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					                             Call For proposal
                   Ministry of science and Technology
                          Israel Space Agency

The NASA Lunar Science Institute is a new organization that supplements and
extends existing NASA lunar science programs. Supported by the NASA Science
Mission Directorate (SMD) and the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
(ESMD), the NLSI is managed by the NASA Ames Research Center and is modeled
on the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) with dispersed teams across the nation
working together to help lead the agency's research activities related to NASA's lunar
exploration goals. Competitively selected team investigations will focus on one or
more aspects of lunar science -- investigations of the Moon (including lunar samples),
from the Moon, and/or on the Moon.
Israel was invited to join this effort. Israel Space Agency (ISA) with the help of Gen
Gurion university (BGU) will coordinate the Israeli contribution.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the NLSI and its member investigators is to advance the field of lunar
science by:
1) carrying out and supporting collaborative research in lunar science, investigating
the Moon itself and using the Moon as a unique platform for other investigations;
2) providing scientific and technical perspectives to NASA on its lunar research
programs, including developing investigations for current and future space missions;
3) supporting development of the lunar science community and training the next
generation of lunar science researchers; and
4) supporting Education and Public Outreach by providing scientific content for K-14
education programs, and communicating directly with the public.

International partner membership requires long-term commitment from both the
partner and the NLSI, together with tangible and specific plans for scientific
interaction that will produce results of mutual benefit to both the NLSI and the
international partner. Although the focus of this program is research in lunar science,
it also includes collaborative activities that address any of the objectives defined in
the NLSI Mission Statement, particularly space flight mission support and training of
the next generation of lunar scientists. It is preferred that organizations proposing
partnership represent a broad range of academic or research groups, able to represent
the lunar science activity within a country.

International partners are invited to participate in all aspects of the Institute's activities
and programs, on a basis of no exchange of funds. Through these activities, NLSI
researchers and international partners participate in sharing ideas, information, and
data arising from their respective research efforts, and contribute to the training of
young scientists.
Guide lines for submitting proposal
Proposers to the NLSI International Partners Program are requested to describe:

1) the organizational nature of the proposing group (e.g., academic, government
agency, private, non-profit, consortium);

2) the themes of the scientific work currently being undertaken, together with plans
for interacting with the NLSI community in ways that will advance the goals of the
NLSI while providing mutual benefit to the international partner; and

3) the specific areas where productive near-term exchanges/partnerships are
anticipated, and areas for longer-term cultivation of interactions.

In reviewing international proposals, the NLSI will consider:

1) the relevance of the scientific work being undertaken to the lunar scince objectives
and its synergy with the NLSI

2) the nature of funding/endorsement from proposal sponsors

3) the strength and level of government endorsement (Associate Membership)

4) the specific areas where productive near-term exchanges/partnerships are
anticipated, and areas for longer-term cultivation of interactions

5) any other issues that the NLSI deems relevant

All proposals should submit electronically to

The Due date is 15 May 2009