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					             Missing Hostess
                   WANTED: Missing Hostesses

               I’ve missed doing business with you!
                      As the old saying goes,
                    New friends are like “Silver”,
                     but old friends are “Gold”.
             Since you are a valuable customer to me,
                    I have a great reward for you!
                  Enclosed is our current brochure
  AND a coupon for 30% in Hostess Benefits when you host a Fun get
                      in the month of November.
                  Call me before I call you to set your date
                   And an EXTRA early bird gift is yours.

                  **Call today to collect your reward and
               take your name off my “Missing Hostess” list.

                          Missing Hostess Coupon
This coupon entitles the bearer to 30% in Hostess Benefits when you host a fun get
                        together in the month of November.

  Issued By: ______________________________________________________

Referral Gift: If you absolutely can’t cash in your coupon, pass it on to a friend and
               I will give you a booking gift for helping me grow my business!!
                    Fun Get Togethers………..

Buddy Party – Have a fun Party with a pal ~ with your friend, neighbor,
co-worker, sister, mother, etc. Twice the fun at ONE house, all at
ONE time, with less work! You each invite your friends and family over
for an hour of fun!
Theme Party – This is our most “popular” Party! Pick a fun theme Party
for a twist. (Fiesta, Mother-daughter, Hawaiian, Housewarming, Banana
Split, Team Spirit, Americana, PJ Party, St. Louis Cardinals ).
Bingo Party – Play fun HGP Bingo at your Party!
Picnic Party – This is a Party in a basket! You take a basket of HGP
goodies around to your friends and collect orders all in one day.
Walk-in Party or Open House – I’ll set up a display at the same time
you (the Hostess) is already having a Party. I leave and you take
orders. (BBQ, birthday party, etc.)
Lunch Time Office Party or After Hours Party – Set up display on
lunch hour at work or after work in the conference or break room.
Coffee Party – After the kids get on the bus all the ladies get
together for coffee and cakes.
Multi-Hostess Party – Get a handful of women together who want to
have a Party, but don’t want to meet at their homes, and pick a location
to have the Party (restaurant, bowling alley, recreation center, park,
etc.) They invite their friends and there is little or no work for the
Party in the Park – Let’s get your friends together at the park…..saves
you from cleaning. Hire a teen to watch the kids at the playground
while moms have their fun time!!
Fast Five – Get 5 friends and 5 outside orders together within the
next 5 days. No invitations, just get on the phone and get them
together, you’ll receive an Extra booking gift for this one!!!

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