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					                                                WORLD VISION
                                             POSITION DESCRIPTION

                                   People & Culture Strategy Director,
                                   Total Rewards and People Systems

DIVISION:            Global People and Culture

VP GROUP:            Global People and Culture                    LOCATION:                       Global Centre
                                                                                                  Monrovia, CA or London, UK

REPORTS TO:          Chief People Officer (CPO)                   GRADE LEVEL:                    180

CORE:                Yes                                          FLSA CLASSIFICATION:            Exempt


The human resources function has shifted in importance in leading global organizations. Once an administrative / support arm of the
business it is now recognised by many as a strategic driver of value. Encapsulated in the L.E.A.D.E.R. strategy People and Culture
(P&C) provides strategic, tactical and operational value adding global strategies, initiatives, services, system and process for the
effective achievement of our organizations mission and objectives. This has meant a fundamental shift in the way it operates,
organises and focuses its energy.
The P&C function services the Partnership across almost 100 locations (and over 40,000 staff): National Offices, Regions and
Support Offices, as well as serving the partnerships Executive and Board.


Reporting to the Chief People Officer, Global People and Culture, the purpose of the role is to:
 Design, develop and implement strategies, initiatives, systems and process aligned to the Total Rewards Philosophy
 The effective and efficient utilization of our international network and associated international assignee movements
   terms and conditions. Closely linked to our Talent Development and Capability & Leadership Development portfolio,
   and providing a clear ROI, best practice, most optimal utilization of resources (financial and human) in the execution of
   our strategic and operational goals.
 assist in the of the desired operating model for to enable WV to achieve it strategic imperatives
 build a knowledge management framework which support best practice and maximizes use and investment of P&C
 champion and drive WV IT development provide for the HRIS requirements of the organization and the strategic goals
   of HR
 Implement Global HRIS (People and Culture Information System PCIS)
 Design and implement metrics for WV and P&C relating to effectiveness, quality and efficiency


All Strategy Director roles will add value to the Partnership through their portfolios via the following drivers:
      Develop, gain executive endorsement for, and drive strategy direction aligned to core Partnership leadership
      Develop clear policies, principles and standards to be applied across the whole Partnership
        Deliver high-level expert advice and „thought leadership‟ across the Partnership. Specifically design and implement
         appropriate metrics for WV performance. Implement and measure performance against a balanced scorecard
         where metrics are recognized as key drivers to ministry performance.
        Originate „franchise‟ products and services that can be leveraged in multiple locations (eg human capital metrics,
         consistent systems and technology which support P&C activities throughout WV) and which closely reflect
         priority needs
        Create a hub and be a catalyst for best practice and knowledge sharing within the respective portfolio and
         coordinate global practice groups. Provide a hub and catalyst for building capability across:
              o HR technical skills – generalist and specialist
              o Consultancy capabilities and business partnering
              o Delivery through the highest levels of execution, service delivery
              o Project management methodologies for effective delivery – on time, within budget and at appropriate
                   quality – every time
              o Business acumen and business knowledge
              o Operating model effectiveness – including resource allocation, new initiative allocation, external supplier
                   management, SLAs, continuous improvement
        Actively follow through and support initiatives and practices, measuring and reporting outcomes / metrics. Work
         as part of a P&C leadership team and with CPO to enable effective reporting across key stakeholder groups;
         including Board and Executive Committee.
        As part of the Global P&C executive/leadership team, provide pastoral leadership and support to the wider HR
        Attend and participate in chapel / devotional meetings.

Role Specific:

   Review and implement remuneration, incentive and rewards strategies aligned to the Total Rewards Philosophy:
        o Design develop and implement compensation, entitlements and benefits systems and processes to ensure
            consistent application of the Total Rewards philosophy and strategy
        o Implementation of aligned Job Evaluation processes across partnership
        o Implementation of market appropriate salaries which attract, reward and retain staff across almost 100
            markets and extremely diverse locations
        o Review, design and develop equitable and attractive benefits which are aligned to the Total Rewards
            philosophy and recognize the stewardship of the organization, whilst championing employee needs in a
            diverse, and in many instance, remote and hardship driven environment
        o Work with CPO to challenge and implement organizational costing approaches to ensure our staff are treated
            fairly and equitably – irrespective of office funding model – ie grants, donorships etc
        o Develop and implement industry and environment specific programs eg SALTI
        o Work with CPO in Executive and Board reporting including Intermediate Sanctions requirements

   Design, develop and implement International Assignee and global mobility requirements for a diverse international
    organization which are consistent with the Total Rewards Philosophy:
        o Develop and transition over 1000 international staff to a globally equitable, fair, transparent and stewardship
             sensitive set of programs to enable the organization to achieve its goals as an international partnership across
             100 countries in first to third world countries
        o Maximizes ROI, employee engagement, wellbeing and development, talent attraction and retention, WV
             strategic outcomes.
        o Ensure that total rewards for our international staff are aligned to the various markets in which we operate
             and recognizes the various talent demands ie operational need, specialist rare talent, top tier leadership
        o Ensure we are aligned to global best practice and recognizing the globalization of employment in designing
             total rewards: - tiered international assignee programs
        o Has clear initiatives relating to effective expatriation and repatriation – employee experience
        o Operationalise the first review of international assignment practices in 23 years. This is a significant change
             management challenge
        o Manage the day to day requirements and operationalising of the international assignee practices and policies

   Assist with the development and management of P&C strategy:
        o Together with CPO lead the implementation of global P&C strategy in conjunction with functional leaders
        o Monitor, Evaluate and Revise HR Strategy (annually) – “do-learn-do” through effective utilization of P&C
             metrics and via reporting methodologies
        o Design and implement reporting mechanism for strategy progress – project management methodologies,
             planning and tracking

   Develop and implement an integrated HR IT, Systems and Knowledge Management Strategy
       o Partner with Global IT to implement and support appropriate HRIS and measures
       o Effective 3 year implementation of PCIS (a major Partnership infrastructure investment project)
       o Identify technology applications/platforms that enable the drive to standardization/Shared Services.
       o Maximize use, value add and ROI of P&C knowledge through the development and implementation of a
            pragmatic knowledge management system
       o Partner with P&C Directors to ensure integrated systems solutions to HR practices – eg remuneration
            reviews, performance management. Maximize use of on line tools and end user experience
       o Review employee and people leader support systems/portals/life cycle access platforms – Design and
            develop systems based solutions to key stakeholder needs.

   Design and implement Metrics and Reporting
        o Develop P&C Dashboard aligned to the organizational strategy/scorecard and supported by agreed
            performance management framework. Develop, implement and manage P&C Dashboard and establish
            clear reporting lines / protocols. Scorecard to encompass measures for:
                  People: retention, satisfaction, engagement, capability etc
                  Finance, Risk, Audit, Compliance
                  Customer satisfaction: SLA performance
                  Delivery: strategic and operational delivery against plans
        o Supplement Dashboard with stakeholder targeted metrics
        o Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate results of P&C Reviews, Audits, and Risk Reviews. Project
            manage major risk, audit, and compliance etc reviews.
        o Provide leadership support to CPO in scorecard management

   Together with CPO and Strategy Director Organisation Development and Culture, effectively implement ongoing
    developments in the P&C operating model:
        o Provide partnering with CPO to effectively transition P&C to effective operating models/platforms
        o Implement the proposed P&C Operating Model at the Global Centre, Business Partners at lines of
            business / RO‟s / NO‟s and Shared Services.
        o Lead HR stream of the Shared Services Project Team.
        o Identify and develop process requirements to support Operating model:
                 Resource allocation
                 Employee queries and transaction – requests and monitoring
                 Case management
                 Project management – small requests to large scale projects
                 Client satisfaction measurement
                 Work tracking – individual and HR wide
                 Resource utilization
                 Client Relationship Management framework

   Leads the P&C Process design and Projects unit:
        o Provides project reporting and metrics
        o Provides project management support and consulting to the P&C function
        o Aligned to the level of available funding, P&C will establish a flexible pool of services and consulting
            capability which will operate across all P&C requirements
        o Provides flexible staffing for new and emerging needs – project related as opposed to core services
        o Provides services provision via process redesigning core process and proving these as „service‟ provision
            to various portfolios and operational units
        o Provides generalist capability to specialist portfolios

Key Relationships:

       Reports to CPO on the development and execution of the Partnership‟s global policies and strategies particular
        to the portfolio
       Key client and advisory relationships with senior executives across the total Partnership and their P&C
        representatives and teams, in particular the CIO and Shared Services project leadership
       Specialist leadership on functional matters to functional specialists throughout the partnership
       External specialists, vendors and consultancies
       Leads and supports a diverse team of specialist who work both locally and remotely.
       Non direct reporting lines across P&C professionals across Partnership to achieve role objectives
       WV Executives for portfolio achievement
       Is part of the P&C executive/leadership team and works in close collaboration with other P&C Strategy Directors
        and P&C leaders across the Partnership


       Track record in translating strategic imperatives into tangible and relevant outcomes - Strategic Planning,
        Integration and Execution.
       Sound understanding of contemporary practice in the specialist field and experience in successfully implementing
        outcomes in complex settings. Current in theory, practice and technology
       Experienced senior leader across compensation, benefits and global mobility. Proven track record in delivering to
        an international and globally diverse organization. Experienced in designing and implementing total rewards
        strategies and effective organizational cultural change through effective strategic achievement.
       Experienced in designing and implementing metrics and tracking systems in international organisations
       Experienced in designing/re-designing IT, system, architecture and infrastructure capabilities, including international
        HRIS design and implementation
       Experienced in assisting the design and/or redesign of P&C functions from transactional based to highly effective,
        business oriented and strategically focused. Track record in increasing internal satisfaction or HR function or
       Track record in process design
       Has designed and implemented effective SLA type processes
       Strong interpersonal and communication skills, especially at Executive level (Board experience also beneficial)
       Outstanding people and client relationship skills,
       Demonstrable credibility with key stakeholders either within WV or externally
       Experienced in truly international organizations operating in first to third world countries, with strong cross cultural
       Strong business acumen, with strong financial skills .Highly experienced in developing business cases – utilizing a
        project management methodology, securing executive sponsorship, resourcing, financial modeling and tracking.
       Understanding of business needs and drivers and ability to deliver value added solutions
       Bias for action and capacity to deliver efficiently and effectively. High capability in project management. Coach and mentor
        in project management methodologies. Track record in achieving, via indirect leadership and virtual teams, multiple
        strategies across a complex, multiple location organization.
       Strong leadership skills and team management capabilities
       Strong demonstrable reserves of motivation and energy to embrace new challenges and craft impactful and sustained
        interventions in innovative ways
       Relevant field experience and understanding of the wider context within which World Vision operates.
       Clear and positive Christian faith commitment and capacity to provide leadership and guidance in this area
       Willingness and flexibility to travel internationally to address key client needs
       University degree in HR, Business or related field. Desirable qualification could include: relevant Masters degree; Project
        management accreditation; various specialisations in total rewards design and development, international HR; Quality
        and/or Continuous Improvement, IT related
       Innovative and problem-solving skills and capacity to deliver under pressure; pragmatism; persistence
       Significant (10-12 years) functional and people leadership experience in relevant fields
       Internationally aligned professional HR accreditation.

Basic Conversation: English
Business Communications: English


    .      Achieving quality results and service
    This capability is about keeping the end in mind and getting things done to ensure the quality of the program or
    activity. It involves being proactive and taking personal responsibility for action. It means that customers are satisfied,
    work has the desired impact and staff demonstrates a desire to achieve excellence. Indicators: **Clarifies the goals and
    purpose of work tasks **Completes tasks in a timely, cost effective way ** Responds promptly in a professional
    manner **Stays committed to outcomes despite obstacles **Achieves
    predefined results and outcomes using ethical, best practice methods.

    .      Influencing individuals and groups
    This capability is about being able to formally and informally assert opinions, influence others, build bridges between
    dissenting views and attract people toward a shared understanding. It means influence and advocacy that causes others
    to willingly alter their perspective. Indicators: ** Seeks to understand and respect differing perspectives and
    viewpoints ** Takes a stand on behalf of issues and groups ** Interprets and presents information with influence and
    impact. Uses different styles to impact different individuals or groups

    .      Building collaborative relationships
    This capability is about recognizing each person‟s gifts and talents, building positive, genuine relationships, fostering
    networks and actively participating in effective work teams. It includes both internal and external relationships and
    adopting a „team approach‟ to work. Indicators: ** Treats others with honor and respect ** Builds and maintains
    strong relationships ** Cooperates well with other team members ** Develops personal networks of effective

    .      Practicing gender & cultural diversity
    This capability is about keeping the end in mind and getting things done to ensure the quality of the program or
    activity. It involves being proactive and taking personal responsibility for action. It means that customers are satisfied,
    work has the desired impact and staff demonstrates a desire to achieve excellence. Indicators: **Clarifies the goals and
    purpose of work tasks **Completes tasks in a timely, cost effective way ** Responds promptly in a professional
    manner **Stays committed to outcomes despite obstacles **Achieves predefined results and outcomes using ethical,
    best practice methods.

    .      Practicing accountability and integrity
    This capability is about exercising stewardship of resources and proving to be trustworthy. It means being consistent
    between the actions we take and the words we use. It involves adhering to standards of service and honoring them in
    a professional way. Indicators: ** Clarifies the standards that need to be followed ** Demonstrates personal integrity
    and trustworthiness ** Pursues thoroughness and appropriate detail ** Communicates with integrity to different
    stakeholders. Maximizes use of resources to meet standards

    .      Practicing continuous innovation & creativity
    This capability is about proactively seeking new ideas, processes and solutions to achieve organisational and personal
    objectives. It involves solving immediate problems while taking the initiative to bring change and make improvements
    within an area of responsibility and means expressing creativity in work. Indicators: ** Proactively seeks opportunities
    to do things differently. ** Finds fulfilment in work through creativity ** Demonstrates courage in the face of
    challenges ** Solves problems efficiently and effectively. Co-operates with others in support of change