recording and reporting
      procedures for all aspects of expenditure incurred through the life of the Programme.
      To ensure compliance with all aspects of European Policy relating to the delivery of a
      Leader Approach Programme, retention of information and documents and a
      transparent audit trail of methodology and decision-making, and ensuring that the
      systems and procedures are in compliance with the accountable body, DCC.

   2. To prepare relevant documents and reports as required, including an Annual Delivery
      Plan and an Annual Report, and to ensure appropriate monitoring and evaluation of
      projects and the overall Programme.

   3. To establish, maintain and service the programme management structures on behalf
      of the Making it Local LAG through the organisation of appropriate meetings and
      related events and activities.

   4. To line manage appropriate staff including the Programme Assistant and Project
      Development Officers where required as well as establish, manage and ensure
      delivery of contracts by consultants for specific areas of work identified as the need
      arises, and keep an overview of the work of the DCC finance officer responsible for
      this programme.

   5. Through the management of a Project Development Officer commissioned project: to
      support organisations, agencies, sectoral groups, businesses and communities with
      the generation of projects/initiatives and to provide relevant information on sources of
      research, application procedures, eligibility criteria, format of business plans/project
      proposals, and other requirements of funding etc for those wishing to access the
      RDPE Local Action funds. To facilitate the take up of any investments and maximise
      the potential benefits from the investment e.g. by encouraging broadening of
      proposals and collaboration where appropriate. This will include local, regional,

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Devon County Council
Job Description
       national and European projects and relevance to the broader RDPE and funding
       under Axis 1 & 2.

   6. To exchange advice and information with other organisations, agencies and networks
      including the network of Local Action Groups across the County, Region, nationally
      and transnationally in order to share good practice.

   7. Direct project management of national and transnational co-operation projects.
      Hosting exchange visits or one-off area visits by regional, national and transnational
      staff or organisations as required.

   8. Effective information management and development and implementation of a
      communications strategy including a dedicated website, press releases and other
      forms of public contact throughout the life of the Programme and in liaison with DCC
      and South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA).

   9. Undertake any other activity deemed appropriate for this role by the Making it Local

   10. To conform to, actively commit to and promote DCC Customer Service Standards
       both with internal and external ‘customers’ when using any communication media
       including telephone, email and face to face.

Person specification:

                                                                                         Method of
     Attribute                 Essential                      Desirable
                     A track record of successful
                      business/ delivery planning,
                      project development &
                     A track record of preparing
                      and submitting successful         Demonstrable experience
                      complex funding                                                   Application
                                                         of managing and
Management            applications                                                       and
                                                         organising events.
                     A track record of managing
                      EU funding programmes and
                      delegated grant schemes
                     A track record of line
                      management and
                      responsibility for staff.
                     Demonstrable experience of
                      budget development and
                                                      Demonstrable experience of
                     Demonstrable experience of
                                                       economic development and         Application
Experience            bringing together a wide
                                                       regeneration.                     & interview
                      cross section of the rural
                      community into a cohesive

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Devon County Council
Job Description
                      A track record of partnership
                       working between public,
                       private and voluntary sector
                       organisations and their
                       structures at sub regional
                       and regional levels.
                                                          Ability and willingness to
                      Ability and availability to         work flexibly from other
                                                                                          Application &
Practical Skills       travel around the County            locations as appropriate
                       and Region.                         and to organise meetings
                                                           to minimise mileage
                        Good written and verbal
                         communication skills
                         including experience of
                         writing reports and
                         strategies.                      Demonstrable ability to
                        Demonstrable ability to           write dynamic articles and
                         communicate effectively           press releases for
                         with all sectors of the           relevant newsletters and         Application,
                         rural community and               press                             interview
                         related agencies,                Demonstrable experience           and
                         organisations, and                of giving presentations           examples
                         government from local to          and informal training to a
                         international.                    wide range of audiences
                        Previous experience of
                         developing and
                         implementing an effective
                         marketing and
                         communications strategy.
                        Self motivator, able to
                         work with minimal
                        Interest or background in
                                                          Interest in rural issues in      Application
Personal Qualities       land based or rural
                                                           Devon                             & interview
                         issues, countryside
                         matters, economics,
                         planning or environmental
                        A track record of
                         identifying gaps in
                         delivery and developing
                         and implementing
                         innovative partnership
                         solutions.                       Knowledge of economic
                                                           development and rural
                        Knowledge of the land             policy and strategy
                         based / rural funding                                              Application
Strategic Thinking                                         developments at
                         landscape e.g. RDPE                                                 & Interview
                                                           regional, national and EU
                         /EAFRD/ Rural                     levels
                        Demonstrable in-depth
                         knowledge of the issues
                         and opportunities
                         associated with rural
                        High proficiency in use of       Experience of website
Technology / IT
                         Microsoft Office                  development and                  Application
                         Applications.                     maintenance

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Devon County Council
Job Description

                         5 GCSE passes to
                          include Maths and
                          English or equivalent.
                         First degree or equivalent      Relevant training, further
Education and
                          in a subject relevant to         qualification or                Application
                          agriculture/ economic or         professional development
                          rural development/
                          geography/ land
                         Commitment to Equal
                         Able to perform role with
                          reasonable adjustments
Equal Opportunities                                                                      Interview
                         Commitment and
                          conformance to DCC
                          Customer Service

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Devon County Council
Job Description
   1. Supervision and Management:

   The post holder will be responsible for managing project staff, including a programme
   assistant and at least 2 project development officers or similar, also oversee relevant
   work of a support officer from the finance team. They will also manage external
   consultants and external project partners and motivate and co-ordinate internal staff for
   specific project as well as the community LAG on whose behalf the programme is being
   delivered. They will set project briefs, organise and chair meetings and conferences,
   select consultants, check work, monitor and report on performance and manage work
   programmes. They will manage a significant budget of £2.4 million, secure further
   external funding as match and act as the responsible officer (DCC being the accountable
   body) for the entire programme.

   2. Creativity and Innovation:

   The post holder will be involved with devising creative solutions on a daily basis to solve
   issues and barriers to developing the rural sector in the programme area through
   effective delivery of RDPE funding. It is essential that they have a good understanding
   of the different needs, opinions and priorities that need to be considered by all
   stakeholders. The post holder will need to take a pro-active approach to encourage
   collaboration between organisations and internal departments to ensure effective support
   through networking and use their own knowledge and experience to bring new ideas to
   activities. An example of this is: balancing the competing needs and demands of funders
   such as the SWRDA with various agencies, organisations and groups and the business
   applicants themselves in order to resolve problems, provide advice and present options
   about how to proceed with projects and / or how to address gaps in provision through
   commissioned work. Another example is the direct development and implementation of
   international collaboration projects which are an integral part of the LAG’s work. This will
   only be achieved through effective collaboration, partnership development, learning from
   good practice and utilising the complimentary knowledge and skills of other county
   services in the region.

   3. Links with other officers, Service users or Members of the Public:

  The nature of the work involves daily contact with a variety of people and organisations at
  different levels within the public, private and community sectors including internal
  colleagues and those in the other LAG’s and agencies delivering other measures under
  the RDPE including SWRDA, Natural England and the Forestry Commission. The role
  involves developing strong and effective working partnerships to overcome complex and
  contentious issues, such as agreeing roles with partners, joint delivery of solutions, and
  managing expectations. The role requires practical experience of diplomacy, negotiation,
  persuasion, influence and sensitivity and understanding to differing agendas of partners
  and applicants. Contacts will include:

   Regular monthly contact with the LAG (weekly for the chair etc) for discussion of
    applications, small grants and reporting on progress.
   Regular daily contact with private, public and community sector applicants to the RDPE.
   Regular weekly contact and joint working with senior staff in national / regional agencies
    and funding partners operating across common agenda’s , for example RDPE Project
    Development, Forestry and Tourism development staff in Devon and across the region,
    National Farmers Union, South West Tourism, Woodland Renaissance etc.

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
   Regular weekly contact with colleagues at Devon County Council particularly Economic
    Development officers and also with District councils, Areas of Outstanding Natural
    Beauty (AONB’s), other Local Action Groups and other relevant local agencies working
    on similar programmes and projects.
   The post holder is likely to have contact with elected district and county members to
    advise them about the strategic work area on a monthly basis.
   Contact and joint working with multi-agency partnerships and groups including
    community representatives around relevant issues and Devon Rural Network on a
    monthly basis.
   Engagement and collaboration with international colleagues and equivalent national LAG
    programme managers to form and develop joint cross boarder projects, on a monthly
   The post holder is required to handle sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy, for
    instance encouraging groups to adhere to statutory requirements such as planning and
    meet the complex requirements of particular funding programmes.

   4. Levels of Responsibility:

   Overall responsibility for the effective delivery of the ‘Making It Local Programme’ which
   including match funding will be at least £4.8 million over 5 years, covering an area
   roughly convergent with Blackdowns and East Devon AONB’s. This includes acting as
   the main point of contact for applicants, ensuring effective development of systems and
   procedures for application to the main programme as well as a delegated smaller grants
   fund, appraisal and decision making, compliance with European Union, SWRDA and
   DCC policies systems and procedures, monitoring of performance of the programme
   itself and projects which have been funded. Organising and managing the LAG structure
   and facilitating the group to meet and make informed decisions effectively. The specialist
   nature of the post inevitably leads to a need for most operational decisions to be made
   by the post holder who will frequently be required to make decisions and
   recommendations to the LAG and stakeholders on a range of programme management,
   project support issues and commissioned activity to ensure that the programme meets
   its outputs and objectives. This will be done with the support of a small team including a
   programme assistant, two project development officers and a DCC finance officer,
   whose work programmes all need to be overseen and managed by the post holder.

   Typical decisions include the type of advice to give to enquirers about funding
   opportunities, project development, and decisions about the amount of time that should
   be devoted to particular projects or activities. The post holder will need to advise on how
   to effectively deliver the programme to develop and fund commissioned and cross border
   projects as well as oversee, a small grants fund and larger grant applications for the life
   of the programme . Judgement also needs to be made by the post holder about how and
   when to promote and celebrate the programme and provide workshops and training to
   potential applicants, where the gaps are in provision and how commissioned projects
   could help to address these, in liaison with the LAG, SWRDA, DCC and other partners.
   This is in the context of guidelines and procedures for Axis 4 ‘Local Action’ of the RDPE

   5. Effects of Decisions:

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
   Decisions made by the post holder of the type outlined above will impact directly on Axis
   4 of the SW RDPE, how it is spent effectively in Devon, and the success of partnership
   projects. The activities which are supported and carried out will have a significant
   positive effect on the programme area and therefore its rural communities. The
   programme must be managed effectively to ensure that DCC’s accountability is not
   compromised and that all the potential funding is drawn down for the benefit of the area.
   Compliance with SWRDA, EU and DCC financial policies and procedures and monitoring
   of projects to make sure that the programme outputs are being met will prevent funds
   being clawed back.

   6. Resources:

   The post holder is responsible for managing the delivery, through grants, of £2.4million
   of RDPE Axis 3 funding over a five year programme, so £4.8 million including match
   funding. This includes yearly delivery plans, claiming the funding back from SWRDA,
   setting up application, monitoring and grant paperwork and monitoring and evaluating
   the programme, including a delegated small grants fund. Responsibility will also be held
   for the management of databases and research documents and partners match funding
   for directly managed projects and the wider programme.

   7. Work Demands:

   Elements of the workload can be planned in advance with set deadlines e.g. deadlines
   for submission, appraisal and processing of applications before key decision making at
   LAG meetings. The post holder will need to manage the support levels to applicants to
   meet these deadlines. Other elements of the job will be unpredictable and involve
   changing time frames and re-prioritisation of tasks. For example at busy times there may
   be conflict between the need to undertake routine monitoring and evaluation, support
   applicants, develop commissioned projects, plan and organise events and work on cross
   border international projects on behalf of partners. The post holder will have to plan and
   organise the time allocated including managing tasks for admin and development staff
   carefully to ensure that applicants and partners receive support when it is needed. It is
   likely that demands will be placed on the post holder by applicants and partners wishing
   to progress particular projects in the form of direct contact, telephone calls and emails
   which will be challenging and will put pressure on the post holder and the team. It is
   likely that the post holder will need to manage expectations and differing agendas
   between applicants, local partners and the SWRDA in a sensitive and diplomatic way.

   8. Physical Demands:

   A lot of the work will be undertaken from an office although attendance at events and
   meetings will require physical effort including setting up stands and equipment. Due to
   the nature of the support that the post will be providing to land based business it is
   possible that there will also be some requirement to walk around farms or other property
   to look at prospective projects.

   9. Working Conditions:

   It is expected that there would be regular evening and occasional weekend work
   required. Office work will normally be performed in a heated lit and ventilated indoor

GLPC format JD v5 17.04.07
Devon County Council
Job Description
   environment, however the nature of the visits to applicants described above will mean
   that from time to time there may be exposure to inclement weather or extremes of heat
   and cold for short periods.

   10. Work Context:

   There will be periods of lone working as this post involves liaising directly with individual
   enquirers. As described under 8 this could include walking around properties to look at
   potential project sites and the necessity to negotiate a variety of farm related obstacles,
   for example livestock and dogs, landscape, inclement weather, mud etc. Events will also
   be carried out at various locations and often the post holder will be involved with the
   setting up and management of the events dealing directly with the public over potentially
   sensitive issues around funding and what is or isn’t eligible.

   11. Knowledge and Skills:

   The post holder is required to have a detailed knowledge of managing large funding
   programmes. This includes complex budget management, setting up and maintaining,
   monitoring and evaluating systems and procedures according to RDPE, SWRDA and
   DCC guidelines.

   It will also be essential to have developed skills in writing reports, strategies and delivery
   plans, project development and implementation. Specialist knowledge of the issues and
   opportunities affecting rural Devon and of the funding landscape, particularly a working
   knowledge of the development of the RDPE programme so far. The post holder will need
   to be experienced in undertaking a variety of tasks including working directly with
   applicants to support their applications and guiding them in training and advice where
   appropriate including managing expectations. They will need to have formed effective
   partnerships and written funding applications and business plans, using their specialist
   knowledge of rural issues and current activities in the county to identify gaps and design
   effective interventions and solutions to address these and add value to current activity.

   A high level of communication and presentation skills are required for the post including
   skills with developing and managing community and private sector led partnerships and
   utilising them to drive the programme and make effective decisions on the programme
   and individual projects. Previous experience and knowledge of line managing staff is
   essential and skills at utilising the media effectively.

   Skills with IT Microsoft Office applications, written correspondence and telephone
   manner are required, as well as experience with website design and maintenance.

   It is recommended that the appropriate educational level for this post is a first degree or
   equivalent in a subject relevant to agriculture/ economic or rural development/
   geography/ land management.

Job GLPC profile
SMP     C&I     C&R      D.D     D.C      Res    WDM      PDM     WCN      WCT     K&S     Score

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Devon County Council
Job Description


Job Description agreed by:

Line/Originating Manager:______________________________Date:__________

Job Holder (if in place):________________________________Date:__________

Head of Service:______________________________________Date:__________

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Devon County Council
Job Description

Structure chart:

                               Economy Environment
                                   and Culture


                                 Director of Planning             Director of Transport,
                                  Infrastructure and                Environment and
                                       Economy                           Culture



             Devon                ‘Making It Local’          SW Forest Team
           RDPE Project             Programme
           Development               Manager

                        Making it Local            MIL Project
                         Programme                Development
                          Assistant                 Officers

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