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									India Tours: Great Holiday and Vacation

India, an ancient land of historic places and a wide variety of customs & religions. Travel and
tourism in the country provides a delightful experience with a superb blend of culture, tradition,
spirituality, natural beauty and modernisation. It has a wide range for tourists like heritage tourism,
cultural tourism, wildlife tourism and so on.

Indian monuments forms attractive tourists spots for travelers from all over the world. India is
renowned worldwide for its spectacular beaches that are finest in the world. Glistering sands with
backwaters and backdrop of sun rays, swaying coconut palms, luxurious houseboats and ultra fresh
sea food, make the beaches in India a paradise for the honeymoon celebrators. The beaches on India
travel offer a different experience, so the tourists coming on the tour to India never get monotonic.

Himalayan regions are very popular amongst tourists who like to enjoy adventure and
sports, beautiful temples, verdant hill stations, beautiful landscapes, rich culture and tradition are
prime attractions.

India is the land of temples. The rich cultural and historical past of the country is well preserved in
the architecture of temples and have always remained as the center of attraction for the tourists
coming to visit the glory of incredible India. India has an array of thousands of temples that
introduces you to the religious side of India.
The forts and tombstones are worth visiting. Right from the world famous Qutab Minar and India
Gate to the magnificent Humayuns Tomb and Red Fort, it has all.

It is not just the ravenous for a royal grandeur, it is also the search for the truly authentic Indian
experience that makes people all round the world travel India.
India tour is truly a delightful experience.

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