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					                               A.R. MacNeill Secondary School
                                  6611 No. 4 Road, Richmond, B.C. V6Y 2T2
                        Phone (604) 668-6212      Fax (604) 668-6202       Early Warning (604) 668-6278
               E mail:          Web site:
                              Principal: Mrs. B. Raynor, Vice Principal: Mr. S. Rauh
                                          Trustee: Mr. Chak Kwong Au
                                         PAC: Mrs. Sherlock & Mrs. Perri

                                   Parent Newsletter – November 2006

          Remembrance Day
MacNeill will be having a Remembrance
Day Ceremony on November 10th, in the
 Gym. Parents are welcome to attend.                       Congratulations to Sean Hong, a grade 10 student who
                                                           recently came 3rd and with a different view.”
 Call the school for more information. have arrived at a destination; it is to travelwon $75 in the Canadian Braille Reading
                 “To be educated is not to
                                                           & Writing Accuracy Competition.

 YOUR PAC                                                                                  Europe Trip
                                                                  The first deposit for the Europe
NEEDS YOU!                                                        trip in March, 2007, has been
                                                                  collected and students are reminded
                                                                  to submit post-dated cheques for the remaining instalments
Over the last six months, more often than not, we
have not had a quorum at our PAC meetings. As you                 (Nov. 30th, Jan 5th and Feb. 28th). Students should keep up
know, this makes it impossible to do business. We                 to date by checking the Europe Tour bulletin board outside
have several important issues to discuss at the                   the library. A parent fundraising meeting has been set
November meeting, so please bring a friend and                    for Tuesday, November 7th at 6:30 pm. See Mr. Klose or
come to the November meeting.                                     Mrs. Phillips for more information.

1) The meeting will start with a presentation from
Stephanie Wallin from the Vancouver Symphony who                                    Lock your Valuables!
will explain the partnership that has been established
between the VSO and A.R. MacNeill Secondary                           Reminder to parents and students: do not
                                                                      bring valuables to school. If you must bring
2) We will be putting a motion on the floor to amend                  I-pods and cell phones to school, leave them
the constitution to change the quorum from seven                      locked in your locker when you have PE.
members to "the parents present at any regularly
scheduled meeting of the PAC".                                                       Graduation 2008
                                                                                     Parent Meeting
3) We have $11,000.00 from the gaming commission
                                                                Although our first Graduation does not occur until
to spend. The teachers have given us a "wish list"
                                                                 June 2008, there are some plans that must be finalized this year.
and we want to be able to allocate the money fairly.            All parents (and students) who would like information and input
We need your input!                                             regarding Graduation 2008 are invited to attend a meeting on
                                                                Wednesday, November 15th at 7:00 pm in the A. R. MacNeill
4) We still need to elect a PAC Executive.
5) As an added incentive - any parents who attend
the PAC meeting will be awarded a pizza lunch for                            How to Get Better Grades in School
their child - sponsored by PAC.                                   You can make this your child’s best year ever in school! Attend a
                                                                  workshop with your children grades 4-12 and learn how they can take
            VSO Secondary Connects                                charge of their time and succeed. Guaranteed: better grades, self-
The Vancouver Symphony is piloting a dynamic music                confidence, more free time. Terry Small is Canada’s #1 study skills
program developed by highly regarded local music                  expert. Check out his website for more information.
educators throughout the fall term at MacNeill Secondary          When: Thursday, November 16th from 7:30 – 9:00 pm
called VSO Connects Secondary. See the attached                   Where: MacNeill Secondary
letter for more information on this exciting program.             Price: $46 for the whole family
Stephanie Wallin from the VSO will be visiting MacNeill on        To register please call:
November 20 to address the PAC Meeting at 7:00 pm.                Richmond Continuing Education at 604-668-6123.

               PAC NEWS                            Early Warning
            Dates to remember                      Please call the early warning number, if your child is going to be absent or late for
 November 20   PAC meeting 7:00 pm                 school. Please spell the students first and last name, their student number and the
 January 15    PAC meeting 7:00 pm                 reason for the absence. You may also leave a request for homework at the same time.
 January 29    SPC meeting 6:30 pm                                           The early warning number
 March 16      PAC/Staff Breakfast
                                                                                is 604-668-6278
 March 26      PAC meeting 7:00 pm
 April 23      PAC meeting 7:00 pm
 April 26      PAC Family BBQ/Spring Fair                                 Parent Volunteers Wanted
 May 14        SPC meeting 6:30 pm                 We are looking for a parent volunteer to assist with Early Warning phone calls on
 May 28        PAC meeting 7:00 pm                 Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30. If you are interested in helping out, please
                                                   contact Mrs. Sedola in the office.
MacNeill NewsMagazine                                                                                                   Yes 2 It
You may have noticed from posters up around
the school that a group of dedicated students                                              A. R. MacNeill has been fortunate to receive a “Yes 2 It” grant
are trying to get a school newsmagazine off the                                            from the Industry Training Authority, and additional monies
ground. We are calling it The Raven Review and plan to include                             from our own PAC. With this money, we will be offering
school news, club news, sports, creative writing, art and feature                          “hands on” workshops to students in Grades 7, 8 and 9.
articles. Our initial staff of about thirty writers and designers is                       Students will have the opportunity to try out some potential
working hard as the deadline approaches. Submissions were due                              careers such as brick laying, sheet metal work, hairdressing,
October 17th, and the first issue is due out just before Hallowe’en.                       floristry, etc. Students in the Fine Arts Academy will participate
Editors are Sarah Lee and Angela Liu, and Ms. Phillips is the sponsor.                     on the Fine Arts Day on January 19th and the Science Academy
                                                                                           students on the Science Expo day on January 26th. If you have
Any students interested in submitting work should see one of those                         a trade that you would be willing to share with the students, or
people or drop their work in the submission box in the library.                            even if you would be willing to be a “helper” in a session, please
                                                                                           contact the school at 668-6212.

                        Raven Readers                                                                      Library Monitors
MacNeill’s book club meets Thursday, October 19th at lunch                      An enthusiastic response to our call for library monitors has
in the library to discuss Thirsty by M.T. Anderson. “From                       brought us an excellent group of helpers. Students are gaining
the moment he knows that he is destined to be a vampire,                        service hours as well as learning valuable skills in managing a
Chris thirsts for the blood of people around him while also                     library. We have had to cut off registration of new volunteers, but
struggling to remain human.” We will discuss the book,                          students should check back in January for openings in the second
share a book-related snack and choose another title for next                    half of the year.
month’s meeting. New members are always welcome.

                                                                 New Fiction
 Check out the display of new fiction in the library. A few samples:

       Kerr, Don. Candy on the edge. Candy has found the perfect group of friends. They would totally freak out her mother. But they also do things that
              Candy doesn't really understand. Is she in over her head?

       McKinley, Robin. Sunshine. There are places in the world where darkness rules, where it's unwise to walk. But there had not been any trouble out at
            the lake for years, and Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts. Vampires never entered her mind!

       Smith, Linda, 1949-. Talisa's song. Sixteen-year-old Talisa Thatcher apprentices herself to a master musician in the city of Freyfall where she gets
              caught in the middle of a street riot, and is saved by a talented young carver, Cory Updale.

       Stevermer, Caroline. River rats. Nearly twenty years after the holocaust called the Flash has destroyed modern civilization, Tomcat and a group of
             other orphans face danger as they steer an old steamboat over the toxic waters of the Mississippi River.

       Stewart, Paul. The curse of the Gloamglozer : the Edge chronicles. Relates the story of Quint, Twig's father, who, as a teenager journeyed to the sky-
             city of Sanctaphrax to assist the Most High Academe and his daughter with an experiment in which they unwittingly release a powerful and
             deadly force known as the Gloamglozer.

       Waldorf, Heather, 1966-. Fighting the current. Tee Stanford discovers life is not all 'smooth sailing' when her father is injured in a car accident
            during her last year of high school.

There has been much excitement around MacNeill Athletics this Fall. The Ravens have been competitive with all our volleyball
teams, as well as the badminton teams (Samuel Siu won the third place trophy at the RSSAA Cambie tournament for bantam
boy’s singles). The seasons are well under way and we're anticipating solid results as the teams head towards the playoff in late
October and early November. In cross-country running, MacNeill posted outstanding results all season, which led to a second
place finish by our junior girls team (Norika Rehm took third place), and first place finishes by our junior (Frank Lo took second
place) and senior boys teams at the RSSAA Championship meet. Thanks to all the coaches for your tremendous commitment
and contribution to the athletes this fall. Well done to all the student-athletes, who have been able to balance academics and
athletics, and who have taken on the personal challenge of setting out to be the best athlete, team-mate and sport you can be.
                                                                    GO RAVENS!

   Post Secondary & Career Resources on the Net
   The Career Information Advisors have prepared a web page                        MacNeill Secondary joins McRoberts Secondary on Thursday,
   with scholarship, post-secondary and career information:                                         November 23rd from 7 - 9pm for                                                                       Post Secondary Day
   check this site regularly as it is updated daily.                              For the first time, MacNeill Secondary will be involved in 'Post-
                                                                                  Secondary Day' through the Post Secondary Institute of BC (PSIBC).
                            Career Cruising                                       Grade 10 and 11 students and their parents will have the
   Career Cruising is a career / post-secondary computer program                  opportunity to attend three (3) information sessions during the
   available to all students on the web. This Career Resource is                  evening at McRoberts Secondary. The representatives include UBC,
   user-friendly and is an interactive program that combines                      Langara, UNBC, BCIT, Kwantlen, SFU, UVic, Thompson Rivers
   career information with the realistic and personal perspectives                University, Trinity Western and Royal Military College. Please mark
   provided by multimedia interviews with people in a variety of                  this important date on your calendar. Students will receive more
   occupations. There is also a career assessment tool and a                      information about this opportunity in the next few weeks.
   database of colleges and universities.
   To access the “CAREER CRUISING” website go to                                  Jackie Bernard                                                           Career Information Advisor
   (see Ms. Bernard in the Career Centre for the password and                     email:
   user name) email: