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									                   Sound Advice
                         Weekly News By and For The Men of the Pride of Iowa Chorus
                                                   February 18, 2008

                               “aisle”                         2008 POI Repertoire                     CALENDAR
                               measure 61: tenors --the        N= novelty song;     B =ballad            --2008--
                               word don’t is back up to a C#   U= uptune
                               measure 89: leads -- watch      Performance-ready                        Apr. 5 - Sat
                                                                                                  Siouxland Discovery Chorus
                               your note (F#) on the word                                              Annual Show
                               That.                           1. Beautiful Savior
                                                                                                      Sioux City, Iowa
                                                               2. Fun in Just One Lifetime
                                                               3. God Bless America                 Apr. 18-20 Fri-Sun
    Congratulations!           I Got Rhythm
                                                               4. Happy Together                   CSD Spring Convention
     Jimmy Trapp               measure 52: leads -- watch                                                Iowa City
Barbershopper of the Month                                     5. Harmony (U)
                               your note (B natural) on the
                                                               6. I Saw the Light
                               word could.                                                             Apr. 26 - Sat
     Music Notes               measure 61: baritones --
                                                               7. I Got Rhythm                         Annual Show
                                                               8. I’ll Be a Song and Dance             Pride of Iowa
Here are more notes from       A Bb A Ab (it’s not a dou-         Man Again
past chapter meetings:         ble flat). basses -- F F# G     9. I’m Gonna Live ‘til I Die (U)    Jul. 27 -Aug. 3 - Sun-
                               Ab (it’s not a double flat)                                                   Sun
                                                               10. In My Room (N)                    Harmony University
The Old Songs -- leads:        measure 62: baritones --        11. It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie            St. Joseph, Mo.
please review your notes;      Bb = A# (it’s the same note)    12. Kiss Me One More Time
there was some discrep-        measure 72-: vowel matchs                                              Aug. 10 - Sun
                                                               13. Let’s Get Away From It             Iowa State Fair
ancy on Monday; don’t          “mo” not “mah”
                                                                   All (U)                            (tentative date)
scoop on the first note                                        14. Mam’selle (B)
                               I’ll Be A Song and Dance        15. Thank You, Dear Lord,
When That Great Day            Man Again                                                                Birthdays
                                                                   For Music (B)
Comes -- make sure you         measure 36: no breath           16. Tonight (U)                    February
pick up the newer sheet        measures 51, 55: do not         17. Unchained Melody (N/B)         17-Torrey Mitchell
                               close to the (nn), stay on      18. When That Great Day            17-Pete Peterson
music version that says
                                                                                                  20-Stan Doser
Property of POI and de-        the open vowel                      Comes                          26-Ed Bittle
stroy the old copy (if you                                     19. You Are My Sunshine            27-Keith Honnold
have the stapled copy).        DUE DATES:                      20. Zing! Went The Strings
                                                                   of My Heart (U)                March
measure 16: don’t forget                                                                          2-Bill Bullington
the white spot (eighth rest)   The   folllowing songs                                             5-Gary Van Cleave
after the word love; pro-      are to be memorized             Non-performance ready              14-Gary Kane
nunciation “I’ll” = “isle” =   NLT the dates listed:           (to keep in folder)                20-Randy Weir
                                                                                                  21-Chris Gates
“aisle”                                                                                           23-Richard Cobb
measure 20: tenors -- the      Song and Dance Man - Mar. 10    1. After You’ve Gone               29-Clarence Rail
word not is not tied, it       You Are My Sunshine - Mar. 17   2. And So It Goes(N)               31-Elden Reisetter
swipes back up to B-nat-       I Got Rhythm - Mar. 24          3. Amazing Grace
ural                           Happy Together - Mar. 31        4. America
                                                                 (My Country ‘Tis Of Thee)           Sing the songs
measure 29: tenors -- don’t                                                                          Read the words
                               Remember:                       5. America The Beautiful
is back up to a B-natural                                                                          Listen to the songs
                               only 10 more Mondays until      6. Battle Hymn Of The
measure 48: don’t forget                                                                             Think about the
                               our show...April 26th!!            Republic                                songs
the white spot (eighth rest)                                   7. Good Bye, My LadyLove
after the word one; pro-                                       8. Guard Me, Oh Lord
nunciation “I’ll” = “isle” =   8 0 - 8 0 - 0 8                 9. I Asked The Lord                8 0 - 8 0 - 0 8
10. I Believe (B)               Zing! Went the Strings...        where we can relax, eat,          April 5th. They will be hav-
11. I’ll Walk With God          It’s A Good Day                  drink and enjoy listening         ing a 2:00 and 7:00 show.
12. It Is Well With My Soul     You Are My Sunshine              to all our great quartets and
13. Lord’s Prayer               I Got Rhythm                     enjoy the fellowship of our       The reason why im telling
                                I’m Gonna’ Live ‘til I Die
14. Love At Home                                                 wives and friends. Lynn Bri-      you all this early is because
                                Happy Together
15. Old Piano Roll Blues        Kiss Me One More Time            die, who is in charge of the      you need to buy tickets as
16. Roses Of Picardy(B)         It’s A Sin to Tell a Lie         afterglow,will fill you in with   soon as you can. It is ex-
17. Soon-Ah Will Be Done        When That Great Day Comes        any additional details at the     pected to be a sell out. It
18. Sound Celebration (U)                                        appropriate time. Participa-      will be held at the Orpheum
19. Star Spangled Banner        Your family ticket orders        tion in the afterglow is also     theater in Sioux City. Ron
20. Sweet Hour OfPrayer         can be purchased or reserved     not mandatory, but you’ll         and Jayne Mordens quartet,
21. You’re A Grand OldFlag      now. See Greg Long tonight       be missing a great time if        Focus, will be on the show,
22 You’re As Welcome As         or soon.                         you choose not to go.             and possibly show college
   The Flowers In May                                            This may seem to be a little      groups. I’m not sure yet
                                Don Fraser has agreed to         early to get started on this      if they will be there, but
Please make sure these songs    again take the money for         but you will be doing Don,        3 Men and a Melody, and
are in your folder. Any other   our box lunch and for our        Lynn and me a big favor if        High Definition have been
songs not on the list can be    afterglow. The charge will       you get this taken care of        invited to be on the show
filed away at home (but do      be $9.00 for each event.         ASAP. If you want to par-         as well. And I know based
not throw them away since       For the benefit of our newer     ticipate you will need to         on what Randy told me last
you did sign off for them       members, please allow me to      pay Don in advance. If you        night that Paradigm just
sometime in the past and are    fill you in with some details.   do not want to participate,       sent a contract to the Sioux
responsible for them). The      At approximately 5:30 on         please see Don anyway so he       City chorus, so Paradigm
songs are sorted as “perfor-    the afternoon of our show,       can put a NO by your name.        will be on the show as well.
mance ready” (which are         Palmer’s Deli will again be      We must have a specific head
songs we can sing at any        furnishing us with a box         count for both events well        Now, here’s the exciting
performance) and “non per-      lunch which will consist of      prior to April 26.                thing and the reason why
formance ready” (which are      either a ham, roast beef or      Thanks for you help and           you should get your tickets
songs that should be in your    turkey sandwich, an apple, a     participation.                    soon.      The FEATURED
folder but we don’t sing very   cookie or brownie, chips and                                       group for the show is a pro-
often).                         either lemonade or ice tea. I    Al Severt                         fessional one. They travled
                                believe everybody has been       General Show Chairman             all over and are a great group
A suggestion would be also      satisfied with the quality of                                      to listen too. Tonic Sol-Fa is
to keep a “weekly music                                          PS. Sell ads, sell tickets and
                                food in the past.                                                  the featured group. If you’ve
folder” which would hold                                         work on you music. We’ll
                                Participation is not man-                                          heard of them, like them,
the 4 or 5 songs we would                                        see you on Feb. 24.
                                datory. You may choose                                             and are just huge fans of
work on during chapter
                                to bring you own food or                                           them, I would recommend
meetings. This folder would
                                you may choose to leave                                            going to see this show. More
be the one you take with you                                     8 0 - 8 0 - 0 8
                                the premises for some fast                                         information in on the Sioux
on the risers.
                                food elsewhere. However,                                           City website http://www.
                                the vast majority of us have                              and the
Keep on singing!
                                found that it is much more         Sioux City Show                 show is a benefit show for
                                convenient and relaxing to       I know we need to be focus-       the The Crittenton Center.
Bob Uy
                                just stay on the premises and    ing on our own annual show        All information concerning
Music & Performance VP
                                enjoy the box lunch.             but I have somthing really        this is on the website. You
                                After our show is done we        exciting to tell you all. The     have to purchase your tickets
Annual Show 2008                will adjourn for our after-      Sioux City Chorus (now            through Ticket Master. Just
                                glow to INPLAY, which            called the Siouxland Dis-         type in on the search engine
Song List                       is located at 615 3rd St in      covery Chorus) is changing        once at Ticket Master “Sioux
                                Des Moines, south of Wells       thier anual show date from        Chorus” and then get tickets
I’ll be a Song and Dance Man    Fargo Arena. Our afterglow       October to April. Their next      for the 2:00 or 7:00 show,
Fun in Just One Lifetime        is our party after the show      show will be this coming          which ever you prefer.

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