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Marketing Committee Conference Call Minutes


									CKF-IN Marketing Committee Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2010

Attending: Lisa Adediran, Cheree Cox, Lisa Duda, Hollie Flores, Sondra Gardetto, Becky
Kennedy, Cara Logan, Jon Mills, Monica Morey, David Roos, Jamesey Thomas, Marci Toler
I.     Minutes from the October 2 meeting were accepted as submitted. The meeting agenda
       was re-arranged to accommodate schedule changes for some committee members.

II.    Indiana School Health Network: At the December meeting, the CKF-IN Board of
       Directors passed a resolution to divide the Schools & Early Childhood committee into two
       separate committees to provide more focus and direction for each component. The
       Schools committee will have oversight responsibility for the Indiana School Health
       Network. The Schools committee would like to see more information provided to the
       Local Coalitions about the Network and the opportunities available to help promote
       school health initiatives to local coalition partners. Becky Kennedy, program coordinator
       for the Coordinated School Health Program component of the Network, along with
       Sondra, is available to present information to the local coalitions. There is also a
       possibility that Becky’s position will be extended and expanded in the next year. Becky
       has been invited to participate on the next Local Directors conference call, February 2 ,
       to share more information about her work and membership opportunities/benefits of the
       Indiana School Health Network. To help broaden the awareness and promotion of the
       Network, as well as to strengthen school partnerships, local directors are asked to
       schedule a time for Becky and/or Sondra to present information to their school
       health partners at a future local coalition meeting.

       Sondra also shared that the Network has launched its own website in November in time
       for the Indiana Association of School Nurses conference. She provided an overview of
       resources available on the website.

III.   Hospital Handbook/Service Product Line: The Health Coverage Handbook: Hospital
       Edition was officially launched through a collaborative webinar event with the Indiana
       Hospital Association for its members. A few orders have been received as a result of the
       webinar. A similar webinar was also held for the Indiana Rural Health Association
       members and was another opportunity to promote the handbook.

       In addition, local coalition directors previously received a copy of the handbook to share
       with their hospital partners. Marci asked for feedback from the local directors from their
       hospital partners. Cheree mentioned that since Ball Memorial was already involved in the
       development of the handbook, she did not show it to them. Marci stated that Ball
       Memorial received a complimentary copy in appreciation for their contributions to this
       project. Cheree did share the handbook with Tina Thornburg of Randolph County
       Hospital, located south of Muncie but has not received any feedback. Marci and Cheree
       will follow-up with Tina. Other local directors have not yet shared the handbook with their
       hospital partners. The local directors are also encouraged to invite Marci to a future
       coalition meeting or a special meeting with the local coalition’s hospital partners to
       present the handbook and the benefits it brings to their organization and the

       One opportunity to further promote the handbook is through the use of a “direct mail”
       marketing campaign. Jon Mills shared information about “Mail Chimp”, an online direct
       mail service that is very economical and effective strategy to reach targeted audiences.
       This type of service will do a better job of promoting CKF-IN expertise and its initiatives
       and resources. The marketing committee acknowledges the limited budget and staff
       resources available to do major marketing activities. Jon emphasized that it’s important to
       reach people more than once. It usually takes three or four messages before a person
       will respond to a marketing approach. Hollie mentioned that another resource for direct
       mail service is “Constant Contact”. Marci will continue to explore these options to
       help promote the handbook. Sondra mentioned that these might also be viable
       resources to help promote the Indiana School Health Network.

      In addition to these ideas, CKF-IN will be participating in various conferences and
      exhibits this year, including the IRHA Public Policy Forum in January, the IRHA Annual
      Meeting in June (a co-presentation with the Indiana School Health Network), and the
      Indiana Perinatal Forum in March.

IV.   Other Marketing Strategies: The committee discussed opportunities to learn more about
      “Social Marketing/Social Media” for Health Promotion. While some social media
      messages are targeted to promote a change in the audience’s behavior, others help to
      promote messages. Several committee members expressed a desire to learn more about
      this marketing concept. It was suggested to pull together a panel for a special
      presentation and to invite all CKF-IN partners. Jon Mills, Jamesey Thomas, Becky
      Kennedy, Lisa Duda agreed to help in planning this special presentation as they
      have ideas for potential panelists. Cheree mentioned Lori Sammons-Mathis might also
      have some information and insight to share from a workshop she recently attended.
      Suggestions for panelists included Michael Reynolds from SpinWeb; someone from Ball
      State University; and Lisa Duda may also have someone from the Indianapolis area.
      Committee members felt that having something during the first quarter of the year would
      be most beneficial for the attendees. Sondra will convene the planning group to begin
      developing the details for this special presentation.

V.    2010 Marketing Plans:
         a. Committee Work Plan Activities: The 2010 committee work plan draft was
             reviewed by the committee with no changes suggested at this time.
         b. Promoting Collaborative Planning: Lisa Duda shared that during these very
             difficult economic times for agencies and organizations to do effective marketing
             activities, she emphasized the need for the local coalitions and partners to work
             together in coordinating community events and marketing strategies – especially
             at the local level. She encouraged the local directors to bring their partners
             together and develop a plan to collectively approach potential funders for support
             of either in-kind or financial resources. Potential partners like the local Minority
             Health Coalitions, FQHC clinics, and county health departments or other health
             partners might be approached to collaborate on a “community-wide marketing
             campaign” to pull resources together. This is also a way of making more effective
             use of outreach events being planned throughout the community.
         c. 2010 Marketing Budgets: David mentioned that budget revisions from last year
             resulted in local coalitions having less to spend on their marketing activities. The
             CKF-IN Finance committee has been discussing these financial issues and David
             will be talking with each local coalition about their 2010 budget plans and their
             plans to raise donations. David also said that with the announcement of the new
             “Request for Services” for Hoosier Healthwise/HIP vendors, there might be
             opportunities for local coalitions to build new partnerships and leverage
             resources. In addition to Anthem, MDwise and Managed Health Services, other
             vendors interested in the applying for the RFS included United Health Care and
             Schaller-Anderson. This is something that CKF-IN will be watching very closely.
             Additionally, David shared that through Health & Hospital Corporation, CKF-IN
             may be able to tap into the enhanced Medicaid Administrative claiming rate for
             reimbursement of outreach and enrollment activities. These details are still being
             worked out but will benefit the local coalitions and the statewide outreach efforts.
             To effectively take advantage of this opportunity, the Marketing committee
             will want to look at implementing marketing strategies at the statewide
             level that can directly benefit the local coalitions, i.e. statewide brochure
             and promotional items. Lisa Duda emphasized that if the 2010 budgets for the
             local coalitions do not have significant funds for marketing, the local coalitions
             still need to plan ideas and activities and bring these to the statewide committee
             and CKF-IN staff to help seek potential funding and other venues to conduct
             these important outreach and enrollment activities.
         d. Personal Testimonials: Personal testimonials are still needed from most of
             the coalitions. Cheree provided several at the meeting. She also shared some
             suggestions to revise the testimonial form: include check box to identify

             HHW/HIP program recipient, a “release to use photo”, “release to be interviewed
             for the video testimonial project and provide contact information” and “willingness
             to participate in state and/or national press conferences or teleconferences.” Lisa
             Duda will also send Sondra a “hold harmless” clause that should be added to the
             form. Sondra will incorporate these revisions and send the testimonial form
             back out to the Marketing committee for further suggestions/revisions.
          e. 2009 Annual Report: Local Coalition highlights are needed for inclusion in
             the annual report. Sondra reminded the local directors that these need to be
             updated on the website, as well. In addition, personal testimonials will be used
             throughout the annual report. This report will also feature the 10-year celebration
             of CKF efforts in Indiana. Three of our local directors have been involved during
             the entire period – Pam Humes (Central Indiana), Lisa Adediran (Lake Co.) and
             Cheree Cox (Delaware Co.). The committee suggested interviewing them as a
             feature in the annual report about their experiences and the differences made
             throughout the years. Sondra asked for a few volunteers to help plan the scope
             of the annual report. Scott, Marci, Cheree, Pam and Lisa Adediran will assist
             in the planning process. Lisa Duda offered her assistance to edit the drafts.
             Cheree said that Lori might also be willing to review for editing purposes.
             Sondra will schedule a quick planning call with the others to lay out a
             timeline for completing this report. It was discussed that this report does not
             need to be as detailed as the last two annual reports. This will help in decreasing
             the length and make it more possible to meet the March board meeting target

VI.    2009 Annual Meeting Review: The 2009 Annual Meeting & Program Luncheon was very
       successful. Over 200 people attended the event. The event came in under budget thanks
       to the support of our sponsors and the efforts to minimize costs. Evaluation comments
       were extremely favorable – everyone enjoyed the meal, location and especially enjoyed
       the panel speakers and interactive dialogue. A tentative hold has been placed on the
       Marten House for the 2010 Annual meeting. Planning for this event will begin to take
       place in the next quarter.
VII.   Next Meeting: Conference Call on Friday, February 19 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET.


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