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									The Enterprising City Centre
Author: Gwyndaf Williams
Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction. Part 1. The Governance and Policy Context 1. Urban Governance and the
Enterpreneurial City 1.1 Explaining Urban Change Processes 1.2 A Question of Governance 1.3
Collaborative Action and Partnership 1.4 Competitiveness and the Entrepreneurial City 2. The City Centre
as a Focus for Policy Concern 2.1 The City Centre Legacy 2.2 The Public Policy Response: A Historic
Perspective 2.3 Competitive Urban Policy: The Current Agenda 2.4 Responding to the Challenge. Part 2.
The Local Framework 3. Manchester's Governance and Emerging Policy Framework 3.1 Historical
Development and Legacy 3.2 City Governance: The Emerging Agenda 3.3 City Governance: The
Contemporary Perspective 3.4 City Centre Development Framework 4. Mobilising Regeneration Capacity
4.1 The Bombing of the City Centre 4.2 Establishing a Framework for Recovery 5. From Masterplan to
Implementation Framework 5.1 The City Centre's Established Vision 5.2 The Initial Masterplanning
Framework 5.3 Establishing a Framework for Masterplan Delivery 5.4 From Masterplan to Implementation
Plan. Part 3. Delivering the Vision 6. Managing Programme Delivery 6.1 Agency Structures and Operation
6.2 Managing Programme Delivery 6.3 Implementing a Forward Strategy 7. Commercial Competitiveness
7.1 City Centre Development Context 7.2 The Masterplan's Commercial Framework 7.3 Delivering the
Commercial Strategy 7.4 The Project Dimension 7.5 Commercial Impact of the Renewal Programme 8.
Creating Urban Quality Within the Core 8.1 Local Development Context 8.2 Balancing Aesthetic Quality
with Commerce 8.3 Reconfigurating Commercial Footprints 8.4 Achieving Urban Quality through
Competition 8.5 Built Form Quality and the Core 9. Urban Consumption And Cultural Vitality 9.1 Policy
and Development Context 9.2 Developing and Delivering a Cultural Perspective 9.3 Developing and
Delivering Residential Space 9.4 Strategic Development of the Millennium Quarter 9.5 Reflecting on the
Impact of Masterplan Delivery 10. Enhancing City Centre Access And Mobility 10.1 The Established
Policy Framework 10.2 The Masterplan's Transport Strategy 10.3 Managing Implementation 10.4 The
Project Dimension 10.5 The Transport Impact of the Renewal Programme. Part 4. New Opportunities and
Challenges 11. Continuing City Centre Competitiveness 11.1 City Centre Development 1996-2002 11.2
The City's Contemporary Policy Framework 11.3 A Continuing Challenge for the Entrepreneurial Agenda.
Bibliography. Appendix 1. Individual Interviews. Appendix 2. Focus Group Meetings Appendix 3. Index.

The Enterprising City Centre reveals exemplars of local partnership working, the development and delivery
of realistic implementation plans, and the range of instruments available to create both an improved
quality to the urban environment and enhanced commercial and cultural competitiveness of our major city
centres. That this was largely delivered in Manchester within a five year period of intensive development
and renewal activity amply demonstrates the value of such experience for wider dissemination.

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